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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Leahy Remarks on Decision to Retire  CSPAN  November 16, 2021 1:38pm-1:48pm EST

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>> host: will have to end there, just mauer is director of america's oil news . youcan see his analysis on twitter . he's easy enough to find out mauer jeff. thanks for the time this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> wednesday federal communications chairman eight and other nominees testify at the confirmation hearing before the senate commerce science and transportation committee. want to live at 10 am eastern on c-span3, online at or watchful coverage on our new video app. >> american history tv, exploring the history of events that tell the american story at 3 pm eastern, brett baer discusses his book to rescue the republic, ulysses s grant, the fragile union
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and prices of 1876 in which he argues grant presidency has been underrated and at 4 pm eastern a symposium on robert caro that runs in conjunction with the opening of the new york historical society's execution and inside the robert caro archive. speakers include bob woodward and aquino address. exploring the american story what american is a repeat on c-span2 and find a schedule on our program guide or watch online anytime
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>> vermont senator patrick leahy spoke on the floor of the senate about his decision to retire after eight terms. first elected in 1974 is the current president pro tem and longest serving senator in the current congress. leahy announced his retirement at the state capital. his remarks last about five minutes. >> mister president. >> senator from vermont is recognized. >> i think the majority leader for his comments. he and i have been friends for decades. mister president, and i also acknowledge the distinguished secretary of the senate here this morning.
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mister president, eight times the voters of vermont who are my neighbors, my friends, my family have had the great faith to send me to the united states senate to represent them and yesterday i told those neighbors and friends and my family that i would not run for reelection . i told the vermonters who hold my first election to the senate in 1974 i'll leave this seat at the conclusion of my's a decision i do not come to lightly. but one in which marcel and i find great peace. and in the last 47 years the
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senate has become a family to both my son and me. here we found friends, some of the best of friends and relationships that will have lasted a lifetime. but the senate has always been where a i have come to fight for vermont. a state that has been my home since birth. the place where i'm marcel. and to which in early 2023 we will return for good. it's time tto go. sphere's the thing about the senate. here's where a small state like vermonthave not just a seat at thetable but a voice at the estable . for decades , i've been
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privileged to fight for vermont. from the small growing vermont ideas like revitalization of ourhistoric downtown to school programs , to organic farming, all of which have become increasingly popular across and to vermont's trailblazing approach to criminal justice reforms and victim advocacy to taking vermonters outward view of the great green mountain state as open and welcome for anyone including those fleeing desperate situations in far out places. on all these issues and so many more it's been an honor to represent the great state, but i believe the greatest state of vermont and the united states senate . i'm going to have more to say about the challenges and rewards and unafraid some
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disappointments of the last 46 years at a later time. now i want to separate the accomplishments that my constituents have achieved for vermont over the last five decades. i wanted to recognize there's work still to do this year and in congress. and i want to thank the unbelievably wonderful women and men of my staff. they have steadfastly stood by me and our shared goals to deliver for vermonters and for vermont and for the country. and i want to thank my family , my children and grandchildren. my parents and priscilla's parents were here with me to start this journey in the first senateelection .
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i think of how my immigrant grandparents and great grandparents, marcel's immigrant parents how they must have, how they would feel. of course, my closest friend and partner the last couple of years have been challenging in wayswe could never have imagined . she was with me from the first campaign and we made our decision together and decided it was time to go back home. now we both look forward to the hard work in the coming
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year with the same conviction that brought us to washington in the first place. but the brighter horizons of tomorrow hold the hope of the future. and the privilege i feel to serve in this body and trying to guide how our wonderful country towards thefuture . as i said i'll speak more about this later and mister president i thank my colleagues and i yield the floor. [applause]
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>> download c-span's new mobile app and stay up-to-date with events from live streams on the house and senate floor and key congressional hearings to white house events and supreme court oral arguments, even our live interactive morning program washington journal where we hear your voices every day . c-span now has you covered, download the app today. >> wednesday federal communications commission chair nominee jessica rosen wurtzel and other nominees testify at the confirmation hearing before the senate commerce science and transportation committee. watch live beginning at 10 am eastern on c-span3, online at or watchful coverage on c-span it now, our new video app.


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