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tv   U.S. Senate Senator Blackburn Floor Remarks  CSPAN  March 29, 2022 9:45am-10:01am EDT

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they watch her proven that through hard work, commitment to the law, in the words of senator booker, her grit and her grace, she has earned a seat in the highest course of the land predict and i strongly urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisles of what she will bring to the court that it is time ameria after all these years, never having had african-american 100 women serve on the court, it's a challenge and find somebody who is ready to take on the job and take on that challenge and she can beat that challenge and will so successfully and she's the best and deserves our support. >> well before we gaveled into last week supreme court confirmation hearing, the mainstream media, they have made it clear what they have proved narrative was going to be and according into the - supposed to talk about what a historical moment in pleasant weather story get nominee judge ketanji brown
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jackson is, my democratic colleagues, on the judicially committee spent most of their time focusing on the approved it talking points memo but those of us who didn't play along were punished in print predict back home in tennessee these attacks by the media, went over my gated by luna and think that my democratic colleagues would benefit from listening to what the people outside of washington dc, have to say because they the people, underwent who will bear the consequences of what happens here in dc. on thursday my democratic colleagues declared a victory for judge ketanji brown jackson, but from tennessee people who i talked to this weekend, still have it aot lot of questions.
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they expected more from her, they do not appreciate being called racist or saying that they expected more, they wanted her to answerr tough questions about the constitution, they wanted assurance that i justice jackson would protect their constitutional h rights. they have no problem having a former public defender on the court, they could be a good thing but they wanted her to attempt for her record it granting sentences to these dangerous criminals and select some of them out of jail on compassionate relief. i asked the question i commended all of my colleagues from the committee, to give the same things and anyone ever putting a colleagues on the other hand, had accused us of tarnishing
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their historic moment but tennessee units did not see it that way. they say it was the democrats of tarnished the proceedings by ignoring their duty to vet judge ketanji brown jackson was up for a lifetime appointments, to the highest court in the land and they feel it was media to tarnished the momentum by politicizing, politicizing the hearing. now, i cannot support judge ketanji brown jackson nomination to theem supreme court but i'm withholdingwi my support for reasons why democratic a colleagues in the media have chosen to ignore. for all of the focus that my colleagues had been limited hope that judge ketanji brown jackson would come ready to tell us about hers but she didn't and
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instead she came armed with a methodology that spoke to her process that said very little about her approach, the constitutional interpretation and after the hysteria they came out at amy coney barrett, that we might discover what my democratic colleagues think would be more effective than a constitutionalist but i will note, to ask that, you are not supposed to do that, but suddenly, judicial philosophy meant nothing, they said don't asked that question, what roll thehe constitution place in jude ketanji brown jackson meant nothing to them and to ask that
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question. wanted to be very bad news but this is not a subject the american people are willing to ignore, they want you to ask the question, they get answers and they don't expect it to agree with the justice 100 percent of the time, but they do expect those nominees to appear to have standards and they want the constitutional list, not the judicial activist, and at this point coming up no idea what rules she will follow if indeed she is confirmed. all we can do is look at a record it, judge ketanji brown jackson spent a lot of time defending her work, tennesseans are just as worried about what she was trying to distance herself from. what did she want us to not know.
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associations are important, you can tell a lot about a person to look at her friends, and as it turns out judge ketanji brown jackson has some pretty controversy lofgren read over the past few reads, we've seen critical race theory, to try to predefine our history and change the way americans view their pln the world and is a pernicious lens and the effect that it has on the kids in the classrooms, is weighing heavily on the hearts of tennessee parents. an inner hearing judge ketanji brown jackson brushed aside her questions on her views on crt and she wrote it off as an academic a theory which it is but my questions were about how she may or may not apply that academic theory to our decisions and why did she choose to give
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that academic a theory the same weight as administrative or constitutional law when she is making those decisions. one particular item she wanted to distance herself from is her progressive curriculum as a school work she says the board and here is what she said in that winter of 2019 addition of the schools legacy, and i quote, is becoming a part of that gds community seven years ago, i witnessed the transformative power of a rigorous progressive education, and as judge ketanji brown jackson pointed out georgetown - is a private school, and an elite private school they can teach what they want in the parents can choose to take thehe kids out and go elsewhere if they don't like it
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but here's f the wrinkle, and is getting harder foree the parents in tennessee to do that because so-called progressive education is taking over public schools part of that progressive education requires getting in between the parents and their children. here's why it was so important to bear thison out during a confirmation hearing, we were examining nominee for spent nearly a decade on the bench, yett cannot describe the fundamental approach to the law. not her approach to deciding cases or sentencing the criminals but to reading and interpreting the constitution. so when tennesseans your her reviews and gives an opening statement and talks about how
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she makes decisions by starting from my point of its reality and by looking at the facts of the case and if i looking at present tense, you have to say, where does the constitution fit into your decision. at the same time that she has prefacing that methodology, i deciding cases, she's associating herself of philosophies meant to divide parents separating from their children they entitled to know what roles these associations are going to fight in her decision-making.on questions are not attacks, and that is a point that needs to be made. to ask questions, is not an
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attack. how do we keep our nation free as long as we do it by rope us respectful debate and that requires that you ask questions of individuals that come before you and that you ask questions of individuals that have a different opinion than you have the holy different to political or governmental loss of eight than you hold. questions are not attacking challenging the elementary classrooms decisions is not racism, and standing firm on the definition of woman it, is not transit phobia. this is not personal, we are 'ttalking about lifetime and the people deserve to know who this
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nomineeno is and what she belies and what was so interesting and come regularly this hearing, people would reference her background and her family and strong connections as part of what makes her w who she is and informed her decision-making. and how important that is in the letters of support to her, i don't mention that but if you question some of this, then the media and then in my democratic colleagues say, that is an attack, no it is not, in his not an attack because words have meaning. you don't read words like parenthood and womanhood, up for
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interpretation you know what they mean. judge ketanji brown jackson had three days to convince this country that her methodology, not her judicial philosophy, but her methodology can help her answer these questions in my opinion, she failed at that task in this building, don't speak for myself, i speak for the people of the great state of tennessee and i cannot in good conscience give it fair endorsement to anomaly hubei all accounts, is constitutionally addressed's but her standard, we still don't know her standard bt what keeps are grounded in the law, we are not sure about that one either and what keeps her from infusing politics into her
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rulings, we do not have an answer for that and those are things for the tennesseans to ask, i want to know this my democratic colleagues do not want to talk about this and neither does the media, they have spent their time whipping up people and is looking for outrage, and looking for click based but here's what i will say in conclusion. every single one of judge ketanji brown jackson contemporaries have spent more than happy to answer these questions and if you regularly as they have come before us for the supreme court confirmation hearing so why entered so why will not judge ketanji brown jackson and i yelled before. >> this morning, will bring you congressional traffic monitoring for lassie congressman don young who died earlier this month, the age of 88, he served as the same
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for nearly 50 years and at the time of his death, was the longest serving member of the current u.s. house pretty watch live coverage at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span, online at csg or watchful coverage under free video app, cspan now. >> sees manager unfiltered view of government, funded by these television comedies and more, including cox, committed to providing eligible families for affordable internet through the connecting compete program digital divide when connection and engagement at a time, cox, bringing us closer. >> cox, support cspan it is a public service, along with these other television providers, give you a front row seat to democracy. >> we take a nap to the u.s. senate which today is
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considering nominees deserve the federal reserve board of governors, the deputy white house budget director, live coverage of the u.s. senate, here on "c-span2". the presiding officer: the senate will come to order. today's opening prayer will be offered by robert h. thune, pastor of coram deo church in omaha, member. -- omaha, nebraska. the guest chaplain: let us pray. almighty god, every one of us in this chamber now, whether senator, staffer, or civilian, is first of all a human being, made in your image. and so we pray. give us grace to acknowledge our limitati


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