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tv   After Words Vince Ellison 25 Lies  CSPAN  April 15, 2022 10:02pm-11:02pm EDT

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through democrats intentionally lie deceive and mislead people >> host: do democrats intentionallyhe lie and mislead people especially when it comes to conservatives in the republican party?
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>> guest: vince ellison ancer said in his new book "25 lies" exposing democrats' most dangerous, seductive, damnable, destructive lies and how to refute them. he joins us now. welcome. guess who thank you for having me armstrong. >> host: what do you think every day of americans who may be skeptical about you in your book and the explosive cover? >> guest: i give them my back story. i was born ines hayward county. my father was a sharecropper. he taught us out of the plantation through the insurance industry and he was so thankful that had w given us the class tt we started. he went around the whole south saying this is how i got
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knowledge of the black church. i went to college and i started working in the prisons of south carolina. i saw the of the in i understood it. it was supposed as supervised hard-core balance every day. and i was there most of the time by myself. in order to survive it to understand if somebody was lying to me made to understand evil and i sigh lot of young black men during the 90s during the clinton biden crandall and i started asking intelligentsia wire black men being locked up like this?
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the start of the three and they had 45 by the end of the decade and what they told me was a bunch of rich republicans people. acksi left my post and i found t something interesting. as a rich republicans down there. guess what i saw? amo bunch of black democrats and three entities that i saw making money off the chaos the most black civic organizers. that was my first book or this is a sequel to that and as i studied and found out their number one goal was to make sure they get 90% of the black vote for the democratic party period by hook or by crook. that's what they have been doing ask you it's fascinating because one of the chapters you talk about -- but what you are saying
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when you look at any talk about this in your book the education the high cram the homicides and how it's so heavily concentrated and these communities believe there's a connection between leadership who relinquished their moral application and their leadership obligation to make sure the new plantation, you keep them as to keep them dependent you make them believe that there is always racism so there's no need to try because you can be pushed back and discriminate against especially when you have these race cases that you see which reinforces it and they use this as leverage to say the man will never allow you progress and therefore he cannot be yourself and >> guest: instead of picking cotton they have been picking votes. when a person is demoralized
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they don't tell the truth. they just beat them down and beat them down and the schools are. they have destroyed every institution from the barber -- farmers should be education and economic situation but the democratic party from 1800 up to now is the most evil institution on the face of this earth are. left it at the history. from 1800 to 1860s in 1860 this 1860 by the confederacy killed almost 1 million americans to keep their than they destroyed reconstruction just killed people maimed people andli hung people and after reconstruction 100 years of jim crow racists medically stole elections intimidated bribed and murdered anything to keep power and you'd think after the civil rights acts they would change theirt ways? now as abortion atheism
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socialism and if you want to democratic hardy go to the inner-city and you'll learn everything you need to know about it. josé you are accusing the democratic party of genocide without firing a bullet. guess code and they know it. at the stats in front of them for they see what they are doing. they aren't learning anything and they know it. they know the b educational choe is something that works because it's worked in washington d.c.. it's worked then new orleans and they know it works and that's why they won't do it. it's half the cost of public education but they won't do it because the one thing that stands in their way like frederick douglass and his educated people. they can't control them or they keep them to keep them frightened and keep them under control.
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what is the answer? i saves intervention. >> host: i know you deal with this in the look, how were they so successful no matter what peril we find ourselvess in targeting one community or does it work for catholics the irish theh italians that doesn't work for caucasian? why doesn't work so well in your opinion reading your book with the black community? >> we have been a science b experiment to them for 200 years. their whole concept is to keep us under control and they learned how to do it through demoralization. it's likeer the stockholm syndrome. it's not a condemnation but a explanation. patty hearst was kidnapped and beaten down. a she helped the people that mader rob a bank so you see them identify with it. even during the civil war when the northern armies came down to free the abraham lincoln had to
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issue the emancipationon proclamation because the were giving -- digging the trenches and even when they did a census in 1990 they found 90% of black people lived down south. >> host: there's a vaccinating point that you made to this point when you have the potential to remove and to remove faith remove being accountable and responsible for a higher authority the reason whyy you stress atheism and the lack of morality in your book is because you make it clear that were once a morals striving and blessed community. segregation the civil rights movement that something they held onto. once they were a butcher move
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that and replace with materialism and dependency that's when they begin to experience some of the most successful results to continue to demoralize that community. guess who we have always had poor people. we were killing each other and we were destroying our families. when the civil rights activated liberals were in that party they made it a conduit to the democratic party. politics became part of the church and it never should have been. the black preachers job and any preachers job c.s. c lewis saids to live for eternity in the presence of jesus . that's their job. we have politicians and we s hae lawyers but when you are talking about in jesus i tell people i cannot be oppressed and i can believe in systemic racism.
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i'm the son of. i've never met anybody -- he teaches us a the whale have gifts and we are supposed elevate each other's gifts and when we elevate each other's gifts jealousy and income inequality you go to a better school than i do? no, think about you. elevate your gift help your neighbor allocate his gift and guess what i happens? the doctor helps everybody in a great mechanic helps everybody a great cook a great teacher helps everybody. instead they. america down by saying you have some type of superiority over me and therefore i want you to give up your privilege. i was born with privilege. i had two great parents a great family. i was born an american that's a privilege. they try to tell me that being born is a privilege that i say
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being born black is a privilege. and then the greatest privilege being the son of jesus . anything you need that got you. they don't want us to go back to that because once we do that the stops in the jealousy and hatred are at all this foolishness will stop when they remove their power. let's go another interesting chapter in your book on what you're saying now when you talk aboutin the lgbtq inequality and shoes show great respect human beings and no one should be discriminate against no one should bean harmed because of their preference would you point on out in your book very eloquently how this has become a tool for the marginalized of the black community. >> guest: they use their pain for their gain the democratic party does. we can help you to achieve whatever it is you want and i tell them know you achieve it by
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earning the respect of the people around you. we go back to our bible. his offer was rejected by. came to cain and he said if you do well will you not be accepted and if not you must master it. if youew do well will you not be accepted quite accept it. when you do well they gave him a ticker tape parade in 34 and 35. this is before the marching and joe louis knocking out -- at stadium and all of that country celebrates and because he did
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well. i'm telling the lgbtq community don't use the coercion to make america likeu you. change the hearts of the people. be respectful, talk to or the if you arede happy with yourself that's enough. >> host: i really encouraged people to go out and buy your newia book "25 lies." you go having on how important morality was in the civil rights community and it was desperately needed. they never compromise the moral leadership. where's the moral leadership today with our elected officials in the pulpit? >> guest: armstrong it's amazingly sad. i look at it and it's hurtful because you have to know howw best to live and as a matter of fact some of the behavior in the
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world is being held up as popular and i'm looking at this and we have to stay in constant communication with my daughter and my children. i explain to them this is not right. our minister shouldd do a better job of connecting our children by putting them first. i draw all meno unto me and no matter bury you are in life if you have a job working out walmart making $20,000 a year you will be happy. you are good and clean and kind. those are the intangibles that move you and as you move up at walmart yukos a morals and they say he's a good man, she's a good woman and yes they are good at what they do if you do well you'll be except in the next thing you know you'll be like my mother, my father who came out the poverty because they were good honest people and theyy worked hard.
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people had a good word to say about them. it's not waking up one morning and you are rich. we have to teach them about the and the is the thing that makes is so beautiful. bes honest and teach their children what they you need to teach them. at least do the one part right. teach them how to have peace with teach them to love one another and teach them to love themselves. once you love yourself it doesn't matter how the man feels about you. i tell the lgbtq community to love yourself. >> host: in your book you chart out with the facts of the
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big switch started in 1960. people believe the switch started in 1960 and i take them all way back to 1876 when the whole southern party united states of america were democrat. understand this was 10 years after lincoln was assassinated so we have a lot of black people in the democratic party than and they had a plan in south carolina intimidation bribery murder. the mississippi south carolina plan stole elections for 100 years and they are still doing it in mississippi today. people say the democratic party of the 1960.
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in 19561957 eisenhower nixon to republicans passed the civil rights act ended 1960 the passed in 1960 civil rights act. basically so people down south could vote. and the 101st airborne and the little rock nine and little rock arkansas.l he did the first oval office address on civil rights in the history of f this nation. so people want to talk about civil rights they wouldn't have voted for johnson or eisenhowert or nixon. so what happens? or 5 million black eucla register to vote. tell the story they kicked him off the cotton plantation in tennessee for the fbi came down and told him he didn't have to go anywhere. eisenhower nixon sent him down
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to pass a law that said we can't intimidate or hurt you anymore. my grandfather voted and here's the thing armstrong he voted straight democratic. black folks did what folks toldov them to do. even then they found 80% of black people had voted for the democratic party. people say all of these democrats switchn, to republica. georgia will wallace and ross barnett all of those southern governorsn only one switched. only one through d the rest of them state democrats reverend people voted for o them. so i started asking the question why did this happen? it goes back to cognitive dissonance. it makes perfect sense. you've been beaten down purported years.
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if they had just paid attention we were fighting and dying shop by water hoses and bitten by dogs. they go to school beside them id a way came to vote we would vote with them. it makes perfect sense. >> host: why are so skeptical about the republican party? >> a good friend of yours lee atwater the rnc and george bush should just become president. the republican party had power in the house of representatives. he said we have to start working with redistricting. he said we don't have the numbers to change it to the
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state house votes on that and he said let's see if we can get the black conference to vote on it. if they bar owner plan we will give them the majority black districts and we won't run anybody in these districts. they brought to the black caucus. we are going to give you the majority congressional districts that will double you number the congress can they said you've got a deal. the republican party -- the black democrats came in and they heard nothing but lies because we don't fund the candidates that went down there whether they be -- if you go down to south carolina and run in clyburn's district -- they drop off the funding and now for 30 something years you have people that have heard nothing but lies
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lincoln said a republican party existed but the lies you tell us in their presence. thus go i want to come back, i think your voice is so important and that's why you are on this interview for daniel valdiva. would you say when you look at tayvon martin breonna taylor and everything is about race in the mainstream media. it really doesn't tell the whole story. how do you get black americans and to another extent to see it's not always about race.
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and you talkk about this in your book, obsession. is it that they are part of the divide or they've been controlled by a larger interest that we are unaware of? >> guest: they have an agenda. we have to vote. they know it. they know they cannot lose the black vote and they will burn the country down before they will do it read you and i know this. they tried to put hate crime on -- it was wrong. but it didn't matter. they set this country on fire. westco but it was. guess who you are exactly right and they told black people this is america. they are going to turn us back and they did. their young black people out
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there a person of 23, 25, 26 years old. the democrats want us to believe that we are post-racial community were married ken -- marat hard work. wayne joe biden comes out and he said i have a supreme court justice the best justice in america. he walked out with ketanji brown jackson he said this is the best jurist we could find in america and yeah that's beautiful. i'm going to give this to a black woman. this is slave master talk. everything you get comes from me. it's so because they are allowing the very people to determine what black people
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elevated. he wanted people to believe --. >> host: why did the democratic party marginalized r or? >> guest: everything you get comes from me. black people working in the fields for the whole season and the master will give them what he wants to give them. >> host: why is the republican party any better? guess that they do not have been a platform that murder of children, the destruction of the family the fact that they are against religious liberty. we have to understand something. lgbtq in the church and the state you have people that believe in religious liberty. >> host: why can't the republican party put all these
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25 lies he discussed so well researched new book why don't they capitalize on it like see with tank where were it's a huge part of their puppet and party almost 80 or 90%.n. why is there an opportunity for thep gop? >> guest: the same reason. the gerrymandering thing they have made a deal to stay out and they keep their a word. right now they are drawing these districts then. right now they are saying the gop is going to take the house again. as long as they keep that in the black caucus is keep their part the gop won't keep their part of the deal. >> host: doesn't this transcendau politics? for the good of the nation? >> guest: this is something that has to come out of the christianth community in the and the community and the american ospirit. it's time for anno intervention.
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it is and it's wrong. they are killing innocent people. the same thing needs to happen here. we should not support any politician that's saying we don't support school choice foru armed people and were some or restrict religious liberty or allow people to come over the border and bring fentanyl and sex trafficking to those areas. we are going to love us anymore. we as americans and christians say either you are going to hurt my brother or sister any longer. we need to let people understand icas in the first chapter you will be held accountable. if you are electing politicians that are t killing children and trapping children in -- schools and allowing drug trafficking to come over the border that's harming individuals on purpose
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ouyou will be held accountable. i'm saying to america it's time for an intervention for this book is and the politicians are going to change it. we can't be like liberals expecting politics to change our situation. we go back to our bibles. those who you went to ukraine and i found it fascinating with presents a lengthy said he would arm them. you talk about the 2nd amendment. the biggest demographic getting concealing kerry on african-americans why is the 2nd amendment so important? >> guest: frederick douglass said a man without the ability to fight backha and without pows not a man. human natures -- you cannot be free unless you can defend yourself. we see what happens with the
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george floyd riots. the mayors told the boys to stand down. they have kicked people's doors and in rob demint told the police to stand down. ukraine is another country invaded and they don't have the ability to defend them. it's a natural state of power and this is something that makes me angry and i talkedd about it it's not racism it's blackmail coward. b black men not defending our neighborhoods. shooting killing carjackings smash and grabs selling dope. just acting like a. it takes bravery and strength for a man to get up and go to work everyday and take care of his wife and children. ..t that
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is important it is it's look like you are moving south strong father. and then had a gun under the seat of his car and setting up in the corner and shotguns happened in the corner of the bedroom. yes, sir. it's true. nobody bothered me, but i was growing up true. nobody my dad was a strong had a gun in his glove company you just in case right just in case yes, these were men are understood and nobody bothered them because they see now they want to feminize me in >> . >> theret is no definition to it but there was a definition when we grew up someone says we need to take paternity leave exactly. no.
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it was a thing that we grew up with. [laughter] and then you became your best friend. we grew up in a time to play in the apprenticeship but now they want men we want you to cry. >> know you fight through that. >> you five through it. you were looked upon a man when you could control yourself. >> also human i had mothers and grandmothers who had ten and 12 kidsad once they had birth they were back in the field. >> my mama said they don't
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want no crimety in clean up your face. it was about conformity control yourself. i'm tired. get the job done. i'me scared. they should fear. i'm angry. you better not hit your sister. [laughter] >> and it was reinforced in school you never swear. >> that would never happen. that you had to respect your father and your mother. no matter howow old you got. >> but it's respect and honor andd knowing what right looks like it nobody knows what that
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is t. >> there is so much that we are covering in this book but also you talk about that there is progress so what i really want to get across in the book is what you are advocating is no different. and that there is a higher being. there is no such thing asiv wblack conservativism there is the right way to live in the wrong way to live if you have the certain virtues and valley on —- values and ethics, you and pretty good in life. >> so it scares me that's where crt is with the black people. and then to start saying and
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then to hear that music and then use the n-word. and then to fight back. but 35 years n old? so now they look at each other he is the n-word or the iw word. meyer them so hateful and full of anger? everything. murder and materialism. all ofs that. if notm. somebody victimized you. all your mothers and fathers if they saw you wearing louisa time so why would he be so
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hurt? >> when i heard joe biden and his sonon and then hunter they got together. >> and what you talked about in your book to take full advantage this our so talk about crt and then to question themselves. and black lives matter. they didn't get the money because it was guilt. they don't care how you spent the money but just to feel that about themselves. >> it is virtues signaling and george floyd and everybody feels bad about it.
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>> and a lot of these have such a messiah complex that they believe they have control over our lives and because we did not turn j out well we can change it. that the black men would do well. and he never heard a black man telling that. >> as a black man a human being who earns your way. >> and a lot of these are asking to stay there. >> . >> but then interesting but they arere doing. >> you don't think that they mean well?
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>> and in your book you talk about abortion and how the disproportionate number of young black women abort their kids but yet they regret sometimes the suicide thatha follows. >> in my wife is an attorney. and jesus said i anyone that causes that it would be tight around their neck. so my mother has 16 children or 14 children. more my grandmother did and my mother had seven.
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and then to close the gap with the church then to say it's not okay. when instead the black churches started to say in the black civic organizers. and then the lady started to get the okay before they were supposed to tell the truth and then remember starting to put sthe condom. >> that they knew what would happen. so now what do they do? they sell the body parts. they make money for it. is not what they get from planned parenthood it's a $60000 for use body parts and
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they areoe using us again to make money. >> public education doesn't work. and then it goes back. >> continuing the legacy. and then for young people with our conversation today and with your book 25 lives why education is the foundation. >> wasted talent. the most terrible thing that could ever happen in this world. when you cannot teach a child tohe read or have moral
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instruction you destroy their lives and in the ghetto it's because it doesn't have to be that way. all i have to do is go tell their mother about the school down the street will educate your children. these black men and white men and asian mental teacher son how to treat their mother with respect teach without god and reading and writing and arithmetic and history and when he goes up he will not go to jail or be award of the state we will guarantee that. you and i both know private schools that do that and they are very successful. they know that and they refuse to let it happen. >> what about the playground and the classroom where they
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disrespect them with abusive language to them? and i you cannot suspend them from school. >> and then to allow the parentnt to teach or those that they trust. >> and you touch on this you can only allow this to happen if not only to destroy public schools but you want to destroy the learning process. >> is that intentional? >> it has to be. you can't let that discipline andf security they put up a secure perimeter. they know that. but they have a crazy idea of the world they don't want the children discipline but then they can't control them and these people they know exactly
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what they are t doing. the moynihan report told themcs what happened. and that to say we have the lowest birth rate. t and the trend is going down seven straight years. they know it. and they were celebrating it. they were saying our. generation between the ages of 17 and 30. and celebrating this is why we're doing and take your population out of birthing children? and then you teach children at lan early age not for lgbt teach you but get involved in
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the lifestyle he may not be conducive to that. >> doesn't mean what the outcome would be. >> they encouragege it. the trying to have children have a sex change operation. grown man going into the bathroom with little girls. i was make sure that no man goes in with her. >> with the time that we have left your book is not saying and people need to understand is that men and black is not what is wrong with america. no. about are talking behavior and what happens with the nation and what happens
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when the government stands down to be pervasive. talk about what happens when there is no responsibility. you talk about with this civil correctness which is detrimental to the fabric and the exponential growth of this country. >> and the petri dish. and then to control these people.e and that the soviet union to give that commentary. >> so now they started to expand to all of america. >> all of it. >> marijuana, drugs, prostitution,u name it. tell people stop. stop. we are protected to tells us
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how the law a is supposed to protectit ourselves black and white and asian we all don't have to agree i told my children and my wife don't best rude to anybody. with that person alone. don't be just on —- disrespectful and nonviolence to be a christian virtue. no it's not. >> but this is what happens when government tries to god.ce and even when you speak about god and jesus people thank you are we can they laugh at you. >> not only the school but you can have in the public
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square. >> knowut private school and not even library what does the bible in the library. >> you have to make them all feelgr good. >> there is no policy disagreement. >> this is a party systematically trying to destroy thefe nation. the slavery to confederacy and jim crow now they are doing it again. if you defend him he will give you everything that you need. not prosecuting crime. and defined the police. on —- unfunded the police.
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>> but then they want anarchy. >> and then have control. when people have no security and when they try to survive that's an eternity government. >> and in reading your book you also know the best laid plans is it doesn't work in the long run. >> we are christian we believe in satan and he roams the earth. >> and the whole world. america is a dream. >> the shining city on the hill. the system that we have created as abraham lincoln said t.
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>> you talked about this in your book but who are they quick. >> the u democratic party the upper echelon. not a lot of the people those that are elected by the democratic party but they have so much control in order for them to win they have to run as a democrat. they told me and they told you. >> i cannot run as a republican as a conservative in my district. if you can get my people to support and i will vote for you.ol at least am doing a little bit of good right now. who? planned parenthood. that atheists. the people that want the open border. the people that love the drug
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trade. the sex traffickers. the people in m hollywood they spent all that money down to the democratic party get power, use the law to keep these people under control so they will vote for you and give us with me once. >> and they find the politicians. >> exactly. >> you been washington man for a long time. and then to give it to the politicians. >> and they are doing a good job. >> that they can destroy our values and bring about fear and discourse. >> and not just exploded. now we're in i this inflation. we live very protected lives. they know they cannot come with guns and defeat us so
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they are sending everything they can with propaganda. and the cold war was about that. now they do that to us. we don't see it coming but the foundation to would all black people under their heel. >> and you put all the blame on the democratic party. no responsibility for the gop just the democratic party? >> always look at the done for the black community. i look at slavery. and at slaveryio to abortion and jim crow. even though the laws on the iobooks and they can vote equal protection under the law? to castrate and kill and murderer. the one killed in the field
10:52 pm
from tennessee in 1940 because he was trying to get black people to vote. that was them. murders and thieving and they have not changed. it's like the mafia. if you set of the mafia inside the city who comes? the pimps and the drug dealers and murderers and the thieves because that's what they do. if the democratic party in the state we will keep children terrible schools and destroyhe religion who comes? not the good people. >> you think this is why the media demonizes conservativism? do you think they are the enabler to protect them to continue to do their bidding under further destruction in the erosion of american values
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quick. >> you have seen hollywood. i don't have to tell you. you also know from history that the soviet union always tries to break america down. in 1954 it was the commentary they gave instructions to make a direct replica of the soviet bloc. >> one-party rule. broken family, poverty, drug abuse, alcoholism, you name it. >> people try to say capitalism has destroyed. >> socialism has destroyed it. not capitalism. [laughter] host: in the five minutes that we have left. thank you so much for writing thisis book.
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and to give us hope. what can people do to turn this around? or can they quick. >> thank you for that. the hope is that there still a strong christian community. the abolitionist movement. we had a fight and down south for slavery and racism and hatred but the love and forgiveness for freedom. that christianity still exist and now we have to activate it. born into south america and china intoke korea. what would jesus say? take the gospel and spread it. starting here in jerusalem and then to the outermost parts of
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the world. we have to start rebuilding our efforts and go back into the communities that are suffering and challenge the church to startut doing its job again because the black church is the apostate church. not all of them that too many of them is part of street money and how it works you have seen it in a taken the black community and make socialism synonymous and they are not. >> and then to protected is if it's my home. >> and then to get that done. and with that christianity.
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>> 2025 generations in this country. >> at least 18 oh eight this is your country and your people built it you don't ask permission in your own house you know your way around protect yourself. that's part and to exercise your freedom it is the unalienable rights. it isgo your revocable and nontransferable. and exercise is your freedom. and tell the family and that he will never be poor in
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america first you graduate high school don't get a job until you're married and then you never be free. >> and then to explain people want a black conservative is and it is so much more to denounce the myth and what people have tried to make others believe. >> they have to believe in jesus christ. and then to make you stand up and look in the eyes and anyone that pulls away from the god of black conservative heer believes in freedom that comes from god.
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he doesn't ask permission he exercises that i want to ask permission and then to harm himself and the knowledge for the fool. and to walk better than god givesr purpose. >> my brother in christ. i see behavior. to expose the most destructive lives and how to refute them. thank you so much for joining us. on afterwords. go get the book.
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