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tv   U.N. Security Council Discusses Russia- Ukraine Situation  CSPAN  January 31, 2022 8:02pm-10:09pm EST

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empowerment. that is why charter has invested billions, building infrastructure, upgrading technology, empowering opportunity in communities big and small. charter is connecting us. >> charter communications support c-span as a public service along with these other television providers. giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> the un security council met today to discuss russia's military buildup along the border with ukraine. russia's ambassador includes united states and creating hysteria by the u.s. ambassador to the un, linda thomas greenfield responded that russia's actions indicated planning military action against ukraine. [background noises]
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>> entered 60th meeting of the security council is called to order. the provisional agenda for this meeting is international peace and security. the agenda -- mike i give the floor to the representative of the russianan federation.
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[speaking native tongue] [speaking russian] [speaking russian] >> furthermore, we frequently
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refuted often consistently refuted, furthermore the discussion proposed by was extremely sensitive topic is a classic example of diplomacy working in public -- for the public rather. there is a need stated this frequently. we do not think this will help to bring this counsel together. rather we fully understand the desire of our american colleagues to whip up hysterics regarding its own situations regarding the proposed so-called russian active aggression. it is something they want to do included within the security counsel. the security council colleagues are being put in the extremely difficult
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position. this is a great harm, the cyst erica to ukraine itself. the president of which has asked western countries a few days ago not to whip up the hysterics regarding the deployment of russian troops near the border since this all harms the ukraine economy. we do not need this panic said mr. zelensky. rather this is needed for those people who believe in the russian aggression. the ukrainian officials talk about a lack of threat from russia. in particular this pertains to the minister of defense. the president himself zelensky who is said themselves they do not see in this activity that
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it is a threat. we are prepared later. boot urged all colleagues to not use the security council to push forward the propaganda of our colleagues. we would also like to remind members of the council the russian delegation in december announced his plan to have an annual discussion of the situation in ukraine during our counsel that starts tomorrow. the seventh anniversary adoption of the fact that measures of the agreement will be an excellent opportunity for us to constructively show the security council's commitment to the international basis for ukrainian. the event is planned for the 17h of february if our american colleagues really need to say
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in public any additional information about this, they can fully do this during the planned meeting in february. we would urge all sensible members of the council not to support this provocative proposal and treat the un charter with respect, thank you. >> the representative of the russian representative i give to the floor to the representative of the u.s. >> thank you very much madam president. as her colleague stated, we have called for this meeting. we call for this meeting because of what we have all witnessed over the course of the past few months in terms of the actions of the russian adoration on the territory -- on the border with ukraine.
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they indicate that it is in their own territory. but it is also very close to their neighbors border. it is a neighbor that has been invaded already before. it is a neighbor that has russian troops occupying their territory. we have had numerous meetings, over 100 meetings over the past few weeks both with russian officials and consultations with our european and ukrainian colleagues. all of these meetings have been in private. we think it is now time to have a meeting in public and have this discussed in a public forum. we have worked with the ukrainians at their request to provide assistance to them so that they can prepare for what they see as inevitable,
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including covered priding $200 million andst assistance in recent weeks. and over $5 billion and assistance in 2014 that is so they can be prepared. you have heard from our russian colleagues were calling for this meeting to make you all feel uncomfortable. imagine how uncomfortable you would be if you had 100,000 troops sitting on your border on the way these troops are sitting on the border with ukraine. for us this is about peace and security. it is about honoring the un charter that calls on us as members of the security counsel to protect peace and security. this is not about antics. it's not about rhetoric, is not about the u.s. and russia. with this is about is peace andus security of one of our
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member states. i thank you very much madam president very. >> i think the representative of the united states. in view of the request the comments made by members of the security council, i intend to put the provisional agenda to a vote. accordinglyhe, i will put it to the vote now. with those in favor of the adoption of the provisional agenda please raise their hand. those against? abstention?
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the result of the voting is as follows. ten votes in favor of, to votes against, three abstention. the provisional agenda has been adopted. in accordance with the rule 37 of the council provisional procedure i invite the representative of belarus and ukraine to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. in accordance with the rule of
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39 the councils provisional procedure i invite ms. rosemary secretary jennifer political affairs to participate in the meeting. it is so decided. the security council will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda. this security call on the working methods i wish to encourage all speakers both members and nonmembers of the council to deliver the statement in five minutes or less. also encouraged to be so synced and focus on key issues. i further encourage should limit their initial remarks to seven -- ten minutes. everyone is also encouraged to wear a mask at all times including while delivering remarks. and i give the floor to
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rosemary. >> thank you. madam president, united nations is closely following the ongoingim diplomatic discussions on the future of european peace and security architecture among representatives of the russian federation, the united states, members of the nato, the european union, and the organization for security and cooperation in europe. we hope the outcome of these talks will strengthen peace and security in europe including ukraine. madam president, although not an activee participant in these exchanges, and all his contacts the secretary-general has unequivocably supported the on going diplomatic efforts at all levels. still, he's greatly concerned that even as these efforts continue, tensions keep
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escalating and a dangerous and military in the heart of europe. it is reported that over 100,000 troops and heavy weaponry night with from the russian federation are positioned along the border with ukraine. on specified numbers of russian troops and weaponry are also reportedly being deployed to belarus at a large scale joint military exercises in february and the borders in the baltic states. nato members are reportedly planning additional deployment the european member states. natode has advised that 8500 troops are now on high alert. accusations and recriminations among the various actors in the ongoing discussions have created uncertainty and apprehension for many that a military confrontation is impending.
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madam president, the secretary-general has made clear that there can be no alternative to diplomacy and dialogue to deal with the complex long-standing security concerns and threat perceptions that have been raised. he has expressed a strong belief that there should not be any military intervention in this context and that diplomacy should prevail. he's been equally explicit any such intervention by one country and another would be against international law with the united nations charter. the expectation is we all continue to avoid confrontation and to create conditions for diplomatic solutions to end this fight. we therefore welcome the steps taken so far by all involved to maintain dialogue. we urge and expect all actors to build on these efforts and
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to remain focused on pursuing diplomatic solutions by engaging in good faith. we further urge all actors to refrain from provocative rhetoric and action, to maximize the chance for diplomacy to succeed. achieving mutual understanding and lasting mutual arrangements is the best way to safeguard regional and international peace security in the interest of all. madam president, let me repeat the full commitment of the united nations to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of ukraine within its internationally recognized border in accordance with the relevant general assembly resolutions. it is important, especially at this time for the international community to intensify its support for the efforts of the normandy for on the bilateral context to
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ensure the implementation of the agreements, endorsed by this council and its resolution 2202. we welcome the recent meeting of the important advisors in paris and their agreement to reconvene shortly in berlin as another sign that diplomacy can work. we commend these efforts and those of the special monitoring commission. likewise, united nations in ukraine are committed to continue delivering on their mandates in accordance with the humanitarian principles of neutrality, impartiality, humanity and independence. unimpeded access must be respected under any circumstances to provide support to the 2.9 million people in need of assistance. with that majority and non- government controlled areas.
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in this regard, encouraged members to contribute to the humanitarian response plan. further, on the commission in ukraine continues to document in the conflict area. madam president, no one is watching the current diplomatic efforts more than the people of ukraine. they have endured a conflict that is taken over 14000 licenseded 2014 and that tragically is still far from resolutions. it is painfully obvious that a new escalation in or around ukraine is more killing and destruction. whatever one's position regarding the current situation, or the status quo of eastern ukraine, this is inconceivable. the fact that it is not should give us pause.
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principles enshrined in the u.s. chart of the helsinki final act and multiple other commitments to safeguard international peace and security are crystal clear. any escalation would deal another serious blow to the architecture so painstakingly built up over the last 75 years international peace and security just when we need it most. again i would like to stress the secretary's appeal to all concerned to take immediate steps to de-escalate tensions and continue on the diplomatic path. the united states nation stands ready to support all efforts to that end, thank youhe madam president for. >> i think rosemary decarlo for her briefing. i nowlo give the floor to council members who wish to make statements. i give the floor to the representative of the united states.
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>> thank you madam president. in thank you under secretary-general for your briefing. colleagues, the situation we are facing in europe is urgent itand dangerous. and the stakes for ukraine, and for every un member state could not be higher. russia's actions strike at the very heart of the un charter. this is as clear or inconsequential a threat to peace and security as anyone can imagine. in the wake of world war ii, the council was formed to address precisely the kind of threat that ukraine now faces. article 39 says, the security council shall become the existence of any threat to the peace, thus our charge is not only to address conflicts after they occur but also to prevent them from happening in
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the first place. this is why today's meeting is so crucial. russia's aggression today not only threatened ukraine also threatens europe. it threatens the international order this body is charged with upholding. in order, that if it stands for anything, stands for the principle that one country cannot simply redraw another country's borders by force or make another country's people live under a government they did not choose. we continue to help russia chooses the path of diplomacy over the pap of conflict in ukraine. but we cannot just wait and see. it is crucial that this council address the risk that their aggressive and destabilizing behavior poses across the globe. first, let's be clear about the fact.
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russia has assembled a massive military force of more than 100,000 troops along ukraine's border. these are combat forces and special forces prepared to conduct offensive action into ukraine. this is the largest -- this is the largest hear me clearly, mobilization of troops in decades. and as we speak, russia is sending even more forces and arms to join them. russia has already used more than 2000 railcars to move troops and weaponry from tacross russia to the ukrainian border. russia's also move nearly 5000 troops into belarus which short range ballistic missile special forces antiaircraft batteries. we've seen evidence of russia intends to expand that presence to more than 30,000
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troops near the belarus ukraine border. less than two hours north of kiev by early february. in addition to military activity, if also seen a dramatic spike in cyber attacks on ukraine in recent weeks. russian military and intelligence services are spreading disinformation through state owned media and proxy sites. and they are attempting without any factual basis to paint ukraine and western countries as the aggressors to fabricate a pretext for attack. russia's military buildup on the border has been paired with extensive new demands and aggressive rhetoric. this is an escalation and a pattern of aggression that we have seen from russia again and again. in 2014, russia illegally invaded and sees crimea.
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2008, russia invaded georgia. russian troops are currently refusing to depart for dover despite the wishes of the more dove and people on their democratically elected government. russian backed ignore violence toward the ukrainian people recently as threatened to take military action is demands not be met. fresher further rates and create none of us will be able to say we did not see it coming. the consequences will be horrific which is why this meeting is so important today. already russia's has killed more than 14000 ukrainians. nearly 3 million ukrainians half of whom are elderly people and children need food, shelter and lifesaving assistance. devastating as the situation
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is, it would pale in comparison to the humanitarian impact of the full-scale russia's currently planning in ukraine. over the years, russian leaders w have claimed that ukraine is not a real country in question its right to self-determination. so let's be clear, ukraine is a un member state that recently celebrated three decades of independence. it has a proud people and a rich culture. ukraine is a sovereign country and a sovereign people entitled to determine their own future without the threat of force. this is not just the conviction that ukrainians hold. it is a right and trying by the un charter. a right that russia and every other member of this institution is freely committed to upholding. our international order is not
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perfect. but it is grounded in respect for people and countries to govern themselves. to defend themselves and to associate with whom they choose. all countries have a stake in defending and preserving these principles. and nothing could be more fundamental. what would it mean for the world's former empires had license to start reclaiming territory by force? this would send us down a dangerous path. russia could of course choose a different path. the path of diplomacy. in recent weeks the united states along with our european allies and partners, and other nations around the globe concerned by russia's threat to ukraine have continued to doe everything we can to resolve this crisist peacefull.
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in all of these talks are messages have been clear and consistent. we seek the path of peace. we seek the path of dialogue. we do not want confrontation. but we will be decisive and united should russia and further invade ukraine. we continue to believe there is a diplomatic path out of the crisis caused by russia's unprovoked military buildup. we are working to pursue dediplomacy in every possible venue. but we also note diplomacy will not succeed in an atmosphere of threat and military escalation. that is why we have brought this situation before the security council today. the united states has been clear, if this is truly about russia's security concerns in europe, we are offering them an opportunity to address
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these concerns at the table.ting the test of russia's good faith in the coming days and weeks is whether they will come toly that table and stay at that table until we reach an understanding. if they refuse to do so, the world will know why, and who is responsible. fellow members of the council and other un member states, wele urge you to assess not only russia's statement, but their actions with clear eyes. to evaluate the risk this presents. not just to ukraine's border and its people, but to all of us. and to speak clearly and forcefully in favor of the path of diplomacy rather than the path of conflict. thank you madam president. >> i think the representative of the united states and to give the floods the
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representative of albania. >> thank you madam president for convening this open meeting and thank you undersecretary for your brief. madam president the primary sensibility of the security council is to maintain peaceve and security used to prevent conflict in the world. when you have heard several times that in terms of prevention and counsel still has a long way to go. the council has been seen many time for discussing situation in ukraine since the beginning of the aggression in 2014. and here we are again today. is express our deep concern on the military buildup of russia near ukraine in recent months. dozens of battalions have been relocated to the border. many troops are being dispatched from eastern to western part of russia. this includes forces defense
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systems. there are thousands of russian troops have also been sent. this troops and a weapon he is very worrying, just because society and beer for the people in new ukraine and justifiably serious international concerns particular for us in europe. madam president, if you reconfirm our unwavering support for the sovereignty use of ukraine within its intern national recognized borders. dear colleagues, in 1994, 27 years ago, ukraine received security assurances to the budapest met memorandum the u.s. and uk and i quote, to respect the independence and sovereignty and the existing borders of ukraine. in exchange for giving up its nuclear arsenal. the signatories also
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reaffirmed their commitment to seek security action to provide assistance ukraine should it become a victim of an act of aggression. we call on russia the security council to express concern the respect of the sovereignty in territorial integrity of ukraine. madam president, will be wrong to conserve the threat of a military attack by russia against ukraine on between russia and the west. this has been a challenge to the europeans and for the whole international security architecture which is based on the un charter. is is an affront to the 1975 helsinki final act upon which is founded in russia is a part. these aren't russian ukrainian border are in the playbook. we have seen that in georgia
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and in ukraine since 2014. unfortunately the cost of thousands of lives plan military. russia has used military violence as a means. madam president, rush is a big country and has a role to play in european politics. it can play an important part in making the world a better place. unfortunately the spheres of influence in europe are dictating by threats geostrategic are of a another century, another time it's reminiscent of the cold war. countries are and should be free to join whichever organization they want. nato, european union, so many countries make decisions by their free will not under the threat of a gun. madam president, what is to
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gain in a potential conflict to which everyone anticipates the disastrous consequence? what can justify the loss of thousands of lives? the relations, the tensions, including others have been made repeatedly clear the deal consequences for russia itself. no other place knows more about war and his disastrous consequences than this room. therefore we must see beyond and seek other means to address issues however complex they are or seem to be. i believe this with talks and discussion but finding negotiations with our primary focus on 2020. it remains the same now in the council. there are several mechanisms to be used for diplomatic
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efforts steps to de-escalation are needed paving towards the talks in efforts to seek solutions. such efforts should be made in good faith and not bee conducted in a climate. the resumption of that meetings last week in paris was the right step and we hope this process will continue. madam president, we all should bear in mind the crisis in and around ukraine has a direct impact on the whole of europe. the instrumentation of the minority, targeted by attacks, political interference here and there for political gain. andnt a growing of genocide denial and notification of world crimes and will world criminals. all of these acts that seek destabilization, seek tension that should be treated as a threat to security because they are. this is why we deem of
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importance the best in prevention and i hope this meeting will be part of such a genuine effort. >> i think that representative of albania and i give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom. >> thank you madam president. i am grateful for her briefing. madam president, the first article of the un charter defines our purpose here. to take collective measures for prevention and removal of threats to the piece. today, is 100,000 russian troops amassed on ukraine's borders. they are equipped with tanks, armored vehicles, rocket artillery, and short range ballistic missiles. they are supported by russian air and maritime long-range. this is not a routine deployment. this is the largest military buildup in europe in decades.
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in the best case scenario, the scale of the russian forces to ukraine is deeply destabilizing. in the worst case it is preparation for military invasion. madam president, 2008 russia told this counsel that resetting peacekeepers into georgia. in reality it was invading independent democratic comp country. in 2014, russia denied the council the presence of its forces in crimea. in reality, his soldiers were annexing independent ukraine. today, russia denies forces are there to ukraine. but yet again we see disinformation, cyber attacks and destabilizing plots directed against an independent democratic country.
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madam president, the united kingdom welcomes discussion today as part of the intense diplomatic efforts to ensure russia de-escalate the situation and avoids conflict. we are unwavering in our support independence and territorial integrity. at the same time we have sought dialogue with russia and the nato or uncial council and bilateral discussion all levels of the russian government. we are ready to address mutual security concerns based on existing european structure and international commitments. this includes our expectation that russia should address our concerns. we are committed to a constructive dialogue of russia is genuine about finding a diplomat solution. this counsel is a o vital
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interest in these efforts. because let's be clear, this is not a regional issue. any a russian invasion or act of aggression against ukraine be in breach of international law and russia'ss commitment. conflict would result in terrible bloodshed and destabilize the entire international community. there should be no doubt about how costly this would be for russia or how devastating it would be for the people of ukraine whose only provocation is a democratic future for their country. there'd be no winners, only victims. that millions caught in the crossfire being forced to flee. grieving the loss of fallen soldiers on both sides. camadam presently urged russia to make clear to this counsel that it will abide by its obligation under the charter that it has no plans to invade
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ukraine. that it will refrain from the threat or use of force against its neighbor. but it will not further undermine ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity military are any other means. and that it will stand down its troops. thank you madam president or. >> i think the representative of the united kingdom. i give the flow to the representative of france. >> madam president. it's a source of deep concern for france. the buildup of considerable military capacities along the border of the neighboring sovereign state represent threatening conduct. it rages legitimate questions on russia's intentions. particularly since this
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country has already infringed the territorial integrity of ukraine in the past. france reaffirmed its full support for the independent sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. within its internode actually recognize borders. france calls on russia to engage in de-escalating the situation to abide by international law and to participate constructively in dialogue within the framework of established international mechanism. the priority is to work together towards ala de-escalation. president has made efforts in that regard over the last few days during his trip to berlin, then during his telephone call with presidentor putin. this security council meeting should also be in line with
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that objective. france supports all efforts of dialogue within the different existing framework. and we hope europeans will be fully involved in the context of the normandy format that brings together germany, france, russia and ukraine. these efforts enabled the 26th of january meeting in paris, an agreement on a statement of support for the unconditional compliance and the implementation of the agreement. we will pursue efforts in this direction at the next meeting planned to be held in short order in berlin. dialogue, regardless of the venue in which it takes place, must observe the fundamental principles on european security as established in the charter of the united nations and the founding documents
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including the helsinki final act in the charter of paris. these principles comprise in particular the viability of border. the freedom of states to either choose or change their own security measures. they are neither negotiable nor to any revision or reinterpretation. notions of spheres of influence have no place in the t century. if russia does not choose the path of dialogue and respect for international law, these response will be robust and united. any fresh infringement of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine by russia
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will have massive consequences and a severe cost. europeans are working on coordinated restrictive measures and stand ready together with our partners to react. if the path of dialogue and cooperation is chosen, the european union sounds ready to engage to develop its relations with russia on the basis of eight united long-term strategic approach the five guiding principles france reaffirms its with european partners will continue to european the force of ukraine particularly support for reform, thank you for. >> i think the representative of france, give the floor to the representative of india.
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>> thank you madam president. closely following including ongoing high level security with the united states as well as under the normandy format status. finding a solution for immediate de-escalation taking into account long-term peace and stability also been in touch with all concerned parties. exert review issues welcome the efforts underway including the agreement and formats. from the recently concluded meeting in paris under the
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normandy format, the unconditionall observance under the ongoing normandy format in particular. commitment of all sides to reduce disagreements on the way forward. we also welcome the agreement to meet in berlin in two weeks. we urge all parties to necontinue to engage through all diplomatic channels and to keep working towards a full implementation. quite an constructive diplomacy is need of the hour. any steps that increased tension may best be avoided by all sides in the larger interests of security international peace and security. more than 20000 students and nationals live and study in different parts of ukraine including its areas. bold being of the as of priority to us madam president give you a call for the police
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will resolution by insisting diplomatic to ensure concerns of all sides are resolved through constructive dialogue, i think you madam president. >> thank you representative of india give the floor to the representative of ghana. >> thank you very much madam president. a few moments ago this council voted to adopt the agenda for this meeting. our responsibility for international peace and security makes it imperative to encourage the part of dialogue and diplomacy. that's only way to end the tension face the differences between the parties and forge a unified position. let me begin by thanking rosemary decarlo for the briefing. i also welcome the participation of the
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representatives of ukraine, belarus, and this meeting. ghana has been falling closely with ukraine. also listen carefully to the briefing we just reserved from the chair as well as the statement of delegations spoken before me. i paid careful attention to the perspectives of thesp key parties and hope that at the end of this meeting these members of this counsel them we first began. it has been a buildup of russian troops international recognize borders of ukraine. those troops are within international territory of the federation. it's why the military buildup of the troops overn, russia borders but ukraine and other parties are concerned about the intentions of thean buildup in the implications. we therefore welcome the
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ongoing dialogue between the russian for the concerns the implications on ukraine as well as the dialogue between the representatives of the rep in opposition ukraine under the format. after several months of no contact a note of concern implications between neighboring markets welcome in this regard for an easing of the limitations this is a time for confidence building for normalcy for the people of ukraine. in concluding, madam president i believe in conformity the provisions of the charter of this organization the two member states should result through peaceful means. encouraged by the engagement between the parties we should
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also takee into account solutions. i thank you very much. >> i think the representative of ghana. i give the floor tose the representative of ireland's rate. >> thank you very much madam president. madam president today's discussion is an important opportunity to address the developing situation of ukraine's borders. let me underline ireland along with the eu partners has a strong and unwavering support of ukraine independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. at this moment of rising tension on ukraine's frontiers arising from russia's military llbuildup, ireland calls for
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calm de-escalation and the diplomacy. we call also for constructive engagement on all dialogue practices including the normandy format. ireland is fully committed to the court principles enshrined in the un charter including sovereign equality and territory integrity. we were called today that these principles were agreed collectively and freely by all members of the united nation. moreover, european security is built on a series of essential commitments. it is the fundamental right of a sovereign and independent state to chart a path in the world with its own foreign policy and to make arrangements for the security and defense of its territory. helsinki final act, one of the
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foundational documents confirms the obligation of states to respect each other's sovereign equality and the right of every state to political equality, to territory integrity and to freedom and political independence and of quote. subsequent agreements including the charter of paris and the charter of european security and is symbol in 1999, we affirm the principles and underpinning collective european security. madam president, earlier this month ireland marked 100 years of a hard one independence. just as we would not accept another state determining our foreign and security policy, ukraine similarly as the sovereign right to choose its own policy. in this council we are too often faced with the terrible humanitarian consequences of
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violent conflict usually with diplomacy and dialogue haveer failed. force is never the answer, it is not the answer now. but needed now above all is diplomatic solution that reinforces our collective security in europe. we have the institutions and rsthe mechanisms for solution let's use them. absent that it will be innocent civilians who once again pay the awful price of conflicts. madam president that is not a prospect any of us wish to place, thank you. >> i think the representative of ireland to give the representative of china. >> thank you madam president. china opposes the security council holding of this open meeting as requested by the united states.
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and with the council data generated 27th claims the reason why the u.s. asked the council to hold this was that russia's deployment of troops along the ukraine border posed a threat to the international community. china cannot to align itself. recently over the issue of ukraine. what's causing the attention some claims will soon be a war that has no plans to launch any military action and ukraine has made it clear and does not need a war.
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that there be a war. we note that the united states and the relevant european countries the parties concerned seeking to resolve their differences through dialogue what we urgently need now is quiet diplomacy but not microphone diplomacy. this is the viewpoint held by many members who have also made unrelenting efforts towards this end regrettably if the u.s. does not agree to such a constructive proposal. time when dialogue and negotiation are underway, and
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concrete progress is yet to be made, the holding of such an open meeting by the council is clearly not conducive to creating a favorable dialogue of sanctions. nor is it conducive to defusing the tension. china, once again, calls on all concerned not to do anything to aggravate tension or heighten the crisis. and to properly resolve their differences through consultation on an t t equal footing on the basis of fully taking into account each other's legitimate concerns and of mutual respect. madam president, china's position on ukraine is consistent purchase solve this issue we still need to return to the origin of implementing the new means agreement.
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this agreement and endorsed by the council and its resolution 2202 is a binding, foundational, political document recognized by all parties, should really be effectively implemented. china's all efforts in mind with the election and spirit of this agreement in hopes all parties concerned will show the positive willingness to implement this agreement, result a differences arising from the consultation and the thisl implementation of new. the expression of nato is difficult to circumvent with the tension nato is felt at the cold war and nato expulsionup group politics. we believe one country cannot
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be achieved at the expense of the security of other countries. guarantees intended by them or even expended. today in the 21st century all parties completely banned in the cold war mentality, but they balance effective and sustainable for mechanism through legalization's. and russia's legitimate concerns should be heated and addressed. >> thank you madam president too. >> i think the representative of china and i give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> thank you madam president. we like to think for her briefing. and i like to thank those countries who conducted themselves and deem it possible to vote against or abstain against the proposal
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of the u.s. to discuss this today. one might have the impression that russia instead of discussing the situation about ukraine and therefore put forth this vote. russia is not refusing to discuss the situation ukraine but we just don'tt understand what we are discussing here today. and while we are indeed here today. as i already said, on the 17th of february we are planning to holdol a meeting during our rspresidency anniversary the implementation of the agreement or we are able to talk aboutut the situation regarding ukrainian settlement. the debate meeting is not about a that. recently we've been encountering a very unusual,
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even given today's difficult time situation, a very unusual situation. the deployment of russian troops within our own territory has a frequently occurred on varying scales before. and has not caused any hysterics whatsoever. troops and servicemen who are in their own areas of deployment and barracks where they were before, they're not actually on the border. so this deployment of russian troops and our own territory is getting our weapons and u.s. colleagues to say there's going to be a planned military action. even active aggression. but the u.s. pr said that active aggression has already
9:01 pm
taken place bread very carefully listen to her statement. : : : assuring us is going to take place in just a few weeks time if not a few days time, there however is no proof confirming such a spurious accusation whatsoever being put forward. however it is not preventing people from whipping up hysteria to such an extent an actual economic impact is already being felt by our ukrainian neighbors. colleagues are talking about the need for de-escalation but there is they themselves are whipping up tensions and rhetoric and provoking escalation. the discussions about the threat of war is provocative and end of -- in and of itself. you are almost calling for this and are waiting for it to happen
9:02 pm
as if you want to make your words become a reality. constantly rejecting these allegations this is despite the fact of a planned invasion into ukraine from any politicians or public figure over all of this period has been made but rejecting such plans and we are going to do this right now. everybody that claims the opposite is misleading you. if our colleagues, who provoked and supported in 2014.
9:03 pm
living in a spirit of corporation however clearly like this positive scenario what's happening today is yet another attempt to drive a wedge between russia and ukraine thanks to the games as the colleagues have been suffering some seven years now. the ukrainians are actively being brainwashed and cultivated over the radical thinking leading for ukraine to have a brighter future it t mustn't establish but rather because to drive the un and nato they are banning russia which is the native language significant if not the majority. they are calling and unorthodox split, church split for the
9:04 pm
divide. they are making he rose out of the people that followed the side of hitler who destroyed ukrainians and russians. the interest in the ukrainian people in this destructive game is something that our western colleagues are not taking into consideration and it is to prevent the natural coexistence of our two people, brotherly people's and countries rather which would destroy the plans to weaken russia and create an arc of instability around it. there's nothing that we are seeing that is new here in the spirit of divide and conquer, the divide and rule the same spirit with characteristics from
9:05 pm
the western powers were western states rather earlier. the colleagues are getting involved in the tension on the russian ukrainian border. there was the negotiation process to ensure russia legally binding security guarantees and the impression that moscow apparently is specifically showing tension that means it can be more acceptable. if you look at the negotiation process, you will see that such considerations are fundamentally untrue. the situation in fact is the opposite the western colleagues are trying on the top of this
9:06 pm
wave to the so-called settlement of the situation on the border with ukraine. our security demands a much broader ukraine to nato and for the world as a whole. the alliances was also the stipulation that some states shouldn't be to the detriment of other states.
9:07 pm
to show any evidence apart from the narrative that russia is intending to attack ukraine and the statement of theca colleagus there was significant hodgepodge of accusations by russia with no specific fact given. the state on the russian ukrainian border that is not the case. we've never cited that figure or confirm that figure. we do recall this is a secretary of state colin powell in this very room with an unidentified substance with the presence of wmds in iraq.
9:08 pm
they didn't h find any weapons, but what happened ukraine as well is a country that seems our colleagues are prepared to sacrifice for their own interests otherwise it's hard to explain they didn't seek the opinion which has already had a harmful impact on the country. the weapons that it would readily useap against the civilians and its own country and although this is being done in violation of the agreement approved by the un security council as thepe only basis for
9:09 pm
the internal ukrainian incidentally to my american colleagues as mentioned the fact that 14,000 people have died and i would recommend we read the report of the special monitoring mission and how many people died on each side. madam president, the maneuvers of the u.s. in the meeting is particularly hypocritical because the americans who holde the record of having a true presence outside of the territory and frequently
9:10 pm
deployed and killed hundreds of thousandsab of civilians and use force against other states without the authorization of the council.l. and there are similar sanctions and measures at a threat of implementing like the ruling of some kind of [inaudible] for example many countries of the un have been subject to aggression 191 have seen american troops deployed their. there is danger on the internet that there are 750 u.s. bases in
9:11 pm
more than 80 countries of the world. the number deployed overall with the troops this is 135,000 troops deployed abroad. 135,000. the u.s. military budget was $700 million. 778 rather. so, russia's budget was 12 times that. these examples are a specific sc threats to the national piece of security. i regard the coals to ukraine we wholeheartedly the crisis has
9:12 pm
one dimension it's domestic ukrainian and improving it can only be done through implementing the agreements that stipulates primarily direct dialect. there is no other option. if the western partners push to sabotage the agreement it is something that they are willingly using and doing. andbe at the absolute worst way for ukraine and not because somebody destroyed it but because it would have destroyed itself. stand russia had absolutely nothing to do with it. they try to shift the blame on somebody else. we need to talk about this in
9:13 pm
detail during the annual council meeting on the implementation. thank you. >> i think the representativeepn the russian federation. i t give the floor to the representative. >> i would like to thank the under secretary general for her breathing. madame president, my country is following closely the failing situation at the borders of ukraine and russia. we've taken note of the information on a considerable mobilization of russian troops at the ukraine borders for military action. this alarming information is accompanied on the ground by a true maelstrom of activity with the deployment of troops and military hardware and hardware from friendly countries of the ukraine. the consequential escalation and
9:14 pm
acute attention are polarizing the activity conducted through various initiatives including normandy in the framework of the agreement in the face of this situation particularly worrisome tensions my country aware of the challenges and the potential of the force in place calls on all stakeholders to demonstrate restraint and favor the part of the in order to preserve peace and stability in the region. it's time for the community and its members to activate the channels of preventing diplomacy such as those provided by chapter six of the un charter in trying for the peaceful settlement institute. it is clear that the effectiveness depends not only on the good faith of the
9:15 pm
protagonistt but also the tactfl and calm conduct as well as the framework with which the diplomacy incurred we see the rhetoric on the one hand the alarming rhetoric on the eminent n military action ukraine and on the other a denial from the other side. these intensified just as the people of the world are expecting from the council the consensus and resolute action, inserted brought by the crises that are bringing bloodshed into the regions and the planet. the strength of the council resided in unity and not fragmentation that make the council worthy of its mandate and the people of the world and we believe diplomacy is capable of bringing calm to the photograph ukraine. to conclude, i would like to
9:16 pm
echo the appeal made by the ukrainian president asking for the parties to exercise restraint and refrain from looking up panic. thank you madam president. >> i think the representative and give over to the representative. >> thank you madame president md let me also thank for the briefing put forward to the council this meeting. geopolitical tensions and threats to international peace and stabilityeq require the council to engage properly and timely. open references to military actions, unilateral economic sanctions and other measures are developments that should be avoided under the un charter. the security council must fulfill its primary objective which is to prevent war. there is a general and urgent
9:17 pm
need to resort to meaningful dialogue with between the parties directly involved in the escalation of the tensions. we urge all parties to exercise maximum restraint and to engagee constructively in talks aimed at resolving the differences. there is room to restore confidence and find a lasting diplomatic solution to the crisis. for that, we need political will and a genuine commitment. we urge all parties to observe international law. it is imperative to apply the principles enshrinede in the charter consistently in a selective manner. the provision of the use of force and the resolution of disputes into the principles ofi sovereignty, territorial
9:18 pm
integrity and the protection of humanin rights are pillars of te selectivers security system. brazil also highlights the need for good faith in order to address the legitimate security concerns of all parties including russia and ukraine. we encourage the parties to pursue genuine talks on the implementation of the minsk agreements. security council resolution 2202, which provided useful guidelines to address the situation in eastern ukraine is also a valuable tool in the diplomatic efforts to overcome the situation. the resumption of talks in the format and the renewed commitment to the cease-fire in eastern ukraine. despite the sensitive and difficult nature of the issue on the agenda today, i would like
9:19 pm
to conclude with a note of hope. it has been encouraging to hear over the past few days statements to the effect that there is no solution to the situation. at this moment in particular for the renewed commitment to the diplomacy and prevention and i thank you, madam president. >> i think the representative and give the floor to the representative of kenya. >> thank you, madam president, for giving me the floor and also the way that you've presided over the security council. i think the under secretary-general for her breathing and welcome the participation of the representatives of ukraine.
9:20 pm
kenya abstained to hold this meeting. we did so to reflect the main question here is the impact between nato and the russian federation's. we believe it is eminently solvable and the diplomatic steps underway. rather than escalation in search of a winner take all outcome is what is required to support and protect international peace and security. kenya has always maintained the respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all countries is a cornerstone of peace. where there are disputes on the jurisdiction or security interests, we strongly support patient diplomacy of the first,
9:21 pm
second and third options. when the dispute is between trmajor powers and regards the security of a third country, it is imperative that they in brace the compromise. we believe that the united states, nato, and the russian federation have an opportunity to establish the diplomatic framework that would allow them to resolve their differences. the security and that of the entire world depends on them willingly taking this step not ushering in a new age of containment, provocation and proxy options. compromise is not surrender. the special power given to the security council's prominent members demand that they embrace this principle if the united nationshe is not to go the way f
9:22 pm
the doomed league of nations. africa recalls the rejections of compromise and the fed for victory that led to the cold war. wea experienced that cold war with a series of interventions that deeply damaged our dreams for peace, development and competent inclusive government. the divisions and fragility's were weaponize at the altarr of the political rivalry. it consumed the truth that recognizes when elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. madam president, given that the majority of the conflict situation the security council deals with are in africa, we do not want them to serve three new
9:23 pm
cold war. therefore we have a direct stake in the de-escalation and renewed faith in diplomacy. we haves serious challenges altogether. the world more urgently needed a united nations that can deliver efficiently. madam president, kenya believes that there've been plenty of opportunities for the talks, the trilateral content group on ukraine and the direct negotiations between the united states and the russian federation to produce a satisfactory outcome. we urge all these parties to ensure that thee negotiations respect the security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. safe and innovative diplomacy may also allow for agreements between today's powers inspired by the helsinki accord which did
9:24 pm
deliver some stability to europe during the cold war. this time, however, such agreements needed to advance the principle of that interference to other parts of the world and particularly to africa. madam president, in closing it is critical that diplomacy and its acceptance of compromise of an inevitable outcome when the day. if there are future discussions to be held in the security council on thisn matter, let it be to announce a new era of cooperation. thank you. >> i think the representative and give the floor to the representative of mexico. >> thank you to the under secretary-general. i would like to welcome those of
9:25 pm
ukraine, poland and lithuania to this meeting. madam president, i'd like to begin by noting that my country deems the holding of this meeting as timely and in accordance with our foreign policy principles. in addition it is relevant since the security council must be informed about the prevailing situation in ukraine. it isth not in our interest to contribute to further polarizing the narratives, thus i will limit myself to noting what mexico should be basic principles for the consideration of this matter in accordance with the united nations charter. sein this case i will refer to three of them. the prohibition on the threat of
9:26 pm
the use of force and international relations, the principle of nonintervention, and the peaceful settlement of disputes. on the first principle, the mere escalation of tensions in eastern europe represents a potential threat to international peace and security, and thus falls within the purview of the council pursuant to article 39. for this very reason, and in light of the prevailing mistrust, it's important to try to avoid any type of action that might be considered as hostile by any of the parties however slight it might seem. but it is however encouraging to hear what we have just heard from the representative of the
9:27 pm
russian federation. he was very clear in reiterating that there is no planned invasion in ukraine. i think that i have cited with what he said. how good it would be if it were the case that a unilateral statement of nonaggression mexico maintained together with what has beense said by the secretary-general and others here in this room that there is no military solution in this issue. on the contrary, preventing diplomacy and dialogue should be followed as meanss to achieving and using the tensions and there are to that end various channels, the conversations in geneva, the trilateral group and the normandy format.
9:28 pm
we reiterate the importance of respecting the sovereignty, unity and the territorial integrity of ukraine being full adherence to the international law the united nations charter and a resolution to 2625 of the german assembly. hence, it brought to the security council to determine as applicable the existence of alien active aggression in accordance with general assembly resolution 3314. added to what i've just stated, this principle is bolstered by the settlement of disputes. states have the duty to settle the disputes by peaceful means
9:29 pm
as established in international law. mexico has upheld and will continue to uphold diplomacy and the diplomatic parts for this particular case remain open. they have not been exhausted. madam president, where there is no doubt with this counsel to make its due preventive effort as warranted by the circumstances, and i firmly believe that it's holding this meeting we are doing that. we are complying with our mandate without excess mission. thank you very much, madam president.
9:30 pm
>> thank you, madam president. at the outset i would like to thank the under secretary-general for the peace building affairs for the informative briefing. the uae is closely monitoring the developments in the context of our discussion today. i would like to focus on the following aspects. first, firmly believes the dispute in europe requires various countries in the region to engage in a serious dialogue based on the values of stability, coexistence and peace. we stressed the importance of reaching a negotiated solution to this issue through the available mechanisms and width of the support of the regional organizations we refer here to the normandy format talks and initiatives of the chair of the organization for security and cooperation in europe that aims to initiate substantial dialogue on the european security. to address the security concerns of its members, we also welcome
9:31 pm
the president's appeal and we hope to build on it to further build confidence in the region. second, the uae welcomes the announcement made of the normandy formats meeting on the 26th of january in which the russian federation and the republic of ukraine confirmed their intention to implement the cease-fire in eastern ukraine. we are counting on the initiatives currently under play underplayed to allow for dialogue including between the united states and the russian federation whose existing diplomatic efforts must be supported and given space to achieve the desired results. at the uae stresses the importance of maintaining security and stability as well
9:32 pm
as the central importance of the minsk agreements and the need to adhere and ensure the implementation this will contribute to reaching a comprehensive regional understanding that maintains security and stability of the countries and addresses all of the concerns. considering the humanitarian needs of the civilians and the preventing deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the region and respect for and adherence to international law is essential to ensure that the situation in eastern europe does not deteriorate further. they are indispensable for the maintenance of the international peace and security.
9:33 pm
finally, adam president the uae reiterates the importance of the constructive dialogue to resolve differences. for the diplomatic platform that enables the states to prevent and resolve their differences peacefully. thank you. >> i think the representative of the united arab emirates and shall now make a statement in the capacity with a representative of norway. for the territorial integrity. the concern is unprovoked and unjustified and further escalation can have devastating humanitarian consequences.
9:34 pm
through the statements and unrealistic demands, the challenges for the security architecture in all of europe it not only affects the region but the national peace and security. russia has repeatedly accused nato and i would like to underlineto the alliance. we do not seek consultation and at the same time we cannot and will not compromise on the principles. based on the national mall and we cannot allow this to be replaced. we call on russia to de-escalate the dialogue through the established mechanisms in good faith. furthermore for the framework for the sustainable and peaceful
9:35 pm
resolution of the conflict in accordance with national law. for the sovereignty and the territorial integrity and to now respect the principles. thankve you. i shall give the floor to the representatives of the united states to make a further statement. >> thank you, madam president. i can't say that i am surprised by my russian colleagues comments, but i'm disappointed. i cannot lift the false let thee equivalency go unchecked, so i feel he must respond. let me be clear there are no plans to begin russia as claimed by order russian colleagues today.
9:36 pm
we are broke on russia as a responsible member of the international community. the recommendations on the facts on the ground are not provocative. if russia's security demands are not met, it's provocative. encouraging the diplomacy is not provocative. the publications from russia or other members of this counsel. we've made the commitment to the path of diplomacy and i hope that our colleagues will also engage peacefully with the international community including ukraine. i say to russia simply this, your actions will speak for themselves, and we hope and encourage that we make the right choices for the council today.
9:37 pm
thank you very much. >> i think the representative of united states. >> thank you, madam president. i didn't plan to enter a dialogue between russia and the u.s. in this meeting. everything we wanted to say he is in our statement today, however, we really just didn't understand what threats and provocations and escalations by russia is being talked about. okay, fine. you've already said this in your statement, but i want to say that when i heard of the the statementsof the u.s., i diy mentioning or reference to the agreement for 2202 resolution, and that is very indicative incidentally given the context talking about the ukrainian
9:38 pm
crisis, the u.s. is looking at this from a completely different angle. i can't change this situation because of the timetable, so i do apologize. >> i think the representative of the russian federation. i wish now to remind all speakers to limit the t statemes to know more than five minutes and were to enable the council to carry out this work expeditiously. i now give the floor to the representative of ukraine. >> thank you, madam president.
9:39 pm
especially given the lengths of the russianhe intervention. i would like to express my gratitude for calling this meeting of the security council the need of which i spoke with the foreign minister of norway during our meeting here in new york. i expressed our thanks to the u.s., who as a member of the security council in close coordination with ukraine requested today's briefing. and of course, i expressed our appreciation of the presentation by the undersecretary. it is a duty and need to be
9:40 pm
fully informed in case of grave threats to international peace and security. what is going on along the border with ukraine where the russian federation continues its military buildup falls under the above qualifications. it is important that ukraine's vote is heard today in those thesecurity council and is not t in translation. when the positioner of my county has been delivered by a foreign ambassador in the russian language. i would like the deputy to tell him that my leadership speaks its language has its own ambassadors and spokespersons so there is no need to interpret the officials in a foreign
9:41 pm
language. especially if it is done [inaudible] spoke of the meaning of the words. even if it appears to be a favorite writer of the russian top diplomats. against the bed rock for the bee unprecedented high-levelel diplomatic context in the past two weeks, a serious talk in the security council does require moreal than ever to present fac, to listen to each other's positions and concerns as well as to outline for the actions towards the escalation. the fact is that nowadays about 1,000 russian troops have been amassed around the borders and in crimea, and together with a maritime component, the number
9:42 pm
reaches about 140,000. another fact is the russian troops are also being deployed to belarus for the result to be held in february. they include in particular the missile divisions and aircraft systems and on top of that on the 26th of january, they started another with battleships, missile ships and minesweepers. this reminds us of the ongoing temporarily occupied crimea, the black sea and of the sea of russia that poses a serious threat to ukraine, all littoral states and thereby the region.
9:43 pm
significant reimbursement of the complex capabilities of the russian occupation forces is another trend. currently, this consists of access to the personnelia including iran's 3,000 servicemen and the russian armed forces, on command posts and other critical positions. in areas outside of the government control and convoys delivering arms supplies to the russians formations is a routine practice. it providess ample evidence of the various illegal activities in the border areas. no supplies, restrictions of the freedom of movement are on the increase. in particular, the government controlled areas close to
9:44 pm
ukraine and russia's border. on the 22nd of december, 2021, the trilateral group reached another understanding on resuming the cease-fire regime. nevertheless, the shootings, sniper fire on the ukrainian positions systematically used to attack the uavs against ukrainian troops have not stopped. we have lost servicemen killed in action and 14 wounded since the 22nd of december, 2021. just a few days ago, when january, 25, the armed formations of the russian federation once again had the divisions of the armed forces of ukraine in the area. the fragmentation grenades dropped and resulted in severe
9:45 pm
injuries to ukrainian servicemen. in the consultations process within the framework of the dcg continues. while the decisions adopted during the december, 2019 summit remains unimplemented. over the past year and a half, we have seen deliberate efforts by the russian side to obstruct these activities and prevent the finalization to the already agreed arrangements in the security and humanitarian areas. all this is accompanied by the denial of being a party to the armed conflict that has been going for eight years now in the region of ukraine. for the so-called direct
9:46 pm
dialogue with the tradministrations and as a reful to engage in substantive discussions on the political settlement of the conflict. the question is why all the forces are there we've asked this question along with sending clear messages. ukraine sees no alternative to the peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict and the restoration of its territorial integrity. yet we also see a surge in the information campaign including ukraine military attacks. this is not going to happen. this is direct evidence to de-escalate and prepare to
9:47 pm
justify what is possible for the aggression. we are well aware of the history for the provocations and we will do what is possible to prevent another. once again, i have clear instructions from my government to reiterate today the absence of any aggressive intention as well as ukraine's strong commitments to peace. today i've heard from the russian side thathe they do not intend to launch a war against my country. although, one should rather speak about to launch a new phase of the russian aggression. it's a very important message that it has incredible explanations by russia for the military movements.
9:48 pm
based on experience, we cannot believe the russian but practical moves on the withdrawal of troops from the border. madam president, ukraine strongly rejects any attempt for the use of force and instrument to make ukraine and our partners accept [inaudible] there is no room for compromise on principle issues. the most principled position of ukraine is that we have inherent sovereign rights to choose our own security arrangements, including which cannot be questioned by russia. moreover, this is enshrined in many international legal instruments that russia itself is a party to. ukraine will not bow to stress to aim to weaken ukraine
9:49 pm
undermining its economics and financial stability and exciting public frustration. this will not happen and at the kremlin member that ukraine is ready touk defend itself. at the same time, we support we need to keep diplomatic channels with russia open. my president has reiterated most recently that he is ready to meet his russianme counterpart. if russia has any questions to ukraine it is better to meet and talk, not to bring troops to the ukrainian borders and intimidate ukrainian people. for ukraine, to achieve a sustainable and unconditionall cease-fire. the cease-fire regime must be guaranteed, reliable, and on this basis further steps can be
9:50 pm
taken. intensification of the work including at the level of leaders of the four countries is an important position for the next steps and we are ready to reserven the talks. the recent political advisers advisorsmeeting on the 26th of y in paris despite many differences gives hope for the continuation of the negotiation process, which ukraine will staunchly support. madam president, we consider despite the attempt to keep the briefing from being held, the security council and the broad membership have received today a very important information. the information that the members of the security council need to take an informed decision. when appropriate, to act swiftly and decisively in the diplomacy
9:51 pm
under the chapter six of the un charter that rests on the security council's responsibility to investigate any dispute for any situation that might lead to international friction or give rise to a dispute. after listening to the russian ambassador today, i would like to ask how long russia will pursue a clear attempt to push ukraine and its partners. and still i acknowledge it's important t to hear today and ty must and with what my prime minister has recentlymi said, ad i quote, if russian officials are serious when they say they new wall, russia must continue diplomatic engagement and pullback military forces along ukraine's borders
9:52 pm
for the occupied territories of ukraine. the diplomacy is the only responsible way, and of quote. let's judge by actions, not results into semantics by walls. thank you for your attention. >> i think the representative of ukrainer and give the floor to the representative of belarus. >> thank you, madam president. continuing to uphold the consistent and principled position on the nature of resolving conflict by force. we have made significant efforts to settle the conflict in ukraine. our country is still prepared to do everything possible to endure dialogue and mutual understanding in the region. there is no alternative to the minsk agreement playing a key role in the peaceful settlement of the crisis. the negotiation process is part of the trilateral contact group
9:53 pm
and also the implementation of the agreement and the conflict of the domestic ukrainian conflict will enable the process and ukraine to get on a sustainable positive track. the u.s. delegation proposing today's topic for consideration in the security council is yet another attempt to artificially lift up tension in the region purely as an instrument of political accusation. such actions only heighten the mistrust and in no way help to solve disagreements. despite the expressed but by the representatives of belarus at international contact expansion of military powers on the western and southern borders is
9:54 pm
becoming threatening in nature despite consistent calls for dialogue and cooperation including even more pressure being exerted on the country by individualdu countries proposedo return to negotiations and not being responded to by the western partners. incidentally i would like to draw your attention that to the fact we had a reference to the budapest memorandum and i do urge you to read that document regarding the republic of belarus and i would draw your attention to the promises in the document, not to exert any economic measures on belarus and to remember the numerous packages of economic sanctions from individual states that have been imposed against us.
9:55 pm
given the current difficult situation, belarus and russia have taken the decision to conduct jointly activities for the preparedness of the forces of the two states to provide military security given the commitments of the alliance. as part of these agreements a decision has been taken to conduct the verification of the responsiveness of the alliance and to the capability of the military command and control to conduct joint exercises to guarantee the security of our allied states to develop joint measures to eradicate the threat on the borders of our allied states including the migration crisis and need to stabilize the
9:56 pm
situation, organizing the defense and protection of strategically important activities to ward off external aggression and to combat terrorism and protect the interest of the state alliance. at the final stage of these activities from february this year there will be a joint belarusian exercise called allied resolve 2022. during the drills, there will be joined drills carried out for specific purposes. we note the options for this group of troops is something that will be regularly developed during the joint exercises. they are always purely defensive in nature and pose no threat by
9:57 pm
the european partners with the neighboring countries. the republic of belarus is continuing to uphold all of its obligations under the international regional treaties on arms control incidentally with information about the forthcoming military drills is fully available on the side of theof republic of belarus defene military. just a few days ago the president of the republic was responding to questions stating that what is possible in the circumstances if there is an attack on belarus or an attack on our ally the russian federation. responding to the different insinuations against belarus regarding anything to do with the domestic ukrainian situation we would like to remind you belarus is continuing to provide all necessary to settle the
9:58 pm
conflict ince ukraine. this includes necessary conditions for the work of the trilateral group and for negotiationsn in any possible format options. today many people in the world are talking about the need to have broad dialogue on issues of international security and initiatives on holding this kind of dialogue under the conditional name helsinki to and as put forth by the president of belarus years ago now and this idea unfortunately has not yet been implemented. the republic of belarus sincerely wants a swift settlement of the regional crisis. purely on the basis of dialogue and mutual respect. thank you. >> i think the representative of belarus and i give the floor to the representative of poland. >> madam president,
9:59 pm
secretary-general, excellencies, poland is grateful for continuing today's meeting on the security council and we are increasingly concerned russia is continued military buildup. including the troops, positioning of military hardware. we cannot keep quiet because uiwhat is happening in our neighborhood constitutes a serious threat of international peaceon and security reaching fr beyond our region and continent. the current security situation of eastern europe unfortunately follows a pattern of precedents with the russian federation being the actor in the region and the annexation of the crimean peninsula. as we speak, the conflict in eastern ukraine and in the valley and the region of moldova
10:00 pm
is a result of undermining the stability and the security of this part ofit the world. madam president, we cannot keep quiet because what is happening in our neighborhood constitutes the violations of the fundamental principles enshrined in the un charter. following the principles of international law such as integrity andw, liability of frontiers and use of threat of force. and we call upon all member states to act in the same spirit. .. what is at stake today not only
10:01 pm
the nation of ukraine in the creation of the so-called buffers in central europe, the real threat is to shape and section europe the undermining of the national lawyers and the freedom to choose the security among others. this may have a global impact in the possible human crisis which may follow. madam president we believe in the power of diplomacy and the transition for security in europe we stand open to the security with the organization. i provide the right venue to the mothers who are concerned we
10:02 pm
call for constructive engagement of all participating states in order to find a peaceful solution of the current crisis. let there be no doubt that the current is not a solution at all living in a constant fear of a conflict of the united nations to practice and live together in peace with one another as good neighbors. the winter olympics less than a week away but at whatever we can to maintain the peace in eastern europe, i thank you. >> i think the representativenkf poland and i give this to the representative of the with selenium. >> madam president let me thank you for completing this meeting on an important issue. i'm delivering the statement on behalf of theha board today in y
10:03 pm
own country little when you. let me the support for ukraine's integrity when then this internationally recommended borders. the clear violation of ukraine and the integrity by the russian armed forces since february 2014. we recognize and continue to condemn with the public of ukrainian. we remain concerned for increasing, in the context that we welcome the establishment of the ukrainian plan launch that took place and keep of the joint declaration, we join the members
10:04 pm
to join the leadership as well. madam president is displaceable .5 million persons and has resulted in the constant suffering when both sides in ukraine official support to sustainable resolution mainly in their mission to ukraine, despite all international efforts until now with little progress and little resolution of this conflict ukraine's approach has not been reciprocated by russia the actions and threats against ukraine and collin russia to the situation and abide by the law they stopped feeling the conflict by providing financial and military support into withdrawal the troops from the eastern border from ukraine,
10:05 pm
madam president despite all diplomatic efforts russia continues the deployment at ukraine's borders and russian groups have deployed in belarus as well this is the current escalation and direct concern to us. they continue of false narrative to defend itself from a threat even as opposite is true it is russia threatening ukraine and other neighbors by positioning over 100,000 troops as it attempts to betray itself it is the aggressor strengthening of the expense of others on the actions in the region of ukrainian and russia has contributed to significant deterioration of security environment in europe. the reaffirm commitment to the core principles of international
10:06 pm
security the founding documents including the final act and others, this includes the viability of frontiers and the use of force it is an obstacle to indivisible in europe and in our continent. in europe notions have no place in the 20th century, states have freedom to choose or chase their own security arrangements no third country has a veto right over the sovereign choices of independent of democratic states. madam president in response to the i recent tensions they have the nuclear conclusions that any further military aggression against ukraine will have massive consequencese and severe
10:07 pm
restrictive measures to beob correlated. madam president we call on russia for the principles toer escalate and engage it is our duty as members of the un of the international system the fundamental principles for other parts of the world, i thank you, madam president. >> effective representative of lithuania there are no more names, the meeting is adjourned. >> coming up tuesday morning and hearing other nominees for director of the office of management and budget shall on deyoung to be deputy director. live coverage begins at 10:15 a.m. eastern on c-span,
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online at or watchful coverage on c-span now our new video app. ♪ >> sunday on in-depth georgetown university law professor cheryl will be our guest life to talk about race relation and inequality in america her books include the agitators daughter place not race entered latest joining the conversation with her phone calls, facebook comments, texting tweets cheryl live at noon eastern on book tv on c-span2. and before the program visit c-span get your copy of the book white space blackhawks. >> the former national security advisers condoleezza rice, tom donilon and robert o'brien sat down with the council formulations for a discussion on security challenges facing the united states. this is an hour. >> da


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