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tv   Washington Journal Mark Hugo Lopez  CSPAN  October 12, 2021 3:42pm-4:12pm EDT

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received before january 20th of 2022 and for competition rules, or just how to get started use our website at student kim .org. >> joining us now with research henry is the director for race and ethnicity research and mr. lopez good morning pretty. >> good morning pretty. >> as we approach the 2022 election average power to the voters hold pretty. >> look at the 2020, certainly a lot more interest in the new of latino voters than there has been in previous elections you see republicans opening community centers and places of contact in places like south texas or san antonio so this next election in 2024 should be interesting to see both how much attention the latinos get also nowhere they fall given the circumstances of the upcoming election pretty. >> what does the 2020 election tell us about those trends.
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>> a shift towards trump relative to 2016 for example back in 2016 from maybe about 2r oppose but in 2016 or 202042 are verified voter studies, trump one about 38 percent of latino voters support that means the support was lower than it was among hillary clinton back in 2016, she 166 percent inviting 159 percent in 2020 and so biden still one of the latino vote but it's interesting that trump was able to make gains and also across the country not only in just south florida been in south texas and in the southwest and in places like philadelphia and san francisco the work gainsaid trump made across the country among the latino voters in many different places. part of it is because different
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risen latinos, but i think it's important that the trends that have been long-standing among groups of latino voters, for example in south florida and also the emergence of groups like not a large number but certainly a voting member in south florida as well but in places like south texas, we saw support forpp trump grow among hispanic men and amongst people who are u.s. morning may be able to parents who are us-born in places like southwest, we saw support for trump among hispanic men and women in addition to third-generation of african-americans so you can see a variety of stories is often time linked to different places the country and circumstances of issues and policies most places pretty. >> will continue in the conversation critically about the latino voters a in the they have these upcoming elections with mark lopez and if you want to reach out to us republicans two oh 27,488,001.
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in independence, (202)748-8000 rated you want to give your input, (202)748-8003 and mr. lopez, understand what it means to be a latino voter. a. >> so latinos make up about 14 percent of all potential voters in the united states, but typically these are people who trace their roots to latin america and spain and who are us-born or citizenship soap this is a diverse population and a number of ways and as part of a growing population prayed about 62 million for example latinos were counted in the 2020 senses making up almost 19 percent of the nation's population and latinos are growing population and in particular when it comes to their potential although turner's come those numbers have been growing by about 4 million between each presidential election.
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>> you mentioned texas the communityy center and other outlets reporting and in talk about the bigger aspects of the republican party over the democratic party reaching out receiving these voters rated. >> so both parties have expressed interest in latino voters go over the elections, defending on the elections on how much efforts have been put into reaching out to latino voters so in 2020, there were some concerns in discussion about whether or not the biden administration has moved early enough to shore up support among that latino voters particular place like miami-dade county where president trump onam the latino vote in south florida city men's and a where we are bt it does seem that both parties are interested latino voters are not locked into eating one of the generally support the democratic party for their support has shifted depending on candidates and defending on c issues depending on the year.
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>> may be the country of origin pretty. >> you do see for example, venezuela, columbiana and they are located and perhaps even more towards the republican party and then youic see for example, mexican americans and puerto ricans leaning more towards the democratic party, to varying degrees of support and other factors not just origin but the cuban story particularly unique because these voters are so strongly in the republican leaning towards the republican party have been doing so for some time even though there's been shifted there as well enough so strongly the republicans today as they were in the 1980s. summa how does the age factor in how the cast a vote. >> so is very interesting, and so aof number of voters are from young people who were born here in the u.s. who have for example, 4 million additional potential voters as i mentioned
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earlier and between presidential cycles, about $3m of 4 million will be latino latinos who entered a lot adulthood predict youth is important for this. younger latinos in more towards the democratic party been older latinos butut again here it depends on the circumstances origins location it is a much more but just like we see with young people general the younger latinos to the lean towards the democratic party. >> described the work you do as far as race and ethnicity pretty. >> the demography in addition to the opinions and attitudes about hispanic americans, black americans and many other groups on a number of things, but also to how they see their own identity so a wide range of topics but it's also exciting to predict indicate latinos to see some of the changes of the decades in the latino public opinion and attitudes about
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their own identity. >> illinois, democratic line but also latino voter and good morning. >> i can probably help when i watch any researcher describe things and people asked them questions and they are trying to figure out who is going to be aware and all of that. a few researchers or any researcher, whether you're researching a certain group of people to get a number and decide what people are voting the way they are, a small percentage of everyone who votes, a lot of people don't have the truth all that pretty hard to tell what is important to understand that no offense but it is kind of offensive when people say, latino voters, everybody in america is so mixed.
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it doesn't matter what color you are necessarily or what shape you are. everybody feels like generally people are always mixed with differentt ethnicities so to say that your latino or s your blac, it's really offensive to those groups. and i think that is why trump kind of a draw to different people because i think that he basicallyrs understands that you don't that if you start putting labels onto people, and assuming that they think one way or another - >> okay thank you. >> great point from the caller thatca the diversity on a group like latino voters has shown many dimensions wouldn't the voters themselves think of their identity and the impact on how the vote invo different ways and there's no doubt that the nation today, is much more diverse and mixed that has been insane the past with intermarriage race for example among the highest when
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he comeses to latino population. for example about 30 percent of newlyweds marry somebody you is not latino and that means that just in the dimensional and have many people who are intermarried with folks who are not necessarily latino may have an impact on how they see the politicscs printed noted in thee important to know that there are many different ways we can describe the nation's voters in one of which is race and ethnicity and ethnicity pretty but sometimes voters themselves not necessarily think of themselves the part of a broader group fighting for something that we do see their data wheree see the latino in cause but there's a lott in common that they have with other people who are of latino back on woody comes to their opinions and views in a number of issues and that i thank you so an important point to remember but a point ta something as an earlier on that
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the diversity the population is important and key factor to keep in mind this is not a model like it is a group that is diverse and has many different groups of people.ny >> democrats on good morning. >> at first, i was thinking that your guest was kind of being kind of vague so i want to put that out there like that. i want to be fair. but i want to know how do you explain puerto ricans in south florida vote for donald trump. how do you explain that. [inaudible]. how do you explain say maybe a mexican-american in texas voted for donald trump. basically he called them all racist and drug dealers. how do you explain.
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>> great question and this is the diversity of the latino population. so let's talk about the ones who migrated to say central florida many are evangelical christians and some support was related to the support for his position on abortion for example in the case of mexican americans, the population numbers about 37 million people's single single largest group among the populationspanic overall but it is also quite diverse. some are undocumented but others are higher generation of americans third or higher, and many years ago we did determine that we ask hispanic americans broadly whether why should we do about those in the country without authorization about 15 percent latino adult take many mexican americans back then, back in 2010, said that
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thosee in the country illegally should be deported so support is not uniform across the population and itio does very ad some america agenda mexican americans who have strong views about unauthorized immigration and some immigrants say from countries from cuba or dominican republic it and they also have strong views about those who are in the country who are undocumented. so there is diversity and viewpoints in his points one of the most interesting and important findings from 2020 election which is an awareness that this is not a monolithic population but instead the latino voters have different views and different sensibilities. you might encounter different reactions in candidates population. and one of the things is important is to global climate change conference for the
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perhapsho also in the latino democrats, the gap is not as white for example among the general public. >> from los angeles california independent line pretty. >> good morning and i just wanted to ask when you said that in between presidential elections, there is an increase of 4 million and which he called illegal or undocumented. find ways unconstitutional but this is the thing, sanctuary cities were you good license, we automatically register you to vote any of to check off that you don't want them to register you devotes is that included in that 4 million and actually should they be counted in our hoelections. >> the 4 million that i mentioned are people are u.s. mourns of these are who were born in the united states and
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entered into adulthood and these are people u.s. citizens avert and a while when it comes to be undocumented and so forth and it the license and registration, that's possible rated but the number is 22 about those born in the united states income of a chair and a 4 million does incle 1 millionll people also naturalized to become a u.s. citizen to be able to vote you have to be able to be a u.s. citizen in the united states pretty. >> much interest and participation they had in a midterm election versus presidential election pretty. >> yes generally speaking just like the u.s. public overall, this is participation in 2018, was an interesting year because we saw the voter participation among latino voters increase the levels that we usual seen in presidential elections but that was even though we saw a surge in participation in the latinos, the groups turned out to vote at
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higher rates for example in some those gaps between process and even though we saw an increase in voter participation across all racial and ethnic groups. >> carl, independence line. west virginia rated. >> mr. lopez, on this issue, there's white hispanics, have you explain to me, was a white hispanic andnd thank you pretty. >> that's a great question and thank you for the fantastic question. when we talklk about latinos in the way the census bureau thinks about them are hispanic, hispanics are viewed as an ethnic group and they can have people of different races and it only looking at latin america, they have it's own story about race and ethnicity or race is an important of the ways of the lesson americans think about
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their own identities and that includes people are white or light skinned it into those who are darker skin into those who have indigenous goods so for example different oranges and to say that even among hispanics which is an ethnic group according to the census bureau, race distribution among the group as well pretty and in our sesurveys, we have asked the latinos whether w they are latio identity is an ethnic identity are part of the racial identity we found that the majority there latino as part of their racial identity. see right to ask the question that there's this interesting combination that they are reporting versus how the public sees itself. we try to document and talk about the different ways in which race manifests itself the latino population in this case sometimes like asking the
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question like the census bureau but here's an alternative way to ask about it that if somebody sees you walking down the street him what you think that they see u.s., white hispanic back agent or something else and b we find that most latinos will tell us people walking down the street might see them as latino, not as white or black says interesting. ... ... would like to know when we are going to impeach joe biden because he is destroying america. host: we will go to james. james in new york. democrats line. hello. caller: yes, thank you for taking my call. first of all, i would like to make him aware that there is only one race, the human there's only one race, the human race. all of these other characterizations are -- >> color, you are still on, go ahead only one race, for human
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race. the rest of these concoctions are only ethnicity so when it comes to the issue is about color, race. there's only one race,e, the hun race when they say non-hispanic, what if they make a distinction between color when it's race? hispanic is not a race, is a language, people speak a language. there's so much a confusion andf you don't shed light on this by continuing to define people as being of a different race when there's only one race, the human race. thank you. >> the caller made some great points about the importance of color and color -- color is him is an important factor in latin america but also here in the u.s. if we move away about talking about particular racial clips and asked aboutl the skin color instead and write their own skin color, will find and serve ice that those of lighter skin tend to do better than those of darker skin on a number of economic measures but also
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his termination expenses are more likely to occur to those darker skinned than those lighter skinned. it's true among latinos and other groups. the caller made some interesting points about these labels and categories p of race which is something the federal government defined or is created as part of a census bureau data collection. in many ways, it reflects how the public thinks of itself and reflects on policymakers eking about the country and has changed over time will have to see where things go whether or not we will continue to use these same labels and groupings that we do now and to answer the question about hispanic not being a race, again we ask hispanic public what they thought and that's whyhy i suppt that particular number which is many people in the population see their identity as part of their racial identity. >> independent line, go ahead.
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>> i want to ask you one question, do you know who the tribes of israel are? >> what's the relevancy to the topic? >> you are not hispanic, you are one of the 12 tribes of your zero. >> as you have noticeder trendss far as elections areha concerne, one piece earlier in september was after the california recall that took place, he highlighted this exit polls and that recall showed 60% of latino voters voting against recall and democratic governor gavinov newm slightly below overall statewide lovote of 63% calling for, and block 64% of latinohe voters whn he is elected in 2018, he makes exit polls proven completely reliable in those election cycles and something you noted latino voters voted for
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democrats comfortably but as far as california consideration, is there something to tell as far as the largerr topic. >> the trends affecting the california latino population is the largest single state population of latinos 15 million people nationally. it's becoming more subtle soio t doesn't quite have the same number of new immigrant arrivals in the 80s and 90s. it's a higher generation, a bigger part of the story which means dressing people who may be children of hispanic parents or non-hispanic. and that makes help shape the politics the state latino voters are not a single group and they make up their mind just like other boaters do and they can change their views on a number of things including whether or not to support a particularwh presidential or gubernatorial candidate mark there's always the question of redistricting, latino voters have concerns as fardi as how lines can be redra?
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>> certainly concern about undercount the 2020 census, the 2020 census or any census determines how districts are drawn in different states. in some states like california, there is an increase of over 1 million latinos which help to the state at least not lose as much is expected in terms of congressional pieces states like texas and arizona while there was a big increase in hispanic population, they didn't quite gain congressional seat is expected to all about could play a role in shaping not only how many the statehouse but also district funds might be drawn. it something of concern in many leadersis and latinos themselve, how their political representation will manifest in the coming decades. >> good morning. >> hi, i am retired law professor and i'm one of the
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50000 cuban-americans repatriatedan cuba we get to voe in both countries so i got to see two different political systems and i vote socialist in america because i think it to capitalist and i vote capitalist in havana, my native home because i cuba is way too socialist so i'm a few voter who gets to vote in two very different countries but my questionon is, how do cuban-americans in miami have so much power? for instance, we have three u.s. editors who are cuban-americans supposedly but never born inly cuba, you know? they just do that to get votes and to vote against cuba all the time they know nothing about cuba.
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i live in cuba, nobody listens to me. >> okay, thank you. >> it's a great question. about three quarters of an ancient cuban-american population about over 2 million people live in florida. florida contains concentration or greater cross of america. no other hispanic origin is as concentrated than anyone state let alone one county like miami-dade is cuban-americans are. it's important to note, there power in numbers butut also whie cuban-americans certainly have been an important force particularly when it comes to hispanic voters in south florida and nationally in national politics as mentioned, people who collect to the senate or house of representatives on example of this. one thing that's interesting is cuban americans maketh up a declining share of hispanic voters in the state of florida.
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puerto ricans on thean rise and other groups on the rise so it remains to be seen are not patterns are observed in the last 50 years continuing into the next 50 years in regards to relative what seems like relative strength of cuban-american vote in the vunited states. the other thing interesting here is we've seen cuban-americans up until recently shifting pork democraticn- parties, yet young cuban americans then older cuban-americans but it's interesting the shift report from among latino voters from 2016 -- 2020, it can't be explained by cuban-americans making a shift toward trump cuban-americans are important but they alone didn't drive that national change so they are de important factors to keep in mind and it's i a continuing changing set of circumstances and relative strength. >> work of our guest can be found at research from a
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director for race and ethnicity research epicenter and thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2, today's supreme court oral arguments concerning kentucky's abortion law. the state law banning certain abortion procedure struck down by federal court. tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. was the hearing on the recruitment of veterans by domestic extremist groups, witnesses include veterans targeted for recruitment and academics who study the issue among others watch live coverage of this committee hearing starting 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span2, online at or our new video app c-span now. ♪♪ >> you can be part of the national conversation participating in c-span student can real competition. your opinion matters so if you
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in nonfiction books and authors, television for serious readers. learn, discover, explore weekends on c-span2. ♪♪ >> , officials from the top, obama and george w. bush administrations testified at a house foreign affairs committee on the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. they gave their assessment of the 20 here u.s. war in afghanistan subsequent withdrawal this past august. nearly four hour hearing by new york democratic congressman, great. >> pursuant to notice, continue evaluate of the unitedd states withdrawal from afghanistan and a series of policies from the past 20 years that led to the event of august 2021. i want to take a moment to thank


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