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tv   Marc Morano Green Fraud  CSPAN  December 22, 2021 1:40pm-2:12pm EST

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[music] >> author marc morano, in your book "green fraud: why the green new deal is even worse than you think" , you're right at the green deal is an all-encompassing transformation of society. what do you mean by western mark. >> in the book i lay out that the vision agreement new deal is not the climate policy. what they're trying to do is
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remake society literally every aspect of society healthcare, housing, racial justice, identity politics on down to our energy structure, our client, transportation. our only heating. leisure travel. the entire spectrum of human rights, they want to reengineer to make friendly and his vision is you will require people over decisions that were previously held by the people to essentially elected bureaucrats that are going to bury every aspect. down to smart meters down on your appliances we're already seeing what happened with the dishwashers and washers and dryers. even showerheads. every aspect will be regulated but beyond that it goes much deeper as well.
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this calls for ending private car ownership. raising fruits of electric vehicles, small ownership, also the suburbs all of this is the automation of the green new deal. these all these things always progresses when pushing this is going to be pushing different assets on and that is why people are realizing this is not really a climate energy, let's support the green new deal. there's much more in it than that. >> let's start with some of the environmental factors. you describe it as a ultimate wish list of the progressive environmentalagenda . how specifically would the green new deal change our lives? >> the first thing is going to do is make more expensive we're already seeing that in mid-21 because energy markets go by signals of things that
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happened with this new ministration is a set a single marketplace we some light or drawing on federal lands. after cracking with the death of 1000 cuts. traditional america in 2000 pre-pandemic we were leaving way, the largest producer of oil and gas. we actually were the biggest energy user as opposed to user since harry asked her was president. more exports. we were now, and we were predominant. the first thing we do is in january 21 start coming down this amazing american energy renaissance that you had the last decade and a half. the way is going to change our lives immediately is higher energy costs and potentially inflation related to those higher energy costs.
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we're already seeing the effects of this in gas prices and other factors. we have a sitting us president now begging us to increase oil production this is a shock because of narcotic has been dominant just prior to all of this now we also have russian oil imports at record levels so this is shocking ngand your company over our energy dominance under the agreement new deal to the reliance of chinese rare earth mining which will be done by slave labor in china and by him and rights abuses in africa. there mining cobalt and other minerals. windmills, electric car batteries so the green new deal is a lose lose proposition for americans and not only for the climate for extreme weather, it's going to do nothing to grow those conditions so it's literally fails the smith test, it
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fails logic test and it fails the climate test. that's what my book goes to. it is perhaps one of the most ill advised plans ever devised and foisted on the american people in decades at least. >> are we facing climate catastrophe? >> know that's what why i think i spend a lot of time on the book. the chapter i've devoted to the science and i also have a chapter devoted to the climate emergency and these claims . so starting out, one of the ways they claim we face a climate emergency and this is very well documented in even mainstream climate scientists are rebuking things like the national climate assessment which was done during that from administration but done tiby president obama holdovers and included activists from environmental groups that are people like . [inaudible]. they use extreme model scenarios to scare the public
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these scenarios the original art architects are saying they were never meant to give . the current climate reality is what was embedded in these ed government reports is using extreme model scenarios that now are being wholesale b rejected by the climate community and they use these scenarios scin order to scare the public to general public policy don't know, you will face the first is thing possible from a climate emergency in the book you go behind the headlines. you look at the un class press releases and its dire and scary at all about political lobbying. we use science to lobby for political action. even al gore said the us was worked up in order to get policymakers attention. not just be you and it's the national climate assessment and other government reports like that including eu de reports, uk government d reports but you produce in
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the reports and as i do in my book i show you hurricanes and droughts, wildfire, sealevel rise and even according to these reports people site as evidence of the climate emergency show there's either no trends or declining trends on climate timescales. 30 years, 50 years, 100 years so people take california's evidence of a climate emergency soand the northwest is evidence. nonsense. epa data shows currently the 1930s was the hottest heatwave in the united states so anyone claiming this northwest heatwave is evidence of climate change belies the 30 year average on climate satellites .on there's many areas of cold so if you look at all these factors, there is no climate emergency and then of course i quote scientists who looked at co2 many times higher that they've also had 90 percent of earth's history has had higher co2 levels, lower co2
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levels itthan current and essentially the earth was to work to support ice. these were the oldest period you optically speaking but also the 10 percent low as co2 geologically speaking so i spent some time explaining the concept . he is not the driver, there are hundreds of factors that drive climate change the recent sce co2 is government can impose and regulate shut down this somehow they're going to get better weather is playing. senator chuck schumer says if we don't more on climate we would have had these hurricanes less severe. that's modern witchcraft. i mentioned that and i say this is nonsense that humans can warm the atmosphere through co2 but we can also cool the atmosphere through assault. i have a chapter devoted to the global cooling scare in the 70s. we believe that fossil fuels
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before they cost fossil fuel warming were causing global cooling, they were releasing and causing a reduction in temperature. this was cia reports, scientists wrote a letter to president next but more important than that peter, it's interesting about that chapter is not that they thought was the 1970s, hurricanes and floods were a national security and they believe in global cooling back then but what's most interesting is the solutions were the same as the green new deal. they wanted free markets wanted to limit economic activity wanted more regulations on the environment around all just essentially to give them central planning powers which is what we do now. it's in the administrative code taking over more aspects of our lives because left to our own devices we will display the planet.
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we need the guiding hand of the hd colleges and government bureaucrats to tell us how to live and so that the earth doesn't die and that's what you're asking us to do in the green new deal . >> what your background that youcan report and write about this ? >> good question. i always like to joke that i'm not a scientist but i play one ontv . my background is in political science and investigative reporting. i approach the climate energy environment issue as an investigative journalist. i've cut my teeth if you will back in the 90s investigating the amazon rain forest scare. prior to global warming becoming the front and center environmental issue , we had rain forests, disney films, national geographic and all these cool children involved. and then i went down to europe several times. i actually sent guidebooks
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down screaming curse words thatwas nonsense although claims people being told about the rain forest . they were being told how many football fields and a few years after that 2006 the new york times admitted 50 were being regenerated. people were leaving the slash and burn agriculture moving to cities and suburbs and their leaving the jungles back to the jungle and then for three practices increase, improved dramatically. they now can do them across the stand and instead of clear coming they can cut slots and in seven years you can have the forest isn't cut. that's the kind of stuff i did as an investigative journalist and that led me to a climate issue and i worked in the public works for me and one of the things i did was collect the names of hundreds of scientists from around the world and issued a report to the us senate environment and public works committee in 2007 about 400 dissenting scientists against
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the idea that there's a man-made climate crisis. >> climate, what is that ? >> that's my news and information site on climate, energy and the environment. it's your one-stop shop to get balance from what wemight see on cnn and abc, nbc, new york times. the media on this has been shameful . they look at it as they are advocates for the climate cause. we now know imthey even have a scientist who dissents on global warming from the narrative on their show. "l.a. times" has said they will print letters to the editor from what they call line deniers . cbs news former editor scott tell want to interview a climate denier for the same reason he won't interview a holocaustdenier . it's necessary because i provide you information that the media will fully and
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preplanned just sensors and completely wipes out. they have former united nation scientists ouwas turned against the un screening from the rafters that we all these solutions would have no impact on emissions and they have massive side effects to society thatpeople aren't even aware of .one of the reasons the kids movement has become so big is climate activists realized they couldn't convince adults climate emergency so they went after kids because they are more gullible and that's why you have high school kids skipping you have the greta thunberg phenomenon.ha it's a corporate crusade with big money behind it and you have kids suing our federal no government that would ensure a healthy climate for their future. there suing to make sure government comes in and shuts down one of the greatest
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liberators of mankind in the history of the planet whichis fossil fuel energy . we demonize the lifeblood of modern civilization. the people funding this whether they're just business , they're often enjoying spaceflights. bill gates who is one of the biggest climate activists actually is betting on the world's largest private jet transport company so it's not going to affect them at all and i get into that in the book as well this is a system where the people in charge are going to have their lives affected which is going to affect what we joyfully call the masses. they're going to repress the masses. we have people now declaring that in a climate emergency they go from climate markdowns to covid-19 lockdowns. we haven't energy report proposing climate markdowns where people will have less
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freedom of movement so they can reduce emissions . we have a recession movement because they reduce emissions. this is why all the major environmentalists praise the covid lockdowns because they were good for the climate agenda. there's a movement doin academia that they want to add climate change as a cause of death so we can start getting as bill gates says the tolls for climate change be much greater than covid-19. they want to have climate change annual death tolls so we can jet up morepolitical action . this is far from a science movement. we are being conned by a political movement wrapping itself in science and that is s what my book is all about and that's why it's worse than you think. >> marc morano, what you think of the term climate changedenier and do you consider yourself one ? >> i jokingly suggest on a climate denier the term is quoted in my previous book as incorrect.
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[inaudible] i quoted climate scientists who believe in man-madeclimate science who are offended by this . he says this is a horrible term to use because it kind of takes directly to a holocaust denier there quoting someone who doesn't accept the united nations and the national climate assessment climate view that mankind is driving a climate crisis as a holocaust denier. it's a way to shut up dissents, to silence people u. there's a claim i showing this book where the lead authors from the climate panel of the united nations 80s numbers are pulled from thin air. there's no basis in statistics from the studies. and climate denier is meant to silence everyone from boston globe colonists and everyone else. bring up climate denier as a way to smear you as some sort of holocaust denier so you're not welcome in polite society
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and it's a way they can justify science becauseyou're not legitimate , you're an evil holocaust denier. that's the way they use it. >> in your book "green fraud" let's go back to where we started all-encompassing transformation of society. you said this will affect everybody, how so ? >> what they're talking about is all about healthcare, access to healthcare. it's all about equity. we had a transportation bill which is being implemented now where it's five, maybe 10 percent traditional infrastructure but it's all about dealing with everything from everyone's access to healthcare equity to housing it , it's an assault on traditional suburbs . they chwant to bring in a bunch of housing in the suburbs. on every aspect of our life this is essentially i detail this in the book, goes back to the united nations sustainable agenda which came out of the real summit done
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in the early 1970s but that george hw bush was president in 1992 got us onto this whole path and the state of development essentially means it's going to control every aspect and you're right. it's going to have your aquatic planners and you can't do this, youcan't do that . we have presidential candidates sing a moratorium on new home building and that's a sustainably built house. when i mentioned tclimate lockdowns , the climate lockdowns which they're talking about are literally mirroring a covid lockdown and it's about economics as well. one of the things i mentioned in 1972 georgemcgovern supported a universal basic income . the goal was to help that but even democrats didn't support that. and what happened was george mcgovern lost in a landslide
1:59 pm and because of the lockdowns now the repression and economic growth we have governance for the first time in the united states starting a universal basic income because it collapsed d the economy with covid lockdowns. they want to keep them collapsed with climate lockdowns. we're already seeing because of all the pain and suffering people have done due to government policies they're locked down now inclimate restrictions we're going to have to give them better access and provide free healthcare, free tuition, free housing, read transportation. this is all embedded in the green new deal and i go through the details of the deal and it's amazing how much of the green new deal is nothingabout environments or climate al. >> what do you think about a carbon tax? >> a carbon tax is a. >> method. i often joke in 2002 when al gore's film cannot just celebrated the 50th anniversary and nothing against al gore but i should complement him . when the film cannot carbon
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taxes, cap and trade. these were on the table as solutions to the alleged crop climate crisis . al gore talks about sea levels and extreme weather. these are all climate metrics that people understand that makes sense and by the way al gore learners are disappearing from al gore's books and movies cause of al gore's book mentioned them. they're at or near historic population lives and they never counted this many. he predicted a polar bear apocalypse thatnever happened . but essentially your carbon tax, that is a. >> old solution. nowadays the whole climate movement has gone completely wacky . we now look at the vehicle theft statistics, oil turbulence, how many kids we have. >> ..
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when you put carbon tax money my favorite developed industrial economies, all they do is offshorepe, countries that don't have the same environmental standard and political safeguards in the united statesv and canada. it just means china, africa, asia will pick up the slack and will have the same technological advancement and equipment. since 1970, u.s. has radically improved water quality and at
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the same time radically increased population and economic growth. we've done this in technological innovation and i have a section in the book that shows you 2007, the next decade. they bombed out on every single one month didn'te foresee what take natural gas and replace onn when president trump was reducing co2 emissions because our transfer no one foresaw, energy experts couldn't even see it. my answer is simple, cut carbon taxes, the crime emergency. we would do the opposite what
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they are proposing, would not want a green new deal top-down heavy policy proposal to empower bureaucrats, make us do with less, would want economic growth, technological advancements, would want innovation, willard want what we have done in the last ten years with fracking, would want breakthrough and solar, wind and other technology but the problem is you can't have an edge proven and it's not ready for time and it's not. my plan in the book, less than 4% in energy production is solar and wind combined. eighty +% of fossil fuels in the global energy collection simply new deal, we're not going to have net zero in the next
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decade, if we do, it's going to be, then indulgences or offsets and nonsense ofdo companies appe neutral now.on if we did which is good, it would be the opposite of what the green new deal proposes. >> you also talk about fracking, has fracking led to earthquakes and environmental changes? >> the shortle answer is yes, earthquakes due to fracking, tiny small unnoticed without equipment rumbles. there are investigating if there's evidence if its actual harm there has been evidence tiny earthquakes. i haven't seen anything with a
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huge issue to deal with, it's cost benefit analysis. the oil gasat producer in earthquakes i think are more pr media scareea tactic little rumbles and quakes we are not seeing, anything on that level, anything to do with fracking, it's part of this, years ago on frackingto and with water in pennsylvania and methane and it turned out this has been happening for a century, documented cases and this is just one thing but it's just something to be aware of. >> we were talking about the ozone hole over the antarctic, what is the status of that?
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>> it's an interesting topic, i don't get into that a great lot but essentially people thought it was directly related to the atmosphere, air conditioners and otherec things, international treaty and then it seems to have turned out and i think the science is still out that growing and shrinking and expanding related to that, it's unclear, you will find advocates on both sides of this, it's still unclear but i don't think it's simple, the story we were told in the 90s, if we banned refrigerants and change overall air conditions, we would just move on, it just didn't work out that way and rarely ever does. you can't just come up with a government solution, to solve something like that, you can't legislate climate.
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>> what is your take on the move into record miracles and industrialization? >> i try -- there's an important distinction, solar, wind and electric cars, technological way to make them feasible, you can't mandate them to to answer this, the problem we are having is due to government policy making people essentially trying to ban internal combustione engine and we start getting electric cars. if you want an electric car, a great range on the car, show us consumer things, don't say must drive this because if it's corporate share economy than american suvs statutory are dead
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because americans will have two and a half miles a gallon's editorials coming up we are gog to make it so suv is more modern so honor makers, they are taking that away and you can tell people are happy driving electric cars. it relies on sources from china. it's nothing more than empowering china, a national security threat to the united states because we are relying on china for all of us. china has a virtual monopoly, this is the problem with that, aside from that americans don't want to be forced. there's a long way to go and this is federal subsidies.
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people like elon musk or billy nurse, not so much, is a great capitalist but this is about government corporate lobbying .fforts we have people in the government and monopolies and control and it's part of the average person seeing electric cars, i'm not opposed to electricei cars and maybe there are but if there's an suv and big trucks, acclimate lockdown, pickup trucks calls for this, other climate activists in the port, people are really on these mandates so they will make electric cars in
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the population because people think electric cars can be forced upon and they are probably right if they do that. >> the green new deal is even worse than we think, mark describes the green new deal as the ultimate wish list of the progressive environmental agenda and all-encompassing transformational society, he spent addressed in the annual freedom best libertarian convention in south dakota. ♪♪ >> sunday january 2 on in-depth, joining us live to talk about early international history of the united states. the civil war and reconstruction era. the great emancipator in his latest, life, biography of the
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confederate general in the civil war. join in with your phone calls, facebook comments, texts and tweets. sunday january 2 noon eastern on in-depth on book tv. ♪♪ >> he spent new app and stay up-to-date with live coverage of the base biggest difference live streams at the house and senate floor key congressional hearings, the white house events and supreme court oral argument, live internet programs "washington journal" we hear your voices everyday. c-span now has you covid. download the off freeze today. ♪♪ is c-span's online store. books, home decor, accessories. something for every c-span fan.


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