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tv   Reel America The Beginning at Plymouth Colony - 1954  CSPAN  November 25, 2021 9:13pm-9:31pm EST

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the 17th century english village interprets the town and the people who lived there in 1627, seven year after the pilgrims arrived on thes mayflower. ♪♪ when our founding fathers established this republic, they created a political and economic system unique among nations. a system which has led to the united states to wealth and leadership. at this series of programs is being presented to help all of
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us understand better our advantages under our american way of life. a. >> for today's topic, let's join now a group of young people at the national education program workshop in arkansas. at the lectern, noted young historian. >> that's an unusual designation for the course of economics and political science, isn't it? the american way of life that we will examine is rather unusual. in fact, there's nothing quite like it in all the world. all of us want to know more. what makes it tick, why it's the best place on earth and why it's with understanding and saving. wars have been fought to protect it. during the 13 weeks in the american adventure, our general purpose would lead to answer many questions about the american way a of life and to explore the workings of the american economic and political
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system so that we may understand its significance and importance. why should we bother to do this? because in one generation, many of the nations of the world have become either socialistic or communistic and the advocates of both of these economic and political systems have determined to gain control of the country. let's look at this map of the world. here there are two and one quarter billion people who worked and were shipped under all kinds of economic and political systems. from dictatorship to democracy, from collectivism to individualism. now let's see how socialism and communism have expanded since the end of the first world war some of them are overrun and captured by russian communism.
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but some have drifted into being. the people are promised all types of material and economic benefits, so they decided to try. we are also going to shine the spotlight of communism and to some of the tactics in america. but in the beginning, let's just learn about the american system. the did you know that the founders when they came here from england seeking freedom and a better way of life if that is first a communal economic system,ja they did both jameston and plymouth rock. let's look for a moment at the plymouth column. december 1620, 101 pilgrims reached the atlantic coast and
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the primary purpose for the atlantic crossing and the primitive unknown land once again religious freedom. the ideas of building a nation, the system of economics. by common consent, the economic system was communal. at the property was community property. wour public property. owned by the colonies, the people work together and shared and shared alike in the total production of the colony. it worked like this.n there was a common storehouse. each family brought all its produce of whatever kind to the store house into the government of the colony allocated the goods on a basis as equal shares for all. this was the christians. of sharing.
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many of them felt they could best progress under this arrangement and have full freedom also. they thought they had an ideal economic system even among these dedicated christians, however, is a great measure of freedom, the theory of government ownershipip of property and communal living did not work in practice. a few of the less industrial colonists discovered no little common to the store they still received a share equal with their neighbors. seeing they were being made as one family after another eased up on their work and the production of vegetables, grains and meat, the goods dwindled. they threatened to wipe out the
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colony. the leaders of the colony despaired and instead of providing plenty for all, the collectivist system produced only an equal distribution of poverty and stagnation. something had to be done to restore the energy of the colony. working to voluntary willingness of everyone how they would have thto resort to the type of coercive measures which have been a part of history for thousands of years. the plymouth colonists didn't want to force labor with police power it carried them toward starvation the governmental and religious leaders together proposed the establishment of the basic law of private
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property and the fundamental principle of self-reliance. every able-bodied man was to become responsible for his family. the community owned and government owned farmland and postures would be tossed about for private ownership and people would exchange goods and services. according to their abilities, the industrious and the lazy alike would have to work and suffer a self-inflicted penalty, one of hunger and disgrace. from this time forth, the people possess their own properties. plymouth was established as a characteristic of american philosophy just the opposite. to change things for the better at plymouth colony, it certainly did. the change in ownership and responsibility from government to the individual citizens
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marked the beginning of progresn in the colony. it helped to establish the foundation of the economic system. the governor of the plymouth colony noted that when the system of private ownership was established and self-reliance became the rule, the housewife came out of her kitchen into the children gave up some of their playtime to work in the fields with the family could produce more and have more and live better. the fruit of their labor was theirs. no wonder they were willing to work. the power of that incentive which is based upon the right to own property and to keep the proceeds of one's labor. of that which happened also happened at jamestown 12 years earlier. the students would recall the interlude at jamestown with characters like captain john smith, the indian made who saved
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from the indian chief but so many people pass over the fact that the economic system is established at jamestown with a common storehouse in equal shares for all. it failed miserably just at as itit did at plymouth. at jamestown the people almost starved under the system and the establishment of private property and individual responsibility instead of government property andti dependence upon the common started a colony on the road to success. here's what catheriney john smih himself wrote in the diary after starvation had been adverted by the change to private ownership and individual self-reliance. people were out of the common storehouse and labored jointly together, he could.
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presuming the general store must maintain even the most honest among them, wrote captain smith, could hardly take so much in a week under the public ownership and common storehouse system as now for themselves they were due in a day so not so much from the labor of 30 is now three or four will provide. both at jamestown and plymouth colony it was historically demonstrated men will not work to the full list of the capability without the incentive given through private ownership, the incentive of personal profit and it was likewise demonstrated beyond question that so long as there is dependence upon a public storehouse personal incentive withers and production goals even among the most honest and christian people as captain smith and governor bradford
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noted. the positive lesson noted from these examples is the individual rights to own properties and the self-reliance and presence of incentives, individual freedom and responsibility work for the good of all. today these are found in our economic system looking for the benefit of all of america and as we consider other phases of our economic and political life, we will consider the dangers that threaten the private ownership such as is the principle of private ownership being p dilutd without permission and without realization of the danger and is the pendulum in america swinging back towards public ownership after 350 years of progress unmatched in the 6,000 years of human history. these are questions with
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considerations, aren't they? and we shall consider them. but for now,d class dismissed. the american adventure series is a production of the national education program, doctor george director. in keeping with the long-standing tradition, pumpkin and pecan are granted a full unconditional presidential pardon. i wish all americans a happy thanksgiving and may god bless you. [applause]
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why many americans hated thomas jefferson, abraham lincoln, roosevelt, lyndon johnson and richard nixon.
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>> should we talk about what was happening in the 1920s and 30s as white evangelicals were growing in power and prominence and i tend to use the terms they use for themselves so in the 20s and 30s they called themselves fundamentalists and then evangelicals, but the same people from the 1930s to the 1950s. what they believed is the way they were reading their bibles goals and that you could see the bible had laid out the series of events that would tell us when we were living near the lives of the antichrist and apocalypse and some of them were hard to track, like the rise of suffrage [inaudible] and prohibition wasn't being enforced but far
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bmore important and more interesting to me they were closely watching events, students in foreign affairs. they understood what was happening in europe, asia, africa. it laid out a number of expectations that they were preaching and preaching in the 19 tens, 20s and 30s. one of these important ones was the rise of the historic empire. when they saw mussolini taking the power and standing his influence they also looked at what hitler was doing and they were cautious of the anti-semitism a number of them
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had read in german before hitler came to power in 1933 and they believed another sign would be the return so they saw hitler facilitating that. they didn't necessarily support it but they believed it helped set the stage which would literally happen in palestine. they looked at him and understood all these other things going on. there's no doubt that his campaign got off to a start. on the first set of ballots at the convention was 666. when i first read that, i thought it was too good to be true. i went back through the records and sure enough, that was absolutely the case so this
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already set the fundamentalists on edge. after the election they began in the same as other totalitarian leaders. i often talk to my students abouty this that it's become a revered person in history mostly because of world war ii americans don't realize how much of those who hated roosevelt in the 30s truly despised him, just couldn't stand him. please join me in welcoming from the society i am honored to be here and to welcome members and friends to this program. we are excited to be


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