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tv   Reps. Jim Banks Madison Cawthorn Discuss Conservative Activism at CPAC...  CSPAN  February 28, 2022 10:02am-11:11am EST

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legislation to prohibit states from restricting access to abortions as well as to reform the u.s. postal service. watch live coverage of the house on c-span, the senate on c-span2, online at with our free c-span now video-out. >> -- video app. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the annual conservative political action conference was
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held this year in orlando, florida. up next, remarks by congressman jim banks and madison cawthorn on conservative activism. this bronze just over an hour. -- this runs just over an hour. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> all right. so my name is not mercedes schlapp. it's a joy behar with the view. and i wear my mask everywhere, even in the bathroom. okay. so this is seriously going to be the cpac talkshow format. we get to do this every week on cpac now america and cancel. we have show three times a week. if you haven't watched it it's a
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lot of fun. you just go to it's like you can watch at any time and when wonderful guests so without this a great opportunity to bring on some really remarkable leaders in our nation who are on the front lines fighting on all different levels from the. political level to the community level, in our school boards. and so i'm just throw so thrilled that i have the political opportunity to not be what the or joy but to be a strong conservative woman who is going to be able to talk to the site was guessed that we have so let's not waste any time. let's get going. all right. my first guest congressman jim banks wonderful congressman from the state of indiana. he is also the chairman of the republican study committee. jim, comee on down. you're overy
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left. great to see you. let's jump right in here. we were talking about being the fighters on the front line and we were having a great conversation about how the year of 2021 was the year of china canceled jim banks on every level. first of all, let me throw out a name to you and you give me your reaction. nancy pelosi. [laughter] what happened that you actually got kicked off of a committee? walk us through the process. >> let's go back to the beginning of january 2021. we had the election, then we had january 6. either way, i will never, ever apologize for objecting to an unconstitutional election in november of 2020. [applause]
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so, january 6 happen, a really terrible day, a riot at the united states capital, something that has sat in most of us. then we had january 20, when we replaced the best president of my lifetime with the worst president that we've ever had in american history. we had to this debate in the nancy pelosi led congress about organizing a bipartisan commission to study january 6, to do everything we can to make sure something like january 6 never happens. that's a valid goal. unfortunately this sham january 6 commission that pelosi and cheney lead don't have any interest at all of doing that. kevin mccarthy, who was on the stage with me last year, he asked me to be the republican leader of the january 6 sham committee so we can fight back and do the real work of studying what happened that day, of
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digging into important questions like why did nancy pelosi, who was in charge of capital security blocked the national guard from coming to protect the u.s. capitol. so it didn't take more than two or three days when one of my true heroes in the united states congress, jim jordan. [applause] who was also selected by kevin mccarthy to be a part of the committee with me when we both got canceled and kicked off of the committee by nancy pelosi. it has never happened. >> how did she reach out to you to let you know you would not be a part of it. >> i was at a republican study committee. we meet every wednesday with our conservative republicans in the house. we meet on twitter. >> when they subpoena these in kids, many times they find out on twitter because that's where they post the letters or they go straight to these -- their jobs. >> this is a political
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witchhunt. this is a dangerous path by the democrats in nancy pelosi, their best friend, the democrats best friend nancy pelosi, and adam kinzinger. this is there power-play to a -- to erase and attack anyone who disagrees with their agenda. >> are you surprised that liz cheney and adam kissinger just supported this effort by nancy pelosi to -- you know what their goal is, they want to throw donald in jail. they want to find a crime if they can. were you surprised to of your colleagues moved in that direction? >> unfortunately, no. liz cheney would rather have nancy pelosi and the speakers share them any republican. that's why i commend the r and c for censoring adam kinzinger and liz cheney because they deserve it. >> we have seen some republican politicians like mitch mcconnell, he doesn't agree with
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the censorship. where we stand when we have certain republicans trying to protect these so called -- i don't even call them republicans anymore, but what you think about the republicans who are saying we can't have this happen? >> when you look at what this sham january 6 committee has done, how they abused the power of the congress to go after their political committees, i don't know how you can arrive at any other place and agreeing with the rnc that there is no place in the republican party for those who abuse their power like liz cheney and adam kissinger. >> let me ask you, we will get into these midterm elections in this year in 2022. what is going to be the end result of this committee? what are we expecting from the january 6 committee? >> it's obviously a political circus designed to take all the attention away from what americans really care about, which is inflation, crime, fentanyl is the leading cause of death for americans age 18 to
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45, working age americans because of the border crisis. the border crisis is another issue americans care deeply about. the foreign policy missteps of this president who -- bob gates was right when he said joe biden has been wrong on every major foreign policy issue for 40 years, and he wrote that 10 years ago. that's what the american people care about but the democrats know this is going so badly for the democrats that they will do anything to change the subject. >> you are also canceled on twitter, why? >> i called a biological man a man and got kicked off. i am ajit has happened to some of you as well. the january 6 commit a goes after political opponents, anybody associated with donald trump before, during, or after january 6, and their friends in the big tech who wants to silence all of us for what we believe as well. >> obviously, we are seeing the russian aggression into ukraine.
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now we are seeing ukraine mobilize their troops to try to see if they can fight against a massive army. i mean, when you are watching this from -- being a congressional member, how do you think the biden administration should be handling this, and also talk a little? bit about afghanistan? ? but first, let's talk. russia. >> i served in uniform in afghanistan. of the proudest moments of my life was putting on the uniform and serving my country. [applause] and to this moment, as i sit here with all of you today, it makes me sick to my stomach to see the way that joe biden embarrassed america on the stage. [applause] putin, xi, iran, all of our adversaries were watching that moment in that is why they are seizing on this moment, a moment of unparalleled and historic american weakness to act out and do what they have always wanted to do.
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in putin's case, to invade ukraine. he knew he could get away with it because he had joe biden figured out the day joe biden came into office. he knew this was the moment he had been waiting for, after four years of a very strong president. this never would have happened on donald trump's watch. [applause] but putin knew that when joe biden became the president he could get away with it. and i fear that xi and the chinese communist party, they know that they can get away with invading taiwan as well because of this very historic week moment for america. so that is what makes me sick to my stomach about ukraine, as well. as a member of congress, i went to ukraine a couple years ago. i went out on an army base where i could watch firsthand american troops training the ukrainian troops against russian aggression. that was on donald trump's watch as commander in chief. but we are seeing before our eyes, if you go on twitter right now or online, any of the
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platforms, any of the platforms online, you will see videos of the ukrainian soldiers fighting back, and thank god. they are doing that because we helped them, we trained them, we gave them our american fighting spirit. >> we have troops on the ground in poland. what is your message to them? >> this is a historic moment for america to lead. while we have a president who is not a leader, we have young men and women who are brave, who raised their right hand like i did to protect and defend american freedom and values. and this point, my message to the world is this was completely avoidable. but better days lie ahead. 2022, november is here, it is right around the corner. at that moment, we will take back our country from the radical left you are trying to tear it down. >> thank you to congressman jim banks.
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we are honored to have you here with us. >> thank you. >> that was great. >> thank you. [applause] >> the cpac show continues. we have two great fantastic women both with incredible experience. kimberly fletcher. i don't know if you saw this big truck outside. they were going out to oklahoma then ending up in washington dc. kimberly fletcher, two gubernatorial candidates from the great state of michigan. they joined me on stage. [applause] >> hi, hello. >> i am trying to get matt to get cpac pillows because apparently everybody loves them. we are going to try to get these in the merch store. ladies, hello.
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welcome to the right view. whoopi couldn't make it, but that's ok. she is in a little trouble these days, along with chris cuomo. the list goes on and on. let's get right to it. you have an amazing story. you're such an inspiration to so many women who are wondering, should i get involved in politics. they took this big step to go into a purple state, michigan, to run. what are you seeing on the ground right now? what are issues mattering to the people of michigan, which obviously impacts the whole country? >> the issues in michigan are very similar to the country, but we are a very strong small business state and a small business is being crushed in the state of michigan. you have to bring that back, but that goes to our children because education, we are failing our children in education. if we cannot graduate children who can read, you can't go into
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a trade, you can't go to college. we have to be there for our kids. during the pandemic, we saw some things in our schools we didn't like, didn't we? >> and you are a mother of four. >> yes. >> i've got one upper. >> i am not going for five. [applause] >> and you are a mother of four, so you get it. >> my mothers are in school so i am walking alongside all you parents there who are seeing these things. in michigan, we have had parents on the other side saying this isn't happening. but we just had in december, there was the 21 equity challenge. when we were in challenge, they -- when we were in high school, they were telling us words can hurt you. now we have schools saying this is the list of words and phrases that should hurt you. this is bananas we are seeing this. one of the phrases is to call the united states of america the land of opportunity. that is a micro-aggression now. >> that is in michigan?
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>> yes. >> we will get into the present governor, which i find her to be the worst governor in america. kimberly, let me go to you. yesterday, you had this press conference with this truck. it is the woman truck driver. she is so cool. i could not drive that thing because i would crash it into seconds. can you ask plane what you all are doing being part of the freedom truck convoy that is going through the united states to end up? >> i think the memes that are going out everywhere are saying it for us. moms and truckers are going to save the country. >> yes. [applause] >> i am going to say dads, too, ok? >> i want to make it clear that moms for america is a national movement of women who love men, so we are standing by our men. the truck we have embedded with
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the people's convoy that started in barstow on wednesday. we have two moms in that convoy headed east, and we have three moms including mary, our truck driver mom. we have a mom truck driver, who is in this big purple rig with the constitution, the statue of liberty all over it, and they are heading west. they will meet in obama city and head to washington dc to send a powerful statement. you don't rule over us, you serve us. we are the government. the moms are rising up to defend our freedom. [applause] >> lesko back to the governor, governor whitman, of michigan. she has been one of the biggest hypocrites i have ever seen in politics, where it is like what applies to me does not apply to you. it is that sort of mentality. why does she have to be defeated? >> she has to be defeated because she wants to defeat america.
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she wants to crush america come across the people of michigan. you talk about the trucker convoy, this is a governor who said two weeks ago whatever it takes she was willing to send our heavy equipment into canada to crush the truckers over there. we know she is willing to do whatever it takes because she did whatever it took in michigan. i don't know if you are aware of what happened to us, but you could not guard it. you could not have a boat with a motor. you could walk, but you couldn't take a golf cart. we had ridiculous truck oni and roles that were controlling -- we had ridiculous draconian roles that were controlling us. when she says ever it takes for government to be in control, she is not into serving the people. this is not a governor who understands service. she understands tierney. -- she understands tyranny.
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>> say it together, trudeau. [booing] fauci. [booing] >> we were at a press conference, which is one of the most amazing group of moms in front of the national school board association. what was the message, and ask plain why that event was so important. >> we have had moms contacting us, talking about their children having the masks taped to their malls by teachers, their mask mouth now a real thing where children are having staph infection and tooth decay. we have moms talking about the vaccines come all these things flooding to us tomorrow from the medical mandate to the creek eliminate our children's schools. we realize that this is coming from not just the teachers union but associations, lobbying associations that we are paying for with our talks dollars. -- with our tax dollars. they have a superintendents association and they are all
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funded by our tax dollars that go to the district. so we decided when we were declared domestic terrorists that we needed to take a stand, so we went and stood outside the national school board association and sent a powerful message to the msci and the doj and made it clear that these are our children. you are there to support us, not to restrict us, not to regulate us, not to replace us, and we had moms from all over the country who came and stood strong with those messages. [applause] >> let's talk about what is your agenda, your first 100 day agenda as governor of michigan. >> i want to say, what she just talked about is very important to the state of michigan as well because we have children who are out of school in some cases for over a year. it is very important for parents to be involved. but the michigan democratic party don't want parents involved. it is insane. but our agenda, our first 100
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days, we are looking at education first. we want 25 hours of tutoring for each student in michigan because of that, because our students lost out on so much. we were already behind the rest of the country and lost over a year of learning. this governor has vetoed every opportunity to help our students. we have got to get our students back on track. but how about we have dollars follow the child? [applause] like kimberly is saying, let's get parents back involved in their child's education. you know what the left will tell me so often? you are wrong, parents won't get involved. i think we have proven that parents will get involved. >> moms and dads are on the frontline fighting for our kids right now. >> we are also calling for the parents' right to know acty. we want parents to know what is happening in their classrooms. [applause] it should be three clicks to your child's classroom. you should be able to see what
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is in their library, in the school library, what crt, di, all of these things. you can say we will get rid of crt come but these folks will rename it. we have to be aware of what is happening. transparency is key. we deserve to know what you are teaching. then we can have a conversation about it. summit he said something to me that i think is very valuable. sunlight is the best disinfectant, and our schools need to be disinfected. [applause] >> great points. kimberly, as you are talking to moms across the country, what is their sense as we entered into 2022? some of these moms have never been political before. they have never been engaged in all of a sudden they are waking up. >> virginia is a perfect example of what is about to come. everybody talks about what happened, which is amazing and awesome. that was moms. what we have learned in working
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with moms over the last 16 years is the vast majority of conservative women are not voting. most of them are not even registered to vote. what you saw in virginia, that is what happens when they do. now moms are empowered. not only did we win virginia, but in 17 states, we won school board races. we had a mom in pennsylvania who said because of you guys, i will run for school board. she went and in listed seven other people to run and they all won. >> amazing. we are running out of time, but i want to get your final thoughts on what is your message for our cpac crowd here as we are going into the midterm elections, as we are going into these important gubernatorial races across the country? >> take a look at the change in our country in just one year. it is so important that everybody get involved. i have heard for years, i am involved in my church. i don't want to be involved politically. i feel like there is a conflict.
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there is not a conflict because we have to protect our religious liberties, and to do that we have to be involved in the political world. [applause] >> if you are not voting, then your values are not represented, your voice is not heard. i think moms are really empowered to realize, there is something i can do. i can vote, i can voice my values, and i can run for school board and support those who are running. everything is about local now. the most powerful elected office in the country is not president and congress, it is the school boards. >> thank you ladies so much. it is a wonderful discussion. aren't they fabulous? [applause] thank you. >> ok, who is up next? we've got a really fascinating group of ladies and gentlemen.
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layla runs an academy in south florida. she has been a fearless leader in this area of making sure our kids don't have to wear masks. hannah smith, a school board member. and brandon leslie, florida's conservative voice. come on down. ♪ a little louder, people. come on. ♪ >> great to meet you. let's get started. we have been having a lot of great conversations with some of our wonderful what i call freedom fighters in this country. i have gotten to know you so well, and i just want to get a sense.
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you run this incredible school down in south florida, and all of a sudden her school becomes like the ground zero of all the left-wing media trying to destroy her school. >> i have a school in miami, florida, and i took a stance from when school reopened in september 2020 where i refused to mandate masks. i refused to socially distance our kids. [applause] >> and let's remember, it was 2020, ok? this is when it was just getting started. >> i refused the plexiglas, i refused to force my kids to use the hand sanitizer 50 times a day, and i just did the common sense thing. i increased my cleaning staff. i put uv light's in to clear the air, and i let the kids be happy, normal kids because that is how they are going to have a strong immune system. thank you. [applause] fast-forward to april when all the teachers started get the covid shot, i took a stand and i
10:28 am
said i really don't want teachers to get the shot because we don't know of the possibility of the vaccinated impacting the unvaccinated kids. i had several doctors in this community and they have been seeing cases of weird things that are happening and i said, let's air on the side of caution. this is still and ask bearman to -- let's err on the side of caution. this is still an experimental phase. overall, there was a 99.74% recovery rate from covid. so i knew this was not a life or death situation. when i made that stance, basically the media went ballistic and they went all over me, even though there are schools even to this day -- two weeks ago in new york, they fired 800 teachers, and i never fired one soul. they fired -- [applause] they fired 800 teachers because they didn't get the shot. even though i have not fired
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anyone, they came after me. why? because i did not fit the propaganda they were selling. >> you had your own opinion on how you wanted to run your facility and not let the government dictate those terms. hannah, let's go to your story as a school board member. tell us what happened to you. tell us what the situation was. >> i am from southlake, texas. yay, all the texans out there. [applause] in 2020, the left came for our kids. they wanted to pass a plan that would have radically transformed our entire school district from micro aggression tracking to audits of our curriculum to teacher performance metrics that would measure wokeness for our teachers. and that plan was defeated because parents like you stood up and said no, this is not happening to our kids in our schools on our watch. we defeated that plan. we had school board trustee
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candidates rise up to say we are going to run for school board, we will take back our school board, and my friend and i won our school board election last may with 70% of the vote. [applause] we are still taking back our school board. we have two more candidates running this spring and we are really excited to move forward with the school district that represents the values of our community. it is really important to remember this can happen anywhere. we are in one of the reddest counties in texas, and they came for our kids in our schools. if this can happen in a southlake, texas, it can happen anywhere. if you looked a couple weeks ago in san francisco, there was a recall vote for three school board members. they won by 70% of the vote in san francisco, california. so you can do this. if you care about your kids, you care about their future, the spirit of the american revolution is alive and well. we don't want the government telling us what to do. take back your school boards
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like we did. >> but you are on the media side. tell us how you have seen the media involved and how the fight is so different now when it comes to being able to find a voice in talking about these issues and being able to talk about the country we care about. >> and florida is the greatest state in the nation. >> you are next to a texan. >> i'm sorry. florida is the greatest state in the union. >> weight, you are -- wait, you are outnumbered because i grew up in florida. [laughter] there you go. there are some texans. >> i used to work in mainstream media and i saw behind-the-scenes how my stories all the time, we had a good republican county board i would cover for politics, then the editors would change the script to try to exaggerate things. their eyes had to be controversy
10:32 am
even though there wasn't one because they were republicans. so i started florida conservative voice. we have many more alternatives. we are a red state. our story is not being told in florida, and that is why i said, i am done. i quit to start florida conservative voice so our story can be shared to the masses. >> what do you feel right now when you are looking at the political landscape in terms of what do you feel that the conservatives can take, not only control, but to become a bigger movement. >> we have to create our own institutions. there is a great nonprofit called freedom travel alliance that said we will fly you and you don't have to wear a mask. there are great places that said i am not mandating masks in collier county. we have to keep creating these institutions and we will be able to overcome them because we are the majority. >> the loud majority.
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i remember when we were going through this process. when i tell you vicious attacks on trying to destroy her school that was coming from the media, i have been in this business a long time. it was brutal. it really hit you personally on how they were trying to destroy you and your school. tell your story. >> they called me all sorts of names, insane, dangerous, and idiot, someone who is going to kill the kids because i am letting them breathe fresh oxygen. i really just had to pray a lot during that time and find strength and realize that they are doing this because i am on the right path. and they don't like the fact that i am letting our kids be kids because they are on a mission to destroy our youth. it ended up giving me more power to fight harder and say no, i won't be bullied by the left. no, i won't let them stop me.
10:34 am
i had a few parents who were on the left to came up to me and asked me to step down. i said, i won't step down from my own school. maybe you should find another school. [laughter] [applause] >> and what happened is i lost maybe 100 kids from this whole thing, and i gained over 100, way more families, families who moved here from all over the country. at this moment, i have a waiting list for five grades. thank you. [applause] i am actively recruiting teachers and i am really looking for teachers that are passionate about teaching kids. they understand what our country is about. they are against critical race theory, which i am completely against. they are against this crazy transgender stuff they are teaching in schools. i am recruiting from all over the country and new parents are coming in from all over the country. >> you have had other schools reach out to you, saying, how do
10:35 am
i start my own academy? >> i have had parents from across the country reach out to me and say, you have inspired me to take control of my kids lives. they have started these schools all over the country, which i admire. the only way to save our future is there are kids. hopefully soon i will have a blueprint i can hand them and say, take this, do it, because it is very admirable. it is not an easy job to run a school, but at the end of the day, all the smiles i see, on a daily basis, it is worth it. >> in terms of the school board, we have seen videos of parents being dragged out of school board meetings, parents being called domestic terrorists. obviously, i know that brendan [indiscernible] but in texas, when you see these
10:36 am
images, what are your initial reactions? >> i think it really speaks to the moment we are in right now, that government can label parents who are concerned about their own children's education domestic terrorists. where are we as a country when that is the state of affairs? but it is really important for all of you who care about your school districts to show up at those meetings, to show up and give public comments, to do open records requests, to demand transparency. >> they go after these parents. we have seen this happen. >> there is strength in numbers and if you show up with 300 parents and you are behind each other, you can really make a big difference. that is what happened in southlake. we showed up meeting after meeting and we refused to take no for an answer, and that is what defeated this radical plan they wanted to pass. in our school districts
10:37 am
don't be intimidated. when you run for school board, they will call you all sorts of nasty names. they will go up to the people who support you. they will try to get them fired from their jobs. that happened in southlake. supporters were attacked by the woke mob, they tried to cancel them and get them fired from their job. there is strength in numbers. there is strength in truth and there is strength in being on the right side. so don't be intimidated, and just know you are on the right side and you will be protected if you have strength in numbers. >> brendan, i know you live in this great red state that we are all in right now. but what advice do you give to those people that are in purple states or even blue states, just to try to survive? if you move to another state, then we can talk. what advice do you give those people who are out there fighting the good fight but are
10:38 am
frustrated because they don't see change? >> going off of what leila said earlier, it is important to have your faith in god. i am a born-again christian as of january -- born-again christian. after dinner i six, i was labeled an insurrectionist -- after january 6, i was labeled an insurrectionist. they wanted to label you as the worst of the worst. what i did is i found my faith in god, i found my inner peace. i am able to stand up and i have been more powerful than ever. if it is happening in red counties, it can happen anywhere. lee county is one of the reddest in florida. i found out in the bill of covid, the school board past transgender -- the school board passed transgender bathroom policies. 500 parents showed up to that meeting. about a month later, that policy was completely rescinded.
10:39 am
there is power in truth and power in numbers. just keep moving forward and be consistent. >> you really have a grasp on the organic movement. what are you hearing on the ground as well in terms of what they are seeing happening, not only nationally but internationally at this point? >> we are seeing the momentum shift big-time, and i can tell you here in florida a lot of people are worried about the influx of new residents we have had because of the covid policies from these two radical blue states -- from these tyrannic blue states. i was talking to david ribbon. he said, everyone i was speaking to our former liberals. they know governor desantis is great. they want to live a prelude. -- they want to live a free life. the only way we can go is up.
10:40 am
just keep the faith. >> i just want to point this out, the miami herald, their articles were probably the worst. and again, you stayed strong. how has it been ever since? now they have kind of backed off, they are leaving you alone. but do you feel that getting involved in this political process is important in telling your story? >> yeah, before covid, i was not into politics at all. from seeing everything that has been happening, i realize how important politics is, even from just the school board, the local mayor. the decisions they can make can really ruin your lives. >> and business. >> 100%. shutting down businesses. it is so hard for schools to remain open, which they had, so thank god for desantis. [applause] but more than ever, i have come
10:41 am
and activists in all of these areas because i am realizing that the only way we are going to save our future is through politics, education, through our children, and going out there and complaining about the things that are not going right. do something about it. >> hannah, let's get your final thoughts. we are running out of time here. i know you talked about getting involved and all of that when it comes to our children. do you think we are going to make a comeback? >> absolutely. i see it across the country, from coast-to-coast. parents are rising up and saying enough is enough. we are in charge of our kids and our kids' education. if you see it in san francisco, that means it can happen anywhere. i think this movement is a tidal wave and will continue to move across the country. but we count on all of you to get involved. you have to go back home, be inspired, start looking for those great candidates for school board. the most important elected official in your town is the school board trustee because they make the decisions about
10:42 am
what your kids are learning and the future of america. if you care about the future of america, you care about the future of democracy, you care about your children, run for school board because it makes a difference. >> brendan, final thoughts. you've got the last word. >> like i said, the reason why i started my own media outlet was to give voice to those local elections because the democrats are spending a lot of money in florida, and not on the governor's race, it is in the school board races, so we will continue to expose it. i will use every ounce of energy i've have to fight these communists. >> let's give a round of applause for the freedom fighters on the frontline. [applause] >> thank you. [applause] >> you are not falling asleep on me, right? ok.
10:43 am
next, we have two very powerful women, truly inspirational. florida attorney general ashley moody and the former lieutenant governor of wisconsin, rebecca kleefisch, the gubernatorial candidate on the republican side for the great state of wisconsin. a warm welcome to these fabulous ladies. [applause] >> just for the blonds out there, per nets have more fun. >> you made it here, so not too far away. >> luck into the great state of florida. >> it is good to be in a free state. >> free wisconsin. >> we are trying to help you with the. >> thank you for sending an example. >> you have been in public
10:44 am
service for a very long time. you were the lieutenant governor under scott walker, who we loved. tell me, what are you seeing? what are the changes you are seeing in wisconsin? obviously you have a democrat governor. what has he done that has not been working, and is it reflective of what we are seeing in the rest of the country? >> everything. everything that our democrat governor has been doing is not working. thankfully we have a republican legislature right now, but they are at loggerheads every day, so that means we are not making progress. whatever terrible governor has done is be the architect of the status quo, which means violent crime is on the rise, 9% year-over-year. did you know milwaukee has more cars stolen today than in chicago? it is not just violence. it is also education. how many of you are so frustrated that we have had two
10:45 am
years of this virtual experiment and we still have [indiscernible] [indiscernible] kids in wisconsin -- [indiscernible] >> when they were trying to defund the police, there legislature passed the bill much like we did here in florida, but the leadership of governor desantis said if you try to cut the funding for police, we will shut that down. they tried to pass a similar bill there. the governor vetoed it. >> we need to make sure we are backing the badge, and the governor is out of touch. if you are familiar with the kyle rittenhouse trial and what happened when kenosha burned, he never needed to happen. if you're familiar with what happened with the waukesha parade massacre, never needed to happen. >> it wasn't that they wouldn't allow the national guard to come in. >> donald trump was the one who assured that the national guard came in. there were enough federal agents to come in time, but two men had to lose their lives before any of that ever happened.
10:46 am
bad on crime come about on education, and frankly bad on the economy. he is wasn't of the last governors in america to pay people more to sit on the sidelines. we need people back to work. >> ashley, you are in a different situation in florida. one of the things i've noticed you have been talking about, the secretary of homeland security, the fact that -- he should resign, i agree. i wanted to get your comments on how their inability is impacting florida. >> the border is no difference from the larger cities where you're seeing the spike in crime. it is all about enforcing the public safety laws on the books. we have specific immigration laws, but this administration has just abandoned and historically, even democrats have followed these public safety laws. one of the first things biden did when he got into office is
10:47 am
stop supporting those here illegally who were committing crimes. very serious felonies. obama even did that. it should not even be up for debate. but mayorkas is not implement in the laws. when it goes to the border, the border control agents who were supposed to have taken an oath to protect this country, defend the border, they are like, let us do our job. mayorkas goes down there and wears a border patrol jacket and they are like, why are you wearing that? you are not letting us follow the laws. he is like, i'm going to help them, i'm going to increase the morale, i'm going to get more processors so we can process more people coming here illegally into our country. let me tell you how that is working. biden secretly flew someone into our state who is posing as a child, a 24-year-old man who murdered a father for. we are feeling the effects of this lack of enforcement of the rule of law. that is what is also happening in these larger cities. you have these radical prosecutors, some of whom have never prosecuted a case. they are not prosecutors, even
10:48 am
though they know how the title of prosecutor, and they immediately get into office, start letting people out of jail, they don't prosecute the crimes that are brought to them by law enforcement, and it is a breakdown in enforcing the rule of law. and it creates chaos. you are seeing the smash and grab. we support our sheriffs. we are increasing their salaries. we are offering bonuses around the nation. i just swore in officers who left new york and came to florida. [applause] >> there are 1000 more cops on the streets and we have to be concerned as moms in this country for the safety and security of our families. >> i have been on the campaign trail with donald trump, and i
10:49 am
remember meeting days sheriffs. you were with us on these bus tours we did. you would think these police officers the sheriffs would be crying because they would be like, i can't do my job. i am demoralized. my kid doesn't want to become a cop. now you have cities like new york city where it is a disaster of a place of violence and a place where they cannot control it because they have these very bad laws. they are not enforcing the laws. >> look at where we had the parade, that horrible incident. long track record in three different states. violent crime, sexual offenses. that guy got out on bond like that. >> wisconsin is dealing with that as well. the parade during christmas time was tragic. >> exactly what ashley was talking about. i was there at the funeral of an eight-year-old boy, and hugged a mom who stood next to a casket
10:50 am
made for a child. no one should have to go through that. this man was let out on low bond and just days later another incident, and it days after that we had three cops shot into weeks in milwaukee. this is what you get when you have these district attorneys and judges who play catch and release with people with rap sheet's a mile-long. they are out terrorizing our communities. >> the combination that will destroy a city, a once great, thriving city, it a radical mayor -- is a radical mayor and ada who will not prosecute cases. if you look at the top cities, you will likely have that incredibly dangerous combo. it is not rocket science on how
10:51 am
to lead a state in this nation. if you pledge and work diligently to protect your people, their safety, and you protect their rights, which we have done in florida while we were making decisions about the health care, the safety and welfare of our folks during the pandemic, we always did it through a lens of protecting individual liberties. >> let's jump real quick to the pandemic. you all have really been a leader -- i know, i'm sorry, rebecca. >> working on it. >> you all have been a leader in making sure they don't enforce mandates on employees. i can't tell you the number of employees who have come to me and said i have been forced to get the jab or i would lose my job. and getting rid of the mass mandates. why do you believe that more states should follow? >> it goes back to always making any decision with a lens of how do we do what we were meant to
10:52 am
do when we were set up by the united states of america to protect the autonomy of states to govern the health, safety, and welfare of the people? and of those state leaders have to respect individual rights and fight back when the federal government tries to encroach upon our autonomy to deal with those subject matters in our state. think about it. right now, the way the united states is set up, if you don't like how california is using its police powers, you can move to florida. in fact, we have more people moving to florida than any other state in the nation right now. that is because of the way our government is set up. but if the federal government, which we gave very limited authority when we were set up, if that government starts overreaching and taking powers away from the state and impeding upon what they have the right to do, you have to have state leaders who will push back on that, otherwise where do the people go? >> in january of 2023, i would
10:53 am
like to give you a run for your money in florida. but an illustration in contrast here is tony evers told some people they were essential, other people they were non-essential, and pitted people against each other in wisconsin's economy. then we saw health officials across the state in counties empowered to become tyrants. we had cops going out and shutting down church services. today, there is a patchwork across our state where some children are still going to school in masks. they are not allowed to go to school if they have been contact traced. we can't have a patchwork in education, not in wisconsin, not anywhere. we need to unmask our children and let them learn. [laughter] -- [applause] >> we will work ourselves this
10:54 am
way. >> keep in mind, you have to have the federal government that respects its limited authority. we don't have that at all right now. joe biden is trying to be creative in using all kinds of laws to overstep his authority and push his will down into the states. that is why i am fighting to keep kids who are two years old from having to wear masks outside. outside. this is the kind of litigation we are having to deal with. but we will continue to do that because in our state, this is the reason more people are moving here. this is why we broke tourism records last year. this is why we have the lowest crime rate in 50 years. because we fiercely protect individual rights, we want to stand up for our good men and women in law enforcement, protect our people and let them do their job, let them protect folks, and we want to make sure that in florida you still have the right to do that and the federal government can't stop them.
10:55 am
governor desantis believes that and i am here with him. >> i see what you're doing in florida, and i am calling my shot because we want those same freedoms in wisconsin. frankly, i think we want those same freedoms all across this country, and i think that strong moms can lead that revolution because we are frustrated by what we have seen, and democrats have done the wrong things in this time for choosing, and it is time for we the parents to choose. >> you have pretty passionate mamas up here. >> let's back the badge and get back to work, get back to school, and get government back to the people. >> i have great hopes. these are fabulous, fabulous conservative leaders, and i am honored to call them my friends. rebecca and ashley. let's give them a round of applause. [applause]
10:56 am
>> we don't even have to go to commercial break, this is so great. let's get right to it. i have governor scott walker with the young america foundation, one of our favorites, and congressman madison cawthorn of the great state of north carolina. [applause] >> gentlemen, how are you? right here. >> nice to see you. >> great to see you. >> i can confidently say i am the only person here with the most comfortable chair. >> you are not wearing my heels. >> my shoes never get dirty. >> it is so great to have you both here. obviously with rebecca, she is running for governor of wisconsin.
10:57 am
i know you had that role. >> so i have heard, right? [laughter] >> you were one of the best. walk us through not only what you're seeing in wisconsin, but just generally. you are traveling across the country, you are meeting with so many young, dynamic people. is this next generation going to save us? >> yes. we are training the next generation of freedom fighters and we are excited about it. you heard on the earlier panel, the things we learned in virginia last year is don't piss off parents. one of the few good things out of the pandemic's parents could see what is happening in the classroom. but i think the same is true for young people. young people are saying, not only have we been dealing with this liberal indoctrination, with these left-wing professors, with this woke atmosphere, they are sick and tired of their campuses being closed, not getting the education they were promised, of having vaccine mandates, and of the vast
10:58 am
hypocrisy across the country. we have been saying for years that campuses are the canary in the coal mines. you can see how woke they have gotten there and how much that has translated in k-12 education and even in communications. young people are ready to fight back. >> you are one of our young leaders. you haven't aged like scott and i have. can i ask you, medicine, what are you seeing as well? you also travel across the country. you meet with such a diverse group of patriots. what is their message? what are they worried about? >> i believe people in my generation, especially ones who lean conservative, one, i believe they felt like they were alone and there were no real concerns out there. but since we went to the pandemic, people realized there are a lot more of us than the mainstream media would have us believe. what i have found is they are tired of being categorized in
10:59 am
the republican party of being the party of no, the party that is against things but doesn't have any ideas on how to successfully fix things. you are starting to see people in the conservative movement now coming out with policy objectives, saying, the ideology of this wokeism, the ideology of trying to sell america out to the highest bidder across the sea is no longer going to work. people in my generation, they want to be able to work and prosper in peace. they want to be able to raise a family. many people of my generation are starting to find that if you are getting a humanities gray, it is pointless. just 20 years ago, the humanities were a core of that. now you see this wokeism come out on campus. like many people in this room, we said, isn't that silly? but that led us to aoc. that led to us having the squad in washington. it is young conservative saying
11:00 am
we are not going to be categorized as being these radical leftists because we no longer believe in this ideology that killed 100 million people in the last century. we are going to come out and go on offense instead of playing defense. >> social media has such a huge influence in this next generation. they pretty much define them when you are talking about as healthy or going on tiktok. a lot of it is mindless. what is the concern there? how can conservatives utilize it in their favor? as we know, there is a lot of canceling going on. >> big tech is like big business, big labor, big government. conservatives are on the side of the little guy, hard-working men and women of our country. but one of the encouraging signs is we have done all sorts of research. you
11:01 am
what's encouraging as you hear twitter all the time, you know what the number one way generations get their information? you too. granted there are challenges there as well you saw our youtube's subscribers pandemic more than double and its content driven so we have guys like ken shapiro, kelly and conway, mass. been on a number of times as well . bcd speakers and where u2 content is so great is young people watch not just a lecture on campus, they watch a q&a . utyou want to your questions from that radical teachings is because they want to hear how i respond in the classroom with my friends on social media and the good news is there gradual gravitating towards content . the doctor talk about big ideas. we got to be on the side of young people and entrepreneurs. they're hungry for it and they know more than anything people believe in fairness and when you point out it's
11:02 am
not fair , when we exposed the college professor at iowa university where if he said if you're against abortion, same-sex manage same-sex marriage and the blm organization your out of my class in the university system so that's not free-speech. young people get the woke culture and they don't see it as their >> the social media aspect is the weapon eyes againstour country . we all heard when tiktok came out from china it was an information gathering apparatus but it's more diabolical . if you look at the alternatives, but there encouraging americans to go viral and get a lot of use, it's to learn some silly answer do something that's mindless and meaningless but if you look at the's in china there encouraging our young people to is things that make them feel validated is
11:03 am
bringing something crbuilding something incredible or being able to speak fluently and well are having great patriotic value. these are the things they encourage for their use but they're trying to subvert our entire culture. >> talking about canceling, they're trying to cancel you. [inaudible] >> tell our crew here what's going on and what you're doing. >> there's a gentlemannamed mark alliance, a terrible human . >> that's a huge boon. >> he was the quarterbackof all the shenanigans that happened in 2020 in our election . he participates in something we have coined n a loft there and it's using the judicial system against their political enemies. because of what happened on january 6, they say i thought they were trying to get a catchytagline . they started drawing out
11:04 am
insurrectionist in these words from the mainstream media but we see that it was all a coordinated effort to set the standard and say because we participated in an insurrection of 14th amendment bars them from being able to be in office and i don't know why they chose me first perhaps it's because i tell nancy posey she's not god every day . [applause] you this group from western north carolina, they love it but if they're hesuccessful in being able to keep me off about it will set a precedent that anyone who had questions or concerns about the election, they've maybe expressed it on facebook or twitter will be to bar every one of those people from being able to hold office in america and destroy the america first mission. one, this is a spiritual battle so please be praying for this, pray for the judges and inlawyers involved but the american people need to be aware of what's going on.
11:05 am
when these people say you're a threat to democracy and vote like democracy depends on it i say why are you self-governing like the country depends on? why do we start doing something for the american people instead of using our institutions to attack americans ? all of us in this room are sick and tired of it. d >> and the left has a well-funded coordinatedeffort to stop any effective republican or conservative. that is their goal and they will try to do it through election as well . i want to get your reactionto what we are seeing in russia and ukraine right now. obviously russian aggression . why do americans need to be concerned? >> what you are talking about, woke weakness leads to what we are seeing in the white house. ronald reagan talk about peace through strength.
11:06 am
when your week, you get into war, not when you're strong and this president is leading us to a scenario where the world might end up at work again and goes back to what he did in afghanistan and what a debacle that was. he allowed not only tyrants there and around the world. we don't get into wars when readers strong, we get into wars when we are weak and that's why history is so important. this president seems to be like neville chamberlain and jimmy carter and that's something we should all be afraid of. >> the daily beast came out with an article sayingdon't blame biden for russiaukraine . should we believe that ? >> i want our president to be loved by the american people. i genuinely do but what iwant in a president is for the rest of the world to be terrified of them . where the most powerful nation that ever existed and we need to exert that but also to realize that the days of endless wars and sending
11:07 am
our sons and daughters to die for other nations, those need to begone. we need to use economic sanctions . this all could have been stopped by being able to stop the nordstream 2 pipeline. it would've been so simple. joe biden, we've all heard of this shenanigans with burisma. i don't understand when we import 500,000 barrels of oil from russia every single year , if we were to have the keystone pipeline we would create 850,000 barrels of oil. this president has been corrupted by the radicals across this country. 5 to 10, by xi jinping. siyou see why xi jinping and putin wanted biden to be president. taiwan is now getting a preview of what's going to happen and it sat.
11:08 am
>> you talk about taiwan, the new york times reported about chinese intelligence, biting sharing intelligence with the chinese officials chinese officials handed over to moscow . your reaction. >> in america there should be no greater friend and no worse saturday enemy and unfortunately we're seeing it in this administration. she's back in about an hour, his bookred-handed talks about the problems you see not just with joe biden but with his family . these are the facts that young people when they come to our conferences say he never heard this and i don't blame people for being liberal, i blame the rest of tus for not getting the word out in college and tell them thetruth. they're hungry for the truth . >> finalthoughts as we run out of time . >> i believe the world is a
11:09 am
safer place when america is strong. when the greatest generation defeated evil in world war ii, we had 70 years of no world power trying to gain more territory until joe biden took over. the republican party has been on defense, capitulating to the left. our country is so we are enemies emboldened and his wife come out with a new contract for america that will reestablish america as a dominant force. you can go to new contract with instead of trying to econvince 200 team members of congress i want to convince 30 or 60 million americans to orget involved because it's time for the people to be in command of this country, not the people in washington dc . >> last word. >> most important thing you can do for america is pray. pray for our young people, pray for our military, pray that god might open their eyes to doing what's right and respect and protect the republic we love. >> you both are great.
11:10 am
round of applause for scott walker, congressman madison cawthorn and that's it. our time. you've been a eegreat audience. thank you all. [applause] >> more now from the conservative political active action conference held in orlando. we hear from senator marco rubio of florida. this isabout 15 minutes . >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome senator marco rubio. [music]


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