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tv   Conservative Political Action Conference Day 1  CSPAN  February 24, 2022 1:31pm-2:27pm EST

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it and encourage everyone to purchase a copy of john mcwhorter's book "woke racism". you can read it in a weekend and feelsmarter afterwards and i want to encourage everyone to become a member of the commonwealth club . the site is commonwealth and learn how to become a member. this program and others like it will be posted soon on the website. >> we take you live to orlando where the conservative political action committee is holding its annual conference. among those we will hear from our florida governor desantis, ted cruz and martha blackburn. >> we are excited to be here in florida. this is what we call our weekend with all our favorite patriots. thank you all forbeing here. it's going to be a great event . remember, for those out there and can't be with us in person you're missing the biggest conservative party of the year.
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[applause] remember to go to, we will be live streaming the entire event. we have an incredible list of speakers and this is the time we need to come together to make sure we saveamerica . that we protect our children . that we protect our freedoms . the time is now. [applause] >> are you done? i'm very wound up. >> you all know the story. not every republican does the right thing at all times. we come from the swamp where we have a governor in the state of maryland that said it would kill people ifwe had cpac . and i looked, i looked in the mirror and i looked at my wife and i looked at charlie
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and we all said we'll be damned if we're not going to allow cpac to happen because of panic over this virus. [applause] and we looked around the country and we're looking for a home. and what have thousands of americans done? they come to the free state of loretta. [applause] and for the second year in a row, it's not just going to be cpac florida as much as we love cpac florida. we'realso going to have cpac texas . we want to send a message that there are these mega red states that are driving the economic successof america . and we're here today because there's a governor in the state of florida ...
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[applause] i think you know who he is. >> they really like this, i got to tell you. >> he's made everyone move, you name the topic and it's his leadership. he's been avoice for the entire country . and with that, i'd like you all to just take a little look atthe screen . >> crying his surgeon. lockdowns have destroyed jobs . children forced to live by one set of rules y while democrats live by another but one governor is fighting back . >> we are a free state >> well said, governor desantis is fighting back . >> you are trying to lock
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peopledown and i'm standing in your way . >> standing up forwashington. >> we have a responsibility to fight back . >> standing up to liberal media. >> you pick the narrative and you don't care about thefacts . >> fighting for we the people . >> i think we should be protecting people's jobs and that's what we're doing in florida . >> governor rondesantis . >> welcome toflorida . [applause] >> welcome the governor of florida, ron desantis . [applause]
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>> cpac. let me welcome you to the freest state in these united states. [applause] we were lucky to have cpac in 2021 and i'm happy to inform you, 2021 florida set an all-timerecord for domestic tourism coming into our state . and those record numbers include a number of lockdown politicians wholocked down
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their own people, respect their own people . mandates, governors, mayors. add hosts. they criticize florida and the first chance they get, what do they do west and mark escape to freedom in the state of florida. and why even these biggest critics and lockdown come to floridai think it's simple . from the very beginning we refused to let this state this end into some type of faucian dystopia. we protect the people's rights. we protect people's jobs. we protected small businesses and we made sure every kid in the state of florida had an opportunity to go to school in person, five days a week. [applause] in florida we reject the biomedical security state which euros liberty, harms livelihoods
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and divides our society. and we not only reject it if it's governance, we have done things like band vaccine passports and mandates . because it's unacceptable to simply subcontract out faucism to big companies. florida has defeated faucism. freedom hasprevailed in the sunshine state . and florida led when it counted. we led early on when the weight of the world was coming, bearing down on our shoulders . everything we did we were taking incoming. i remember the summer of 2020 we had the kids and you've
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got to have the kids in school. the teachers unions, they would put coffins outside the department of education building in tallahassee. they sued me to close the school but we stood strong and part of the reason we stood strong as we understood what it means to be a leader. not just be a politician that's twist in the wind but be willing to make the tough decisions. i look back at president eisenhower'sfarewell address . many of you remembered it because he warned about the military-industrial complex, that wasn't smart. he was right but if you read that speech also warned about the dangers of a rising scientific and technological elite. government funding more scientific research and he said when that happens there's a danger that public policy can be held captive by this scientific elite. he said the job of the statesman is not to subcontract out your policy to help healthierbureaucrats or other types of bureaucrats . the job of the statement is to leave, to take all the
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interest in society and make sure you're doing in the public good. so so many governors over the last few years would simply be for to help bureaucrats because it was the safe thing to dopolitically. if things went bad they could say the bureaucrats told me i had todo this . you lost your job, sorry your business is done .the kids are locked out of school but they're telling me i have to do this. that is not what we did in florida and we did when it wasn't popular. we did it when we were taking fire . and we did it because my duty is to stand up and protect the freedoms and jobs of the people i represent and it puts me in political jeopardy soviets . i will stand with them. i'm not going to try to protect mild high . and i really believe that florida had florida not lead
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the way this country could look like canada or australia. we sometimes take freedom for granted. you should not do that after the last two years. it is contested. the left does not want to honor our freedom and we have responsibility to fight back on all fronts. people are coming to florida because they want freedom , even our critics are doing it but ican tell you there's one fellow that just hates florida and his name is joe biden . he's always criticizing us. always trying to take pot shots at florida. he does things like take our medication. he said storm victims of really just because hedoesn't like the governor. he doesn't like florida and he doesn't like me because we stand up to him . that's why he doesn't like us .
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last year we call the special session to protect every florida job from biden's back vaccine mandates and we succeeded. we sent people to the texas border and are suing biden over his chest and really policy because he is not following the constitution while letting our borders be overrun. we stand up against the weak on crime policies that are ravaging cities across the country and he supports and we are standing against his reckless fiscal policies where they printed trillions of dollars and now we ravens fighting inflation. inflation is because of his policies we're not going to let anyone forget that. so all told, he's had the worst first year of any president since the 1800s. i'm not buying flowers on it is reasonably one issue after issue. we have the largest budget
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surplus and the lowest per capita tax burden in the entire united states and no income tax and we won't have that aslong as i'm governor . [applause]. when i became governorflorida had the most liberal state supreme court in the country . replace three liberal justices with conservative justices. we now have the most conservative court in the country . since i became governor we ban sanctuary cities in the state of florida . and we are in the process of getting money from the legislature so that biden is dumping illegal aliens into florida from the southern border i'm rerouting them to delaware . [applause]
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>>. [applause] florida leads the nation in school choice and we have liberated hundreds of thousands of young kids are living in poverty to get an education and make the most of life's opportunities. we in florida are one of the first is to stand up and protect women's athletics. we're not going to let our young girls and our women athletes have opportunities denied for them because of ideology and political correctness. we were the first big state to legislate against the tech censorship because they want to silence us. they want to be platform us and we cannot have a free society if most of the speech in this country is controlled a handful of left-wing
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oligarchs in silicon valley. we are a law and order state in the state of florida. we reject week on crime policies. we reject soros funded prosecutors. and we have said after the 2020 summer riots we call up the national guard immediately. we had law-enforcement and said we are not letting floridacities burn down and we didn't but we've also since then sign the strongest anti-writing legislation in the country . which says we will not let local government deep on the men and women of law enforcement and put their citizens at risk. and if you riots in the state of florida, if you lose, if you are engaged in mob violence this is not going to be like portland where the
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arrest you, take your mug shot, slap you on the rest and put you back onthe streets. in florida notgetting a slap on the wrist .you're getting the inside of a jail cell . [applause] because we will not spend taxpayer money to teach our kids to pay our countryor to hate each other , we have bands crt in k-12 education. and instead, we have the most robust civics education anywhere in the country. going to have citizenship exams for graduating seniors and where giving teachers the opportunity to go through a civics boot camp and get a $3000 bonus.
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yes, where against crt but what are we for? i'mfor the constitution. i'm for the bill of rights and we need to have our young people understand what that means . [applause] because the rule of law is paramount, florida has done more than any other state in the country to ensure the integrity of our election. one of the first things i did when i became governor in 2019 and people were talking about election integrity was accept the resignation of the broward county supervisor of elections and remove the supervisor from palm beach county. we didn't change the rules when covid came. we followed. we founded 99 percent of the ballots on election night. it was transparent, it was fair but we also understood there are a lot of shenanigans in other parts of the country so last year i signed legislation banning ballot harvesting in the state of florida.
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banning mail balloting, unsolicited mail balance in the state of florida and maybe most important, we have banned zuckerbucks in the state of florida. we're not going to let a tech giant, there are elections by pouring hundreds of millions of dollars in forpartisan purposes . that will not happen in the stateof florida and we are doing even more this year . people are coming to florida yes to visit but also picking up and moving. we've led the nation in net migration since covid started but this is not just because we have lowertaxes because we've always had lower taxes . these are people who are fleeing leftist governments in this country and even around the world. people will sometimes ask me governor, all these people are moving here from blue states. are they going to vote the same way and make our state a blue state basketcase like
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the states they came from? when i got elected governor in 2019 there were 300,000 more registered democrats in the state of florida than republicans and florida has never had more registered republicans than democrats in our history of the state today standing here in february 2022. there are 82,000 more republicans registered in the state of florida than democrats. [applause] is not just people coming from blue states. there are people that look to florida as the citadel of freedom you are chasing, chafing under authoritarian rule. i recently got a letter from samuel from australia and he said there isn't much right now here and many of us are feels from what our leaders have in store for us. i look to you and your great state of florida for hope
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during this dark time. iq for standing up for us and we have done that. canadians are writing in. australia, europe, you name it and i think they understand what the stakes are and they look to us on what protecting freedom means the left is trying to do is extend years ago. i ran for congress members and was largely to stop barack obama who was president at the time. i even wrote a book which was read by about a dozen people that talked about some of the problems. it was notconsistent with the values that the country was founded on and i stand by that . those were important fights but i've got to tell you i look back at that time. it almost seems so little quick to me. the threats we face a just society are much more pervasive than they were 10
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years ago . think about what the left wants to do. if they had collected a couple more us senators they were going to pack the us supreme court. make dc estate so that have two radical left-wing senators for life. they were going to abolish the electoral college so california can elect a president and federalizedonce about practices . what you want about that. that's not an agenda many american families are sitting across the dinner table saying i wish we could make dc estate or tax the supreme court. that's not what people have on their mind. their concern about gas prices, all the disorder around the world . that's what they're concerned about. the left wants to do that because their goal is not to make our country great. it'sto marginalize the conservative half of the country. they want us to be,. they want us to be second-class citizens and what are these ideological
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aims ? the woke is the new religion of the left. that's why they want crt because they want todivide the country . that's why they remove statues of thomas jefferson and abraham lincoln and teddy roosevelt. take george washington's name all schools because they want to erase that history. they want to delegitimize our founding institutions and replace that with their left-wing ideology as the foundational principles of our modern-day society. wokeness is a form of cultural marxism. it is not just about raising taxes is or bad economic policy, it's about tearing up the fabric of our society and trying to replace it with something that will be much more sinister and the problem that we face as conservatives is a lot of major institutions in our country have become infected with this woke virus. look at academia, do we need to discuss that?
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their main objective is to impose an ideological worldview on the people that come through their universities . look at corporate america, opposingvoter id . many of them make a lot of money from chinese slave labor but they don't want voter id in the united states so there engaging in woke activism. look at our bureaucracy and how off the rails they have become in many different agencies and it's not limited to people like fauci. you have anacross-the-board . you look at the corrupt and dishonest legacy media in this countryand what they're doing to divide us and what they're doing to prop up the regime. they're not in the business of telling the truth they're in the business of sending partisan narratives to be able to benefit their side . they don't speak truth to power, they aredefending the regime in power and if you speak up they come after you, though the thing you .
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all a two day after day is talked a blizzard of lies to try to deceive the american people and make no mistake, that's going to intensifies leading up to november. they're going to do anything they can to relieve the blame off biden and all the american people into keeping democrats in office. that's what we're facing and then made to top it off you have big tech. they tech is the number one institution for censorship in this country. they're working with the legacy media, working with the buying regime to marginalize conservative voices . anyone that dissents from their orthodoxy is a target . this is significant stop this is freedom that's being on all the fronts coming under assault . here's where we're at. whenyou have a society that's veering away from the truth , anybody that stands up and speaks the truth will come under fire. thatis going to happen.
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so in times like these , there is no substitute for coverage. having the courage to stand up against things like cancel culture. having the courage to reject corporate media narratives . having the courage to take on institutions like big tech. having the courage to stand in the way of the branded administration. so we have an opportunity to make 2022 the year that america fall back. we're going to lead the charge in florida but we need people all over the country to be willing to put on that full armor of god. to stand firm against the left'll be met with flaming arrows but the shield of faith will stop them. you will emerge victorious so i can tell you this in florida, we will be standing
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our ground. pulling that line. we are not going to back down. we'veaccomplished more in this state than anyone thought possible but i can tell youthis , we have only begun tofight . thank you all, god bless you . >>. [music] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome north carolina lieutenant governor mark robinson.
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>>. >> backlight is counting down so i better get started. thefirst thing i'm going to do is thank my lord and savior .jesus christ is the reason why we live in this blessed and prosperous land. i don't care what anybody says. the united states of america is a christian nation founded on the principles and wisdom of jesus christ and so we give him thanks first and foremost above everything. i've only got about 12 minutes so were going to get into it . guys, it is time.
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it is time and what is the time right now is to mark the time is for patriots in this nation to stand up and reclaim who we are as americans. we can no longer let cnn and abc and cbs and all those leftists on the other side of the aisle define who we are as americans, as patriots, as republicans. the time is now to define ourselves and stand up and do what we need to do because here it is . god said many times the proof is in the pudding . what conservatives have said about the left over the past 50 years at this present time is being proved true more than any other time inhistory . if you don't believe me take a look at the things wealways talk about . let's take a look at that crucial issue of life. you look at in new york city, up in new york one of the greatest states in this nation, they literally cheer
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for infanticide. at every turn we see abortion being championed in this nation . now with covid we see people being turned away for crucial medical procedures because they don't want to relent to some type of mandate. life means nothing to those folks on the left and they prove it every day and this time they're provingit more and more . take a look at that crucial issue of self protection of americans being able to protect themselves. we love to talk about the secondamendment but one thing we forget is this . second amendment is a god-given right. god gave us the right to self-defense and it was enshrined in our declaration. into law by our constitution. there are places around the world that wish they had a
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second amendment in the constitution. places like australia where we seem terrible things happen under what's become almost a totalitarian dictatorship. places like north of the border in canada under castro . excuse me, eileen trudeau. >> .. we are fighting tooth and nail in north carolina to straighten out our education system. we spend almost half of our state budget on education in north carolina, and our children
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can't read at a grade level. meanwhile, pornography is in our libraries. we are are in classrooms teaching children about adult issues like transgender is him, and we're sitting black chilled on one side of the room and white killed on the other side and teaching them to despise each other. if ever there was time for conservatives to stand up in this nation and fight back for our children, it is now, right now. parents concerned about their children's education being called terrorists, politicians are standing against the evils in our schools being demonized. folks, it's time to stand up and fight back. the time is right now. take a look, take a look at what's going on with our police officers, law and order in this country. every time i turn around there's another police officer being murdered, being assassinated,
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being assaulted, being charged with something that they have not done. old time the crime rate is spiraling out of control. why? because the criminals are watching. the criminals are watching the politicians in their neighborhoods allowing them to get away with anything they want to get away with, and watched some conservative tuck tail and run on this issue. now is the time for conservatives to stand strong on this issue and back the blue and make sure police officers are protected as they do their jobs on the streets. we need to take a look at what's going on with this thing called covid. you know, covid is the virus but you know what the real virus is? the real virus is democrats. the real virus is totalitarian
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leftist thugs have used this virus to browbeat the american people, and i've used it for political purposes. on going to tell you right now i'm not against the vaccine. i'm not smart enough to be against the vaccine. i have no idea what's in it. i'm not here to tell you not to take it and i'm not here to tell you to take it. what in her to tell you is that as an elected official it's my job to make sure you get it if you want it, but it's also my job to make sure that if your doctor wants to treat you with ivermectin then it is their ready and available. and that no medical board, no pharmacist or anybody else has a right to stand up between you and your doctor when it comes to something called medical freedom. that's your choice, your conscious choice and you should make it, not the governor, not the mayor or anybody else.
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what's been going on with this covid thing is a sign of things to come if they get total control. then there's another issue that we've been looking at also. looking at a real close, this thing called election integrity. i don't care what you tell me. 83,000 people did not vote for joe biden. i don't think 83 million people know who joe biden is. joe biden doesn't know who joe biden is. joe biden is an incompetent, incontinent nitwit who has ruined everything he has touched, from afghanistan to where you stand come he's ruined everything he has touched. there was ever a time in this country when it was time for us
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to stand up against the federal government, it is now. people asked why didn't run for the sin, why i want us to north carolina. because i need to be there to slam the door in the face of the federal government. that's what we need to do all across this country. let me just say this in closing. americans are special people. americans are special. we are unique in the world. why? because americans do not lie down and take it. stand up and with fight back. we do not lie down and take it. people ask me all the time where did you learn to be so forceful? what did you learn to fight back? i'm going to tell you right now. learn from a lady named eva mae robinson. eva mae robinson was my mother. god rest her soul, , she's been gone since 2016. she didn't get see any of this
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down here on earth. in 1979, my mother who had very little education, would never work outside the home, she had five children in her house ranging from high school to elementary. her husband, my father, john robinson died, , left alone with those five children. from that point my mothers back was up against the wall. my mother could have laid down,, award of the state, with on welfare and collected all kind of checks and just sat there and waited for the government to take care of her. but she didn't do that. my mother walked. she walked across the street from our house and she went and got a job as a custodian at a college. she cleaned toilets and floors for other people's children in college so she could take care
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of her children at home. my mother did not lay down. my mother, she did what americans do in times of trouble. she found self with the back -- she found herself with her back against the wall. she found herself down on the canvas when her husband died but she didn't lay there. she stood up, she got up, she leaned forward and she fought back. and that is what it is time for america to do and this country. sign for us to stand up, leaned forward, and fight back. [applause] so, my fine leftist socialist friends, don't be surprised when all of your imagination still. do not be surprised when your
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attempt to subvert our boats fail. don't be surprised when your attempts to place mandates and demands on us through the fires, don't be surprise when they fail. don't be surprised when all of your efforts to indoctrinate the minds of our children fail. don't be surprised. don't be surprised when you look around and you see the flag still flying and you see patriots still standing and you see the constitution still the law of our land and you see america still free and prosperous. do not be surprised because the patriots of this nation are going to stand up, leaned forward and fight back and win, and we're going to do it right in your face whether you like it or not. god bless the great state of florida. god bless the great state of north carolina and god bless the
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united states of america. thank you all. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> malmstrom america is at the forefront. >> i take full events referring to concern parents like myself as domestic terrorists needing to be investigated by the fbi. >> i'm a judge but i am a mom must bear. >> calling these mom's domestic terrorist is -- i and sleep no longer. >> we are the change.
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>> we are mom's for america. join the revolution. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome senator marsha blackburn. [applause] >> so happy to be back and to see all this year. i have to say you're off to a roaring start, aren't you? the democrats, they have not had a very good year this year. you know, covid, or economic policy, the border, it's all a disaster. therefore and policy is now a
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war zone, and oh, how we pray for ukraine and for the people of ukraine. also, they've got a little bit of problem with parents. parents across the country are in revolt. crt, ask mandates, lockdowns. what we see happening in the classrooms. they are tired of welcome policies. they're tired of of transgender girls competing against biological girls in our high schools and our colleges. some of their moves are so over-the-top that there are times i absolutely have to double check things to make sure this is not a joke being put out by babylon be. this month the democrats decided
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they're going to try to get out crack pipes with taxpayer dollars, and we put in the end to that here and at the same time homeland security sent out a memo saying if you hear anybody speaking against the covert policy, education policies of this administration, report them to the authorities. it was a slap in the face to free speech. but what we know is the democrats continue to say, in democrat fashion, oh, we're doing this for public safety, and we are doing this for the children. but what they're really trying to do is make you dependent, to make you compliant in control and to make you quiet. we are in a struggle for the soul of this country. you know, a battle of ideas used
2:14 pm
to be conducted in the public square or the city council or the halls of congress, but that wasn't good enough for the democrats. that didn't get the amount of upheaval that they needed, so they moved it to the classroom. and what they are trying to do is have these ideological battles in the classroom, where they are trying to replace civics with crt. their plan is to have crt infused curriculum. their goal is to replace education with indoctrination because that is an essential step for them. and essential to it with this marxist crt is no matter the
2:15 pm
subject, no matter what it is, then you can tilt it to being racist. they have made 2+2=4 racist. they have made gifted and talented programs racist, even though asian students are the highest percentage of enrollees in these programs. they have made it america that terrible and said, well, , it's racist. they had said if your great-grandfather fought in world war ii or your dad is in the military, that is racist and thereby you are racist. what we doubt is america as a country, as a great idea, as a republic cannot survive if our children do not know our history.
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[applause] >> so what we need are teachers that believe in education, instead of indoctrination. we need teachers that are going to be focused on knowledge. we need teachers that are going to commit to reading the woke from our education system. thank god we had some great conservative teachers who have stood up. and you know what the american people agree with us. fascinating, isn't it? during covid, mom's and dads saw what the kids were being exposed to, and they started to fight back. so from loudoun county virginia -- and we got the loudoun county mom's here -- to richmond, virginia, all the way to san
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francisco, california,, we've got some mama bears and the grand mamas that are standing up. you've got people that are saying, you might do this to me at my place of work but you are not going to do this to my child. and they are bringing the pressure to bear. they are saying, no indoctrination, no woke, no teachers union. you are not going to tell my child that they are an oppressor because of the color of their skin. they are saying no to masks, no two zoom school, and no to eating lunch outside in freezing weather and sitting six feet apart. because they have had it, and they are ready to begin fighting back. you know something else they are tired of is political
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celebrities sitting in booths mask less chumming up or stacey abrams massless with a group of masked kids around them. the hypocrisy knows no bounds. thank goodness people are saying enough is enough, and pushing back. now, there is a solution to this. it is called unmask our kids and get the teachers unions out of the classrooms. [applause] and how do we do this? how do we make this happen? now that everybody is awake, not woke, but awake, so how do we do this? first of all we have to spread the word that we as conservatives believe every
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child, every child in this country should have their shot at the american dream. every child should have opportunity to achieve their dreams. there's a second thing that we need to be doing. we need to drive home the point. we as conservatives have a vision for how this country should be. democrats don't have a vision. what they do have is an agenda. they have a checklist, and that checklist says, people don't know how to function unless the government has control of their lives. in the american people have decided that is not what they want because that is socialism, and what the american people want is freedom. so i think right here in this
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room this is the reason the left is not going to win this fight. when i look around this room, when i listen to you all participating with the speakers, what i see is a movement that is ready to pull their weight, and a movement that is ready to prove that democrat party wrong. that is where we need to be starting on this fight. you are patriots. you are freedom fighters. you are happy warriors. you all have a vision and that vision says america's best days are ahead of her. they are not behind her. your vision is that this country is strong, it is prosperous, that our kids are going to have
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the ability to dream those dreams. so it is time for everybody to get involved. it is time to go be the candidates in these races. leave campaign managers, be the door knocker, be the poll worker, get involved in these because it is imperative that we the people be the people and 2022. [applause] you know, i've got grandkids and when i think about the education issue, when i look at all the mom's and dads across the country that are standing up, i think about what i want my grandkids to learn. i want them to know that the united states of america, that we trace our founding the 1776.
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not from arbitrary date that is a debunked author from the "new york times" decides was going to be the date. i want them to know that this constitution is our framework, and it is valid, and on it we stand. i want them to know that freedom is worth the fight, and that they should be celebrating their family members that have worn the uniform and have defended this country. and have defended freedoms. i want them to know the pledge of allegiance. i want them to sing the national anthem. i want them to look at the persons character, not the color of their skin. i want them to love free speech. i want them to be able to express their opinion.
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i want them to engage robust, respectful, political debate. i want them to learn to listen. i want them to learn how a bill becomes a law, and i don't want them to go to school and learn how to build a molotov cocktail for a mostly peaceful protest. also, i want them to learn the names of our 50 states. i don't want them to feel like they have to learn 50 different pronouns. [applause] and i want them to learn that this country is the greatest place on the -- on the planet
2:24 pm
come for human flourishing, that this is the country where dreams come true. this is where they can dream those big dreams, and it happens because the people decide they are going to be the people they are going to fight back. and they're going to preserve faith, family, freedom, hope and opportunity for all our citizens and all generations. god bless you all. get ready for the fight. god bless the usa. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
2:25 pm
>> i can report to the nation, america is on the move again. >> live tuesday the state of the union. president biden addresses a joint session of congress and the nation reflecting on his first year in office and laying out his agenda for the your head. light codes begins at 8 p.m. eastern, the president speaks at night followed by the republican response and we will take your phone calls and social media reaction. the state of the union address live tuesday at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span, or on the c-span now video-out. >> c-span's new american president website is your one-stop guide to our nation's commanders in chief. from george washington to joe biden. find short biographies, video resources, life facts and rich images that tell the story of their lives and presidencies.
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all in one easy to browse c-span website. visit to begin exploring this rich catalog of c-span resources today. >> more booktv tomorrow with authors on c-span's "after words" program including two members of congress democratic representative david price of north carolina will talk about the congressional experience and republican congressman jim jordan of ohio on his book do what you said you would do. we will also hear from randy barnett and evan bernick on the original meaning of the 14th amendment. "after words" all day tomorrow here on c-span2. and that we continue with our look at current affairs. >> hello i am the events and marketing manager at d.c. bookshop and where so excited to have you with us tonight to discuss misfire, inside the downfall of the nra. you can find this book and


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