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tv   Virginia Gubernatorial Debate  CSPAN  October 2, 2021 12:58am-2:11am EDT

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and then standing up straight against that. >> . >> .
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>> good evening welcome to the virginia gubernatorial the baby tween democrat mcauliffe and republican duncan and the short school of policy at george mason and nbc telemundo. this is a hearing on nbc stations across the commonwealth nationally on c-span and n streaming on —- online. we are pleased to be back in person for this debate tonight at thehe northern virginia community college.
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and then beginning with 92nd opening statements and in the panelists and myself will ask questions directly to the candidates. the questions have not been reviewed by the candidates or the northern virginia chamber. have one minute to respond in the candidates responding first with an additional 32nd rebuttal and i reserve the right to follow up as needed. and the timekeeper notifying them of their remaining time and iner the interest trying to covers much time as possible the asked them to adhere to the time limits. thank you. alberto is the anchor for telemundo 44.
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you think that. >> so let's begin the 92nd opening statement. >> myy fellow virginians tonight i ask you to join me. i ask you to hire me to go work for you. husband, father and a man of faith and a job creator and a homegrown virginian after the last eight years virginia has seen itself file itself seriously behind schools are failing murder rate rising cost of living skyrocketing in the economy and job machines stalling we can fix this. on day number one i will taxes i will eliminate the grocery tax. saving virginians $1500 your number one. we will reestablish excellence
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in schools and facilities and charter schools and fully fund police we reinvigorate the job machine creating 400,000 jobs. my opponent tonight about me and my plan and his extreme views. that is what forty-year policies can do and in the last tot be he lied to you, the voters once about every other minute. to try to hide his views on getting rid off right to work onon defunding police, selling out the teachers unions the so-called plan will cost virginian $16 billion, $5400 each and the tax increase recycled failed policies. my fellow virginians also my vision for lower taxes for the best jobs in the best schools. >> thank you i ask you for your vote tonight. >> . >> thank you i'm so excited to be with everybody tonight i'm
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proud to be a 72nd governor when they took office i inherited an economy in chaos. i got to work and get out of bed every single day fighting for you i worked in a bipartisan manner and guess what cracks we w created 120,000 new jobs personal income and 14 percent and now we have covid with new challenges i have 20 very serious plans how i will leadns us out of the covid pandemic • reducing the minimum wage paid sick leave and making sure we drop the cost on prescription drugs. to make sure the children are getting the schools they need to be successful. and to run against that candidate spreading anti- vaccination rhetoric we cannot live the economy forward if we
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are not getting full to vaccinate it. and the goes and rate we radio and says there are many good reasons why you need to get vaccinated. he told college students if get it forant to whatever the reason and just said that on individuals that are getting chemotherapy don't need to be vaccinated. that is a top priority and we will build a stronger economy. >> with the covid pandemic and this was between the two of you? and opposing them for all workers so do you have the first question you personally y
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favor being vaccinated think it should be a choice why should state workers and employees be allowed to do their job and vaccinated? >> just to reiterate i actually believete that everyone should get the vaccine. despite the fact it is the most egregious countries i got the vaccine my family has gone the vaccine it's the best way for people to keep themselves safe ask everyone in virginia to please get the vaccine so i don't think we should mandate but we find ourselves in a moment where my opponent has said he looked at the television screen and then once employers to fire employees and then to bring 44th in the nation and job errecovery. we need people on the job to make their life difficult there's no wayay to go serve
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virginians. we can protect lives and livelihoods that is what we will do in virginia. >> let's be clear. he goes on right we radio and does his ralliesal until supporters if you don't want to getet it and don't get it. you cannot be governor to say things like that. because 10 percent of virginia's population has been infected. we need leadership not trying to be a trump want to be with the talking points. he says in one thing on radio then comes here and says something different. masks often no vaccination requirements.
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so you have the has a first grader they cannot get it because they are too young see will send a child to a school but then that is disqualifying. >> but i think is most hypocritical is no more than five or six weeks ago he shared my view company shouldke not mandate it should be a decision companies make and then for expediency. with whatever he thinks to get your vote i believe the vaccine absolutely saves lives last 20 months has been absent tragedy and i look forward to working with virginians. >> so do believe getting vaccinated for measles or mumps or rubella is a personal
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choice? because the data associated with those vaccines and then to have the moment here. >> those vaccines pointing to ppthe fact so what responsibility do better for this increasing crime the first job as governor to keep the community state investing
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in state police and law enforcement and share us. and guess what virginia had the lowest crime rate in the first governor error ever to be on it by these chefs associationson and then to say publicly there is not one single done protection bill we passed background checks and supporters supporting it we need toth get guns the street. butgi today virginia and then to roll about all protections but not a background check he is too dangerous.
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>> [inaudible conversations] [applause] >> will take a quick commercial break and will be
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right back. >> we are back life now with the two candidates for governor virginia. and to pick up where we left off. so over the course of the last 20 years the murder rate when it 43 percent for shares have joined the republican party the fraternal order of police endorsement yesterday because the benevolent m association endorsed me enforcement communities wholeheartedly trust that i will do the right
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thing to make the community safe again so what mr. mcauliffe actually endorses is in fact because it sacrifices the rights of victims and we have to protect virginians and on day one so let the facts determine the lowest crime rate of any major state not the second lowest are the third lowest the absolute lowest. and i am very proud as governor to work in a bipartisan way with domestic violence law and the united states of america. the "washington post" the
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economic plans so go read the editorial. >> that you favorite ending police officers from lawsuits. explain why you changed your mind. >> the qualified immunity for a reason. and any law officer is acting out in good faith they would i have the full protection of the commonwealth of virginia. there is a lot enforcement officer there zero protection that's why it's called qualified immunity. any law enforcement officer every day that was out there i'm very proud of the men and women of the big supporter of mine thank you for being here is stacy kincaid but if you break the law you will not get
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qualified immunity. >> you are not change and a lot of qualified immunity? >> no. but there is a task force going. >> in the first debate on the subject of abortion restriction it is a pain threshold bill in congress a pain threshold bill would make abortions after 20 weeks a crime in the secondor trimester pregnancy if you become governor would you work to outlaw abortions beginning in the second trimester? >> and to mischaracterize my position repeatedly first i am pro-life and i do believe in exceptions where there is rape or incest or mother's life is in jeopardy and i also believe that pain threshold bill is like the one in congress we could and should support.
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my opponent on the other hand is the most extreme abortion kennedy in the country but i know i will block legislation that he said he would sign were a child is kept comfortable after the child is born in decision is made if the child lives or dies he calls that common sense legislation and he would sign it. and actually said he will promote virginia businesses to come to virginia it is shameful. >> i would like to see a release of the table somebody actually saying that. and then to be caught on tape secretly that when he is governor he will go on the offense to ban abortions he
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said i will not go squishy on you but. i want everyone in virginia to listen closely and then to protect women's rights and i was governor they tried to put those in had a not been elected in 2013 there were not be a women's clinic open today i support the laws on the books today which 80 percent of virginians support that is what i support as governor businesses will not come to a state where they put up walls around the state and is against gay marriage is against abortion and that is his religious right and i respect his right for his opinion but i can tell you this but the businesses i brought to virginia amazon microsoft they are not coming to a state that discriminates against women. they are not. >> i just can't understand how you can so comfortably lie to
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everybody spirit that's what you been doing all night. >> you stood up and said bring companies here because it's easier to get an abortion you want to be the abortion governor companies are not making these choices. ford motor company the ford plant one in kentucky tennessee and georgia they skipped virginia. this is the legacy a dying economy jobs that are not for anyone. with a kind of future. >> to support a right to an abortion with virginia's constitution? >> no i do not. do you believe a woman should make her own decision that the last debate you said you support that right only through a second trimester suggestion now that down what restrictions do you support when it comes to access to abortion? >> i supportrt laws today that
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we have on the books on the commonwealth of virginia which is 80 percent of virginians do. i and because of the people like donald trump women are tired of people like glenn young telling them what to do with their body. it is time and leave women alone and let them make their own choice about their own reproductive rights. [applause] >> then recently touting a record two.6 billion-dollar budget surplus. but the greater fund of the rainy day fund. your opponent calls that surplus why should virginians who have just s gone through such challenging times toon the pandemic have a fiscal be board and tax relief?
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and when i took office with a two.5 billion-dollar deficit and with the billion dollars surplus. the "washington post" three independent studies what he will do will destroy virginia's economy to see 43000 teachers cut including 3000 right here in fairfax county. but he went to fairfax county last year during covid and have it attacks game because he keeps forces on —- fancy horses in his backyard in god and agriculture exemption and out of 75000 per year which is
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a year salary for a teacher. i will not do that you make hundreds of millions of dollars just so you can have an agriculture exemption for your fancy horses in your backyard? that is wrong. >> with that surplus four.$3 billion in the 9 billion other places. >> you have no ideas revenueut expenses are hard for you. [cheers and applause] >> that youou have no idea we were talking about. what i believe is that money belongs to virginians not terry mcauliffe. by the way the two.$6 billion again. piling tax upon tax to eliminate the grocery tax and eliminate the standard deduction with the largest tax rebate in virginia history the
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taxes were too high and make the cost of living lower and then he>> wants to ban abortion and is against gay marriage i have those who to richmond virginia and then with extreme position i have nestlé corporation to move out of l.a. so that 20 billion new capital and i was governor. i inherited a two.5 billion-dollar deficit.
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i'm very proud of the record. >> willing to the next issue. >> and then that is of the misdemeanors so earlier this year that is a top priority of yours but there had not been significant so that one —- significant funds from theem elections is not a problem. and those that are trusted and saved are not a republican issuer democrat issue but my opponent stood up and said in 2000 that they stole the election, synthetic continually that george w. bush was legitimately elected. and to report first virginians deserve that. we will invest in oure election
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process.s. and that was certifiably fair. and then to mischaracterize that record virginia over the last eight years has grown economically 70 percent faster but to create more jobs and opportunities but that is a legacy. >> election integrity this is all he had on his website for seven months. this is all he talked about. it is the most important issue facing virginians. it is covid and healthcare and education a total want to be donald trump that somehow they
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put on their tinfoil hats and then all of a sudden trump on the 2020 election. we shouldn't allow this to happen. but he said so much of the reason he's running for governor because of donald trump. he has been endorsed by donald trump. four times. he said he is honored and pleased to have donald trump's endorsement. and with the right we radio to talk about the issues and tries to come to northern virginia to pretend a moderate he is not he is extreme on abortion, election integrity and all these other issues he has bought and paid for by donald trump and was to bring donald trump into virginia and we will not allow that. [applause] there is an over and under
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tonight how may times he was a trump and it was ten and you just —- just busted through it. [cheers and applause] in the polls say i am ahead but you are running against me. let's have terry mcauliffe against me and let the voters decide who they want the nextir governor to be. [applause] but the reason is the keeps invoking trial on —- invoking trump the only person doing that is you. >> the campaign website promises you implement the virginia department of education new model policy to protect transgender students that allow them to use the restroom and locker room that matches gender identity and require school employees to address by the chosen pronoun but at the last debate you said it should be up to local
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school districts to create their own policies. so which should it be quick state wide protection or p local choice quick. >> but the state will always issued guidance from the department of education but i said this before. these children are going through very stressful situations. why do people want to demonize children? i just don't understand. i want every child in virginia to get a quality education. i better record billion dollars in education the last time i was governor the color of your skin or who you love, i believe you should get a great quality education. and when every single student have access to broadband. and then to get appreciate education. and then look at his plan.
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you here in fairfax county and what more teachers not fewer. >> it has nothing to do with the economic plan and with all the baseless comments. we arere called to love everyone. and i agree we should let local school districts make these decisions and we must ask them and then to include parents in a dialogue. what we have seen over the last 20 months is the school systems refusing to engage with the parents.
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there was such explicitly sexual material in the library they had never seen it was shocking in the bill that would inform the parents it was there but you think they should tell children what to do i believe parents should be in charge of sex education. [applause] and then the parents have the right to veto and then to let parents come into schools and to make their own decisions. so i get everybody running down teachers and what they have done through covid these are the real what is your
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position? >> there is a legal framework in place to provide resources and support to people's little to kicked out of their homes. there was a really tough pandemic and in fact i think it is worse than virginia otherwise needed to be we are 4h in the nation with job recovery because we have a small economy going in with freedom coming out. and then we will help folks and then we need to get them jobs. north carolina created in tennessee six times that amount.un
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the legacy thatte terry mcauliffe left us stalled jobs, fewer jobs today than before the pandemic and no lockdown. toco job machine with 400,000 jobs and i will protect right to work and terry mcauliffe can get rid of it and that will be than deathknell to virginia. >> first of all if you read my plan to put more into the virginia housing trust fund so that you can keep people in their home that is a top priority. working with public and private looking at the leadership of amazon with hundreds of millions of dollars we need a lot more affordable housing. so when i was working creating jobs he takes 300 jobs out of virginia as the ceo closing the arlington office and as
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the chief operating officer he tihad a company with at which actually was cited a huge fine from the inspector general because it wase unnecessary medical procedures on children babies were forced to have root canals and many of them without proper anesthesia. and why? for profit. i was here trying to create good paying job jobs he was making millions of dollars and hurting seniors and hurting children here with his dental clinic. we won't have that here. and then to hold press releases terry mcauliffe with taxpayer money with the chinese website to turned out to be a sham.
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with the press conference to fight to china to celebrate the last one.4 million-dollar taxpayer money and no job showed up. >> i am proud of carlisle mostly is that things did not quite go right when things were not where we planned we lucked hard to plant but there might we went to serve them. >> we both live in wealthy neighborhoods how do you convince wealthy homeowners affordable housing should be built in their neighborhood and they don't fight it? >>n i think everybody here in northern virginia understands desperate need they should have to drive to hours to work every single day so what you do is you work with the local cities and counties have a full program together on regulations and zoning to make
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it easier foror people for affordable housing to the virginia housing trust authority to incentivize developers to build low income housing it's on the biggest issues that we face in the reason is so many jobs and those to come to the commonwealth of virginia. >> you think your neighbors would support quick. >> i think every part of northern virginia has different zoning requirements. that is up to the local authorities. the biggest challenges we have an affordable housing is the amount of regulation piled on top of businesses the last eight years but then have every house bill in virginia requires between money and 25 percent of housing cost to get through permits and regulations and make it easier to permit to break bring down the cost of housing but the bottom line is when the economy starts to grow you
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have the bigger problem the removal of confederate statues with the removal to read how it puts into the virginia history whether slavery or the civil war the state interracial marriage pandora segregated schools how should schoolchildren be taught about these issues? >> i'm happy though statues came down and i band the confederate flag i think it's important to send a message our state is open and welcoming to teach the children the whole history of who we are and as a country
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but though statues needed to come down. as you all know i was a leader on voting rights more than any government in theov government on —- than any governor in the united states of america. i love to give people opportunities and that's why alan to lean in and help folks the next time i want to see to raise the minimum wage i think it is disgraceful going in ten houses a day and she makes $7.25 with no benefits. is time to pay 50 people and to treat people with dignity and respect. >> what is interesting how he moved up the statement when he was governor from the robert e. lee statue saying it should be left alone. >> teaching children about racism and those chapters that
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are abhorrent to teach to come together and have dreams they can inspire to save them through the lens of race and then pit them against each other. the water down standards to the point where the children falling so far behind the 62 percent cannot pass an eighth grade math equivalency test because of the legacy terry mcauliffe left is we'll fix that on the number one. >> guess what it passed the
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senate? forty / zero. that is the house of delegates your attacking your republican party. to understand the law and how these work. to build up education and that's what we need to do. that his plan will put 43000 teachers. don't take my word for it. >> . >> thousands of afghan evacuees are hereafter being after the taliban took control of the nation. do youdoa support virginia helping the evacuees to resettle here and stay in the commonwealth?
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>> and an abject failure of leadership from joe biden. he abandoned the majority military and american citizens and going shoulder to shoulder with us to make a way for them. i think we have to recognize that failure leadership looks like and that terry mcauliffe subscribes to all of this. we watch failure at the border down in texas open borders. have the afghan refugees got one? those that stood shoulder to shoulder with us we know the
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people a responsibility i have always been short for what we need to do we have a lot of brave men and women who have fought for the country. and they are fighting aces in my heart goes out if that's not a day that dorothy and i did not worry when they were over there fighting so as the first state in america to end homelessness. the first day in america and
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then 26000 more vets i am proud of the military here in the commonwealth of virginia.f [applause] more veterans are moving away from virginia them moving to stvirginia. because virginia is not the right place for them because they can't find a job, they tax retirement benefits, make it hard for them to transition from military service to civilian life. i will fix all that when i am governor we will turn virginia into the most military families stay in america. [applause] or>> and then to reverse course
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that was defeated 85 to 12 so i will focus my energies on things i can do it might raise the minimum wage i want to focus on what i we can get done. and with a robust economy. former republican government —- governor and when i left office that is the reason why so many republicans have endorsed me. over two dozen prominent republicans the most conservative members of the house of delegates happens
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endorsed my campaign. former senators and former delegates working in a bipartisan way to move virginia forward. that's why i'm back when he for governor to take virginia to the next level and i want to cs lead america out of the covid crisis. >> the leadership is trying to get rid of right to work. the chair of the appropriations committee the top five issue to get rid of. the senate majority litter on —- leader introduce the bill for right to work. it will come to the desk and he will sign and the many he said he would sign every union in america endorsed him collecting tens of millions of dollars. and anthony have given it to me not to you.
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they don't trust you. this is about standing up for what is right for virginia workers and then have to recognize that will lift up all virginians and that's what i will do as your governor. [applause] >> first of all i have tremendous business support in t fact the charter school we are at. national finance chair the republican national committee george bush finance chair who does he supporting? me. you can talk to them. great.ha what good does that do he is already on my public list of endorsements. a lot of union support me because i am for raising the minimum wage he is against it is against paid sick days.
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he's against paid family medical leave if you felt him but we will lift up workers in virginia make them the best so the amazon workers in northern virginia went to unionize. >> so you wouldn't want to support employees? >> everybody makes their own decision they have to do their own organizing. i'm the governor of everybody. >> virginia is for lovers. >> the climate change question we arere low on time. virginia under pays flood insurance but overpays in home prices dealing with climate change, who should be paying more when it comes to flood
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insurance? government? nmwill tear taxpayers? how do we pay for the adaptation? so we have to go to work now to address those and then to prepare for raising c's so that clean economy act is unworkable and then to brownout or blackouts because they don't trust the power
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supply. and then to embrace all aspects wind and solar and nuclear and the cleanburning natural gas. and to accelerate by ten years and it will destabilize virginia. >> i want to see it done by 2035. >> tells a way to make progress in the common all the virginia. and for the rest of the world to show that we are serious about it? he said it's totally frustrating and he said by do it by 2035 hampton roads and
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that ohio project with the $135 million what wept think about 27 miles of virginia beach and the portsmouth marine journal can be the green energy manufacturing hub of the united states of america that is america's future. the should members ofou virginia delegation do you want them to vote for that bill. >> someone has ever negotiated
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before and all the supply chain is not an american or virginia we have virginia content and that when you let people to officer don't how to run a business they give up opportunities do you have the three.five joined our package they are workingr on? >> it so frightening. we don't make it yet. here in america this is not
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like a carlisle portfolio tried to sell them anything three.five is too high. sure. but i am really sick and tired when i was governor in a bipartisan way we got some things done that's what endorsed me. it's time to pass it. >> you 20 the idea of running for president in 2020 i do pledge to serve your entire term as governor in the race quick. >> yes. absolutely.
1:50 am
as the republican nominee i will support him. that is terry mcauliffe stepped in and 2014 he adopted the exact same tactics he threatened to shut it down. the rating agencies camean to down take virginia because of his inability to manage fiscal responsibility. have to get your facts right. >> youou can continue thisre debate after we are done here.
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>> i would first like to thank my wife suzanne and her four children. you are amazing. my fellow virginians. tonight i invite you to join me in breaking free from what has plagued our country and divided neighborhoods for too long. failed promises my campaign was founded on a vision is time to summon the spirit of washington's jefferson and
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then to build communities and to have a riproaring economy to lift up all virginians to vjoin me tonight with a new vision for leadership. >> i am so excited to be with you tonight. let's be clear he's against gay marriage level network in a bipartisan way.
1:53 am
the reason why his when he for governor his quote is because of donald trump i am running for governor for you and if you like to ensure governor i will promise you this i will raise the minimumt wage at $15 will put money into the education system i would have had all 100,000 virginians get quality healthcare i'm excited. >> . >> thank youvi for hosting this today. [applause] thank you for your participation. thank you did a great panel and to the northern virginia community college.
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and by the way don't forget to vote. that evening anybody have a question. >> if they sent the bill to your desk with the medicaid funding.r >> . >>o it is the only change i like to see there is a clear difference in this race. that is his right not to
1:55 am
believe in abortion. and it is dangerous for women and it's crippling for virginia resident. >> . >> i will not do hypothetical bills. >> i would have been fine. >> i've been at a lot of different debates.
1:56 am
>> them before the debate to emphasize to support you but that is the important constituency. >> so are you as concerned about that electorate with the concerns for police reform? >> yes i have tremendous support for the black community the black caucus recruited me to run again because of the work that i did as governor. because as you all know with more the history of the united
1:57 am
states in america with suing with contempt of court and meaning in on medicare expansion on issues that are very important. the black caucus came to me t i provided healthcare for low income women for the first time inue general. but we don't determine who gets on the stage. and lifting virginians up for paid sick leave. i am for family medical leave. he supports all the trump supporters but the most shocking thing for me tonight was on vaccinations. time again i said i think doctors and nurses who work in school should be vaccinated.
1:58 am
he continuously double down with the most shocking statement of the 19 me is that he did not believe people should get on measles vaccination which has been around for decades? yes i think that should be mandated he would notot say that tonight. he is also supporting trump in 2024 so we get what we get. >> . >> have to study said to making from outer space tonight. wants to get the pressure off of him. and then he will band
1:59 am
abortions. and told supporters it was a top priority for him. women want to make the decisions in other parts of the state of their own body he knows he got caught in doesn't know what to do. the lawson on the books today in virginia a woman to the second trimester and in the health of the mother after that. i do l know where he got that. half of that stuff is looney tunes he said tonight. it was baffling to me. he is too inexperienced to be governor. let me be clear. all he has done running for governor is toru run down the dstate. that is all he has done running for governor is to run down the state. when i was governor
2:00 am
unemployment went from down at three.three unemployment dropped in every single city and county in virginia into rural communities dropped by nearly 50 percent. i left half a billion dollars surplus. you were there. i had to call a special session to fill a huge hole in the budget. you were there when i called them peak for it. >> strategist with the team, taking two or three questions from you guys. >> we feel really good. two for two on debate.
2:01 am
he swept the floor with him so he answered questions, had a good conversation. it was very clear the two choices and abortion governor or jobs governor, politicians on the outside to take virginia forward. i'm happy to answer a few questions that you have. it's very clear he said yes children should receive those
2:02 am
vaccines. it's clear that they should be but he doesn't believe the same for the covid vaccine. [inaudible] >> they've come out and said that these are child born illnesses that should be administered when the child is before a certain age. i think that is the difference, it shows that it isn't the same type of disease as measles or chickenpox. the science shows they are child born illnesses and children should get the vaccines at the appropriate age.
2:03 am
kristin davison. the take-home message is clear. he's going to take virginia to the next level and focus on jobs, schools. the game plan is the focus we are going to drive it home. it's going to tax families and take parents out of their children's education and make the streets less safe and keep the streets safe with parents back into the education decisions and lower the cost of
2:04 am
living. [inaudible] glenn has been having conversations as they go to vote. >> [inaudible] they failed so spectacularly in afghanistan and so he addressed those questions and in regards to the negotiations going on in dc, it's the failure of the democratic party right now. the white house, the senate, the house, the statehouse and leadership to get this done so
2:05 am
terry mcauliffe is the modern day of the democratic party, chairman of the dnc. everybody in office had some connection. >> it wasn't clear to me the position. he mentioned good elements but does he support the package and want republicans in congress to vote for it? we need to look for the democratic leaders showing some
2:06 am
leadership working together with republicans to reach a deal in other states to receive those funds he does think there are positive things because right now there is no leadership to get it done it's just constant political back and forth. he wants them to come together in the same way that he would get things done if he were governor. >> it comes down to the failure of leadership out of the white house from the democratic party
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and the same failure of leadership we've seen and will see if he were to be elected again. we really hope that the democratic party gets together and doesn't let that happen. thank you guys. in
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newark, new jersey's largest city.


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