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tv   World Leaders Address U.N. General Assembly  CSPAN  September 22, 2021 2:02am-3:00am EDT

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>> general assembly is called to order. we are here on the presentation
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of the report on the organization on the agenda item 12. i now give the floor to the united nations excellency. [silence] mr. president of the general assembly, excellency, i am here,
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the world must wake up. we are on the edge and moving in the wrong direction. it's an event never been more divided. we face the greatest prizes in our lifetime. the covid pandemic has supersized inequality, the climate crisis pummeling the planet and people from afghanistan and yemen and beyond. mistrust and misinformation is polarizing people and paralyzing societies. human rights insight is under assault. the economic lifelines too little and too late. solidarity is missing in action just when we need it most.
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perhaps of all time, the picture we've seen with the covid vaccines in the garbage expired and unused. on the one hand we see them developed in record time but on the other hand, you see the treasury of the lack of political will, selfishness mistrust. a surplus in some countries and the majority of the world vaccinated, over 90% of african still waiting for the first. we are getting an f ethics. excellency. the bells are ringing. recent reports on climate change
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for humanity. we see the warning signs in every region, sharking loss, air, water and space and climate related is at every turn. not even the city, the financial capitol of the world is immune. climate scientists for the role of the parents climate agreement but the window is rapidly closing. need 45% emissions by 2030. yes, the recent report made clear with present national climate emissions will go up by 16% by 2030.
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at least 2.7 degrees at this level. it's just reporting 20 billion u.s. dollars in developing countries. the light years away from reaching us, we must pass. excellency the climate is exposing 90 and the planet. humility in the face of these challenges instead of solidarity, we are a cover to destruction. at the same time, it is our alternate reality and mistrust.
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when people see promises of progress and realities of the harsh daily lives when they see fundamental rights and freedoms that, when they see grants corruption billionaires joyriding to space while millions go hungry on earth, when parents see a future for their children even bleaker than the struggles today and young people see no future at all. the people we serve and represent only fair government and institutions but in the values to work united nations for 75 years. human rights, dignity for all and aquatic, solidarity. in the crosshairs. promises after all in their
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daily lives. the darkest impulses of humanity and provides oxygen dissolutions and conspiracy theories. the grievance his supremacy, violence and misogyny, the most vulnerable including refugees and migrants. now it is time to deliver and restore now is the time to inspire hope in 19 have hope. the problems we created our problems we can solve. we show we are capable of great things. multilateral system tonight is too limited in capacity in
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relation to the effect of governance of the goods. contracts my provides accommodations that take on the challenges of today multilateralism for tomorrow. the agenda built on it and universal declaration of human rights in the agenda for development and the parents climate agreement. it's in my given by the 75 declaration to seek a best way to a better world. the promises we much must have a
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great divide. i see six great divides grand canyon's we must reach now. we must bridge the piece divide. peace and stability means a distant dream. in afghanistan for we must boost humanitarian assistance and human rights especially women and girls. immediately trying the best and creating conditions for the start on the dialogue. it's wavering support to the people in their pursuit of democracy and human rights and the rule of law. we were advised international assistance for security development and in places such as yemen meant stalemate push
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for peace. palestine will be leave a meaningful dialogue recognizing the two state solution. in haiti and so many other places left behind and solidarity through every step of the crisis. we are seeing an explosion of power by force. geopolitical divisions are undermining international corporation in limiting the capacity to take necessary decisions and a sense of impunity is taking hold and at the same time it's impossible to address number develop challenges while the world to largest economies are at fault with each other.
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skipping tort two different trades by financial and technology in their approaches in the development of intelligence and ultimately the risk of geopolitical and this is a recipe for trouble. it would be far less predictable than the cold war. our trust and hope, we need corporation and dialogue and understanding. we need to invest in this building and shared efforts to counter terrorism. we need actions and respect for human rights and the comprehensive agenda for peace. excellency. second, the climate divide. this requires trust. despite doing all we can to
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create the conditions, we need more ambition for all countries these areas, mitigation, finance. countries can meet by concrete 2030 and kept them there with actions now. developing nations finally seeing $100 billion figure and mobilizing resources of international financial institution and the private sector, too. that means leaving them to their promise and support in developing countries to build resilience to save lives and livelihoods this means 50% provided by developed countries
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and developed banks. in 2019 by climate finance. they follow their lead, all must do so. don't wait to make the first move, to your part. we see them led by young people fully mobilized on the climate crisis. the private sector is stepping up governments summoned the full force of the powers to make the shift of the economy. solutions instead of their incomes to make green jobs. by adding subsidies and free up resources and education and renewable energy in the systems
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and social protection for their people. the plants become operational and we will not only be clear about 1.5 degrees, will be well above 2 degrees and it will go up in smoke these coalitions of solidarity and countries with financial and technical resources to support them. we have the opportunity and obligation to it. excellency. third, we must bridge the gap between rich and poor within and among countries. it starts by adding the pandemic for every one, everywhere. we need global vaccination plan in production and ensure it 70% of the population in the first
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of 2022. this plan is by the emergency force and potential vaccine uses and organization and international financial institutions working with the company's. we have no time to lose, lopsided recovery is with inequalities. by the end of the year while the impact may last for years in low-income countries, is it any wonder the economies are investing 28% of gross domestic product and economic recovery or middle income countries falls to 6.5%. it's 1.8% of the least developed country and 90% of a much smaller amount. international monetary checks
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and economic special light international fund. they are largely going to the countries that need them least and they should reallocate to the countries in need. they are not a silver bullet but provide space bar sustainable recovery. i renew my call for an equitable production. the suspension initiative must be for 2022 and available for vulnerable middle income
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companies. they would be solidarity, countries should have to choose between servicing them in people. effective international solidarity it would be possible at the national level to force a new social contract for universal coverage and protection indecent work, quality education for all and violence against humans. money laundering and financial flows and we need the best system of prevention and preparedness for global reasons. we must support the pandemic response. i asked a number of proposals in our agenda including an emergency platform and futures have.
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and women. when a pandemic hit, women were the majority of hotline workers, the first to lose their job first to put their careers on hold to care for those close to them. girls were disproportionally hit by school closures in the but there develop and increase their risk of abuse. bridging the gender divide is not only a matter of justice for women and girls, it is a game changer for humanity. society was more equal
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representation in stable and peaceful and better health systems and more vibrant economies. women's equality is essentially a question of power. must emergency transform mail dominated world shift the balance of power for the most challenging problem and that means more women and leaders, cabinets. it means women represented in making full contribution everywhere. i urge government and other institutions to take both steps including benchmarks and photos to create gender parity from the leadership down in the united nations we have achieved this among the senior management are team leaders. we will keep going until we have
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parity at every level. at the same time, we need to push back against the rest the institutional eyes discrimination, women rights and human rights. the plan should focus on women including large-scale investments in the economy and we need an emergency plan to fight gender-based violence and every country. to achieve this goal and build a better world, we can and we must bridge the gender divide. excellency, restoring trust and inspiring hope means bridging the digital divide. half has no access to internet. we must connect everyone by 2030 this is a vision of my roadmap
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for digital corporation to embrace the promise of digital technology while protecting people from its account. one of greatest faced isn't growing reach offering digital platforms and that abuse of data. the library of information is is humble and about one of us would not even have the keys to it, we don't know how the information has been collected for these purposes but we do know our data is being used commercially to boost profits. behavior patterns are being modified and consult. our data is being used to influence these opinions. governments and others control
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or manipulate people's behavior and violate human rights of individuals or groups undermine democracy. this is not science fiction, it is scientific fact. thoughts required in this discussion. so to do other dangerous in the digital frontier, i am sorry any future major confrontation and heaven forbid it should ever happen will start with a massive cyber attack. where other legal frameworks to address this? today autonomous weapons targets kill people without human interference. they should be thanked. for there is no consensus on how to regulate technologies and restore trust inspire hope we
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need human rights at the center
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agenda. high level of anxiety and distress over the state of our planet. some 60% of your future photos perpetrate by their governments. we must prove to children and young people despite the seriousness of the situation what does have the government making enough the great divide humanity and the planet.
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>> we can leave up to the promise of a peaceful world. if the driving force of our agenda in the best place it is by advancing our futures. interdependence is the logic of the 21st century and the start of the united nations, a moment for transportation is either weird fake multilateralism and the possibilities that inspires hope right now,. [applause]
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>> i think the secretary general for his presentation. general assembly has turned to the general debate. i will give you a statement from the rest. excellency, secretary-general,
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i'm honored to welcome you all to the opening of the general debate as we kick off the 76 basis general assembly. i'm even more pleased to welcome all of you in person in the general assembly. suffered some anxiety weapons wait no more. i'd like to express deep gratitude, the 75th decision of this general assembly during prime times. i'd like to secretary-general for his leadership wisdom and look forward to working with him. i must express gratitude to the
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people were putting their faith and trusting me. i am humbled and deeply proud to stand as a small island or on behalf of our people. our country may be small and i may be even smaller today the almighty, syndicate today in the general assembly of the foreign policy. we have plenty of chargers for just a moment celebrate all we have achieved in the past two years. given up multiple vaccines for
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covid, researchers from dozens of countries and a remarkable seat. the largest vaccine rollout in the history of mankind is currently underway. it's monumental in the undertaking. for these accomplishments alone, we should be proud. before i outlined this in the team i've chosen, where do we want to be at this time? over the next 12 months. many in this room on social media and the, agenda reforms,
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the answer is clear. the world wants peace of mind and want solutions and challenges are not in short supply. fragility, conflict, covid-19, the list goes on. they keep them awake at night. collective anxiety and it's progressively getting worse. they worry we are not doing enough to solve the problem facing our world. my friends, they are not wrong. it is in our hearts. we have the vaccine, the capacity and we met only the
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political support. climate change, we have incredible innovations and renewable energy technologies. on conflict asked about it, we have universal desire yet before the finish line and concerns we have enough food and water to provide for the planet many, many times over yet there's genuine fear we will see the return of famine and drought, hundreds are required, humanitarian assistance by years and. my friends, there more months at the turn and this is one such
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moment. we can choose a part of mutual dysfunction and human experiment or we can forge together and participate in the changes the future of our limits. covid may have been at the grandest scale but it may also have been a coal mine if we continue to drag our feet. excellency i wholeheartedly believe to overcome these challenges. the existence of sea level rise humanity. i am hopeful we can overcome
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differences and bypass obstacles for societies. this vision for a better tomorrow and/or rays of hope and the general assembly this year. to vaccinate the world. president of the general assembly, i intend to have a high level meeting on just this issue and the obstacles that emerge. i will push for recovery the bills back better stronger more greener and bluer. laying out by 2030 and embrace a
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better future. you must return attention to the climate crisis which has taken a backseat to covid-19. the report for themselves, we are no longer on the wrong path. excellency on the edge of the cliff. i'm pleased to note, action. this will help build and ensure that it's very much on the agenda. we must bridge the capacity on this, it's one of the things to have renewable technologies and it's an entirely different thing in a country or community cannot absolve the technology. i believe we can inflate her in the session, we acknowledge the environment effort on diversity
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and we aim to these issues during this supersession of the environment. this focuses on human rights, a fundamental organization we must uphold the principles of the declaration of human rights and moments of conflict or strife as we have simply seen. we must endeavor to support the most vulnerable and those disadvantaged. i am determined to have its approach to my presidency including bill back better approach to covid-19.
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this and finally, it must continue here in the general assembly. it's not about this path, it's about excellency. every part of the united nations must be able to deliver. one of the first things i will do in this regard by engaging better in this. through our youth program. there will be a new way. allow me to remind you, the greatest flaw of human history we come together.
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the united nations, world leaders are marvel bring back better. let us not let them down. we've never been so advanced or connected, the resources or the know-how we have now. nothing in our part to stop us. the united nations. the cities are shattered and vaccines still agree the peoples of the world came together as never before and left messages
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of support on their windows and they flipped in the evening of the front-line workers and prayed in unison asking to bring back the normalcy granted. a sense of shared humanity that allows them to do this. thank you. [applause]
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>> before giving the floor to the first speaker, i wish to remind members of the following. physically present in the assembly hall for the general debate. setting a precedent for the general debate. each member's of the state and the european union in this statement that should be replayed in the assembly hall after interruption who is physically present in the assembly hall. in accordance with united nations and records and the
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assembly in the document of the statement delivered by the statements for the present no later than the date on which the statement was placed on the assembly hall. the records of the meetings. the speaker for the term of art has been on the basis in 15 minutes to enable speakers to be hurt. deliver their statements on the official united nations provided for that. expressing inside the general
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assembly and strongly discouraged including the ongoing covid pandemic. after delivering the statements, speakers exit the general assembly hall through a room 200 located behind the podium before returning to their seats. of the 76 session. it is so decided. the assembly will hear by excellency, president of the public of brazil. i request protocols of this
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descent. on behalf of the general assembly, i have the honor to welcome united nations excellency in the assembly. >> good morning, one and all. the general assembly, mr. secretary-general of the united nations, heads of government and other heads of delegation. it is an honor to once again open the united nations general assembly. i come to you to showcase on
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this. it's great deal in january 2019. for two years, we have had no cases of corruption, belief and god and respect and is loyal to those people and this is a lot, a solid foundation. we were at the brink and financial losses and now they are a profitable company.
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communist countries with none of these. it's the brazilian itself who honor these committees. represent a new credibility for the world. the largest investment in its history, a program already in place being implemented so far 100 billion u.s. dollars in these investments and $23 billion have been collected. we auctioned the terminals to the private sector. we arty have more in private. we have these systems that bring
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our model also to the u.s. model. we've received 14 for a new way. $15 billion in private investing under our administration. as a result, lots of viewers in the lower level operation cost for doing business. with projects granted to water distribution. we have everything, a large consumer market.
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honoring and respecting contract in our administration. holding an auction for five chief technology deployment. wo- [inaudible] they set an example for other countries. it's a country with great environmental challenge. we're talking about 5 billion square kilometers of which 66% are.
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the countries they discover our untouched with the planet's largest diversity and does because the air of all of western europe. her goal of achieving neutrality at zero and its allocated to the environment and its illegal infestations. the result of this are already visible, we have seen a drop in deportation compared to august last year. what other country in the world
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has a policy like ours? were all invited to visit and it's an example. 83% comes from renewable sources. rules governing global redo hope it will fulfill this for private funding at substantial amounts. renewable energy plus sustainable and waste management and tourists. we have recognized this and
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intolerance. this is the very foundation and it can only be complete with freedom of worship and expression. an area is devoted to the reserves and 100,000 and they wish to use their land and other activities. there keeping them from haiti. my country has always loved refugees. they've already received --
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they've been displaced in the political economic crisis and dictatorships regime. the future is also causing deep concerns. we will grant visas to women, children as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of united states of america september 11, it's all of its form. i wish to thank 181 countries, a total of 190 and not affect. it is the visible result of foreign policy. we support reform of the united
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nations were we seek a permanency. we do regret all that took place in brazil and worldwide. we should fight the virus indoors the same. particularly all over the world to cater to the needs of the population who were forced to stay at home by decisions taken by governors and mayors. we came to the end with more jobs in 2019.
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it's cost is nearly as $40 million. this year, we created nearly 100 million jobs also called at 5%. so far, the federal government has contributed more than 260 million doses covid vaccine and they've been given at least accounts for 90% of the population and 80% of the population have been fully inoculated. by november this year, all citizens will be vaccinated. we support vaccination efforts. however, my administration has not supported any other vaccine
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related obligations. we have supported early treatment in my with resilient federal and i myself underwent early treatment of covid and doctor-patient relation with decisions on these views. we cannot understand why together with a large portion against early treatment history will be wide enough to host everyone accountable. september 7, national independence day, millions took to the street, the largest
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demonstration in our history to show it will not give up individual freedom and support our administration. the performance levels, my administration has -- [inaudible] it is here and we envision a world for freedom for prosperity and peace. may god bless us all. [applause]
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