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tv   U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Durbin on SCOTUS Confirmation...  CSPAN  March 17, 2022 7:22pm-7:34pm EDT

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questions and limitations advice in the rules as i mentioned in the essay, a written statement all part of the record and i want to thank you for the statements as well. with that, this hearing is adjourned. >> cspan is unfiltered coverage of the u.s. response to russia's invasion of ukraine, bring you the latest from the president and other white house officials, the pentagon, and the state department as well as congress and we also have international perspective from the united nations and statements from foreign leaders, all of the cspan network. the cspan now free mobile app and these men .org/ukraine, our web resource base information we can watch the latest videos on demand, and follow journalists on the ground to cover to,/ukraine. >> monday, the senate judiciary committee begins the first of four days of confirmation
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hearings for supreme court nominee judge brown jackson, and if confirmed judge jackson would become the first african-american woman to serve in the nation's highest court, miniature spoke on the senate floor about the historic nature of her nomination and he also sunday posted senators on the committee will rise to the occasion during next week's confirmation hearings. >> thank you mr. president, just a few days america's eyes will turn towards this judiciary committee as we begin the considering judge brown jackson for her nomination to the supreme court and it's going to be an historic moment of money is just shocking appears before the committee and gambling the hearings is turned committee will rank as one of the highest honors of my career in congress and next week the american people have a chance to meet judge jackson learn about her and professional record and life
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experience but for now the meet briefly sure a few things that have impressed me the most about ketanji brown jackson and by now i'm sure thatle you have heard about ave experience, ketanji brown jackson has more to the upper of fiduciary most would consider any court courtship as an achievement they can brag about it for years and she served as the clerk at every level of the federal treasury include the supreme court and she served many roles in the courtroom in public defender, a lawyer in private pack practice and district in circuit court judge of the federal level and she was confirmed by the senate unanimously to serve in the u.s. sentencing commission and she would be the first justice since marshall, considerable criminal defense experience and qualifications are exceptional and every rule she filled she's even handedness and - and just as impressive with judge ketanji
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brown jackson is record as her character and if limit, humble, personable, she dedicated herself to making her legal system moreur understandable, ad more accessible for having when it came to the courtroom and finally of course there's a perspective that judge ketanji brown jackson will bring to the high court over the course of its history, 115 justices have served on the supreme court and if she's confirmed, judge ketanji brown jackson will be 116, but she would be the first supreme court justice who is the daughter of parents of segregation in the first justice is representative the public defender and judge ketanji brown jackson also comes from out law enforcement family is a deep appreciation for the risk of resources like herro brother and uncles, and i believe that one serves police department entity with judge ketanji brown jackson confirmation the supreme court would come closer to fully
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reflecting the diverting america and justice announce his charm and i promised the process of confirming his successor would be fair and timely and it has been prisons the committee a bipartisan committee questionnaire to judge ketanji brown jackson and in response she provided material with considerable record for accomplishments in a writing center reason things had notably this included more than 12000 pages of public records and judge ketanji brown jackson is time of the committee and also a bipartisan document making a request of the obama residual library the request sent documents related to judge ketanji brown jackson's nomination about the commission it in the united states district court for the district of columbia and in response to that request, the obama library produced more than 70000 pages of material. and additionally judge ketanji brown jackson have written
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almost 600 opinions, which provided sensitive insight into her legal. philosophy and in short has allthe information to evaluate judge ketanji brown jackson's qualifications to sit on the supreme court predict and there has been a lot of all up request for information as well predict she always responded and timely way pretty so we want to proceed with the hearing monday and this process will provide committee members an opportunity to question judge ketanji brown jackson to learn more about our approach to the decision-making interviews on record and on and off the bench and i was woodwork and each member the committee will be allocated for two minutes to make openingr statements, and each member will have the total of 50 minutes to question judge ketanji brown jackson and 22 members of the committee if you do the math, there's plenty of opportunity for questions to be asked and answered pretty and i expect to see a substantive hearing braided and i expect the members on both sides of the aisle to
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ask tough but fair questions and give her an appropriate time to respond and i expect that committee will diligently perform the roll in the senate and when the hearing is complete, only mark in public will be keenly aware of just what an outstanding nominee judge ketanji brown jackson is also get to see meeting with her personally and she is thoughtful, brilliant, kind, as a good since of humor. she's already inspired young people across country and people who are just beginningop to discover your passion for law and she graduated from senior high school, public high school in pinecrest, florida and anotherf close there are sing with pride and participation in this hearing pretty they told me i was leaving the students have spring break next week, during the season in florida, and he will together for virtual watch party as judge ketanji brown
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jackson appears before the committee and the administrators that many of the students see jn jackson critically the debate team which she was also once a member of her self and in fact judge ketanji brown jackson summertime his speech and debate committee is one of the most prominent experiences in life, she describes it as it best prepared me for success and will today she is more prepared than perhaps anyone is in the supreme court and the students who are following her footsteps, working long hours with rhetorical skills and they are on the right track and judge ketanji brown jackson may be the first panther to sermon supreme court, there's a reason why she should be the last years from knows, maybe one of you will be preparing for the same committee. shall be sayingju that there so proud judge ketanji brown jackson i would like to add another element of this, a personal one pretty when i spoke
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to judge ketanji brown jackson about her family she f said nationally proud of her husband is a surgeon, when she talked about her two daughters the teenagers and obviously good kids and she is so proud of them and she told a story that when there wasn a vacancy in us and the supreme court several years ago when the daughters become apparent and run it personal letter to president obama said why don't you pick my mom. .. a good person, a good mother, a good parent, and she'll be a great member of the supreme court. i also want to say that there are elements that obviously the public has paid attention to. this being the fourth time this being the fourth time this being the fourth time before the senate judiciary. many people in america at no judge objection, they've heard about her or know about her. they believe in a positive way that she will bring diversity to the court. that she has the experience
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necessary to serve effectively. that she will uphold our constitutional values with liberty, equality and justice to protect the constitutional rights of everybody, not just the wealthy and powerful perch as ethics and integrity, she will place a justice before politics. i am looking forward to this hearing. ict happy the republicans what o make it a respectful hearing. i certainly hope they live up to that. i will do everything i can to convince the democratic side to aspire to the same goal. this could be a historic moment for america with the selection of this justice by hopi senate judiciary committee rises to the occasion, i have confidence it will, mr. president i yield the floor. next i am pleased to nominate judge jackson he will bring extraordinary qualifications, deep experience and intellect and rigorous records to the court. >> i am truly humbled by the extraordinary honor of this
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nomination. i am especially grateful for the care that you have taken. in discharging your constitutional duty, your service of our democracy, with all that is going on in the world today. >> president biden nominates judge jackson of the u.s. court of appeals retiring justice steven breyer on the u.s. supreme court. if confirmed judge jackson become the first african-american woman to serve on the nation's highest court. follow this historic process it. watch our live, uninterrupted coverage of confirmation hearing starting at 118m eastern on c-span, or downloading the free c-span now radio app. >> are now available for preorder in the c-span shop, c-span's 2022 congressional directory. go there today to order a copy
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of the congressional directory for this compact spiral bound book for every member of congress including bios and committee assignments. also state governors of the biden administration cabinet preorder your or scan the code with your smart code. every c-span shoppers it helps support nonprofit information. >> a tonight a hearing on tax filing season including the backlog of tax returns, the irs is attempting to process for hiring more employees. watch the house ways and means subcommittee hearing at 8:00 o'clock eastern on c-span2. let watch full coverage on arthel video app c-span now. >> our guests this morning's executive editor of agora pulse rate is here to talk about food prices and the impact of this conflict on


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