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tv   HUD Secretary Small Business Administrator at Mayors Conference  CSPAN  January 25, 2022 8:02pm-8:30pm EST

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trillion dollar law. after that more from the u.s. conference of mayors winter meeting with the conversation on immigration issues. c-span as your unfiltered view of government we are funded by these television companies and more including comcast. >> do you think this is just a community center? >> know it's way more than that. comcast is partnered with a thousand's of students from low income families get the tools they need to be ready for anything. comcast support c-span as a public service along with these television providers giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> and next a at the biden administration policy agenda and small business administrator isabel guzman at the u.s. conference of mayors winter meeting.
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♪ ♪ >> good morning. i want to be sure you are all awake, good morning. very good. thank you very much for the introduction. thank you all for being here. thank you for inviting me too speak to you today. and thanks to all of you who are watching from home. as eight former mayor, i understand the incredible difference in each of you makes every single day. since the first days of the pandemic, our countries and mayors have been on the front line of the effort to help the american people whether this crisis but i know it has not been easy. and so i want to thank you all for your extraordinary leadership. i am especially pleased to join you today as we mark the one-year anniversary of the biden-harris administration.
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[applause] exactly 365 days have passed since joe biden took the oath of office as the president of the united states. when i reflect on the road our nation has traveled during the past 365 days, i am reminded of the poet jones and she writes it has been a marvelous journey so far. we had to kick some fairly large stones from the road and often maneuver a sharp turn. and even back way up to start again when the pathway has been hard to discern. it really has been a marvelous journey so far. when we have fallen, we've gotten up again because god has been right above. yes we have had joy and our travels and even found some folks we could love it. all of my friends who are out. no matter what has happened or
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what you are going through, try to enjoy your journey. you better the lives of the people you serve. to be sure during the past year our nations have maneuvered around some sharp turns along the way. and we have to remove some obstacles that block our path. at times we fell down and stepped back when the road ahead was uncertain. yet, despite all the adversity we got back on our feet and we kept moving forward. i am a person of strong faith. it is my faith that drives me tooss help improve people less fortunate than me, to create opportunities that inspire communities. the bible mentions core poverty more than 200 times what we are charged to help those who live on the outskirts of hope. the disadvantage and the dispossessed, the weary, and that working poor. the lost in the left out.
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since joe biden kamala harris entered the white house, they have made it their mission to serve people in greatest need. this administration secured a series of landmark investments on behalf of the american people. the present american rescue plan provided $1.9 trillion in a vital covid relief to help our families, our schools, the rescue plan help more than 70% of all adults become fully vaccinated. prevented 10 million americans becoming hospitalized. our economy added roughly 6 million 6 jobs in 2021. that figure represents the highest total for any first year president in american history. [applause]
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the president's 1 trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure law represent a blue-collar blueprint to help revitalize our nation. it will put millions of people to work in good paying jobs to repair our roads, our highways and bridges, install a nationwide grid of charging stations for electric cars. replace every lead pipe in america and provide every child, that is right go ahead and clap, everyone and provide every child with access to affordable broadband internet. thanks to the t actions taken by this administration the members of the u.s. conference of mayors can now address in many of the most difficult challenges they face. give an unprecedented level of resources at your disposal. they will provide you with a once in a generation opportunity to do the things done.ow need to be
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to serve as your alley to assist you in taking full advantage of opportunity before you. we are your voice. we are your advocate, we work for you. just consider all the support we provide the american people each year. during 2021 alone, provide our partners at the state and local levels with more than $33 billion in rental assistance, $5 billion in emergency housing vouchers for americans were experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. more than $3.4 billion, more than $2 billion that's right. [applause] i digress be know they are members of congress who do knowledge of fund. more than $2 billion to
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advance recovery efforts and build climate resilience for the housing trust fund. please do not hesitate to contact us if you need our help. we aren't there to help make full use of the resources available to you. together we can build upon all the great work we have performed over the last 365 days. when i look back on my 11 month at hud, i think to myself it really has been a marvelous journey we felt vulnerable families access on emergency rental relief allocated by congress including those resources coming from the american rescue plan. we help owners who fell behind on their mortgage stay in their homes we made including residents of publicit housing, and people who are forced to sleep on the streets or in
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shelters. we all know america faces a homeless crisis. that and the pandemic is only madees life harder for those experiencing homelessness. that is why hud launched a landmark initiative called house america. we have given unprecedented resources. we plan to put our country back on the path towardsou ending homelessness. more than 40 state and tribal leaders have already signed on to house america. that includes many of the people gathered at this meeting. i think every community has joined our partnership and hope you will join us in this effort. but there is so much more. in the first year of the biden-harris administration hud removed the barriers that kept too many americans from buying their first home. especially young people buried in the student debt.
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we took action to ensure more affordable homes light up in the hands of people who need them instead of in the hands tof flippers or real estate speculators. we made clear the fair housing act allows banks and lenders to special-purpose credit programs to expand homeownership, opportunities we need for historically underserved communities including people of color. we led an interagency task force to root out discrimination in our appraisal mark at the first such effort in the history of this nation. our initiative focuses on property appraisal and valuation equity. and i am pleased today to say that our team will issue our first report in the coming weeks. almy friends truly has been a marvelous journey for me a secretary i visited communities across our great nation i've been to michigan and missouri, oklahoma and
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alabama, pennsylvania and california, colorado. every place i go, i see in here about the incredible difference hud is making. to put it simply, our work transforms people's lives. i am talking about people like dina who lives in portland, oregon. before receiving support from how she was living in a hotel in the highou cost for housing she could not afford those payments. it forced take on a second job, to drop find out she tried cried tears of joy secure the timesheet needs to get her ged and enroll in college.
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people whose lives have been change for the better because of the work hud does. hud unlocks the doors of opportunity for people who stand on the threshold their own piece of the american dream people like jimmy who lives and plug below colorado. as a child jimmy struggled with homelessness moving from city to city with a mother that dealt with substance abuse. when she became a mom she swore her own children would never have to experience her own kind of housing and security. thanks to hard work with they're down payment assistance from hud she was able to buy a home of her own. then there was mary from camden, new jersey partners in the world trade towers on september 11. she made it to safety just before it collapsed. as a result mary suffered with post traumatic stress disorder and to make things worse she
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experienced back and nerve pain that requires surgery on left her unable to hold down a job. for years she lived in a mold infested apartment, after her unit was condemned mary spent time in a local homeless shelter and then she got a call from the camden housing authority. she found out she had been approved for an apartment a public housing development marries long struggles with housing and security were far from over. that will help revitalize businesses and homes and mary's community including the complex where she lives it. when i met mary she said god is so good. god is good, something i know well. hud is a blessing i'm pleased i had the chance to meet them as a hud secretary.
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it really has been a marvelous journey for me. the book of ecclesiastics tells us to everything there isus a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens. time to break down, and the time to build up. today is a time to build up, to build up a new america that's better than before. we all understand that our homes shape nearly every aspect of our lives. that is why the administration "build back better" act contains the largest single investment in affordable housing our nation has ever made. [applause] to preserve and restore more than 1 million affordable homes in the big cities and small towns, tribal nations and rural communities. it would change the lives of millions of americans for
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generations to come. the plan will ensure every person in public housing lives in a safe and healthy home. that is something to clap about because a lot of them don't. [applause] "build back better" provides down payment assistance that will help hundreds of thousands of people by their first home and build a source of wealth that can be passed down to their children and their grandchildren. "build back better" it will provide rentalr assistance do not already receive it help our nation turn the page on decades under investment in communities like the one i grew up in. i note many folks hope the "build back better" would pass in 2021. i under stand and share that disappointment pretty served as a member of congress for nearly 30 years but i know the passing a landmark bill such as "build back better" is never smooth or
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seamless pretty often need to maneuver a sharp turn in even back up a bit when the pathways hard to discern. hud will continue to fight alongside our allies in the administration, congress, to secure historic housing for the american people. we understand what is at stake for those in greatest need. the impacttand makes on their l life. i have made the case directly to the president about the urgent need to make transformational investments in the housingng market. i know all of you will continue to make the case for these kind of investments as well. to folks in your own communities and across the nation. in that year ahead, hud will continue to move our nation forward on the path to provide every american with the secure and safer home. i know we will not that path alone. america's mayors should know
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hud is your voice in the federal government. we take that rule very, very seriously. we advocate for you every day. [applause] i note that unless you have served as a mayor you do not know how difficult the journey can be. just know the challenges you face, just know that we know the challenges you face it will make things better i promise you we will. please make the most of the generationale opportunity before you. it may never come again. help us and homelessness in this country. [applause] help us advance of fair housing of the sense of urgency to help housing more affordable the way she is needing to see what we can do
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together. no one's promise is only sunny days we will have rainy days. but i would not take anything for my journey so let us help you. it is what we do it'ss what we do well. call on us, thank you very much. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> i want to thank all of our staff keeping our microphone sanitize but want to thank secretary fudd for being with us today and sharing those remarks. we are now so pleased to have
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with us this morning isabel who is the 27th administrator of the u.s. small business administration. sheet serves as the voice for america's 32.5 million small businesses and innovative startups and president biden's cabinet. grow up in a small business family, has been an entrepreneur herself. she spent her entire year advising entrepreneurs, launching ventures, helping small businesses navigate government, anchoring policies and programs to help advance entrepreneurship and innovation. i know all of us recognize the importance of small business in our communities, their economic engines that keep our communities driving. please join me in welcoming small business administrator, frmy friend and my current boss.
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♪ ♪ >> that was great, thank you so much and congratulations on your presidency. i am so proud. thank you to all of the mayors and local leaders that are here today for everything you do for our small businesses but from a previous role leading on smallio businesses and innovative startups in that state of california and now is the head of the federal agency responsible for advancing the american dream of starting and growing a business. i have admired how you have used innovation and grit to really lead your cities during the pandemic, like the small businesses you have had to be entrepreneurial. you are on the front lines of the economic response if you think back to over a year ago and entrepreneurs were still struggling, many of the smallest of the small
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businesses are still waiting to access critical federal relief the paycheck protection program or the covid economic injuries loan program. our hard-hit industries that anchor communities were falling deeper into despair. unfortunately there were great disparities for many of our mom and including women and people of color who were struggling to navigate the federal government to get the first ppp loan or get technical assistance to help execute their great pivot to digital strategies. many in your cities across the country or local resources helped them survive, you really gave them hope. to work at them to ease restrictions to giving them ppe for their employees and quickly dispersing grants and
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really truly help them be resilient during this time. the biden-harris administration has spoken this past year and meeting small businesses where they are and filling gaps for all of her hard-working entrepreneurs. getting more ppp in the hands of those who really need it, increasing loan sizes and flexibility of our low-costt covid idle program for high g impact industries and president biden's first year the sba delivered a billion dollars in financial relief to supportpp 6 million small businesses. made to over 13 million small businesses for ppp loans. we have done all of this working alongside you together with local organizations in your own backyard with our standard lending network
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empowering local financial institutions. we have made these connection stronger with the launch of the american rescue plan support of inclusive with community navigators whoiv are powering and york communities focusing on underserved and highly entrepreneurial communities. we are committed to continuing to build on this work because s america's cities are defined by small businesses. as mayors you get it when i say small businesses are the s giants in our economy. our e nation 32 and half million small businesses and innovative startups create two thirds of new jobs employing nearly half the private workforce and power at 40% of her economic output. but just as important a the mom-and-pop shops the restaurants and venues that define our uniquely local. they tracked the tours, they
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also philanthropic groups empower our local economy's thriving neighborhoods are essential to attracting and cultivating more business development may innovate to solve global problems making our cities laboratories for innovations and commercialization the fastest growing economy we see hope and opportunity in the biden-harris administration. the entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than it has ever been in fact in 2021 the 5.4 million applications for new businesses. that is an increase that surpassed 2020 which was already a record year by 1 million. in the midst of a pandemic, reeling from unprecedented challenges as well as uncertaintyai, more americans decided to launch their dreams than ever before. that is remarkable. more women and people of color are starting those businesses
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seeking out entrepreneurship as a pathway to the american dream. the sba is power that entrepreneurial spirit and help build the economy back better. small businesses and york city need funding, growth opportunities market revenue creations as well as the knowledge network and resilience tools to be successful and achieve their dreams. president biden to "build backge better" agenda would yield results for small businesses, not only lowering costs for their employees and healthcare, childcare and more but also lowering the cost of capitol by expanding our lending networks are court programs will help more with president biden made in america initiative for the administration transformational federal
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procurement reforms united states is the largest buyer in the world for the historic 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructuret investment and jobs act. the future of our economy depends on our collaboration to support our small businesses. i look forward to partnering with usmc and working with you, our local leaders, to help ensure everyone has that fair shot of achieving the american dream of ownership. as we build a better tomorrow for all of us. thank you so much, i look forward to visiting with you and your cities and enjoying more of the small business local flair, thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> thank you administrator for being with us today. and with that we are adjourned for now, thank you.
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>> british prime mr. boris johnson has been under pressure over alleged parties and gatherings he held at his residence at downing street while the uk was under strict covid restrictions. this comes as london metropolitan police said they are investigating a number of social gatherings held during the pandemic. prime minister johnson will face questions are members of the british house of commons wednesday at 7:00 a.m. eastern on cspan2. you can also watch online at work with a new video app c-span now. book tv every sunday on cspan2 discuss the latest nonfiction book 2:00 p.m. eastern discusses his book there's no free lunch in which he argues
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that 10:00 p.m. eastern on after words barbara walters with the book how civil war start and how does dopp them examines the warning signs that precede civil wars and asked the question could another might happen in the u.s.? she is interviewed by smoot college east studies chair heideman. watch book tv every sunday on cspan2 and find a full schedule on your program guide or watch online anytime at text c-span as your unfiltered view of government. funded by these television companies and more including cox. >> cox is committed to providing eligible families access to affordable internet bridging the digital divide one connected and engaged at a


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