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tv   Washington Journal Bill Johnson  CSPAN  December 4, 2021 12:28am-1:00am EST

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the day the world stop shopping arguing we are currently using up the world's resources at a rate that is unsustainable sunday night 8:00 p.m. eastern c-span's q&a. listen to q&a in our podcast on our new c-span now cap. ♪♪ >> our first guest of the morning,ic republican of ohio, a member of the energy and commerce committee, thank you for giving us your time today. >> you're welcome, thank you for having me on. >> how did you vote on the issues of extending funding to keep the government from shutting noncomplex. >> i voted no. this is no way to govern continuing to govern continuing resolutions rather than passing the appropriations bills that have been debated in congress, that is not the way to govern.
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besides that, hoarding for the bill would be essentially voting to support the ongoing reckless spending and intrusion into the american people's lives like the vaccine mandates so i did not support. >> we saw the senatee side contemplating holding up the process over the mandates, youou a worthy adventure as far as possibly showing the government down over that? >> i think it's very serious issue. their ministration crossed the line, the vaccine mandates in my view are. unconstitutional and let me sayth from the outset tht i believe vaccines work, i am fully vaccinated and have the booster shot. my wife is vaccinated from my son has become the vaccination process. my 18-year-old son before he contracted covid himself i do
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believe the vaccines are effective keeping you out of the hospital, out of the icu and on a ventilator, minimizing her symptoms but i also believe strongly that it is not the prerogative of the federal government, president or anyoner else to try to tell the american people that they have to get a vaccine, it should be an individual choice. >> is it the only extent of having to come under mandates, what about the federal workers? should they because they are federal workers? >> i don't think federal workers should be told to get the mandate either for the vaccine either. it's an individual right. >> when it comes to reports of the omicron. , what is your level of concern here to the extent that we've heard is first cases in the
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u.s.? >> from what we hear in the medical community, this variant has very mild symptoms in here is what we have to come to terms with. we have to realize the virus is here to stay is like the flu, the measles, mumps, rubella, meningitis the virus is here to stay. we got to learn to live with it and deal with it without shutting our economy down every time it morphs so talk to your doctor, get vaccinated but i'm not thinking we should take extreme shut down their majors because of the omicron. >> you talk about mandates at least on the federal level, does the same thinking say if a state wanted to put mandates in, would
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you accept that or let the states or localities decide on their own? >> i generally believe most decisions are best made by state and local government rather than unelected bureaucrats in washington d.c. who has no clue how normal american people live day to day but again, i don't think it's a governmental authority or right under our constitution to mandate people that get aan vaccine they don't want. >> our guest is with us until about 8:30 p.m. and if(2 you wat to ask questions, call 2,027,488,014 republicans. 202,748,000 democrats and independents (202)748-8002. text the questions her comment at 2027488003. the senate now has the bill
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doctor act that would pass out of the house and possibly come back to the house in various forms but where are you as far as this act and why you support it or not. >> i don't know what it's going to look likete when it comes bak to the senate. i'm sure you've heardou the same thing, senator sinema and senator manchin said this will not be voted on before the end of the year in the senate. likely to look very different than it did when it went from thewh house but i can tell you e biden administration with the help of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have a spent $4 trillion since they came into office and we cannotti continue reckless spending spree, certainly not one in the fossil fuel industry,
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oil and gas and coal, the energy sources that lifted more people including americans out of poverty in any energy source on the planet. amnesty for illegal immigrants, taxpayer for abortion, you name it 80000 new irs agents to spy on americans bank accounts. i'm not going to support that and i don't think any other republicans will either. >> you mentioned senator sinema, cnn this morning said committed today in the package you talked about, there's a piece in the washington post who used to serve at the federal reserve and said that jane family institute, talk about the child tax credit, she makes this argument from the enhanced child tax credit and she said the money provided millions of families, gallon of
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milk is 50 cents more than two years ago. hamburger nearing $5 a pound saying no child chooses their parent or decides if the parent works in this is a child tax credit, not a parental workforce credit. policy makers face the choice, you standby in the a quarter a black and hispanic children continue to live in poverty as far as the thinking, what you think of the argument? >> if you think the extent of child tax credit will get into the hands ofha children and they have the decision on whether or not they buy groceries with the money or not, you've got another one coming because that's not the case but i can tell you this, what is amazing to me is the child tax credit was a republican idea but when
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republicanss first enacted the child tax credit, we did with work requirements and that is the problem with theld extent of child tax credit. we don't have a problem, republicans do not have a problem raising children out of poverty and we want to do that in every way a we possibly can. what we have ait problem with or the parents simply taking the child tax credit and refusing to come back to work we've got one of the lowest labor participation rates we've had in a long time. contrast that with a few short months ago with the a lowest unemployment in 50 years, the highest wages, close taxes and five decades under the previous administration. this child tax credit without work requirements are incentivizing people not to come back to work we need americans to come back to work.
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i hear from employers every single day isin not about providing for children, it's about getting parents to be responsible. >> member of the energy commerce committee and cochair of the natural gas here to take your calls. luis is in north carolina, go ahead with your question or comment. >> thank you. it's ironic when you hear a republican talk in the manner they do because they have something to say but when it comes to giving tax breaks for the 1%, they are all for it. not only do they give tax breaks to the 1% indefinitely they only give american people tax breaks only for two years but what do you think about january 6 when he saw white people, republicans
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chanting hang mike pence and put a bullet in nancy pelosi's head? how do you feel about that and what you think some of your constituents might be involved with that? >> i don't know any of my constituents who were involved in criminal activity. if you know who they are, i would appreciate you tell me because i haven't heard that. i came out immediately and i still stand by it, anyone who violated the law and participated in violent and invaded our nationals capitol that they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, simply that. there governed by the rule of law and the rule of law should apply equally to everyone, doesn't matter the color of your skin or your ethnic or nationality. if you invaded the u.s. capitol
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and violated the law, you should be prosecuted and i hope they get prosecuted quickly. >> there's a report in the washington times today, to 50 interviews looking at the affairs of granary six including these people, what is your level of support for these people? >> there were a lot of investigations already going on. this committee is not really a select committee. all the members were chosen by nancy pelosi. very republican input little. i think we know where liz cheney stands on the issue, they are entitled to their opinion but this is pretty much a one-sided investigation overtop of d.o.j.
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investigations, senate investigations, arrests, justice is already underway with people who violated the law and that should continue until we get them all but i am not in for a one-sided democrat led partisan witchhunt that it appears toar . >> so mccarthy members on the panel? >> well again, we made the case and we made it firmly that there were already investigations going on and the d.o.j. and the senate, the intel committee as well as government oversight and regulation committee also looked into these issues. these are criminal investigations and that is the way they should be handled.
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they should not be print turned into partisan politics which is what the democrats are trying to do. >> go ahead. >> thank you for taking my call. my question to you, as someone who's voted for the cares act, one to $2 trillion along with both republicans and democrats from as someone who has talked about reckless spending earlier in the show, under what circumstances do you think it is okay for congress to pass bills that are trillions of dollars? >> let me make sure i understood your question, he said under what conditions should congress pass legislation that is trillions of dollars in costs? >> yes, correct.
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>> i can tell you our national debthe announced nearly $29 trillion roughly the biggest national security threat we have. you ask current and former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, they will tell you that. there has been over $4 trillion already spent by the biden administration. there is a trillionri dollars still sitting in the federal government supposed to be going out to the state for covid relief has not even made it out of washington yet because many of the states do not have a process to be able to handle that volume, that amount of federal dollars. i travel up and down the longest district east of the mississippi
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and i hear from mayors and county commissioners and township trustees all the time. don't send us any more monday. we can't handle the money you've already spent. by the way, you've got the infrastructure built, another 1.2 trillion coming their way and now social reengineering reconciliation build back better -- i call it let me take you higher because what is it going to do? it's going to causenf inflationo go higher utility prices and electricity costs for average americans, all americans to go higher. he will cause the cost of virtually everything from gas pumps to the grocery store to go higher so it's not going to
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build a better economy, it's going to build a far more expensive economy, rural americans that i represent simply don't have so we have to stop this reckless out-of-control spending, no question about that. >> the president announced recently he'ssi going to release oil from the petroleum reserve, what you think about that decision and what it means for the larger decisions about energy in the u.s.?t >> at the height of our energy independence during the previous administration a medical quest producing 13 million barrels of oil a day. we didn't have too rely on opec, russia, venezuela or saudi arabia or anyone else for energy resources. now under the biden administration, that number has plummeted in production we have. they are shutting down pipelines that will transport that oil
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both from the field to refineries as well as refineries to the gas pump to heat people's homes so i am concerned on one side you've got thei' administration saying they want to protect what we have while at the same time trying to squat of the development and production of oil and gas domestically begging opec and russia to pick up the slack and now they want to take oil out of the strategic stockpile. that's supposed to bepp there fr an emergency, not mismanagement because that's what the says. the biden administration has mismanaged our energy portfolio and causing prices, we are looking upwards of 54% increase in utility costs is called
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winter. look at europe. europe has already tried these measures, the rush, to green. you cannot fuel america's energy grid with wind and solar and bile fuels, alternative energy sources alone. oil and gas and coal and nuclear are the triad of the base loan for america's energy grid and to deny that is to deny us, the american people the right to a healthy economy and i think it is wrong. this taking oil out of the national strategic stockpile, it's just another part of the formula to eliminate america's reliance and resilience on fossil fuel. who's going to replace the
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amount of oil out of the strategic stockpile? at the same time we are dampening domestic production, are we going to buy that oil now from opec oil venezuela? what an irresponsible move to make. >> let's hear from jennifer in texas republican mike. >> good morning, i have a question about early treatment, is a 70-year-old man in the hospital in icu with covid and the daughter had to go to court to get treatment so i was wondering why republicans are not working harder to allow early treatment. will you be able to appoint a special prosecutor to
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investigate the fda, cdc and why they are blocking the treatments? >> as you may know, it's not congress that appoints special prosecutors, that something the president through the department of justice has to do. we can certainly call for one but i have had this question a lot. i think treatment needs to be a decision between a patient and their doctor. we've got the most, best medical and scientific communities on the planet. we are the ones who developed the vaccine in record time. when you consider 90% of the people in hospitals today from covid are unvaccinated, 95% of
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those in icu and on ventilators are unvaccinated and 98% of those who died from covid's the vaccines came out were unvaccinated, i think that is compelling proof the vaccines work, they are effective at minimizing symptoms and keeping out of the hospital off a ventilator and out of the gray but this issue of not being able to get treatment, someme states and i don't know about your state specifically but it's an issue with the state licensing boards. some states health associations hold their licensing boards not to allow doctors to prescribe certain remedies for covid, iver meston and rem does appear, nothing has come out of congress
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that has placed those p restrictions on treatment so i do believe people within those states need to go to their state officials and find out why they are not able to get the treatment they t need and desere but that's a state-by-state issue and don't believe it's a federal issue restricting treatment. >> good morning c-span. my question is or one of the questions, why don't you support the mandates? the situation in indiana, republican states, there are more dead people in the republicanca states because of disinformationon
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and i think the ag should have independent investigations on our own former president who inflicted this problem we had on the sixth, insurrection and a bunch of the people in our government are part of it and that's why we need ag to get into this and find out who has done this. >> okay, thank you. >> let me answer the second question first. the d.o.j. has investigated and
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i think they ought to charge anybody who violated the law and they need to prosecute anybody and everybody who violated the law. that has been my position all along so i don't think you and i disagree with that. the question is how it's done and whether it's done under the rule of law or whether it's turned into a political witchhunt and that is the problem i have with it. back to your question about the vaccine mandate, i have made it very clear and have set it several times on the show this morning, i believe vaccines are effective and believe if you can get the vaccine, het should get the y vaccine. i believe they minimize your symptoms may keep you out of the hospital and off ath ventilator and belief they keep you out of the grave. i do notve believe it is within the authority of the president
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of the united states or any other elected official to mandate a requirement a person get a shot they might not want to get. i believe there are better ways to entice the american people and incentivize the american people to get the vaccines. i spent 27 years in the air force and have had dozens of vaccinations over my lifetime. i believe we have the best scientific medical community and the world and i believe we are effective fighting off diseases and virusesru like covid with te vaccines we have but we cannot determine day-to-day and oscillate back and forth about which part of the constitution of the united states we want to
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support and which ones we don't. it's not just my opinion. federal judges deepen their knowledge of the constitution have also said the mandates by president biden are unconstitutional. then we go further and tell you this -- i believe employers have rights under the constitution just like individuals do because employers signed a paycheck on the frontch side, they can tell you what time to come to work or how to wear your hair and tell you whether to you wear a uniform or not and how much you are going to be paid and how many vacation days a year or six days you get so employers have rights under the constitution as well and if an employer wants to require their employees get a
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vaccine to work at the company, i think that's a different question. the employer then takes the wrist if you lose your employees, you might want to rethink that. we've got people walking off the job simply on principle making emotional decisions because they are not going to be told by an elected official whether it's the president of the united states or anybody else that they've got to getes a vaccine. >> okay, one more question before we let you go. we saw this week representative constant back and forth betweenr representative marjorie taylor green and -- what did you think of the back-and-forth? is it a bad book for the republican party in the house? >> you have to look across the spectrum. we've seen the same thing on the democratic side, i personally
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believe interparty squabbles and much of the squabbles across the aisle or beneath the integrity of this institution. i didn't come here to fight with my colleagues, i came here to debate with my colleagues about the policies that are good for the people i represent and for the country we are so honored and humbled to live in, to protect the liberties we have been blessed with. i don't believe this is the right way to govern, i think it is a distraction i would urge everybody no matter your party, step back, take a a deep breath and ask yourself, is this how i want to be remembered having been elected to the house of representatives, the most
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powerful legislative body on thp planet, i think it might give people cost to stop and think. >> republican of ohio, thank you for giving us your time this morning. >> thanks a lot. ♪♪ >> the world changed in an instant. media, was ready. internet tracking sold and we never slowed down. schools and physicists went virtual and we powered a new reality. we are built to keep you ahead. ♪♪ >> sunday on in-depth, historian and conservative commentator victor davis hanson joins us to talk about war, politics and citizenship in the united
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competition created a five to six documentary. how does the federal government impact your life? >> express your you no matter how large or small think the audience was to see but to be. the greatest country in the history of the earth, your youth does matter. >> remember the content is king and remember to be as neutral and impartial as possible in your portrayal of both sides of an issue. >> c-span awards $100,000 in total cash prizes and you have a shot at winning the grand prize of $5000. entries must be received before generate 20th, 2022 for competition rules, tutorials or how to get started, visit student candle org


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