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tv   German Chancellor Delivers Remarks at World Economic Forum  CSPAN  January 25, 2022 7:33am-8:01am EST

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died, i want them blessed right quicker. if i can't go to the bathroom in my own building i promise you i won't go anywhere. i will stay behind these black peaks. >> reporter: president recordings on the c-span now mobile apps or wherever you get your podcasts. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government funded by the television companies and more including comcast. >> you think this is just a community center? it is more than that. >> 1000 community centers creating listings so students from low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. comcast supports c-span as a public service along with other television providers giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> new german chancellor alito
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spoke during a world economic forum talking about the international response to the covid 19 pandemic and climate change. it is 25 minutes. >> translator: ladies and gentlemen, i am sure most of us would have wished for a different start to this year. covid has been with us for two years and we are still struggling with the pandemic. our meeting today is proof of that. i can't avoid mentioning covid in my remarks but i would find something germans are not famous for, being optimistic and the dose of german caution, i hope to give a realistic assessment of the opportunities and challenges we are facing and hopefully some ideas how to deal with them. working together restoring
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trust, what you've chosen for the annual meeting and indeed it is a good starting point today. let me begin with working together. the last couple weeks, my first weeks in my new office have urgently reminded us how important international cooperation, political exchange and dialogue are. take the intensive talks we've been engaging in with russia since the beginning of january. it is too early to tell if they de-escalate the situation russia created by concentrating 100,000 troops across the border with ukraine. after years of rising tensions for a sizable option. that is why we are talking to moscow and arrange of different things. about our commitment to ukraine's territorial integrity
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and a key principle of common european peace order borders must not be moved by force, that rate makes might and not the other way around. the russian side is aware of our determination. they also realize the gains of cooperation outweigh the price of confrontation. this is the basis on which we are engaging. we strongly believe global -- can only be preserved through international cooperation and peace is the most important one of them. closely followed by global health, one of the most uplifting statements i have heard in the pandemic came from the israeli historian and author harare, the big advantage humans have over viruses is we can cooperate in ways they can't and we do.
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european doctors are benefiting from israeli, or african counterparts. scientists from all of the planet are sharing their research on variants and treatment globally, often in real time. two german researchers invented a vaccine based on the new mrna technology that saved millions of lives around the world. these examples are proof on the power of cooperation. they talk about exchanges like the one we are having here today. it was in davos in 2000 that the leaders launched the global vaccine alliance. today, 21 years later vaccines are by far our best tool to leave the pandemic behind us. without a truly global immunization campaign we will
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soon run out of letters in the greek alphabet for new variants of the virus but the good news is, thanks to farsighted cooperation we can break the cycle. germany, already the second largest donors to the global vaccine campaign will continue to do its part by supporting co-that we are determined to reach 70% of the world population by the middle of the year and we will focus on improving the international health infrastructure including in countries of the global south. however, we need partners to join hands particularly in the private sector. to fully fund the global vaccination campaign that would also be the booster shot our
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economies need those economies are facing the most fundamental transformation since the industrial revolution. for the last 2050 years, we've depended on burning fossil fuels, the effects of man-made climate change, everyone in every corner of the world. that is why europe is decided to become the first carbon neutral continent by 2050. germany wants to reach that goal, leaves us with less than 25 years to reach net 0. a monumental task. but the task we can and will master, would prove wrong those who are currently betraying our continent as a billiard ball in the game between china and the united states.
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they benefit innovation. on course for greater technological, and the european commission. the global shift to more sustainable growth, the first movement advantage. but of course europe alone in the climate crisis, the leitmotif of working together applies again. we will use the presidency of the g7 to turn the group into the nucleus of international climate club. what we want to achieve a shift in international climate policy that will no longer wait for the slowest and least ambitious. instead we will lead by example entering climate action from that factor into competitive advantage.
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ambitious, bold and cooperative, for the climate club abc. ambitious by committing its members for the target and climate neutrality by 2050 at latest by ensuring we act to reach those goals, by preventing carbon leakage and cooperative by remaining open to all countries for wto's. by addressing technology transfer and climate findings we hope to bring developing and emerging economies on board. let me highlight an example how this could work, bringing hydrogen in the climate club, a common understanding of what green hydrogen is and coordinate these investments.
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for reliable global supply. the benefits are obvious. for a country like germany with a strong industrial brace and high-energy demand and those who would become the main producers of hydrogen, emerging economies. ladies and gentlemen, germany is committed to playing a crucial role in the global transformation. to turn the 2020s into a new beginning indicating transportation and progress for the country. 80% of energy would come from twice as much today. this requires massive investment in infrastructure from electricity grid to hydrogen pipelines. we will speed up planning processes and stimulate private investment in the future
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technology and digitization and we will modernize our immigration laws to attract skilled workers, scientists and technicians to the labor market needs. this transformation we are now embarking on. progress is not a end in itself. and insights we sometimes have 2 realize the ideas of progress can become today's and tomorrow's problems we think about the ecological crisis. in the end it is a project for ideas of progress. what we need is better progress. progress that isn't measured in short-term results but also factors in long-term consequences inside defects. progress addressing the concerns because we know change in democracy only works if it is by the people and for the
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people. this is precisely why the second part of the theme comes in restoring trust. the mobilization and climate adaptation makes many citizens worried. well-paid drops move away but energy prices continue to soar but pensions remain secure and hold systems revival leaving questions like this unanswered he roads trust. trust in democratic systems and their progress of equal opportunities and trust in social market economy and its promise of fairness. trust can be road but also won back. recent -- during the pandemic,
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public confidence in science and scientific institutions has increased, nearly nine of ten germans, an increase of 2021 said in opinion polls they have trusted have workers. governments and businesses, in an age of technology policies and decisions must be based on science, rationality and reason. that is why my government has established an independent board of experts and scientists who advise us during the pandemic and when their credibility is attacked by a small radical minority, it is our duty to defend them. second, citizens demand explanations for the changes our decisions are making to their lives. if we as political or economic
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leaders do not explain our decisions properly, people will look for explanations elsewhere. politics, the great swedish prime minister once said in today's digital world, finally, we must not allow technological innovation and growth to be decoupled from social progress. on the contrary on the society of mutual respect stay united through the changes, social justice and equal opportunity to not stand in the way of transformation, they are necessary preconditions that make transformation work. i know many of you shall dispute and that for me as another source of optimism. my hope is we can maintain and build on that unity.
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some tell us that dialogue and compromise are signs of weakness. some will argue, it hampers economic growth and some divide into cosmopolitans and regular citizens anywhere. the truth is the progress we want, the progress will only be possible if we overcome these divisions. looking together, the weight restoring trust is our goal, thank you for your attention. >> thank you very much, chancellor. very comprehensive but as i mentioned, very necessary, we
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have a chance, capabilities in a responsible way. you mentioned many priorities which you have for government, with particular influence, if i may add one question here, it depends very much on the macroeconomic stable country, how do you see macroeconomic stability in this context of what you just outlined. >> i would like to see macroeconomic stability is key for the trust into the future and this is why they have to work on our goals and aspects have to be followed which are important to the task. we will do a lot for growth,
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and understand will only be successful if we will be entered into the right direction if we understand the digitalization and fighting against climate change are important for the future and so these are the most important aspects of our decisions. we will have to take and this is why one of the first activities of the new government in germany is to make old processes fast and successful that we will be able to reach our goals and this is the basis for good stability in economic development and growth. >> i would also coincide with the digitalization cannot be a referral in the context of industry has to be public administration, and so on.
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if i have another question, mister chancellor, you didn't refer in your speech specifically to europe but germany is the strongest economic power in the european union. how do you want to contribute in the next four or longer years to a stronger unification of europe? >> we are working hard on a better europe, better union. it is important to live in the midst of the sensory world, 10 billion people living there. it is important to cooperate in
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the european union and necessary success. this is one of the key tasks of the government. this is something that could work. during this crisis we are looking at now fighting against the covid 19 pandemic, economic and social consequences. the european recovery program is a sign of what we can do. the idea that we could manage to solve our problems in future if we cooperate in different fields, the foreign policy, the fight against climate change and it is one of the key aspects of our politics. >> i would like to come back to your presence -- the presidency of g7 and you must have an agenda.
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as you explains, decarbonization plays a big role but also you foresee how the g7 could help the developing world and to have some means to deliver its path to achieve or do better. show me the specific ideas you had on the g7. >> we are happy we are now able to do our task in the g7 with the presidency and there are a lot of questions to be solved in the international community where g7 can play an important role. the fight against climate change, this is a global task
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that could not be solved by just one country so we have to cooperate. if we follow this path, do the necessary decisions in our country, have impact on our industries so there are a lot of debates about how to give them a certain way of support, the global environment that is not in any case following the same direction. what i already mentioned, it is open, especially to the big countries in asia, working to
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follow the same goals. this is one of the main topics to be discussed. the second is how to fight against economic consequences of the crisis and especially the poorest countries that need support investment, to be successful and sustainable if we do something that is happening to all countries all over the world and this is the second big question and also the question of global health of importance. we have to do something that is feasible for all countries, so we are working hard to make this happen. >> i like very much, ambitious, bold and collaborative. whether we should use this as a scene of 2023.
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the world economic forum, related to vaccines. as you know, mister chancellor, davos, two organizations, i noticed, the g 20, the public initiative, comprehensive initiative was discussed. how we can deal with such risks in the future not just related to covid. how can we prepare the world to be more resilient so we are not so much in prepared if a new pandemic hits the world. do you have any objectives in
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this respect? >> it is necessary to do what i mentioned in my speech and earlier answer. all people in the world have a chance so all those who are able to support the initiative and give the financial support so we can buy the vaccines for bringing them to all who need them and also that we do our best job to make it happen that those companies are successful in this field, new plan somewhere in other countries of the world. for their people so this is what we are working on and we need scientific cooperation, the lucky aspect of this severe
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crisis, we learn that science brings us out of the situation so we have to organize global cooperation in research in development of new vaccines and health infrastructures that are good for the people all over this globe. >> we are coming to the end of our time. the world economic forum, we are known for davos but we have 50 different platforms for public-private cooperation in the environmental area related to skills which are needed related to innovation and i could go on and on so one last comment. how can business in general, you mentioned innovation. how can business in general be of support?
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what can you expect from business not only from the german business community but the international business community to contribute to your objectives? >> there are a lot of tasks and the research investment and social are a key so let more people share from the success from your investments. >> and so investments should be guided by stakeholder mentality and you mentioned it in your speech, should take care of people and our planet. thank you very much, mister chancellor. i hope to see you in person in
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the next who knows when, in davos and for the program, and paris objectives. we need to take full advantage. i am calling congratulations. >> today house democratic majority leader steny hoyer talks to politico about president biden's legislative agenda and the 2022 midterm elections, watch live at 12:30 p.m. on c-span, online, or watch full coverage on our new video apps, c-span now.
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