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tv   Diplomats Discuss U.S.- China Relations  CSPAN  December 3, 2021 2:30pm-3:35pm EST

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-- dealing with cybersecurity threats from your number one priority there were some indications from your comments that might not be your number one authority, number one quote but it has to be your number one goal. i share in the request for a private meeting sometime. i think the chairman portal hearing going. thank you. >> thank you. i'd like to think first and foremost all of our witnesses for appearing today concluding mr. wales who appeared on very short notice, thank you. today's s hearing advanced sevel important goals. hearings highlighted findings the committee released today from our investigation. >> we are going to leave the last few minutes for this hearing. you can watch it in its entirety
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on we take you now live to a virtual discussion with deputy secretary of state windy sherman on u.s. china relations and other fallen priorities of the administration. this is posted by the brookings institution. >> united states european unit acknowledge china are multifaceted and comprise of cooperation competition and systemic rivalry. president biden met virtually with president xi jinping, united states security for the end of pacific office and you adopt the end of pacific strategy. it is my pleasure today to welcome the two chairs of the second u.s. dialogue and china in washington d.c. wendy sherman is the u.s. deputy terry of state, her state department includes serving secretary of state of paris from
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2011 -- 2015. she was director of the senate republican leadership and senior fellow at the harvard center for science and international affairs. secretary-general of the european external service prior to this position is the extent of career diplomatic services and european commission from 2013 -- 16 serving as representative to european unit. february to december 2020 as a secretary assistant for economic global affairs. today they are with each other in person, i am sorry i can't be with you. i joined virtually but they will follow that by a moderated discussion. we are very much on the record
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today so please send your questions via e-mail. on twitter, # u.s. europe. at this time we have about 20, 25, but the more the merrier to keep them coming. we will get to as many as possible. thank you for joining. i'm sorry, the mute button is on. i'm sorry. there you go. >> tried again. thanks, tom. we used to say when i talk at the kennedy school, we would say your mute button is on because we all fell into that trap so good afternoon to everyone who
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is with us or watching, streaming. my good friend, i have to begin by thanking you and your team for traveling to washington in 42 incredibly productive days of meeting. we held the second session of dialogue on china yesterday and high-fiber complications earlier today on the end of pacific more broadly and frankly, it's hard to think of an issue or corner of the european union aren't working closely together. in a secretary blinken flights to say european union is america's first source. we saw with the secretary sweden. it's crucial to address the biggest challenges of the 21st century amending the covid pandemic to tackling the climate crisis, strengthening and imposing international order and
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increasing threats. i want to thank the brookings institution for hosting this event today, especially bring to serve as moderator in your communications in putting this program together. i am looking forward to a lively conversation. i want to make three quick points at the outset. first, on people's republic of china. united states is in fear we will compete compete vigorously where we should, cooperate where it is in our interest in the world's interest in challenge where we must such as when beijing takes actions and undermines international order, violates human rights or threaten interest of the united states were allies and partners. we see our approach in the eu approach as parliamentary and increasingly convergent and online, that's reflected in robust detailed joint statement
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we issued yesterday evening. we share many concerns with our transatlantic allies actions including increasing of aggressive trade and economic practices cracking down on democracy, violating human rights and bully taiwan, the response to their positions to deepen mutually benefiting cultural ties. u.s. continues to reaffirm our supports and we are grateful for the eu's clear consistent messaging and support. we are committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with european partners to engage from a position of elected strength including when it comes to standing up for human rights, fighting back against economic coercion and upholding security in the indo pacific region and around the world. second on the indo pacific. the european union chair
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commitment to free and open people including in the pacific region has president biden has said, support our european partners encouraged engagement in the indo pacific region and we welcome the use indo pacific strategy they released earlier this fall. that's my secretary blinken at high representative to row agree to hold high-level consultations on the indo pacific which we live today. earlier this week eu released its initiative, the united states global gateway is complementary to the build back better initiative president biden announced earlier this year. together, these efforts will help u.s. and eu mobilize resources to promote sustainable inclusive economic department around the world including transparency, high quality investments and infrastructure.
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there are huge needs across the indo pacific and we agreed today to discuss ways to coordinate infrastructure in the region and work to identify opportunities for parallel action. as i noted at the beginning of my remarks, we are working together with our eu partners on a wide range of issues and i am pleased to say while secretary-general and i were meeting here in washington, secretary blinken should joint statement announcing the launch of the dialogue security and defense. united states is supportive of a stronger cable european defense that's coherent, complement three and interoperable nato. the first session of the dialogue will be held early next year end i'm confident it will be a valuable form for the u.s. and eu to continue deepening
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cooperation i want to say thank you again, my friend, for a very positive substantive two days consultation but i know we have even more to talk about and with everyone watching from home, the floor is yours. >> thank you very much. it is a pleasure here in washington. i would like to thank you personally for the warm welcome and for this productive discussion. a big thank you for putting together this event in such a short time and i'm looking forward to the discussion. friends and colleagues -- i
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would like to go over a number of points right now. european union and the u.s., for the european union and it's a very strong alliance, the complexity of the great challenges, the crisis created the world, we join our forces, we are seeing the old way of challenging our society. new ways and new drawings,
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unfortunately we are seeing in recent weeks in poland, it is very telling about the complexity we are seeing so it is important to continue to work in this direction. we had an extended conversation on china and we see the importance of china and at the same time we have not shied away when china is challenging in operating and it's not playing according to rules. we lack competition and we
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compete on the basis of the same will. we have this approach as you say, knowing we can cooperate in a number of ways, i think climate change is one that comes to mind immediately but we also compete in terms of coming together, who want to make sure it is a fair advantage by china. finally, areas where we are competing, one against the other and shying away from this when it comes to human rights and
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society. we have started consultation in the indo pacific region, it is an important region for us. we've had a number of important times. india, the network of the trade agreement, trade and commercial and investment but we want to go beyond that and the strategy. the work we are doing and the strength in a holistic approach,
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you will see because we found a lot of common ground in these areas and we are going to work together and we have substantial advantage in that region. it's also about the region and how to work with them. wendy mentioned it, global gateways, ambitious strategies in productivity and financial package and support these strategies and we want sustainable economically,
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socially, we can do a lot if we work together. wendy, secretary blinken agreed on security defense, it is important development and trying to become distract acts in this area. we are more active in this area and the time has come to court this next stage and what we can do together to end that war.
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let me say a word, what is happening in this month we are worried about china, together we have embraced this, the position of european union on the issue because we believe this form of correction >> terrific.
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>> thank you both. if i could start with you over the past two months with extensive u.s. consultation with european partners with the eu in general, could you tell us about what the administration learned and the process of consultation and how did your connective thinking evolve in those high level visits? >> thank you. i think some of my colleagues had said the president himself said maybe some things in the process that could have and probably should have gone better but i think everyone now understands two critical things. one, we all have a stake in the indo pacific. as we just heard from the
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european union put out indo pacific strategy, we did not know the date it was going to come out was the day we were going to announce, sometimes those things happen. they aren't right aligned but it was completely coincidental, we just weren't aware of each other's timing. i think it is important to acknowledge europe put out a strategy first. the biden harris administration will be coming out with indo pacific strategy in the near term and we all have a stake in the indo pacific which is why we have these consultations that are so critical. we both are players, we both have to care about what happened and we have to work with each other to ensure a free, open indo pacific where there is freedom of navigation and
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everyone has not developed, countries are not constrained and how they want to develop where we all share some of the same values were international order where human rights and dignity as part of the equation. i think everyone learns what it was or wasn't, this was a particular move to help australia and that part of the pacific to get to a stronger security, this is an 18 month consultation process in the first instance to understand what we are trying to do here to put the package together. there will be other elements in the indo pacific and bladder partnership that we can work on together with other partners as well. i think we've all got to a good place in the most fundamental part here is we all understand
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the indo pacific is very critical to our future climate future, it is critical to our development tutor, it is critical to our economic future and security future and we are going to work on together. >> thank you. if i could ask a version of the same? what you learned and that you learned in those consultations but if you could also address, in those meetings and dialogue, european officials, some eu officials as well, emphasize that the eu couldn't have an identical approach to the u.s. and there was some concern about elements of the u.s. strategy, could you tell us about how you think about the acceptable disagreement within this alignment of the indo pacific
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mark we've heard about the areas to be aligned, europe should have its own perspective, what you think is unique about this perspective distinct from the american one? >> i don't think it is really about what we have in common and what we are doing in common. i keep on saying elements, the way we work together in this area goes in the same direction. i see much more tonight and i don't think there's a distinction on the elements, the
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difference between us. the work we do in the future is the same so it goes in that same direction your question, the focus is much more on this element. with the biden harris administration, the relations with china we see how they define their interest in this region. we try in this area to work
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together and we can work together and also with our partners in the region, the eu and u.s. and how we want to work together with the administration. >> thank you. if i could stick with you for a moment and the global gateway, we heard more about this week, can we expect high-profile strategically minded infrastructure under the global gateway, the u.s. administration as i understand, there should be somewhere in january, but at the eu have in mind and what should we expect? >> we have a good exchange in these areas in which the gateway
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will process and we believe we have this interest also stressed by the commission working with a close one and wendy, your remarks where we can have the projects and we want to work in this direction and we will identify in this region for strengthening the security in the region. themes on both sides will work in this direction and we have stressed the importance of labor
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to ensure, are we able to identify also for the interest of the region. >> if i could follow up on the same theme in terms of the u.s. reaction to global gateway, can we expect operations here and is it likely these efforts will be able to compete with china and what it's intended to do especially given the scale? >> what we spent a lot of time talking about today is where we can each make a difference. it won't be that will necessarily cofinancing to go, it may be that i country comes up says here are some projects, we need to help and support. that could be from technical assistance to full development finance.
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it may be in one instance something the eu will take the lead on or something else we could take the lead on, want to part of the map and one of the things we really understand is our collective strains is a force multiplier and our ability to move forward help as partners in the region were also investing in the region. countries like japan and republic of korea and others as well, australia, who are engaged in the region themselves so this is working with partners all around the world who invest in the indo pacific and frankly, other parts of the world and the global south where people look for investments and want to move forward. so that is what we are about. i think we will make tremendous progress it is hard work but we got down to it and i think we
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are going to make a big difference. >> thank you. if i could speak with you for another question, you need to cooperate china and we have seen the original china strategy the division of the relationship into partnership competition and systemic rivalry. this year the biden administration has made efforts to engage with beijing on shared interest into message from beijing for the most part has been a relationship overall, it needs to be adjusted particularly in regard to u.s. with investments to china on sensitive topics before that cooperation would be forthcoming. could you talk to us about the difficulty in successfully compromising the relationship what does it tell us about the ability of the u.s. and eu to
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balance competition with china with cooperation on these? >> i think countries make their public statement from what i try to look at is what we actually do and what actions are taken in relation to their relationship. there is no doubt there is rivalry and competition and even areas of challenge. in the recent area between president biden president xi jinping, there's a lot of discussion about ensuring guardrails because responsible great power's have the responsibility to not veer into miscalculation or conflict. both president made the commitment to make sure there's not inadvertent and it doesn't happen. although we have this profound competition and sometimes challenge, we saw 26 or the
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special envoy for climate worked with the climate envoy working in partnership with our eu colleagues to come up with a way forward, everything we all might have wanted but a step forward? absolutely. on methane emissions from an enormous step forward to make a commitment on methane which is responsible for an anonymous amount of emission of co2 in the world. so i care about the present is about secretary boykin cares about, is to make sure we look at what we are doing to ensure we don't have miscalculations inadvertent that appears into conflict and we see where there are areas we can cooperate and that we continue.
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our values, goals and objectives as i assume xi jinping will do and we try to move forward to make sure people all over the world have prosperity and security and dignity each human being deserves and we are delighted to do that with our european partners. >> thank you. i'd say about 20% of the questions we've got from our audience in taiwan and that you, let me ask you, there seems to be an emerging consensus around europe about the need to deepen the relationship, sticking to a china policy, what steps can the eu take to send signals to beijing that anything but peaceful reunification will be an acceptable and european
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parliament by our investment agreement with taiwan you think there are any scenarios in which an investment we might make with taiwan? >> i think the answer to this question, on the one hand, we want to strengthen our economic and taiwan we are willing to continue control in the review of this component for the industry, a very lively economy, a lively society so we continue
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strengthening our relations. we think it is important to strengthen meaningful dissipation, they have important roles to play, particularly the world health organization. we continue working with them the european union. strengthening ties. at the same time, we need to continue working on this in the environment, it is an important one. we have to pay attention south china sea which is important and remains open for trade and sheep
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and goats moving from there to another continent. it is important to work with all the other countries of the region. it is for the common work. we don't want competition, we want work everybody can contribute in the region. >> if i could follow up, are you worried in the united states, we are concerned about china's military buildup, you feel like we are approaching a possible moment in the next five years and it is there anything that eu can do to send a message from
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active progression will be a terrible mistake that secretary blinken sent over the last few months? >> the reply to this is what we are doing, building up a strategy and working with partners, working on creating an environment which is conducive for this condition and also the cost and condition would be extremely high. these are the things we are working on, we have discussed this in different ways and
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different perspectives and we want to do this once again. >> thank you. i'm sure you would like to comment on taiwan from united states engages closely with taiwan and taiwan will buy listen democracy but the latest example but around the world, many countries and private sector actors that seem to offend beijing on this issue are often punished for it. work in the united states or you do to show solidarity in a meaningful way and with smaller countries and actors to deter the use of course diplomacy we've seen from beijing? >> i think you heard some of this talking about european union european union approach
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with the one china policy which we have as well which we know. i think you want to see as all of us together in support of countries facing economic coercion and we give them assistance and support in whatever way is appropriate for that country, it's not just small countries, australia has seen economic coercion as well so we need to make sure they stand in solidarity and we provide alternatives to go back to something earlier that we actually deliver, they have a strong partner to share their values. again, taiwan is an important contributor in the global conversation. they bring expertise, one of the reasons for their participation
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in expert democracy is because they are experts in this information which is quite critical to building democratic values and democracy and make sure our citizens have facts and information and a lot of capability to share with other colleagues. the context of our overall one china policy so there is a lot of work to be done and a lot of players in the indo pacific, i should have mentioned earlier when you asked about who we were working with and during close global gateway go back better, i should have mentioned our strong partnership with india as well and australia japan and the united states, another form working with european union as well where there are many ways we contribute to a stronger indo
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pacific. >> thank you. we have had a number of questions, i would like to ask you both the same question basically, one person from apps there been any discussion between the delegations responding to allegations of forced labor? were follow-ups on the proposed legislation on banning on the assumption that they have forced labor, whether or not the administration is in favor of that were not but what are the concrete -- you spoken both about the human rights abuses taking place together but what can we expect as a response? >> very early on, and i have asthma, have called to what has occurred genocide, we are quite concerned and remain concerned
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about the horrific human rights abuses have taken place. the particular amendments were discussing, the administration does not propose this amendment. we need to stand in solidarity with the uighurs with religious minorities all over the world, make sure they can live in security and dignity do whatever we can, we've imposed sanctions on the prc for what they are doing. we've constantly spoken out and have joined in solidarity with european union's in these nations and many other nations around the world and we much continue to do so. when i went to meet with state counselor, i was very forthright about what was taking place
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along with other concerns we have whether it's ethnic and cultural heritage and what has happened to democracy in hong kong, the efforts to conscript but i wanted trying to do is developing part of a one china policy, what china does in its development policies to grace the economic coercion spoken about before. this is an area where the european union has been strong when it comes to human rights, very outspoken and we are glad we stand in solidarity with each other. >> think of. if i could ask you to comment and also to add, questions on the eu's view or post diplomatic
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voice of the beijing winter olympics spent report by the biden administration, the question being what you think concrete actions need to be taken in response to these abuses? >> about the importance of the pressure, being vocal about these, it is very important and for others in these pressures, including the sanctions for the human rights and that. we've also discussed today child labor in these areas and we are
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looking to see what action we could come up with together. concerning more specifically these games, it's an area where we have this area in the community, a common area for each about that. the single answer and it's a very strong position and represented for human rights in
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this area. the last few months have been extremely difficult from this view in this corporation from china. it will be continued pressure from a continuation in a situation before us. >> thank you. if i could speak with you for a moment, when that eu imposed sanction on individuals and human rights in contrast with the united states from china first product with sanctions on european entities and that was widely believed to torpedo the chances for the comprehensive investment in the european parliament. do you see how that is resuscitated in 2022 or is the
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cai and dutch? >> i do not see any kind of development in the future. it is a change of the idea on these issues. you can imagine the european parliament are in these institutions. ngos and universities going too far. >> thank you. this question is for both of you but there are areas of crime and covid for the year us in european china in particular afghanistan after the events of
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the jc poa and iran, i was wondering if you could comment on both of your perceptions of china on those two issues and if you are dissatisfied with the cooperation of policy from china. >> let me start with iran sits in the news today, the first round or i should say the seventh round and action negotiations and they hoped to return hopefully next week in the united states is not in the room, we are very grateful for european partners for the conduit back and forth with us, though special envoy
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conversations going with russia and tiny as well. they were not serious in this and not only were they not serious but the cap moving the program forward in the round which was shared by the head of the international agency which was totally unsatisfying so regret deeply that i rented not come to this found with various purpose but we are grateful not only for european partners were so critical in the european union are coordinating these talks but for russia and china who have stayed with us, with europe on the objective here to ensure a
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next round, they come with seriousness. afghanistan, i am not sure china has decided exactly where it's going to be on afghanistan, to be fair, and step-by-step, complex, or special representative on afghanistan recently held a team meeting with the taliban in delhi, we did it immediately after european union so that was useful so we can compare notes and talk about expectations and the international community, wide-ranging, many, many countries believe the taliban needs to show they have an
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inclusive government, women and girls can go to school and will not become a safe haven for terrorism again and everyone will have a chance to move forward in society, human rights will be respected. there are other things we are looking for as we move forward so everybody is moving up by step in this regard and it probably goes to the chinese as well. >> thank you. mr. secretary-general. >> i think wendy summarized a good position on iran and we want iran to be serious and take it seriously. we are not waiting for failure,
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we want to be sure there's no pain in the region and they put forth the efforts we are doing to get this out but as wendy said, we need a proper offer on the table here. what we have gotten from the agency is not very reassuring. we continue on the fact that nobody is leaving the table here, a clear sign of us in this is important.
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on afghanistan, we are falling in line, we are worried about the fact that afghanistan and making sure the country can continue sanction their for the good of the people, the afghan's who are leaving their. we are engaging with the taliban to see if we can support the people in the country and speak about the people. we have had constructive the taliban and have made very clear
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the conditions under which we can work together and on the engagement. we are doing this on the ground kabul in this aspect. who work on these elements to support the efforts in order to give a chance in their education and continue in this direction. it is a long and difficult process and from this view, we need to continue this interaction and around
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afghanistan, it is very important. we need to make our voice heard and there is good standing together in this area. it is close work that we have invested for so many years and we have seen unfortunately respects of countries and to move to europe. these are of concern.
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>> i want to give you a chance in a minute to talk about the indo pacific white of russia and ukraine. for that, one more indo pacific question. this is on australia, obviously there have been tensions between france and australia, can you talk to us about where relations are between the eu and australia and when things get back to normal and how you see australia and into the eu and of pacific strategy. >> i think it's evident that work has happened and left a mark.
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they've all expressed the moment but is not really a question of element but a question of competence and economics so this has not left in the care but it can be. it is the effort being done in order to make sure it can be overcome. the overall interest has a good relationship with australia. it is an important partner in the region. it is a like-minded partner and we need to take into account in element that needs to be taking
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care of. i hope this can be done and can go back to a normal situation and i hope this can happen sooner rather than later. >> you care to comment on australian relations on the biden administration how australia has been treated by the eu and need to get back together quickly but also take the opportunity to comment on anything you would like on russia ukraine and invasion in the coming months? >> let me do the latter part because secretary-general has spoken eloquently about how the european union reacted to and
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now going forward regarding the relationship with australia so is probably the strongest statement so secretary blinken has been again in europe and to say russia takes steps to invade ukraine that it will be extraordinary serious it will take every measure necessary to deter them from doing so is safe to both consequences. we've heard president biden today say there is work underway to develop both our own and the european union union, initiatives for his words and economic action.
3:27 pm
in will deliver a message from a this is not a road he wants to go down. we stand in solidarity with ukraine as depths europe and the european union and we want to support ukraine in every way that's appropriate again to deter russia. we respect their territorial integrity including crimea with what illegally altered by russia some time ago and we want to ensure that we do not have conflict on the continent which would have enormous consequences, not only in europe but throughout the world so there is very serious work going on, the secretary had very
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important conversations with the european quad while he was in europe, ongoing consultations with the european union, hearing information that europe has and we have to understand the situation support ukraine at this time and the secretary met with foreign minister barbara, it was cordial and professional and very direct. i think everyone understands what we have here and we have heard statements out of european capitol and european leaders that should take this action, virtually everything would be on the table. i will turn it over to my colleague here. >> thank you. if you click comments on back, particularly the road to eu at russia by ukraine and russia.
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>> i cannot agree more about the concern we have for the development of this on the ground. we see with ukraine and it is something that worries us very much. as wendy said, we are ready to support the independence of ukraine. the choices they can make about their own future and their own positioning and we continue from their view. we need to be very clear with moscow about the fact that any
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action it would take in this direction, the integrity of ukraine because they've already done it. there are consequences that would be painful for everybody. ... >> that they actions taken also reactions and not shy away from them. so we will continue to have
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exchanging information and coordinate of what is happening there on the ground and we will continue to ensure our about the fact that there once again in the territory. >> thank you and that brings us to the conclusion i think so i have to think you both for extraordinary rich discussion i would like to thank all of those who submitted questions online at her on twitter and we managed to integrate many of those into the conversation it and i've also like to thank my colleagues in a communications team entertainment brookings and the state department and the delegations for putting this together. and without we are.
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>> they sure that the implement rate dropped from 4.6 percent - 4.2 percent in u.s. employers added turn 10000 jobs in november that is less than expected according to the associate press and is the smallest number of jobs added to the u.s. economy since december of 2020, before the start of covid-19. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪
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