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tv   Arizona Governor Delivers State of the State Address  CSPAN  January 11, 2022 12:57pm-1:53pm EST

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the senate returns at 2:15 p.m. eastern today when lawmakers will vote on confirmation of a nominee to a nominee to head the national telecommunications and information administration. after that the senate will vote on whether to end debate on the nominee to head the federal railroad administration. also this week we could see debate on legislation dealing with the russian gas pipeline and efforts to change filibuster rules regarding voting rights legislation. when the senate returns in this session, live here on c-span2. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we are funded by these television companies and more including midco. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> midco support to c-span as a public service along with these other television providers
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giving you a front-row seat to democracy. >> arizona governor doug ducey delivered the 2022 state of the state address from the state capitol in phoenix. the second term republican focus focus his remarks on immigration an education. [applause] [applause] [applause] >> thank you. thankth you.
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speaker bowers, president fann, leaders rios and bolding, chief justice brutinel, members of the legislature and judiciary, everyone assembled here, thela families, the friends, the special guests and dignitaries, all my fellow arizonans, there is nowhere else i'd rather be right now than here, in thisig chamber, on this floor, together, in person, smiling, shaking hands, and celebrating the strength and the future of the state of arizona. [applause] typically in an even numbered year, we've logged a lot of hours working together. but today we have an unusually large number of fresh faces. and that makes it all the more exciting.f
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would all the new members of the house and senate, those sworn in since our last sine die, please rise? [applause] just wanted to make sure you got a proper welcome. without citizens like yourselves and your colleagues willing to participate and make the sacrifices that inevitably comee along the way, the cornerstone of our great democracy, we the people is merely words. .. service and civic participation. [applause]
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not so fresh faces among us. near the top of the list, me. i have the unique privilege of doing something today know arizona governor hasdone more than three decades . reporting on the state of our state for my eighth time and so i begin by expressing my sincere and eternal gratitude to the people of arizona or a trust in me with two terms in this incredible job and to all of you for your partnership along the way. thank you. [applause] and to my family for supporting me. and for all that you didn't sign up for. most of all, tolerating state of the state reversals around
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the kitchen table year after year. and especially to angela for her continued advocacy for the most vulnerable children and citizens of our state i love you all and thank you. [applause] but for those who think it's going to be a quiet year on the ninth floor you haven't been paying attention. because i enter the fourth and final quarter i am reminded of something my high school coach told me. get in and get the job done. and as i stand here today, the job isn't done. the goodbyes will come later, much later. i've got 357 days, 21 hours, 44 minutes and 18 seconds before the end of the game. and i intend to make the most of every moment and work hard all along the way for my
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employers, the citizens of this state. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, at the risk of sounding repetitive n, the state of our state isstrong . and we are poised to do what everyone in public service strives for. leave leave it stronger than we found it. last session was one for the record books. together we made it the most successful since i've been sdown here and i'm not just talking about cocktails to go . liability reform for our small businesses, bipartisan wildfire solutions and
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funding to match. new revenue streams through modernization of our tribal gaming compacts . new school choice options for kids and families. a record investments in roads, infrastructure, broadband and affordable housing. nearly 100 percent of citizens 65 and older with at least one shot of a vaccine is a national model for distribution, brought to you by doctor michael bidwell and the arizona cardinals. [applause] we led the way with universal licensing reform and with the leadership of doctor regina, we passed another first in the nation arizona policy that everyone is rushing to copy. telemedicine. [applause] and a list we are
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very proud to be at the top of. the largest tax cut in arizona history with the passage of the lowest flat tax in the nation. [applause] and yet anyone who has ever worked with me will attest i have a hard time stopping to celebrate victory. it was true at cold stone and it'sbeen through in the public square . so naturally, after we signed a budget i told my staff in 2022 we are going to top all of this. so we've been hard at work to make this a banner year. one thing was clear when we went back to review the tape on the last seven years. as the evil branches of government, working in good faith with the legislature,
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we have set the bar very high . arizona is better positioned than any time in our 110 year history. and that makes our work and our priorities much difference and when i said before you the first time. you know the facts. back then the state budget wasbroken. in the red by $1 billion . i remember meeting days after the 2014 election and reviewing options. in the easy column, budget gimmicks and tax increases. on the other side, budget cuts and talk decisions. and that election iran on how to build a business and i committed to strengthen governments and grow economy and together, we had done just that.
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today a lot is different in arizona. we have live withinour means . we have more systems. our budget is balanced, our economy is roaring and our government is smaller and more efficient and it's ever been. in fact, we believe so fa strongly in shrinking government that for the first time ever, we are demolishing unneeded state buildings on track to reduce our footprint by nearly 750,000 square feet since wegot here . we are sitting atop a surplus of several billion dollars. fuel not by tax increases but by the opposite. his economic growth. it turns out free-market capitalism works, supply-side
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economics might need not be the sexiest thing for candidates to run on these days but it sure looksgood on a spreadsheet . and today our state revenue is growing at a pace even faster than the so-called expertspredicted . so this year like in the past , we are going to double down on what works . rather than endless needless programs that waste the people's money we are going to be targeted and responsible. we will resist the cries from the spending lobby and once again we will allow the people to keep their hard earned money. we will cut taxes. it's really not that complicated. just basic common sense.
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government takes in more than it needs to pay the bills and the taxpayers should get to keep his or her hard earned dollars. today, jobs are plentiful. back in 2014 i remember getting grill on the campaign trail about how all the jobs arizona had worked call centers andconstruction . my response? there is dignity and all work and it was true. for far too many employers and businesses, arizona was in fact a flyover state on the way to texas. we knew we could do better. if we could get those decision-makers to stop here so we could make the pitch and show what a beautiful state we live in. now because of our combined work, we have an all of the aboveapproach on jobs .
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not just call centers but also our manufacturers, upcoming as the, startups and world-class semiconductors . [applause] we said we wanted to be a jobs juggernaut and in the process we became a paycheck paradise. plus unlike california, illinois and new york here you actually get to keep the paychecks . [applause] hebut still, there's no denyingwhat's happening on the national level . restraining families and seniors checkbooks. washington spending spree combined with mismanagementof the covid has broken our supply chain and inflated the cost of everything . a staggering search of 6.8
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percent. food, clothing, gas. prescription drugs. the largest increase in the cost of daily life in nearly 4 decades. all white house in denial. it's even occurring and president hell-bent on printing and borrowing money while raising taxes. this is not a strategy that will help working people. it's all makes our commitment of returning money to the people more important than ever. [applause] washington dc might have their eye on your paycheck, but in this capital the onlyspecial interest on our mind is the taxpayer . [applause] we've made it
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arizona top destination for jobs and companies. low taxes, a strong reliable energy grid with the largest nuclear power plant in the united states and a great quality of life. they all go a long way but as any businessperson knows they hidden taxes of the regulatory state can be the real killer. and for small businesses, startups and independent contractors these regulations are a death sentence. we've taken a baseball bat to that bureaucracy with a moratorium on new regulations ever since 2015. i don't know about you but i haven't heard any complaints. maybe because we have saved taxpayers 169 million dollars . [applause] let's make these
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reforms permanent in law and ensure arizona's always the land of economic freedom and opportunity for all. [applause] arizona workers are the ones truly fueling our healthy and transformed economy. our manufacturingsector is on fire . even outpaced construction which is the top pill to climb. if we weren't turning out so many electric cars i say let's or on the gas. instead i'll put it this way. let's invest in the worker. arming them with the skills they need for our growing semi conductor and advanced manufacturing industries. whether your top issue is workforce or ruraljobs this is the way to do it . our budget makes historic
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investments in the community colleges to empower our people with the quality education and skills of the future. nevertheless, leave it to washington dc. politicians they are doing everything they can to stand in the way of freedom. big government socialism is a failed and dangerous experiment. but it doesn't stop some from trying it time and again. paying people not to work and this incentivizing initiative and self-determination. that's not the arizona way so we called dc's bluff and instead said thanks but no thanks to unnecessary unemployment benefits. there's no such thing as a free lunch or free money.
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instead, we will focus on rewarding hard work. this approach has meant that people keep moving here. less taxes means more taxpayers. during the pandemic as other states grant standard, arizona protected lives, livelihoods and individual liberty. people flock here. and they stayed. and who wouldn't love it? president ronald reagan once said that if the pilgrims had landed on the west coast, they wouldn't have botheredto discover the rest of the country . but today there is an exodus from california. and the same is true of other states with similar flawed
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policies the lack of opportunity fueled by bad governing philosophies are hurting real americans and pushing them out to the states like arizona where opportunity is abundant. sure, some have grown but growth is a good problem to have. nethe alternative is to be a state in decline, misery and dk. no states path to success is has ever been paved with close for business signs. our only request to our new citizens is don't forget why you came here in the first place. freedom, opportunity and good government matter. make no mistake, we will keep arizona arizona.
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our way is tried and true. in the past when arizona has veered off course, it hasn't turned out well. that brings us to another thing we found years ago when we got here. the state had amassed billions of dollars in debt. through the recession fueled by uncontrolled spending in the early 2000 and budget shell games. they even had to sell off this building. a couple of years ago, thanks to the leadership lhere we got the deed back. and last year we paid off aliens more in debt, ratcheting down to historically low levels. we took our day fund to a
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record-breaking $1 billion. and as a result we have higher credit ratings than when we got here and that means even more savings for the taxpayer. so why stop now? i present the budget on rd friday that keeps this stewardship going paying off more debt and stopping off our rainy day fund so that we don't just on this house but we leave the people's house truly in order. we are blessed to be a magnet for america's veterans. they represent the best of our country and as any hiring manager will tell you veterans are among the most prized and productive employees o. we celebrate our veterans and want more of them in the state of arizona.
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when all the veterans here today please rise so we can recognize your service to our nation? we continue to find ways to honor our veterans and in the state of arizona today thanks to the efforts of representative dale griffin and senator david allen that veterans pay no taxes on their military pension. [applause] under the g.i. bill, they also get to attend our in-state universities and community colleges free of
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charge. after all, they've already given so much. but how about their spouses. these dedicated husbands and wives observed and sacrificed as well. sothis session , let's want a program to waive their tuition too. k-12 education is one of the reasons so many of us ran for office in the first's. but as an outsider, it was striking to me when i got to this capital that our school discussions were about what kids actually learned. bureaucrats were competing for who could spend more money. fewer dollars were going to the classroom and instead
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lining the pockets of trial attorneys. but we pressed forward. positioning arizona as the number one school choice state in the nation. when covid hit that designation was a lifeline for families. some school leaders did everything possible to keep kids in the classroom but too often, politics and virtue signaling center stage. in the process, more parents
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got involved and thank god they did. some voted with their feet, moving schools or school districts and two totally different learning models whether that's homeschooling or microschools . but other families had seen their kids fall behind. and there's been too much attention put on masks. and not nearly enough placed on math. a focus on restrictions rather than reading and writing and in students of color and those of poverty have been most impacted by the posturing and politics of
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some school board bureaucrats . so come june, we're launching a summercamp with an emphasis on catching kids up in key areas. math, reading and american civics. we will lead the way to eliminate learning loss. and in case you haven't checked twitter lately, arizona schools are open and they will remain open.
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and in arizona schools we will not divide people by race. arizona schools should be instructing our kids in the golden rule. to treat one another with respect. and judge people as martin luther king junior taught. on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. [applause] this session will make it clear. students should be taught to cathink critically not taught critical race theory.
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[applause] but let's not stop there. parents deserve respect and the occasional parent-teacher conferenceisn't enough . it's 2022. we've got the technology. let's require all that the er child is taught, all curriculum and academic materials be put online and available to search and review by every parent, grandparent and interested citizen. arizona has set the standard
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for school choice and innovative education solutions and it's because of the vision of arizona leaders that paved the way. leaders like governor mike simonson, superintendent of public instruction lisa graham keegan and democratic representative armando ruiz who worked in a bipartisan way to create new opportunities, open enrollment, charter schools, they knew parents were best equipped to make decisions around their child's education . and new people are stepping up every day, leaders like janel would, a mom and founder of the black mothers forum. janel has led the way in creating new learning models
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where students receive personalized support. many of janel's students were several grades behind but with our unique focus on to ensure students feel safe, secure and ready to learn and grow they quickly made gains toward academic excellence. janel is here today. janel,thank you for your service and your work to benefit arizona . [applause] 50+ years ago politicians stood in the schoolhouse storm and wouldn't let minoritiesin . today, union backed politicians stand in the
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schoolhouse door and won't let minorities out. many of our poor kids and children of color are trapped in a failing school. it's time to set these families free. this session let's expand school choice anyway we can. new transportation models, more charter schools and more educational freedom for families. especially those in ailing schools or who can't afford to pick up and move to a new
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neighborhood . let's think big and find more ways to get kids in the school of iltheir parents choice. send me the bills and i'll sign them. for angela and i the children and in the care of the state our foster kids have had a special place in our hearts. i know you all feel the same. we've made notable strides in this area d. thanks to our dedicated child safety caseworkers. with investments which we've seen lower caseloads and rapid placement of kids in the safe loving homes and when other states switched to virtual home inspections, in
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arizona these dedicated women and men showed up in person every day to keep these kids safe. but unfortunately, we will never work ourselves out of a job in this area. and the pandemic hasn't been good for those vulnerable children. often, it's grandma and grandpa, an aunt or uncle who steps up to care for these kids. it can be better for the child and often cheaper for the state because historically they haven't been treated as foster families . more than 6000 children in arizona live in these homes. all the evidence you need that you can't put a price tag on love. so moving forward, these loving extended familymembers
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should have the same resources as any other foster family . we will make sure of that this year. [applause] we've had success getting good ideas done together but there's also something to be said for just saying no to really bad ideas . when the left demanded to defund the police arizona said no chance. instead we invested more in our men and women in blue and we plan to do it again.
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arizona, texas, florida, tennessee. all are among the fastest-growing states in the nation. and the policies that made us so attractive can be applied to cities as well. if you want an elected official rscharged with overseeing the police department and you don't believe there's a correlation between the tax on law enforcement and rising crime ratesnationally , you need a reality check. because you're putting public safety and human life at risk . we intend to keep arizona a place where we honor and value our cops. and all of lawenforcement .
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including correctional officers and first responders . a place where public safety matters. no riots, no smash and grab. and a newsflash, or the doj and merrick garland. instead of attacking police chief jerry williams and her officers for keeping arizona streets safe during civil unrest, your time would be better spent protecting the federal l courthouses in portland, seattle and san francisco. do your job. [applause] when we need them arizona law enforcement is there no matter the
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circumstance. no complaints, no virtual work. some of our state troopers are here withus today. join me in showing our appreciation for their selfless service . [applause] when it comes to building a budget, public safety will always be at the top of our list. and this year we have a record surplus. so our budget proposes making our state troopers in arizona the highest-paid law enforcement professionals in
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the state. i know you agree, they've earned it. they have earned it. and we're going to be leaning on their dedication more than ever. our southern border has never been more deadly or more dangerous. meanwhile the white house and congress have decided to turn a blind eye. this is a national crisis. and it calls forleadership . a few years ago we came together. every republican and democrat in this entire chamber and passed the arizona opioid epidemic act. it was historic. but now, president biden and his cabinet members are working against us.
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fentanyl is streaming across the border. it's causing death and devastation and there's no plan and zero action from the administration. secretary mayorkas is a wall. the white house has canceled the word crisis and the self-proclaimed border czar kamala harris this is just another laughing matter. this is a dereliction of duty by the half highest officeholders in our nation and in arizona we will do what they refuse to do . we've got a strong track record.
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in 2015 we created the arizona order strikeforce to take on the cartels and d protect our states against the flow of criminals, narcotics, weapons and ammunition. president biden refuses to deploy the national guard. despite the fact it's been done by every other president in recent history. including barack obama. so in april we deployed them ourselves. providing much needed assistance to local law enforcement. and with the leadership here, we invested $55 million in last year's budget to amplify all these efforts but more action and manpower are needed. here's the plan. number one, resources. our budget will make significant new investments
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to strengthen the border strikeforce, provide advanced equipment to aid in the pursuit of dangerous criminals and deploy the latest drone technology to bolster surveillance and stop thecartels in their tracks . next, the rule of law. this is not just a public safety crisis. it's a humanitarian crisis. and the human traffickers that plant prey on the desperation of people looking for a better life need to pay the consequences. it's time for us to increase the criminal penalties against human smuggling and provide more funding to border counties to ensure prosecution and incarceration .
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third, boots on the ground and multistate intelligence sharing . border security is national security. and the lack of action from dc puts every american addressed. in november, i dispatched arizona's top ranking enforcement officers to partner with their peers in texas. major general terry millan back, department of public safety colonel testings over to department of homeland security director kim roller. in december we finalize the plan. texas governor greg added and
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i are teaming up to form the american bgovernors order strikeforce. a commitment between states to do what the biden administration is unwilling to do. control and secure our border . [applause] fourth, the wall. and physical barriers. they work. representatives joanne osborne and kim done and senator seen occur were with me in the yuma just a few weeks ago and we saw it firsthand. people walking across a wide
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open and unprotected border. our border is a patchwork of federal, state, tribal and private lands. where arizona can add physical barriers to the border, we will. but if the entire southern border isn't secure, neither is our nation. so fit, i am calling on our united states senators to join this fight to secure our border. no member of arizona's congressional delegation that actually cares about the safety of our communities should vote yes on any legislation until the president agrees to weigh language that does the s following. secures our border with a wall, a physical barrier and
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virtual surveillance. increases resources to the local communities that have been devastated by these dangerous open border policies. makes it clear that our border is not open to illegal immigration. senator kelly, senator cinema, check my website. we've even drafted the language for you. the take away in arizona, we will secure our border. we will protect public safety . we will not back down. we will fight this fight until washington dc finally ask.
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rule of law and equal justice under the law have been that rocks of our republic erand guiding principles of our work together. a few years ago when we learned of the massive backlog of untested rape kits , we work in a bipartisan manner to clear that backlog and make sure victims were prioritized. but as we learned government bureaucrats often find a way around the law. in this case some counties are charging these women. these victims up to $800 in processing charges and sending the bill to collections. it's shameful. so we will be cracking down on this government abuse and with your help, tightening the law. [applause] one area where our
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work clearly gets done is on water. we passed a monumental policy that we were told would never happen. the drought contingency plan. and after that one i determined in arizona if we can do this, we can do just about anything. then last year with speaker bowers leadership, we put our money where our mouth is. $200 million to invest in the watertechnology of the future . now, with resources available in our budget, a relationship with mexico that we built and strengthened over the last seven years and the need clear, what better place to invest more? instead of just talking about desalination, the technology that made israel, the world's
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water superpower how about we pave the way to make it actually happened ? so speaker bowers, president fan and i have been working and we propose that we make a historic investment $1 billion. secure arizona's water future for the next 100 years. [applause] our state has grown and thrived because of the foresight of past leaders onthis issue . colin hayden, barry goldwater, bruce babbitt and john kyle .
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the result, the central arizona project. the salt river project. the hoover dam, the roosevelt dam. now it's our turn. our moment to leave this state better than we found it . let's rise to the occasion. more people means more infrastructure needs. not just on water roads and bridges s. we made record investments in repairs and improvements. a few years ago we got together and prioritized expansion of the ice 17 . then thanks to the leadership of senator tj shoaf and governor lewis of the hero river indian community we pave the way for a wider i tend. [applause] to improve commerce and movement between
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tucson and phoenix. but that project is still scheduled several years out from now. at 94 visits as governor the southern to southern arizona will remind you how important this issue is. so let's finish the job. our budget will invest more dollars to get the i 10 completion leapfrogged to the front of the priority list i had of schedule connecting our entire state north to south. [applause] as you see, as much progress as we've made there's plenty left to do on so many fronts and we will have all year to grind it out
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together. continued focus on the health of our citizens and support for our hospitals and dedicated healthcare atworkers. investments in cyber security to protect the identity and data of our citizens. improvement to our elections, to bring confidence and security. better broadband connectivity across rural arizona. more efforts to prevent wildfires. maintaining arizona's position as the number one most second amendment state in the nation. [applause] protecting life in every way possible and all
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along the way preparing for another super bowl where our beautiful state will be center stage just a year from now. an ambitious agenda to be sure. one that can cement our successes and the good reforms we've made and further expand opportunity and optimism here in our state. no doubt there will be challenges. in fact some have said we can't get much done this year . divided chambers, and election, why bother? i disagree. let's aim high and think they . we're smarter today and as i look around this chamber, i see the wisdom of our veteran lawmakers side-by-side with the energy and fresh perspective of the newcomers. and that's a combo that is sure to produce results.
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so whether you're like me in the camp with my friends rusty and karen we only got a year left in these jobs or you're just getting started, let's recommit today to giving our all, to getting the job done for the people have hired us. thank you and god bless the great state of arizona. [applause] >> the senate now in recess
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so each party can hold its weekly meeting the senate returned 2:15 eastern when lawmakers will vote on confirmation of a nominee to have the telecommunications and information administration. after that the senate vote on whether to end based on the federal railroad administration. this week we could see debate on legislation dealing with the russian gas pipeline and efforts to change the laws or rules regarding voting rights legislation . when the senate returns live coverage here on c-span2. >> at least six presidents reported conversations in office. here many of them on c-span's new podcast presidential recordings.
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>> season one focuses on the presidency of lyndon johnson. you'll hear about the civil rights act, 1964 presidential campaign, both of toxic tonkin incident and war in vietnam. everyone knew they were being recorded. >> certainly johnson's secretaries new because they were tasked with transcribing many of those conversations. in fact they were the ones who made sure the conversations were taped as johnson would signal to them through an open door between his office and bears. >> you'll also hear blunt talk. >> i want to report of the number of people assigned to kennedy and the number assigned to me now. if i can't ever go to the bathroom i won't go. i promise you i won't go anywhere, i'll just stay right here presidential recordings on the c-span now mobile app or wherever you get your podcasts.


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