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tv   U.S. Senate Republicans against vaccine mandates  CSPAN  October 5, 2021 7:16pm-7:51pm EDT

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and probably is best known for, in the city, in the bookstores in 2003. this most recent work, eric larson makes a transfer to go story fiction, the title that no one goes alone is available on audio only rated. >> author eric larson on book notes buses we could give us a duke book knows plus no cspan now at. >> now wisconsin republican senator ron johnson challenges the efficacy of the various covid-19 vaccinations. and speaks out strongly against the vaccine mandates and is followed by utah republican who speaking about an unsuccessful attempt to bring up a bill allowing people to opt out of that mandate. he is opposed by connecticut democrat chris murphy who
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discusses his recent reasons for rejecting for senator the return to argue his point and this runs about a half an hour. >> last week i came to the floor and supported s scottsville pushing back on what many of us consider the unconstitutional covid-19 mandates. i use my floor time to describe the transparency of our healthcare industries in talking about the information that are healthcare agencies media and the news media, are now providing to the american public. i've come to the floor today to expand a little bit on that information, and last week, i presented this chart. it shows the daily number of new cases, the blue lines, you actually have the tragic deaths, the very thin red line and you
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also have this line showing the percent of fully vaccinated americans. now, i've pointed this to this chart, because this is not what i would've expected to see if we had 100 percent effective vaccines rated now the me again say, is a big support of operation warp speed and i'm not an anti- vaccination. about every vaccineac up to this one because i had covid-19. i hoped and prayed, that the covid-19 vaccine would be 100 percent safe and effective. but this chart is not what i would expect to have seen with a vaccine that was highly effective and we all were hoping would happen pretty was we have a high percentage of americans vaccinated together with thoseid who had like myself it had covid-19 and you can see, prior to the vaccine to be able to
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take effect, the first major surgery was winding down and i would've expected to see a continuing winding d down. but that is what we saw, we sing the surge. an additional deaths rated in the tragedy continues. now back on september 9, president biden said this pandemic will go are that was of the vaccinated also not about freedom rated our personal choice, no, this is exactly about freedom and personal choice. he also said, in july of this year, july 31st, he said that if you are vaccinated, you're not going to be hospitalized. you're not going to be in the icu unit, you're not going to die. not going to get covid-19 if you have these vaccinations. today, i received an e-mail from
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constituents in wisconsin and reading the excerpts and i'm not going to identify the individual because he fears reprisals pretty he has seen what happens to people who tell the truth aboutci covid-19 and the vaccins so i will keep his name anonymous. let me quote from his e-mail. both my parents were fully vaccinated with the pfizer vaccine in the spring. yet in august, my mom became infected and gave it to my dad read they became so sick that my sister fully vaccinated with the moderna who didn't care to care for the chief is ppe's and was careful but she caught covid-19 as well partied and has my family three of us caught covid-19 well fully vaccinated. from vaccinated to vaccinated.
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my mom cut and had recovered and my dad died a week after a three-week stay in a local hospital. now that is a tragedy. and i wish will president biden said would've been true. but it is not. that talks to the vaccines efficacy. let's talk about the vaccine safety. i have heard so often from who i refer to as the covid-19 gods to help the agency's in news media, theve vaccine events are rare ad they are mild. well until they happen to you. and here's a chart that compares
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the number of deaths recorded, the cdc's own vaccine adversity event system and i go all of the way back to 1990. two beginning at their system and i have deaths associated with the flu vaccine, they are in blue you can barely see them. but the largest year of the peak year, for this reported of deaths of the flu vaccine, was an 2010, 162 reported deaths rated now i understand it that it does not have or prove causation and i got that. but if you compare since 1990 with the flu vaccine, by the way generally about one third of the number of doses versus what
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we've experienced with the covid-19 vaccine so you can compare that very long level of death reports to know what we experience now with covid-19. for just this year, is 15737 worldwide with these vaccines with authorization u.s., 15,091,307 in total deaths on this system. now againve i realize it is not prove causation it but i do need to point out that 5272 of those deaths, occurred on the zero or one or two vaccination. if i were in the cdc or the fda, those agencies that in october of 2020, counted this report read the early morning safety surveillance systems before the vaccines ever got emergency use
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authorization, they were talking about how they would rely on these two derived safety signals 'rand i remember one number sayg that morgan to take this so seriously that if we lose a couple of days were, lost work time, because of an adverse event will get the cdc representative on the phone with that individual who going to look into it that simply has not happened read now, one thing that the fda has done, is that it ridiculed some of the early treatment drugs. i don't have it on the charger by the is on the in perspective and again, 15937 deaths in about ten months with the covid-19 vaccine. since 1996, 25 years as total deaths 379.
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15937 covid-19 and 379 was in 25 years. and hydroxy, over 25 years. and another appears to be the drug of choice, for hospitalized covid-19 patients, 1499 deaths. and again this information it the agencies are not providing the american public and i think it's information the people need to know. why am i giving you this information. will first of all, on social media this is suppressed and being censored to be like me approach the subject, and then attacked so it's important on the senate floor, to the market people so thatap they understand what is happening but the main point in trying to make is those
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individuals who believe in their own health autonomy, narrow personal freedoms, many of you who have already been infected with covid-19, they are reading the science. andur that their natural immuniy is probably if not more effective than the vaccinated immunity they have chosen not to get the vaccine, that is their right. nyou may not agree with that bt it's not your body. it is not your right to impose on someone else a mandate to take the vaccine or take away their job or their livelihood or their healthcare. i am not the only one who thinks this. president of biden it back on december 4, said i don't think it should be mandatory. i would not demanded to be mandatory. for a said is that the federal
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government's role in yet here we are. nurses are being fired, what you think that will do to our healthcare system. already have a healthcare shortage. were going to exasperate that problem. these mandates are unconstitutional but they are going to be incredibly harmful for military readiness and for healthcare system. also going to be incredibly corrosive to our society. i been inundated even well before president of biden since his been illnu advised, and in updated of e-mails and letters and phone calls from people who are so concerned about being coerced and being forced to take a vaccine under duress.
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it's incredibly corrosive effects on our society. but i want to quote from one particular letter, got this letter from a nurse. she has a masters degree. she's also professor of nursing. she's describing what happened inside a meeting of their faculty as they were deciding how to handle mandates in a nursing school she writes, some of the biggest issues today are the conversations occurring behind closed doors. our nursing department staff got together to decide how to handle that really 50 percent of students had not yet received the covid-19 vaccinations and being dismissed from the program unless they comply. and the students were referred to as ignorant. uneducated, killers.
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this name-calling, although deeply inappropriate is becoming also born against the masses of thoseit who decide that it is within the right to attack personal choice of others. but if i were a student, or parent of a student that had heard that interruption of them about to share with you, you would be beyond furious. it was determined by consensus and we were not going to allow any special accommodations in other words, switching clinical assignments or size to allow for the unvaccinated students to progress. that would be the standard practice no other nursing program soon, one faculty member explains to the group that good luck finding a new career. that was quoted. in the group responded with laughter.
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this nurse writes let that sink in for a moment. they laughed. they laughed at the thought of someone's dreams being crushed. that is the effect of these unconstitutional coercive freedom robbing mandates are having in our society. ... ... the science, when are we
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going to reclaim what was lost in this pandemic? there has been a d enough harm nddone. i am begging this body, i am begging the president, do no further harm. with that mr. president i yield the floor. >> mr. president. quick senator from utah opera. >> mr. president les mckay came to the senate floor, no more than three times and invited my colleagues to pass bills to protect millions of americans at risk of losing their jobs, their livelihoods due to president biden's covid 19 vaccine mandate. unfortunately, due to objections on the other side of the aisle these bills were not adopted. but i committed them as i do
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today, i would be back with additional proposal for as long as it takes to beat the sweeping mandate. since i began this effort against the mandate there's been a massiveg outpouring of support from across the country. i've heard from americans and countless sectors from multiple states were at risk of losing their jobs. these americans just want to make their own medical decisions. her right that is always been afforded and not challenged since the beginning of our nation. a new tot lot i've heard from no fewer than 184 people who are at risk of losing their livelihoods. they and so many others, those who share the same concerns are our neighbors, their
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everyday americans and they have a legitimate medical concerns about getting the vaccine. but president biden does not care. he said is simply this is not about freedom or personal choice. well, to the millions of americans who face the punishment being made unemployable they do not succumb to the president's will, this very much is about freedom and personal choice. there must be a more reasonable answer. there must be a more compassionate answer. the covid-19 vaccine has been deemed generally safe. i do not disputein that. in fact, along with my entire family have been vaccinated. i see the development of these vaccines is a miracle and a blessing. there are some people with pre-existing conditions or complications. many of these individuals have d been invited by their trusted board-certified doctors they should not receive the vaccine.
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these americans they deserve to be able to make their own medical decisions. this should not be forced by the president of the united states to go against the advice of their doctors. now, let's look down the road at what would necessarily follow this vaccinees mandate. countless americans follow the recommendation of their doctors but lose their jobs in an already troubled economy. these individuals and families would not just be unemployed the president of the united states would deem them unemployable, second-class pariahs, businesses that dare to employ the unvaccinated will be subjected to crippling llfines and risk closure. the president of the united states unilaterally without any say from the representatives in congress is
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set on imposing financial destruction on many american families and businesses. he's even targeting those with complicating medical conditions and forcibly removing them from the economy and much of the broader society. so today i am offering the senate an option. to take a more compassionate reasonable approach. my bill your health comes first would exempt from the president mended any health concerns with the vaccine. simply put americans who are worried about how the vaccine would interact with or compound their medical difficulties would not be obligated to get it. thoseth have been advised by their doctors to not get the vaccine due to pre-existing medical conditions would not be forced to go against the recommendation of their doctor. this is a reasonable and compassionate solution to
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allow concerned americans the dignity and autonomy we all w deserve. this is not the only flaw with the mandate. as i have said before the president lacks authority to do this. neither the federal government in general or the president of the united states has the power to implement the mandate of the sort. whether you think government ought to be mandating or not, if the governmentth should force out of their job that's a tedifferent in our constitution from whether the federal government has the authority or the president has the authority, it doesn't and he does not. these arguments seem to remain the forefront of the conversation bird questions regarding theng constitutionality of the constitutional authority to issue this in the first place. i will be back tomorrow with
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another proposal and i will be at this for as long as it takes to end this unconstitutional at him compassionate mandate. mr. president and legislative session ask unanimous consent on health education labor and pensions be discharged from further consideration of s24 on the senate and economics consent the bill be read a third timet and passed on the motion to reconsider be made and laid upon theff table. >> is their objection? quick senator from connecticut. >> mr. president reserving the right to object yesterday tallahasseell memorial hospital disclosed that 82 people died inside their health care system from covid over the course of september for that is the worst month on record for that hospital system. not shocking to anyone because we just went past have been
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killed by this virus in the united states of america. most attack that continues to be launched on the senate floor against science and sound public health policy is standing in the way of us defeating this virus. now speak to senator lee's objection, but senator johnson just came to the floor and open up his remarks by declaring he was not an anti- vector and just engaged in a ten minute broadside against vaccines. setting conspiracy theory after conspiracyec theory. the effect will be to undermined and vaccines that are working. to prove his point the senator fromd wisconsin read an e-mail from a constituent that got the vaccine and got infected. i am sure that is true, there are in fact people who have gotten the vaccine, who have gotten the infection.
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it is not one 100% effective. but he did not cite these statistics. those who have been vaccinated are ten times more likely to be hospitalized for those have been vaccinated are ten times less likely to die. here are some numbers in the state of pennsylvania i just saw this morning in pennsylvania 97% of deaths are amongst the unvaccinated. ninety-five ofre hospitalizations are amongst the unvaccinated and 94% of cases are amongst the unvaccinated. senator lee is right, vaccines work. vaccines work. i appreciate his statement to thatt effect. butbu others like the senator from wisconsin are coming down to the floor when the words have the effect of undermining people's faith in science. that is a deadly, that is deadly.
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as sunder lee's objections, i know he makes them in good faith. my impression is this congress in this country cite a long time ago the federal government has a s role to play when it comes the safety of our workplaces. in fact that's the entire reason for the existence of osha, or the like it or not for a policy perspective osha's handed down mandate after mandate what is necessary for employers to make sure when you show up to work in a factory or school your workplace is safe. specifically it's not a stranger to maxine band-aids. parents who send their kids to school know all about vaccine mandates. most of those schools have relatively reasonable exemptions. often the very least medical
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exemption religious and philosophical objections. president biden's plan includes commonsense considerations for exemptions. let's also declare lease with respect to the osha requirement it's a mandate for testings not for vaccinations for their other mandates that are requiring vaccination takead place. the broadest of the proposed mandate is eight mandate everyone get tested but you do not have to get texted if you get the vaccine. tand so i am deeply worried about how unserious this country is about the science and about sound public health policy. we are not going to get over this pandemic. we are not going to be will turn the page less people choose thees unvaccinated ten times less likely to get hospitalized.
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it is true there may be indications president biden plans account for that. yes it's true there individual people that celebrate their cases. but this is an effective vaccine. it is a safe and vaccine per the only way we save lives is if we stop focusing on ideology and keep our focus on science and what works. and for that reason i object. >> mr. president i appreciate the insight from my friend and distinguishedy colleague. i want to be very clear the limited focus of this bill, a bill i offered up for passage in the senate today is narrow. it has one purpose.
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been advised by their doctor on some condition with their health that should not get it. they should not have to choose between getting vaccinated and losing their job. my friend from connecticut, go so far i think to implicitly acknowledge there ought to be an exception made for those people when he says president biden vaccine mandate accommodates them. well, there is a problem with that. president biden has not issued anything. he has suggested along with members of his administration there might be some accommodation for them. i'm not sure what that means. corporate america acting on the advice of legal counsel and human resources departments tends to be adopting rules already.
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takes into account others do not. it's really not too m much to ask suggested if you impose a sweeping mandate for this, you ought to have some protection for people with complicating medical conditions. who on the advice of a board certified physician choose not to get it. again this does not mean that i'm okay with the rest of the mandate, i am not. i respectfully but very strongly disagree with my friends characterization this is just fine for the federal government to do. federal government walks in general police powers. them lion's share of the authority within government and our system lies with the states and their political subdivisions. our national government, in charge of just a few basic and distinctively national
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matters. national defense, the uniform system of weights and measures , trademarks, copyrights and patents regulating trade or commerce between the states with the indian tribes are handful of others. is no power in their that refers to providing generally for laws to make the american people safe and healthy. those powers exist in america. they are not vested in this in government. but does not mean states and localities will always exercise wisely, prudently or compassionately. it means so far as you're going to ask their government, that is the appropriate place and not this one. now, my friend from connecticut responds by saying the power is still there anyway. even if i were to assume his
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point that thete effect power of the federal government extends to an individual vaccine mandate, which it doesn't. i challenge him or anyone else to site what provision of the u.s. constitution it ends the provides that authority. and if we accept the premise just for purposes of discussion that the federal government may exercise such authority, the president may not exercise that authority alone. the very first clause of the firstic article in the first section of the firstay article that constitution says all legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in congress of the o united states which shall consist of a senate and house of representatives. article one section seven, makes clear in order to pass a law a federal law in the united states, in order to adopt a policy the federal government enforceable through
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the overpowering force of the federal government you have to follow the format which means he's gotta take a legislative proposal, a bill. you got to pass in the house, you got to pass in the senate with the same language has to be submitted to the president for signature, veto or acquiescence. if you don't undertake that process at all there is no authority in the executive to do anything they are describing. but president biden's son is to arrogate to himself, he not only characterizes as federal but really our legislative powers he does not he is the chief executive he is not a lawmaker pretty certainly not the entire legislativesl branch. and so, but it's really quite beside the sport points. it does not make a difference
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with his federal authority. the federal authority is to exist, it is not we cannot identify s clause of section eight or other part of the constitution that can be read, especially as the backdrop of its original public meaning to convey that power. even if you concede that point, there is no reasonable, implausible, defensible argument. it was a the president of the united states may wield this authority unilaterally. that is what they have the power to do. one thing that's very consistent and uniform in our constitutional structure is that no one person, no group of people is ever supposed to accumulate dangerous degrees of power. on the president of the united states is neither a lawmaker or the entire legislative
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branch. he may not step into those shoes. >> deputy attorney lisa monica testified today before the judiciary committee about the violence against women act pretty to that hearing tonight on cspan2 beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ ♪ >> washington journal every day we take your calls live on the air of the news of the day and we discussed policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning atlanta-based movement forward ceo discusses police and safe community engagement. andrew young former 2020 democratic presidential candidate is on to talk about his new book, forward. watch c-span's washington journal live at seven eastern wednesday morning, be sure to join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets.
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facts on wednesday the senate judiciary committee will hold a hearing to examine the john r lewis voting rights advancement act of 2021. large coverage starts at 2:00 p.m. eastern on c-span also watch and you can also watch our coverage of c-span now our new video app. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> now president biden visits international union of


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