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tv   Blue Origin Launches William Shatner Others into Space  CSPAN  October 14, 2021 2:38pm-3:15pm EDT

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affordable internet, through the connect to compete program, bridging the digital divide [inaudible] at a time. bringing us closer. >> cox supports c-span as a public service along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. now blue origin's new shepherd launches actor william shatner and others into space from launch site one in west texas. after his safe return, mr. shatner speaks about his experience. this runs about a after hour. -- this runs about a half hour. >> all right, everybody. ladies and gentlemen, it is time to launch this rocket. god speed new shepherd.
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>> 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, [inaudible], 2, 1. >> with the second human space flight crew. what a launch. we are on our way [inaudible] the first milestone here on its flight to space.
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you can follow along obviously at the base of the screen as well as the speedometer, they are gaining speed on their climb to space. we have confirmed max q, this is when the aerodynamic stresses on the vehicle were at their maximum. thank you again everybody for
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joining us live for new shepherd's second human flight with audrey powers, william shatner, our customers glen and chris, on board, they are well on their way to space. so far, a phenomenal flight, clean burn on new engine three. new shepherd giving them a beautiful flight to space this morning. the rocket is climbing towards an altitude. we're aiming just over the line, the international recognized line of space of 100 kilometers. that's about 328,000 feet and a gorgeous view down the rocket. now we've had main engine cut off. the be 3 engine has shut off. in a moment we will separate the capsule from the booster, and at that point, our astronauts will have the opportunity to get out of their harnesses and enjoy the beauties of zero g. let's wait to listen.
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there you can see a clean separation between the capsule and the booster. there you can see the capsule from the top of the booster. they are continuing their ascent over the carmen line. you will known when they hit [inaudible] when the speed hits zero. there they are, over 328,000 feet, over 100 kilometers, welcome to space, the newest astronauts on board our crew capsule.
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there they are. they have hit -- just about hit their -- at about 351,000 feet. i can just imagine, jackie, they are having the time of their lives.
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thank you again everybody for joining us live from west texas. so far a phenomenal flight for our second human crew. so exciting, jackie, to have sent captain kirk himself, william shatner to space. i cannot wait to hear his commentary upon return, as well as our two customers chris from australia who all the fans tuning in from down under, a big shoutout to you guys as well as glen and our very own audrey, they are coming back home. the booster of course is going to beat the capsule back home.
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it is more aerodynamically shaped at the base of the capsule. it is kind of a blunt end. it is less aerodynamic. what we are going to see coming up shortly is at the top of the rocket, we have the ring fin, what we call the pie fins that extend from the ring fin as well as the drag breaks, the pie fins, the wedge fins help stabilize the vehicle kind of like the feathers of the back of the arrow. you will also see the drag breaks. as you mentioned, jackie, it cuts the velocity dramatically. the wedge fins are out.
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we are going to expect the be 3 engine to relight just about 3600 feet or about 1200 meters above the ground level. let's wait for this now. the drag brakes have deployed. here we come new shepherd. and touchdown, welcome back, new shepherd, the fourth flight to space and back for that vehicle, provided a beautiful flight to space, for our second human crew. wow. that gets me every time we do this live down here in texas, the sonic boom is so cool.
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drag brakes are folding back in, as have the wedge fins. just looks like you could fuel her up and go again. what do you think, jackie? >> even when you know to expect the sonic boom, it still catches you off-guard every time. >> talk about a rumble, a beautiful sight of our new shepherd rocket, there in the west texas desert. but of course, the show is not over. the capsule is descending. we are waiting for the chutes to deploy. those are very much like the guide parachutes. they will subsequently be followed by the main parachutes that will first [inaudible] and then fully inflate. there go the parachutes. here come the [inaudible]. what a flight.
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[laughter] you can already start to hear the cheers from outside our stage here in west texas. >> [inaudible]. >> yeah, yeah, i see it. >> how about that, guys. >> that was unlike anything they described. >> we got less than a thousand
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feet. >> here comes our crew back into the desert. >> newest astronauts 596, 97, 98, and 99. >> that's unlike anything i've ever -- >> stand by, touchdown. stand by, touchdown. >> and capsule touchdown, welcome back, the newest astronauts, audrey powers, william shatner, our customers glenn devries and chris [inaudible]. what a day for you, welcome back. i cannot wait to talk to them, jackie, and just get what they experienced up there this morning, what a clean and
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beautiful flight from the rocket for our astronauts. >> what an absolutely stunning flight. i also loved hearing that audio of them on their way back, about how this experience was for them, and i can't wait to hear their stories. >> you heard william shatner say this is like nothing i've ever experienced before. coming from a man who in theory has experienced space for decades. >> gone warp speed and traveled the entire intergalactic universe, like nothing he has ever seen before. >> what a day for our astronauts. our team is preparing landing safety operations and recovery of our astronauts from the capsule. we will be on the ground at the landing site to follow the action in just a bit. maybe even talk to the world's newest astronauts. some absolutely breathtaking stuff, and i will note that you are going to see our -- the recovery team show up very shortly because we actually send them out before the capsule has
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landed because through our modelling, by now, we're very very good at analyzing where the capsule is going to come down. >> very precise on that. >> exactly, where the winds are. we will see the recovery team come out there. we will also be joined by some of their friends and family to watch as they emerge from the capsule. let's check out these beautiful shots of our four astronauts there in the texas desert after having gone up over the line and back.
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here are some beautiful shots of our four astronauts in the capsule awaiting the recovery team. i understand that they have had communications with those four astronauts, and they have all given the thumbs up that they are doing okay after an exhilarating flight to space and back. >> awaiting that recovery team and that champagne shower which i'm now regretting we don't have any champagne for yourselves. that feels very unfair. [laughter] >> there's some waves from our astronauts there. there in the foreground you see the capsule, the background, the ride to space, the new shepherd booster. again, that booster has flown to space and back four times with this flight and coming to get them is the recovery crew.
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jackie, you can see there again beautiful shots of the capsule. the parachutes actually have fallen pretty close to the capsule itself, meaning that there isn't a lot of ground wind out there. we talked about this earlier in the show. of course we had to delay a day because of the gusty winds that have been out there. but no, today has been a
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beautiful day for a launch and landing of a rocket and launch and landing of four new astronauts. >> i know we were talking to chris a couple days ago. he flew that usb full of mix from around the world to space. as you mentioned he's a deejay. we have our new astronauts, club for the future postcards that have just returned from space and of course some of the personal items like this awesome awesome usb full of music. i wish we could playing some of that right now. >> well, we probably will soon. >> yes. >> as you mentioned chris has kind of a side gig as a deejay, and he actually released an album on friday, and i can't wait to see what he does with that music. musicians on board too. of course william shatner, everybody knows him as an actor. he also sings. i think that's one of the most beautiful things about what we're doing at blue origin, again, opening the door to more people to go to space. yes, the scientists, yes, the
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engineers, but now the artists, poets, singers, deejays, let's just see what they create coming out of this experience. we have said it before, going to space changes you. we've talked about the overview effect. and i can't wait to see how the stories that come out of -- and the art that comes out of this. all right. we now have them going around the capsule getting the thumbs up from each of our astronauts.
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>> thank you again everybody for joining us live from west texas, where we have just completed our second human flight of the new shepherd vehicle. our crew on board, the great william shatner now who has become the oldest person to have ever flown to space, at the ripe age of 90 years old. our very own audrey powers, as well as our two customers glenn and chris. our recovery crew is out there and about to open the hatch. there's our founder jeff bezos giving the big thumbs up.
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>> very happy -- >> woo! >> woo! >> here come their friends and family. [clapping and cheering] [cheering]
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>> let me know when you're ready. >> woo! [clapping and cheering] [laughter] >> i don't know. >> yeah, thank you. thank you. [laughter] >> again, thank you everybody for joining us live from west texas at our launch site one, our second human space flight crew has gone to space and back up over the carmen line just over 351,000 feet. we're waiting jeff bezos who is
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now opening the hatch. [clapping and cheering] ::.
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[background sounds]. >> the first full australian citizen to go to space and back and go and as well. [inaudible]. >> i love it. some big hugs from their loved ones. >> in a way this was indescribable. and that's what i thought. >> not only is this different than what you thought, well done. [background sounds]. >> i never expected this.
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>> i want to hear this. [clapping and cheering]. [clapping and cheering]. >> there's campaign showers have begun and are taking in the moment clearly. >> everybody in the world should do this, everybody. [clapping and cheering]. >> this was unbelievable.
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the covering and this blanket and this comforter that we have. and you lift the sheet often you're looking into the likeness. and if you look down there, look at the blue down there and the black up there, mother earth and comfort. is there death but is that the way that death is. what changes. it was so moving. this experience was something unbelievable. yeah you know.
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[clapping and cheering]. he was a weird but not as weird as the blue, this was the sky and the gradual going through. but what is unknown and the truth. is this the beauty of this and it is so thin and your through it in an instant. as in a mile. >> maybe 50 miles pretty. >> but you're going to thaw it in the 2000 miles an hour so whatever the mathematics is on that. it's like a beat and you go through the blue and then you are in the black but you know, is mysterious and the men and of galaxies but what you see is
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black and wheezy down there is white and it's different. those guys that are doing but what you have given me, is the most profound experience i've ever had. i am so filled with emotion about what just happened, it was just extraordinary. i hope i never recover from this and i hope that i can maintain what i feel now. i don't want to lose it. so much larger, it hasn't got to do anything with it blue origin of the dream, has to do with the enormity of the quickness and
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the soberness of life and death. >> it is so beautiful. a. >> beautiful yes pretty. >> oh no, i mean, your word this. >> i can't even begin to express what i would love to do is to communicate as much as possible. the jeopardy, the moment that you see the vulnerability of everything is a smooth this error which is keeping us alive is given on your skin and it is a sliver. it's small anything in terms of the universe. it's negligible this air, mars
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does not have it. i mean, when you think about this, what is it 20 percent that sustains our life. it is so thin and too dirty it, that is another whole subject. so quickly, 50 miles and you indent in the moment in this light, this life and that his death in an instant it evolves and that is death. that is what i saw. >> that is amazing read. >> i am overwhelmed and i have no idea you know were talking earlier about this, and whatever that you have a different view. it doesn't begin to explain and
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describe what this was for me. everybody, would be so important for everybody to have that experience through one means or another. maybe with the three d goggles to have an experience, i mean, that certainly is a possibility. much of what you need also when you're lying there, and i think one delay after another delay and what i'm thinking, i'm a little jittery here. and maybe there is an anomaly in the engine or something. and i feel the stomach and these
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inside and i'm thinking i'm a little nervous about this delay and i'm a little bit more nervous. and by the way, the stipulation is only a simulation and everything else is much more involved in it doesn't capture this. and then bank, this thing has. [laughter] is thinking what i'm's going to happen to me and am i going to be able to survive the geforce bring am i going to survive it and then good lord, just getting up there, the entry was. [laughter] oh my gosh, what an experience.
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>> they look like you had a moment of camaraderie that we all like each other. >> will you share be in a battle together really there is this bonding, in this battle but you're also in battle within yourself, oh my goodness. [clapping and cheering]. >> weekends on "c-span2" brings you the best in american history and nonfiction books, saturday in american history tv, at 2:00 p.m. eastern on the presidency, look at how the legacy of president woodrow wilson and racial reckoning with representatives of the woodrow wilson presidential library the present wilson house for the woodrow was an international center for scholars and 8:00 p.m. eastern on lectures of history, two programs in recent things in america, first
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