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tv   Sen. Lindsey Graham at Republican Jewish Coalition Meeting  CSPAN  November 18, 2021 8:38am-8:54am EST

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democracy. >> coming up on c-span the house is back at canadian eastern to begin debate on president biden's build back better social spending package. on c-span2 the senate returns at canadian to debate the 2022 the2 defense programs and policy bill. and on on c-span3 confirmatid for the comptroller of the curtsy before the senate banking, housing and urban affairs committee at 9:30 a.m. eastern. you can watch all of our coverage online at or watch full coverage on c-span now, our new video lap. >> south carolina republican senator lindsey graham said an attack against israel would be considered an attack against the united states. he made his remarks at the recent republican jewish coalition leadership meeting in las vegas. it runs 15 minutes.
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♪ >> good evening. how you doing? i never spoke at this many people the sober, so i usually speak by the time we all get liquored up, but thanks for having me. i want to say something about norm coleman. i love norman coleman and you're doing a great job and we are all praying for you. so the rjc is stronger than ever. anybody met herschel walker tonight? so thanks for having me. it's like a family event. the bottom line is the rjc matter now more than ever. after tuesday to feel pretty good about things? -- [inaudible] somebody screwing up the world joe biden would win. it's amazing what you can do this short a period of time.
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thank you so much for being with me. my race we raise $250 million between me and my opponent. the bottom line is that you were there for me and everybody liked me. i've been in so many of your homes. [inaudible] i just can't thank you enough for the caring you have for the u.s.-israel relationship and what you've done for the republican party when itr comes to the republican party the best is yet to come. thankll y'all. so you got -- mike pence will be her in a bit. how about a round of applause for the vice president? [applause] israel has no better friend than mike pence. conservatism has no better friend than mike pence and no more decent person has ever held
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office in this country than mike pence, so thanker you for having him here tonight. from mike wolf today, from florida. he's a green beret. he's the real deal. he will be governor of new york soon. people like mike are going to fill in the breach. we've got a lot of good candidates here tonight. bottom line is, the challenge under the biden administration for the u.s. israel relationship is great. do you agree? the one thing i can tell you is that jerusalem is the capital of israel. [applause] if there's an effort to open a consulate by the biden administration in jerusalem, we are going to fight like hell. this would undercut everything that president trump has tried to do. after tuesday, i hope the democratic party understands
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that the american people are not wanting to go where they will take them. i doubt if they understand that at all. do you? one thing i taught to president trump. he said hello, by the way. during his time, israel had the best friend in the white house since the founding of the jewish state. i remember he called me about the designation of jerusalem as the capital of israel and he said, people got all jacked up about that. why? everybody before you talked about it. you are the only guy that actually did it. that's what i like mocha -- most about president trump. i tried to get him to talk about his presidency in terms of policy. don't you want him to talk about what he did as president of the united states? don't you want him to compare what he did on the border versus what they're doing on the border?
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don't you want him to talk about why he didn't pull out of afghanistan? listen folks. i've never been more worried about our national securities and i am right now. let me tell you why. there's a perfect storm brewing for us to get hit again. i know this is a fine time but i want to take my few minutes. we have a challenge on the national secured he front and we will have to push back and push back hard. the likelihood of some terrorist enclave being created in afghanistan is more likely than not. the likelihood of isis al qaeda guys working their way to america through the southern border is extremely high. you think? how did all this happen? when people in charge don't understand the threats, we are in a world of hurt. those who don't understand that israel is our friend is making a fatal mistake. the state of israel provides the
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united states with more actionable intelligence than any single nation on the planet. the enemies of the jewish state are the enemies of us as a nation. our friends in israel, how do you become a politician there? you have to get a vote. israel is a rule of law based nation. israel is an outlier in the region. in college campuses throughout this country, israel is the bad guy. how about that? israel is not the bad guy. what i worry about is the rise of isis and al qaeda. i worry that everybody who fought along our side that we left behind is going to meet a terrible demise. i worry that those who have been with us may 2-guess whether you should stick with the united states. i worry about taiwan. i worry about the chinese
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licking their chops and believing that now is the time because in america, you don't have the resolve to do things that you used to be willing to do. i worry that our allies in the region no longer can trust us. i worry that our friends in israel feel like they might have to go it alone when it comes to stopping a nuclear armed iran. i worry about the jcpoa being restarted. it's the worst bill since munich. i believe that the biden ministration would crawl through grat -- glass to get a deal with the iranians. israel will use military force if they have to. stopping ayatollah from getting a bomb. i believe the united states should tale around that if you continue to enrich at 62% above, all bets are off. do you understand the difference between 5% enriched uranium and 62%?
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do you understand the percent -- difference between sick to and nandi percent? if you don't, make yourself start. 90%, you are ready to make a bomb. the iranians are very close. our friends and israel are committed that making sure one holocaust was enough. most americans are not as aware of this as they should be. my goal in 2021 and 2022 is to make national security and the defense of israel one of the main topics in the next election. [applause] my goal is to go all over the country and kick the left. they are leading this country down the socialist path. they've created open borders that endanger our border like i've never seen in my lifetime. they are willing to go into the worst deal since munich yet again. ladies and gentlemen, we have a challenge as a party, a
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challenge as a nation. the democrats are doing all that they can to help us. i want to thank them for doing that. that's a joke but it's kind of sad. everybody worries about 2024. a lot of people have come here to audition. [laughter] i-8 one of them. when you agree that the republican party has a lot of talent? [applause] in my state, nikki haley. yeah. i'm the short one but i have a lot to compete with in south carolina. we have a very rich bench. we have a lot of energetic people who have resumes that would make them qualified to lead the nation. none of that matters to me until you get to 22. you agree with that? if we don't take back the house,
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nobody is blamed but us. the democrats are doing all they can do to give us the house. kevin mccarthy is going to be speaker of the house if we just do the blocking and tackling. the r jc will be there, won't you? all i can say is that 2022 is setting up for a blowup in the house. and it comes to where i hang out, the senate, one senator makes a big difference. if we add one more senator, i would be the budget chairman, not bernie sanders. [applause] that's a good trade. it would die with one more senator. can we get that one more senator? you better believe it. i've never felt more optimistic than i am right now about us taking back the senate. it starts with great candidates. we've got -- christian noon, please run. [applause]
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some people wonder what you can do as a senator. is it possible to get anything done? yes it is. the first thing you can do as a united states senator is fire chuck schumer. that's pretty good on your tombstone. if you do nothing else in your whole life, do that. chris could win in new hampshire. herschel is going to win in georgia. help him. in arizona, mark kelly is not john mccann. he's a nice man. he is sitting on the sideline and watching the border just be run over. he's done nothing to just a wish himself from the agenda of the far left. arizona is there for the taking. ron johnson goes to washington really pistol off. i hope he runs. north carolina is not a purple
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state. it's not a blue state. it's a red state and we will win in north carolina. in pennsylvania, there's people here tonight that i'm jacked up about in terms of being able to win pennsylvania and follow pat toomey. the winds are moving in our direction politically in the world is getting more dangerous as i speak. the world needs strong leadership. the world needs the socialist agenda to end in the house. the state of israel needs a more reliable partner. 2024. if we do well like i think we will in 2022, we are back in the game. who's going to be the nominee? i don't know but i do know this. donald trump was a helluva president. from the time he gets up and
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goes to bed, they are trying to destroy his life and his family. all he went through, i don't know who -- how he went through it. he could be his own worst entity -- enemy. that's true. he did things that nobody else could do, that needed to be done. he knows a bad deal when he sees it. he convinced mexico to help us for a change. you know i mexico helped us? they were afraid of donald trump. after you take on china and put tariffs on their products, do you think mexico believed trump when he said, i will put tariffs on your products? the abraham accords. how did that happen? the arabs saw a donald trump, somebody that understands around. they understand that iran is not their enemy -- israel is not their enemy. the abraham accords are the biggest seachange in politics in my lifetime.
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we are going to build on it but we need to take the white house back. we will have an opportunity to pick a nominee down the road. we have to win back the house and the senate. if we can take back the house, the white house, in the senate, what could we do for this world? we could have working people, we could turn around bad foreign policy and replace it with strong foreign policy. we could say yet again, israel is the best friend of the united states. jerusalem will always be forever the eternal, undivided capital of two -- the jewish faith. choose wisely. think hard. work like your country depends on the outcome because it does. thank you for what you've done for me and people like me for all these years. i'm here to tell you, our work
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is going to pay off. i will see you in jerusalem. [applause] the house meets today for debate on president biden's social spending bill that would make investment in childcare, universal pre-care, paid family leave and climate change initiatives. a final vote not currently scheduled. lawmakers to see a final cost estimate from the congressional budget office. follow the house live when they return at any and eastern on c-span, online at for our free video lap c-span now. >> next, canadian prime minister justin trudeau joined other government officials to discuss climate policies and the u.s.-canadian partnership. this is one hour.


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