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tv   Senate Judiciary Cmte. Considers Ketanji Brown Jacksons Nomination  CSPAN  March 29, 2022 9:12am-9:34am EDT

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senate is back at 10:00 a.m. history and eastern consider its executive combinations at 10:00 a.m. on c-span three, white house budget director, somalia is in front of the house budget committee to help find presence newly released 2023, budget proposal and the finer things from you live that, or on c-span now, our free video app. >> the senate judiciary many held a business meeting to to consider the supreme court nomination judge ketanji brown jackson with her confirmation hearing last week and members of the committee are set to meet again on monday, april 4, when they will voting whether to send kyiv nomination to the full senate for consideration for judge ketanji brown jackson.
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>> the meaning of the committee will come to order we have some anomalies today and each has been listed for the first time he will be called over and they are judge ketanji brown jackson nominated be the associate justice of the supreme court, judge stephanie dev is nominated for the sixth circuit and another for the third circuit and robert nominated to the seventh district of california, evelyn, nominated to theat district of new jersey, and of her, nominated for southern district of new york, and
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vanessa avery nominated to the u.s. attorney for the district of connecticut printed last week the committee spent more than 30 hours and over 40s considering judge ketanji brown jackson nomination are described as a a trial by ordeal from the nominee i do believe it was nothing less and came away personally very impressed that it is clear what she has been reported out of committee three times beforean with bipartisan support and we saw her qualifications than legal experience and emotion to her family, had a country and the rule of law and we saw her commitment to liberty justice in the constitution and the constitution that should work for all americans and then thern is the issue of temperament and the majority of the members on both sides and the majority were fair and respectful and unfortunately coming the words of one republican committee member, the examples of award not heard before, and playing to
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the social media and the cameras but in the face of gross distortions of a record repeated false motives, judge ketanji brown jackson showed grace and poise and she was not short for judicial a virtue which all of us in public life aspire to anyone briefly address two or three of the claims made by her opposition last week. first a number of my republican colleagues suggest that she doesn't have it's judicial philosophy and respect we,e, that's just not true. not goinglosophy is to be acl declaration of a labe, yes take the time to read any or all of the 570 written opinions which she issued and 12000 pages of many testimony before the sentencing committee. my republican colleagues to keep in mind that they have supported many president trump's companies, who also declined
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labels when he came to judicial philosophies printed judge jackson possibly may not be described as a catchword but it reflects the real proper roll of a judge in america, and each case without favoritism and set aside your personal view. second some republicans said that judge ketanji brown jackson just not acceptable inn any way because she won't weigh in on the issue of packing the court consider mcconnell said exactly that of the four last thursday, and so i just can't consider it, and the first think that he said was she would not answer that question and i would recommend it is in regard to go back and take a look through the record pretty and amy colby barrett was asked the same question, virtually the same answer is been given by judge ketanji brown jackson and finallyly multiple republicans accused heh of being soft on crime in this fate under basil stark took
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multiple forms and unborn filed an outright falsehood that she t child not off the offenders off as an independent next informal federale judge, judge ketanji brown jackson record is well within the mainstream of 70 - 8t judges and even conservative formal federal prosecutor of national cube dismiss many of the attacks as meritless to the point of demagoguery. so members use the entirety of the question time, all 50 minutes, to focus it into focus exclusively on the child for liveliness may play wealth to a certain pride in the french conspiracy theories, who helped drive the insurrection on january 20 and judge ketanji brown jackson of 2021 for the public does of what it is that what is a clearly and equivalently be final committee republicans treated judge ketanji brown jackson unfairly, the majority starting with ranking members and the majority
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of republicans approaches hearing as one would only expect asking it tough but fair questions of the nominee the highest court of the land. and i think members of the republican side as well as the democratic side proving constructive, and respectful for the most part and for showing the american people there instantly pete and decency at the highest levels of our government and i hopee that all sinners for both sides of the aisle can learn from this good example at a given that we are all that we heard it's no surprise that judge ketanji brown jackson has brought a j dp support including from law enforcement organizations conservative lawyers and judges these voices across the political and ideological spectrum motives we know, judge ketanji brown jackson embodies all of the qualities one expects to be appointed to the highest court in the land and i will speak more on judge ketanji brown jackson next week markup and hopefully revoke run committee with in the meantime
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on a quota statement her opening statement she referred to the first african-american woman to serve as a federal judge, judge constance and judge jackson said and i quote, like judge i dedicated my career to d assure the words on the front of the supreme court building equal justice and under the law, are a reality and notju just an ideal how i can think of no more important equality this "nomination, the dedication to equal justice and judge ketanji brown jackson shows precisely why such definition fits for that help this demonstrated the committees many next week and i now turn to ranking member grassley for his remark. >> i joined in the request with anomalies for one week and i will have specific things to say about the nomination of judge ketanji brown jackson at that meeting. one week from today.
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i want to speak a little bit about the process, democrats have taken to repeatedly mentioning that judge ketanji brown jackson has been confirmed by the senate three times pretty two of which were noncontroversial, her positions like u.s. sentencing and is going to make it much harder to confirm anyone for those positions and encourages the senator to apply the same standards used for evaluating the supreme court nominations to everyy single position. if the democrats have apply to the hopes that they won't republicans to use now, that would be one thing but couldn't we know that they haven't in the depressive anomalies and confirmed unanimously for the circuit court and president of biden did that four times as a
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united states senator and other democrats in the senate now have done the same thing for more than one nominee and hopefully then, they will think hard before continuing down that road and unfortunately judge ketanji brown jackson record is incomplete, that is because information has h been withheld pretty were missing all of judge ketanji brown jackson non- public sentencing commission documents, and the obama white house held back 48000 pages of documents and we also received an unconfirmed chart probation citizens from 14 cases from judge ketanji brown jackson in the white house and the democrats have attempted to use to defend her record. and as far as the further inquiries go about how the
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nominee and pedaled the child exploitation cases, we arehe looking at a record that's what were supposed to do, and it appears the white house wants to record on with so much information was withheld, we examined her record, and a lot of questions about judge ketanji brown jackson judicial philosophy and she said that her philosophy is based on cases that is more of a case of making a case for judicial process. in one senator on the other said that he did not think that he never heard about nominee get so many questions on judicial philosophy and apparently been conveniently forgotten by the other side it that it was their current leader sharon schumer who first publicly made judicial philosophy a primary reason for
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opposing nominees and that isee way back to decades ago. this was democrats filibuster the first black female to the dc circuit generous brown who would've been maybe the first female black supreme court nominee an impressive they have not so vehemently opposed her and as i said i will have more to say about subject once i have finished reviewing a record it ideal. >> will reconvene at 10:00 a.m. today's agendat in the meantime, we will continue to pursue other nominations before this committee does - >> the committee is adjourned >> then noticed was when the
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business was done you would recognize me. >> what we reconvene, thank you and i just wanted to offer up a personal reflection based on the testimony of ms. mccullen on the last of the younger seemed like an extremely nice person and spoke about the engagements of antiabortion protesters outside during the clinics house expression of compassion andnd love it and i have no doubt the miss: behaved that way. but the law in question that was the subject of the brief it made the subject relevant to the hearing was past massachusetts in 2000, and before that,
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there's quite a history outside the clinic, in massachusetts and rhode island. in my recollection there was people going back and forth to rhode island and massachusetts in the atmosphere outside of those islands of planned parenthood clinics white street in providence, became so hostile and intimidating that they hadad to recruit volunteers to be escorts through the crowd to get people safely to theo facility and there wass bit of his own like sand back in zone and they were trying to get the people to drive in and drop people off of the sandbags honestly couldn't do that they had a parks and placement of through the protesters, they had costly had a have security volunteers they
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were pink sweaters or t-shirts and that way the person could know this was a friendly security person approaching them to help them get through the crowd. so head hits the cotton to be pretty hostile and intimidating it was a regular concern. he got really bad, i was u.s. attorney at the time. i got word that amanda gone into my clinic and masses to ships, and he shot a few people in the ~ the receptionist with a rifle from just mere feet away. then we get the word that there had been a second shooting, that another clinic also massachusetts.
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and then not the shooter he was at large still so caught up the marshall, jack layton, and i said marshall, with that he has some people out in front of planned parenthood in providence just make sure that we are not next inin this person's murderos series of encounters with clinics. then he said below i don't we can do that, we know how to do that. i said we can protect me right and he said yes, definitely we can get a team over there i he said meet you there so we went straight intotr the clinic and remember it was december daniels: we just stood outside until things had calmed down enough people came andou ran the clinic and police came in the parking cruiser outside and there's finally enough security thater the marshall and myself d
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the marshals people the could all go back to our offices and as it turned out the shooter had driven right by and had it, only a couple yards away from the clinic and we know he would buy because he was arrested the following day predict and 95 was the feather took and i have no reason to believe that he got off 95 i actually went by thisci facility but he was certainly close that day and that was the environment that predated the 2000, law. intimidation hectoring, arrests, side of the clinic, the clinics having to recruit volunteers to identify themselves and help women come through the crowd safely and special arrangements for drop-off within the area and then ultimately, the murders in
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the shootings that took place that awful day. so there's more to the story of a ledth to the massachusetts law that what the testimony of ms. mccullen would've led one to believe because i was personally involved in this andt obviously worked with plaintiff were coded you afterwards to make sure their security safe place for a while, i wanted share the personal recollection because very much it auto the atmosphere compassion and love that ms. mccullen described in this was a hen atmosphere of gunshots, terror,er screaming, murder and grim time knows pre- the 2000 law that was the subject so thank you for me to relate that. >> thank you. >> i might just add a footnote that senator white house is very
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important comment which is that at the time of judge ketanji brown jackson brief, i organized on behalf of the attorney general, state attorney general and this issue really had a nationwide import per involvement in her brief and i think yellow elevated the discussion and an important legd factual issues and annoy the time we were extremely grateful for the involvement of abroad of rate of organizations in that litigation a company attorney general into my office was involved because we were on the frontlines and federal statute, we were involved in.
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>> as we all had similar moments of that time and i just wanted to add mine was that we had a bombing at a clinic in our area stilltt remember getting a box n the mail and we opened it up into this private citizen had 70 a bullet proof vest because i kept going to a lot of all of the events around the clinics to protect them and set up and i want to reiterate what senator saturday, at that time. >> thank you and if no other further business to come before the judiciary committee, we really do stand adjourned. [background sounds].
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[background sounds]. >> following the senate judiciary committee, the chairman durbin and republican committee members marsha blackburn, spoke on the senate floor about supreme court nominee judge ketanji brown jackson. >> the person last week senate judiciary committee which i chair to help the hearing of judge ketanji brown jackson to serve as associate justice in the u.s. supreme court it was an opportunity to learn a lot about her, her qualifications, her experience, her approach to cases, her


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