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tv   After Words Vince Ellison 25 Lies  CSPAN  April 16, 2022 4:01am-5:00am EDT

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through democrats intentionally lie deceive and mislead people especially when it comes to black conservatives. and the republican party well this and vince everett ellison has answered these questions and his new book. 25 lies exposing democrats most dangerous seductive damnable destruct that lies how to refute them. he joins us in afterwards welcome. thank you for having me. i'm strong glad to be here. what do you say to every day?
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particularly black americans who may be skeptical about you and your book and just explosive cover. i give them my backstory. i was born on the cotton plantation in haywood county tennessee. my father was a sharecropper. plow them you picking cotton. and he aspired he bought us out of the plantation. of haywood county, through the insurance industry and he was so thankful that god had given us some middle-class life that we started a gospel singing group called the ellison family. we went around the whole south singing gospel music all around the south. this is how i got such an intimate knowledge of the black church. after that, i went to college university of memphis and after that i started working in a prison in south carolina five years. i worked at kirkland correctional institution. and i saw the belly of the beast and i saw evil. i understood it. i was supposed to supervise. 127 hardcore felons every day. they were alphas. and i was there mostly sound by myself.
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so in order to survive, i had to understand when somebody want to kill me. somebody want to beat me up. somebody was lying to me. i have to understand evil and i saw it in there, but i saw a lot of young black men go that was doing the 90s during the courtney clinton crime bill clinton biding crime bill and i started asking the black intelligencia man. why these young black men get locked up like this, you know, they started out with three prisons in 1990. they had 40 by the end of the decade well, they told me it was a bunch of which white republicans. just hated black people. so i left my post started working in the ghettos, and i found out something pretty interesting. i saw no rich white republicans down there. in the guile ghettos, you can see a leprechaun before you saw one. just what i saw a bunch of black democrats and three entities that i saw making money off the chaos with most black preachers most black politicians most blacks civic organizers. i call them the iron triangle. that was my first book. this is a sequel to this. and as i studied and saw these cats were connected to the democratic party and found out that their number one goal. with to make sure they got 90%
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of the black vote for the democratic party period full stop by hook about crook. and that's what they've been doing for the last i mean, they're just for me they're descendants of those safe master crew, you know, you know, it's fascinating because in one either chaps you talk about god won't hold you responsible. it's just a play on words, but what you're saying? when you look at and you talk about this in your book the decimal results about education the high crime right the homicide right and how it's just so heavily concentrated and these communities you actually believe there's a connection between the leadership. who have relinquished their moral? and obligation and a leadership obligation to make sure that the new plantation you keep them as slaves. you keep them dependent right you make them believe that they're that there's always racism right? and so there's no need of trying because you're going to be pushed back a discriminated against especially when you have all these other race cases that you see which reinforces it in
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that mind. they use this as leverage it further say the white man will never allow you to progress and therefore let us feed you because you cannot feed yourself. yeah. i call it, you know plantationism. is just the old on the old show. you know, they have them now instead of picking company got them picking vote and they have these people demoralized and when a person is demoralized they can't hear the truth the soviet union did that to their people just beat them down and beat them down and you know, the schools are terrible. they destroyed every institution from the father to the to the education system that economic system. you name it. they've done it, but they've always done it. the democrat party from 1800 up to now has been a perpetually probably the evilest institution on the face of this earth. now, let's look at the history. from 1800 to 1860 slavery from 1860 to 1865 the confederacy killed millions. almost a million americans to keep their slaves then. they destroyed reconstruction.
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just kill people main people hung people after reconstruction. what a hundred years of jim crow systematically stole elections intimidated robbed murdered anything to keep power. and do you think after the 1965 civil rights act? they just changed their ways to know now they've expanded it abortion. atheism socialism and if you want to know the democrat party go to the ghettos go to the inner city. it'll show you everything you need to know about. so you're accusing. democratic party of genocide without firing a bullet definitely. and they know it they have the stats in front of them. just like you and i have them they see what they're doing. school choice would be too easy with me to educate these young people building in these schools in baltimore detroit and memphis that aren't learning anything and they know it. they know the educational choice. it's something that works because it's worked in washington dc. it's worked in new orleans. they know it work.
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that's why they won't do it. they know they can do it for half the cost of public education, but they won't do it because the one thing that scares them more than anything like freddie douglas said is an educated black man. they cannot control him. keep them ignorant. keep them frightened. keep them under control. and so what's the answer i say it's an intervention. so, how are they and i know you deal with this? in your book how are they so successful no matter what era we find ourselves in. just targeting one community black community doesn't work for the jewish america doesn't work for catholics. the irish. the italians doesn't work cause occasions. why does it work so well with the overall in your opinion and reading your book the black community. we've been up science experiment to them 200 years. their whole concept of being was to keep us under control and they learned how to do it through the moralization. beat them down and so stockholm
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syndrome sets in it's not a condemnation. it's an explanation. patty hearst got stockholm syndrome when she was kidnapped and beat down. she started helping the people that hit an apple rob banks. so you start identifying with your oppressor? and even during the civil war when the northern armies came down here to free the slaves 95% of them was still on the plantation. they didn't leave to go have to stop matter of fact abraham lincoln at the issue emancipation proclamation because the slaves were having the south when the civil war they were digging the the trenches and put up the round hearts for them. and even when they did the census in 1990, they found it 90% of black people still live down south. then leave there's a fascinating point. that our guests. a correlation that he makes in his book. is when you have the potential to remove god. remove faith remove being accountable and responsible to a
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higher authority. the reason why you stress the atheism and the lack of morality in your book is because you you make it clear that blacks were once a very moral striving community. there were blessed community despite human slavery. they journey segregation the civil rights move. that's something they held on to but once they were able to remove that pillar right and replace god with materialism with things and dependency. that's when they begin to experience some of the most successful results instead of continuing to demoralize that community exactly. i'm so look, we've always been poor. we've always had poor black people, but we want criminals. we want killing each other. we want destroying our families. when the civil rights movement activated and the liberals from the democratic party got inside of it. my goodness, they got inside of the black church and they made it just a a conduit to the democrat party politics became part of the black church, and it never should have been. the black preacher's job and it preaches job cs lewis said is to
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get us prepare to live for eternity in the presence of jesus christ. that's his job. we got politicians. we got lawyers, but when you are talking about god and jesus christ, see i tell people i cannot be oppressed. and i cannot believe in systemic racism because i'm an arab jesus christ. i'm a son of god. i never met anybody superior to me. why because he teaches us that we're all brothers and sisters. that we all have gifts. and that we're supposed to elevate each other's gifts. and when we elevate each other's gifts that's supposed to dealing with envy jealous, you know income inequality better house than i got you go to a better school and i go to no think about you elevate your gift help your neighbor element his gift and then guess what happens we have a beautiful society a good a good doctor helps everybody a great mechanic helps everybody a great cook a great teacher helps everybody instead. they're trying to get us the
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dumb american down by saying critical race theory means that you have some type of superiority over me and therefore i want you to give up your privilege. i was born with privilege. i had two great parents a great family. i was born in american. that's a privilege. heck man, they tried to tell me that being born white is a privilege. i said being born black is the privilege. but i don't want you to believe no don't want you to believe that do that and then i was born with the greatest privilege being an of jesus christ. this is you're not under anybody. anything you need i got you. see, they don't want us to go back to that because once we do that the fighting stops. the ignorance stops the jealousy the hatred all of this foolishness. that makes us kill one another will stop but they will lose their power, you know another interest in chapter in your book pick up on what you're saying now when you talked about the lgbtq and equality and you show great respect human beings. yes, no one should be discriminated against no one should be harmed in any kind of
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way because of their preference, but you also pointed out in your book very eloquently how this is become a two to further marginal marginalized. yes, the black community. yes it is what they do they use their pain for their gain. the democratic party does same way they do us they say we can help you to achieve whatever it is you want and i tell them no you achieve it by earning those respect of the people around you. it happens we go back to our bible. cain had been rejected his offering had been rejected by god. king was angry mad his brother abel god comes and came and said came. why are you angry if you do well will you not be accepted? and if not then wait set the door to master you but you must master it. if you do well. will you not be accepted? to city of apple tim cook done well. accept it. when you do well.
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they will raise jesse arms goes over beat hitler. they give him a ticket tape parade in new york city in 19 with 3435. this is before all the marching and all the crate. just a joe lewis knocks out max melling in yankee stadium. and all of the country celebrates him because he did. well, i'm telling the lgbtq community. don't get caught in that advice. of trying to use the law of coercion. to make america like you it didn't work for us. change the hearts of the people be respectful talk to god if you're happy with yourself, that is enough. another fascinated point i really encourage people to go out and buy your new book the 25 lives lies. you you go heavy on how important morality was. for the civil rights community when it was desperately needed king was moral. yeah, they never compromised the moral leadership. where is that moral leadership
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today and our elected officials and the pulpit. wow. armstrong it's it's amazingly sad. you know. i look at it. and it's hurtful because we have to have examples of how best to live. and our children aren't getting it. matter of fact some of the worst behavior in the world has been held up as proper. and i'm looking at this and it worries me so i have to stay in constant communication with my daughter. and with my children and i'm explaining to them. this is not proper. this is not right. our ministers should do a better job of connecting our children up with god. what put him first and all things then will come after he said i'd be lifted up. i'll draw all men unto me. left him up and no matter where you are in life when you're starting out if you got if you got a job working at walmart making $20,000 a year, you'll be happy and you'll move up further because you're honest. you're good.
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you're clean. you're kind. those are the intangibles. that'll move you up and then as you move up at walmart if you want to go somewhere else people think he's a good good man. she's a good woman. yes, they're good at what they do if you do well you'll be accepted in the next thing, you know, you'll be like my mother my father who came out of poverty because they were good people. they were honest people. they worked hard people had a good word to say about it. see it's not waking up one morning and you're rich, you know it's a grind in it. it's a grind and we have to teach them about the grind and and and the clim ate thing that makes it so beautiful start out. honey work hard be honest and our ministers have to keep back the teaching our children that part of the thing that they need to teach them because they're not good at the other. i mean one minister telling me you just want black people to get there. they're golden in heaven. i said brought you making them broke on earth and you send them to hell that same time you screwing up on both ends at least do the one part, right? teach them how to have the peace of god here on earth.
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teach the love one another. and teach them i love themself because once you love yourself, it doesn't matter how the white men feels about you or how these other people that's why i told lgbtq community. love yourself. ain't that the greatest love of all so in your book you really chart out. with facts how the big switch started in 1960. yeah. people believe that the -- switch started in 1960. i take them all the way back to the election of 1876. when the southern part of the united states of america went blue. it went democrat now understand. this is only about 10 years after lincoln was assassinated. so you had a lot of black people voting for the democratic party then and they had a plan for it. it was called the mississippi plan in the south carolina playing intimidation. robbery murder stuffing ballot if you look it up get the book but the mississippi south
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carolina plan was fought out the democratic party stole elections for a hundred years down south and they're still doing the mississippi south carolina plan even today now, so people say well they started voting for the republican the democrat party in 1960. i see no. let's look at something here because the civil rights right? they started going from the democratic party. i said no. in 1956 1957 as an hour nixon to republicans passed in 1957 civil rights act in 1960. they passed in 1967 race act basically designed for black people down south could vote. now as an hour also sent to 101st airborne down to make sure that the little rock nine got into central high school little rock, arkansas. he also did the first oval office address on civil rights in the history of this nation? so if people want to start talking about civil rights and black people paying attention to civil rights, they wouldn't vote of a candy johnson. they would have voted for eyes and howard nixon nixon was run for president. eisenhower was stepping back. so what happens?
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how would nixon do all this good civil rights stuff? about four five million black people are registered to vote down south and protect it. i tell this story my grandfather registered to vote in 1960. they kicked him off the cotton plantation where he was in haywood county, tennessee the fbi came down. and told him he didn't have to go anywhere. the at an hour and nixon sent him down to say we've passed this new law to say they cannot intimidate or hurt you anymore. you're going to vote my grandfather voted. here's your thing armstrong. he wrote it straight democrat. now i asked my father why? he said that's black folks did what white folks told them to do back then. even then and at the end of that campaign, they found out 80% of black people had voted for the democrat party now people say that, you know, all of these democrats switch republican no fritz holland state a democrat george wallace stated democrat over favors lester maddox, the ross barnett all those southern governors all those southern centers only one switch and that was strong thurmond only one.
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the rest of them stayed democrats forever and black people voted for them so when i started asking the question, why did this happen? it goes back to stockholm syndrome. it goes back to a cognitive dissonance. it makes perfect sense. you've been oppressed. you've been beaten down for 400 years. of course, you're gonna take on the characteristics of your master plus if they had just been paying paying attention to the civil rights movement. we were fighting bleeding dying getting shot by water hoses and been by dogs. either hamburger beside them to go to the bathroom beside them to drink from a water fountain beside them to go to school besides them. of course when it came to vote. we were going to vote with him. makes perfect sense why are? blacks so skeptical about the republican party armstrong back in 1992 good friend of yours lee atwater with over the rnc george
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bush had just become president. he's looking at the map. and we and the the republican party hadn't had power. in the house representative in 40 years. and leads their hmm. we got to get. you got to start working with redistricting. and he said we ain't got the numbers to to change the state house votes on that. lisa, let's see if we can get the black hawkers. to vote on our existing plan and we'll make a deal with they don't know our plan. we'll give them these majority black districts. and we won't run anybody in these districts. we won't help anybody run against them. in perpetuity they bought that to the black caucus i said we're going to double your number and state houses. we're going to give you majority black congressional districts that will double your number in the congress. what do you say they said you got a deal? so the republican party pulled out the black community. black democrats came in and for 30 years they've heard nothing
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but lies. because we don't fund the candidates that run down there whether they be black white is irrelevant if you go down in south carolina and run in general jim clyburn's district, you will not get any funding from the rnc no matter how good you are. they dry up the funding and so now for 30 something years. you've had a people down there that heard nothing but lies. it's like lincoln said in this cooper union address. he said the only he said that your slaves would barely know that a republican party existed except for the lives that you tell about us in their presence, but it's vice verses what both parties it's what they do both of yeah, both of you. i want to come back. i think your voice is so important. that's why on it to be a part of this. in a view on afterwards you know race. you can find racism in everything. yeah in america today. do you say? when you look at trayvon martin, you look at george floyd.
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breonna taylor, you know, everything is about race for the mainstream media when it involves a white officer and someone who's black and it really doesn't tell the whole story. how do you get black americans and and whites to another extent to see that is not always about race. and what is the media's media and you talk about this in your book obsession. is it that it sells is it that they're part of the divide? what is it or is it they be controlled by some larger interests that we're unaware of, you know, they they have an agenda. and they know that in order to keep their power we have to vote black people have to vote 90% democrat. they know it. they know they cannot lose the black vote. they will burn this country down before they do it. you'll not know that the truth about trayvon martin about george floyd. they tried to put hate crime. on derek choban, he's supposed to be in jail for the rest of his life for his actress ever what he did it was wrong, but he couldn't prove it was racial. but it didn't matter.
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they said this country on fire, but it was racial not it was irrelevant. it was his behavior. i agree was immoral it was wrong. that's exactly right and that's how i saw and they made it racial and told black people. this is america that i love the lord him mercy, they're gonna turn us back. they're going to turn us back and they did and their young black people out there. talk to young black person 23 24 25 years old. they think they were the same country. we were back in the 1950s. the democrats can never make us believe. that we are in a post-racial america where merit can move you to the top? so your proof of that merit hard work grinding when joe biden comes out and he says i got this new supreme court justice that i need to nominate. he could have said easily. i'm going to find the best justice in america and he could have walked out with ms. katanji brown jackson and said, this is the best jewish i could find in america and we'd all plot. yeah, that's beautiful. we've a black woman is trying to transcended. he can do that. i'm gonna give this to a black
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woman this is old slave master talk. to let the field -- understand you can't earn it. everything you get comes from me. they are formative action program. it's so silly because they're allowing the very people that they say are racist. they allowing them to determine what black people are elevated, but yet judge jackson's credentials are just as stellish the denominated to the court and he wanted people to believe why we democratic part in marginalized her simply because she's black because they want to make black people understand you cannot earn it. wow, everything you get comes from me. you know black people can work in the in the cotton field and in the fields. well a whole season at the end. the master is going to give them what he wants them to have. but how is the republican party any better? mmm the only thing that makes the republican party any better is the fact that they do not have in their platform the murder of children. of destruction of the family the
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fact that they are against religious liberties you know, we got to understand something that there is a divide and it's fighting now in america about lgbtq and the church and the state and all this kind of stuff and you you have people like you and i believe in religious liberty. you don't have to like you don't have to agree with me, but why can't the republican party with all these 25 lies that you discuss so well research in your book. why don't they capitalize on it? you would think what it wants were where the blacks were a huge part of the republican party almost 80 to 90 percent. why is there no opportunity or gain for the gop? same reason that gerrymandering thing. i just told you about they have made the deal to stay out. and they keep their word. they stay right now. they're drawing these districts again, as you know, they've drawn some and they and right now they're saying that the gop is gonna take the house again. and as long as they keep that deal as long as the black caucuses keep their part of the deal. the gop is going to keep their part of the deal, but that's all
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this transcend politics. it's pretty good of the country is pretty good of the healing of a nation. no, it's not politics. don't fix this. this is something that's gonna have to come out the of the christian community. muslim community the jewish community and also the american spirit there's time for an intervention the same way. we are all upset now because russia is invading. the country of ukraine why because it is immoral it is wrong. they're killing innocent people. so if they were not going to buy we're going to put sanctions on them the same thing needs to happen here. we should not support any politician that is going down to those ghettos and saying we're not supposed we won't support school choice or that we'll just arm people in a war zone or they'll restrict your religious liberties or the will allow people to come over the border and bring fentanyl and sex trafficking into those areas. we're not going to allow this anymore. we as americans and christians you say i'm not going to allow you to hurt my brother or my sister any longer. i'm doing fine, but i'm not gonna y'all you hurt my fellow americans any longer, so we need
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to let people understand like i said in the first chapter first chapter you will be held accountable. if you know that you're an electing politicians that are killing people. they're a killing children that are trapping children in failing schools that are restricting religious liberties that allowing sex trafficking and drug trafficking and come over that border that are actually harming individuals on purpose. you will be held accountable. so i'm saying to america it's time for an intervention. this book is saying the politicians are going to change it. we can't be like liberals expecting politics to change our situation we go back to our bibles we go back to our personality. you mentioned ukraine and i found that fascinating when the landscape asks people from around the world to come and he would arm them you talk about the second amendment. yes. why? you know the biggest demographic. getting concealed and carry are africans right americans. why is the second amendment so important? you know frederick douglas said that a man went out.
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the ability to fight back without power. it's not a man. you said that human nature is constructed where they cannot respect your weak, man. he said that they can pity him and only for and only that's four time unless the natural force of power you shown with daniel. you cannot be free. unless you can defend yourself. we see what happened. with the george floyd riots democrat mayors told the police to stand down. well people came to and kicked people's doors in and just robbed them. turn the police to stand down. we see what's going on in ukraine now another country invaded. and their government doesn't have the ability to defend them. it is a natural state of power and this is something that makes me angry. i'm strong. i talk about the biggest problem in america right now in the black community. it's not white racism. it's black male cowardice. is us black men not defending our families not defending our neighbors matter of fact, not just not defending. we have the provocative tools of violence.
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shooting killing carjacking smashing grabs selling dope won't work won't take care of our children. just acting a fool. it takes bravery. and strength for men to get up and go to work every day. bring his money home. take care of his wife. take care of his children and take him to church on the weekend. take care of his family. that's bravery. see and what we have now is a bunch of cows going on. that is also that is actually being with people are explaining it away. yeah racism is that you also talk about feminizing man. yes masculation of men. yes making men forget about what their roles are exactly and that is important it is it's look like you are moving south strong father. and then had a gun under the seat of his car and setting up in the corner and shotguns happened in the corner of the bedroom. yes, sir. it's true. nobody bothered me, but i was growing up true. nobody my dad was a strong had a gun in his glove company you
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just in case right just in case yes, these were men are understood and nobody bothered them because they see now they want to feminize me in and make them believe that being a man is something that anything you want to call it. there's no definition to it anymore. whatever you want to call it. that's what it is. well you when i grew up understand that was the definition to it when you and i grew up as someone said we needed to take paternity leave. we'd like that. no, man. i got to work. i gotta tell you exactly no, you know, it was a thing that we grew up with. you know, you have to fight in the neighborhood your daddy tell you become good. oh you and then the guy you follow me usually became your best friend, right? you know, we grow up during the time where you had to be tested you please sports you fought with your brothers your daddy tell you go outside and finish it. all right. it's over with come on back inside y'all fine now they want
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me and if the teacher we want you to cry and out of everything was about mental illness. no, no you fight through that. yes. wrong while it exists. well men fall through it. you fought through it. it was about discipline you were. looked upon as a man where you could control yourself. when you can control yourself and you understood that you were supposed to talk about everything in public and also you and i had mothers and grandmothers that had 10 and 12 kids and once they gave birth to that kid, they're back in the field then they believe it you worked and the mother was hard on in your daddy was yeah. my mama told me no woman wants no crying man straight your face up straighten up. it was about control christianity is about conformity. life is for a lot of families concerns about conformity. control yourself. i'm tired get the job done. i'm scared fight through it face your fear. i'm angry. you better not hit your sister. you didn't matter you control yourself. that was a way you were supposed to be and see and that was also
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it was reinforced in school and you would never swear. oh, no around your parents. y'all know you were not ever wear a hat at the dinner table and your pants will be hanging down. no, no would never have that was a decorum. there's a decorum that you had to respect your father and your mother no matter how old you got when you came through my daddy's door. you turned into 12 years old again, and you have to act like you said, you'll put me out there. tell me well if i go home tomorrow yard, yes, sir. just going man. it's the respect. it's the honor it's knowing what right looks like and right now nobody knows what it is. you know. there's so much that we're covering that's in your book, but you also talk about that you can see that there's progress. yes, because what you don't what i don't know if people get that i really want to get this across in his new book 25 lives. what you advocating is. no different. it's what has been advocated to
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us through our faith through the ten commandments that there's a higher being. yes. there's no such thing to you as black conservatism. there's a certain thing you as a right way to live and a wrong wrong way to live and if you live this way if you have these certain virtues and values ethics. yes, you you end up pretty good in life. yes, and you don't put a collar to it no matter what scares me is that the amount trying to take this they've taken the black community almost destroyed it with it now they want to spread this into the white community. you know, that's where the crt is trying to make white people hate themselves. like they've talked most black people hate themselves. you're racist you're on oppressor, you know good. they're gonna start looking in the mirror and saying i'm no good and they're gonna start shooting people that look like them like we do you remember to hip hop stuff can't stop coming through armstrong, you know, and i didn't hear music gonna bees and w's in word that stuff so when it came out and we heard it kind of yeah, we said well, that's terrible and it kind of rolled off our back, but then the children start again. we have children 35 years old. he never heard nothing, but that mess. and so now they look at each other and they hate one another because the girls would be he's
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an n word. she's the w word and you're like, okay why these children so hateful, why are they so full of anger and everything's about sex. yeah, everything sex envy murder materialism materialism all of it. that's them. that's the party if you don't have what you're supposed to have. it's called somebody somebody victimized you and you have a right to go take it from them. you know, i'll take commandments. it's a beautiful document. that's not steal. that's not kill all your mother and your father because if your father saw you looting louis vuitton, oh my god. oh some other store. it wouldn't me know he'd be selling but don't need law enforcement what he'd be so hurt. jesus loan him mercy, he'd be you know, when i heard that when i heard that joe biden his son beau's wife and his son hunter. it got together. he said he's glad they found each other. i got half four brothers. so maybe my daddy would have called a ride to my house. no father would have said that. i was playing but something you talked about in your book because i want to take full
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advantage of this hour we have with you. it's something you talked about. crt making white people feel guilty and questioning themselves and you talk about black lives matter. they didn't necessarily give them money because they believed in the cause right? it was guilt right in any care. how do you spent the money they just wanted to feel good about themselves. yeah. that's all it is is virtual signaling, you know, george floyd. what happened? everybody's feeling bad about it and somewhere in this white liberal mind. they really think that they're responsible for me and you aren't wrong. like with their children, you know, like you have a very rich parent that kind of grew up in a child ended up bad and they're saying oh, it's our fault. we didn't raise them, right? and a lot of these rich liberals have such a messiah complex. that they actually believe that they have control over our lives and because we didn't turn out. well they can change it this white liberal. tell me. yeah, you know the black man would do. well if the white man just get his foot off his neck. and i've looked at him and say look at me and you you think you can hold me down.
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and his fate just turned ash and why he never heard man telling that today. somebody telling this as a black man, you told him this as a human being a human being who's earn your way think that you could hold me down. you have the arrogance and you have a lot of these liberals actually say that that we have to do more to help we have to do more. everything is the government program to help to help us. will you please stop helping me? you know the cool hand luke. we just release up in me balls. but there but also there a lot of them to understand what they're doing. it's controlled. it's absolute control. it's like slave don't think they mean well, but it's just miss guided. oh, i think there's something that do. i think that some are really just them is god and i think that someone is evil, you know in your book. you talk about abortion and choice and how the disproportionate number of young black women abort their kids and yet that regret the depression. sometimes the suicide that follows yeah. yeah.
4:37 am
it's a shame because what they've done, you know, my wife's an attorney and we and what i thought about this i talked about the concept of cause the whole legal concept of cause jesus said if anyone that causes one of these young ones said it's better than a millstone retire around that neck and see so, how did my great grandmother have 16 children. my 14 children my grandmother had 16 children. my mother had seven. and now this generation started. to avoid it was just as brandeis that said for good for ill people follow the example of government. so roby way comes through says okay people. oh, it's okay. now what happens we're supposed to close that gap with the church with the civic organizers and with the politicians. they know it's not okay. but instead we didn't. instead the black churches started saying it's okay. then the black politician started saying it's okay and then the black civic organizer starts saying it's okay, and then they go to school and talk to the school teachers. they say it's okay and he's your young lady started getting the okay from people in society of exposed to tell them the truth.
4:38 am
he who causes? and they were causing these young people to sin. they were you and our old enough to remember when they started to put in a condoms in the birth control in school and we were telling them now. we think this is going to cause children to have more sex. i know it. no, you guys are so funny that we've seen what's happening behind it, right? they do what they knew what would happen. they knew they go. yeah, that was their goal. yeah. so now what they do, they put these abortion factories in the black community and they sell the body parts. they make money from it. it's not the $500. they get per abortion. it's not the 500 million dollars he get from planned parenthood. it's the 60,000 they get for body part. and they are using us again to make money the black community to these people. it's just a money laundering project. public education doesn't work. they just sent as much money as you can so we can pay the teachers and the teachers unions and then the money goes back to the continuing market singers legacy. yeah, it is. you know you talk in your book, and i know you touched on school choice for young people listening watching our conversation today. and learning about your book 25 lives.
4:39 am
why is education the foundation? of it all well, could you imagine going through this world not knowing how to read. good god no matter wouldn't that just be tragic? waste it talent. the most terrible thing that could ever happen in this world. the child that could probably cure a cancer or make a beautiful symphony. or be a great mechanic they are not teaching these children to read. and when you can't teach a child to read when you don't teach them to read or have moral instruction, you destroy their lives and end together. there's just so much wasted potential. and it's wasted because it doesn't have to be that way. it doesn't have to be that way. all they have to do. is go tell a mother. that has two or three sons. that school down the street here in baltimore. that will educate your children. they will make man out of them. these men black men white men asian men would teach your son how to stand up straight.
4:40 am
he'll teach about to treat his mother with respect you're teaching about his god. he'll teach him a reading writing arithmetic his history when he grows up. he'll start taking care of you. he won't be award of the state. he won't go to jail. we will guarantee it. it's just that easy. we you and i both know a private black schools that do that. and they're very successful. they know of them and they refuse to let it happen. that's why i say they're evil. what about the playground in the classrooms where kids spit on teachers assault teachers. disrespect them use abusive language towards them and now you can't suppend these spin these kids right from school. see that's why the private school system is much more important. takes the government out of that. and it'll allow the parent to teach to bring to take their children to men or the the teachers that they trust. touch on this you can only allow this to happen.
4:41 am
if not only do you want to destroy public schools, but you want to destroy the learning process it is and that's what they said intentional. it has to be it's too ridiculous. you cannot teaching about anything without discipline and security. i mean when when when the green were raised jumping to the middle of the jungle they put up a they put up a secure perimeter. you have to have security you have to discipline. they know that. but they have this crazy idea of the world where they don't want these children discipline because if they are discipline, they can't control them. and these people you know these people from harvard yale oxford that's stupid people. they know exactly what they're doing now come. no, they know the morning hand report told him what was going to happen. they are looking at the statistics right now. they said we had had we've had the lord's birth rate in the history of our nation last year and the trend had been going down for seven straight years. america's dying they know it. and therefore speed ahead with abortion the enforcement i've read this every story and they were celebrating it.
4:42 am
they were saying that our generation lgbtq might be maybe one or two percent. and the in this generation between the ages of 17 and maybe 30. it's about maybe 17% in the celebrating it and i'm saying now this is why we're dying because you've taken 17% of the population. and you're taking it out of chow chow ring how do you take 70% of your population out of a birthing children and think you're going to survive as a nation? and then you'll you are a teaching children at an early age. not people that out legitimately lgbtq you're teaching them to into to to to to get involved in a lifestyle. that might not be conducive to them and not who they are. you know, they are let me explore experiments. it doesn't mean that's what the father outcome will be and now they encourage it encouraging it. they are trying to get little children to have a sex change operations before the 18 19 years old. this is insanity bathrooms bad. grown man going in the public
4:43 am
bathrooms or little girl. so now when i go out with my daughter, i got to stand outside the bathroom door to make sure no man goes in with her because if so, i'm gonna break the law, you know, it's important with the time we have left now what you're talking about now. transcends blackness and everything else because your book is not saying and people need to understand this that many blacks in this country civilized was civilizes. what is wrong with america? no, that's not what he's saying. you're talking about behavior. yes, you're talking about a moral code. yeah, you're talking about what happens when a nation is not educated. yeah, we're talking about you're talking about what happens when the government stands down and a lot crime to be pervasive. yes you talk about what happens when the government does not have stand us. yes and no responsibility in place you talk about when the government gets involved in this political correctness, which is detrimental to the fabric and and the exponential growth of this country. yes, and the democratic party has made the black community there there petri dish for it. this is we're going to do it down here and see if we can
4:44 am
control these people with all this stuff and they have listen now, let's expand it. let's let's do like the soviet union give it a common turn. right? let's see if we can put it all over the world. and and and and and and and so now they've started to expand this into all of america and i was told why lbq all of it all of it young people young people oprs exactly printed all legalize all of it. you mean the maryland juana drugs prostitution you name it everything that's bad. they're trying to legalize here, and we're trying to tell people stop. stop we are all american. we are protected. we protect ourselves number one, but the constitution's designed to tell us how the law is supposed to help us protect ourselves. we are americans lgbtq black white. asian. there's a way to live. we don't have to all agree. but i have told my children my wife and i have never seen my wife my children to be be rude or crude to anybody if that's all lgbtq person being mistreated about somebody i'm stepping to their aid.
4:45 am
leave that person alone. i'm gonna write to me mean in that person be disrespectful to that person. there's no virtue armstrong and us being what they say. you know christianity non-violence is a christian virtue. it is not non-aggression is a christian virtue. so what you say is what this is what happens? when government tries to replace god yes and just remove them for everything and even when you speak about god and you mentioned jesus. people think you're weak and they laugh at you. oh, man, they want to date, you know, and on that side, they put them out everything. you can't say it in school. you can't have in the public square. they don't even want to ten commandments up anywhere, but they will allow you to put anything else up no parent schools. oh, no, no parent school, but they but they'll bring in the drag queens and whatnot to read to the children. they'll they'll bring in all you can't have the bible in the library. they're bringing all kind of other nasty books for the children to read these people and you can't fail kids anymore. no, you got to make them all feel good. exactly until they get out and face reality. see we no longer have a policy disagreement with these people. it's no long about taxes.
4:46 am
this is saying about you know. a curriculum, this is about a party that a systematically try to destroy this nation. three straight times in a row from slavery to confederacy to jim crow and now they're doing it again with socialism and they're doing atheism and it's very subtle. it's very seductive. you know if you depend on me, i'll give you everything you need. they're taking god's place not prosecuting crime. oh, no, not prosecuting crime, you know. oh no bail, uh defunding the police and don't believe that they're not going to fund the police if they ever get in power again. okay, because this is how they they they have to make you insecure, but then they want anarchy. yes. okay, they have control feet when people are afraid. when people have no security when people are trying to survive that's when they turn the government, but vince. and reading your book. you also know. their best laid plans is that they forget the little things it can't work in the long run america. can't survive this you cannot
4:47 am
and i'm sorry. i'm thinking you know you and i christian man. we believe in satan we believe he roams this earth i believe that's this intent to try to take this nation out. it's always been this intense america's been that good thing the whole world envy all over. yes. the whole world looks in america said wow. wow, america is a dream shining city on the hill. we only make a three percent of the world's population. everybody wants to come here because of the system that we've created here. he has to destroy it. has to make it feminate he has to make it poor. he has that and as abraham lincoln said will only be destroyed through suicide you talk about this in your book and this is the question. who are they? i'll put it right down to the democrat party the upper escalon to the democratic party. not the ranking five people that vote for the democrat not a whole lot of the people. that i elected by democratic party because you know why a lot of these people are in districts where the democratic party has so much control that in order for them to win. they have to run as a democrat. so before they can do some good and they have told me and they
4:48 am
told you man, i support a lot of what you talking about, but right i can't run as republican conservative in my district. help me change it. i've had so many of them sickness help me change if you can get my people support school choice. i'll vote for it. but right now. have my money comes from the teachers unions. if i go out to school choice, i'm done. they're just gonna bring somebody else in. at least i'm doing a little bit of good right now. so who controls the democrat party planned parenthood? the atheist from george soros on down the the people that want to open borders the people that love the drug trade the people i love the sex trafficking the -- people in hollywood. they said all of that money down to the democratic party and say get power use the law. to keep these people under control so they're vote for you and give us what we end up they fund the politicians they want in office to carry out their agenda exactly. you have people i mean you you know how it works on. you've been watching a man for a long time how china is sending money in through these lobbyists
4:49 am
and then the lobbyists give money to the politicians. it's all just yeah, and they're doing a good job lead us military. but they can destroy our values and they can bring about fear in this court like you talked about with the covid-19 and the mask you talk about independent but exploited that yes exploded. it had us the freight to do anything. now we are in this inflation within this economic turmoil because of it see we live very protected lives here, and we don't know how sinister these people are. they know they can't come here with guns in the feed us. so outside of america. they are sending in everything they can to defeat us from republicans propaganda. all of we've done it america has done it the country before the cold war was about that. okay now they're doing it to us then. we don't even see it coming, but they know the the foundation to it all to the democratic party keeping power is keeping black people under their heal, and you lay all the blame under democratic party not no
4:50 am
responsibility for rapid republicans that the gop just the democratic party when i look at the democratic party, i always look at what they've done to the black community. look at the evil that they've done to our people. i look at it from slavery up until now. i'm sorry. i asked me they've killed a close to 60 million black people since they've been a party. through slavery through abortion the middle passage and all of it's come from jim crow. i mean jim crow was horrible, even though we had the laws on the book 13 14 15th amendment right to vote equal protection on the law ending in slavery. they castrated killed murdered the first nwacp field officer to get killed. in the field we've got about any albert williams. he worked in haywood county, tennessee, and it was in the 1940s. kukla fan killed him because he's trying to get black people to vote. that was them they weren't even a murderous. thieving perverted lot since they're inception in 1800 and they haven't changed. it's like the mafia right if you set up. if you have the mafia and inside of the who's coming to it?
4:51 am
the the pimps the drug dealers the murderers the thieves because that's what they do. when you set up a democrat party in a state and they said oh we're going to support abortion. we're going to keep children in terrible schools. we're going to try to destroy religion who comes to it. he's not the very good people you think this is why media demonizes black conservatism demonizes conservatism could you think they are then enabler and protect them so they can continue their bidding on the further destruction other and the erosion of american values. oh, yeah, man the media, you know, you've seen hollywood. i'll have to tell you about it. you also know from history. the soviet union and his minions have always communists have always been here in america trying to break america down. i remember in my book. i wrote about what taylor branch wrote in his book. american and king years. he said in 1954 that the common turn and soviet union sent their spies. he had infiltrated the rice movement it gave him instruction to make the black community a
4:52 am
direct replica of the soviet bloc. and they've done it. one party rule dictatorship apostate religion broken family poverty drug abuse alcoholism you name it and it's working and people try to say well capitalism. has destroyed the black community capitalism socialism and you go see you socialism has destroyed true. it's not capitalism, you five minutes. we have left and i thank you so much for writing this book. 25 lies exposing democrats most dangerous seductive damnable destructed lives and how to refute them. give us hope what can people do to turn this around are can they thank you for that armstrong because that is hope. the hope is that there's still a strong christian community out there. the thing that's upheld this country ever since this beginning the abolitionist movement. christian movement and we've always had this fight in this country.
4:53 am
between real christianity and fake christianity down south we have got about apostate christianity that supported slavery racism hatred. but then there was a christianity of nor the abolitionist christianity said no brotherhood. love forgiveness. forbearance freedom that christianity still exists and now we have to activate it and say look we're doing a good job going in africa going into south america going into china going into korea's. but what did jesus say? i want you to take this gospel. and i want you to spread it. starting here in jerusalem and samaria then to the outermost part of the world. we as christians have to start redubbing our efforts to go get our own here. we have to go back into the communities that are suffering we have to challenge the church to start doing its job again and bring about the great commission because the black church in many ways has become an apostate church not all of them. you got some good preachers still down there, but too many of them have just made politics part of the church soles to the
4:54 am
polls street money, you know how to work. you've seen it and they've taken the black community and they made them believe the christianity and democrat party socialism as are not how do we get? american blacks, it's like the immigrant song when they come here. they find prosperity opportunity. how do we get american blacks that finally take their shoes off in america and say i'm at home and i'm gonna treat this and protect it as if it's my home school choice is the best route to get that done we start with wiring up these young black people again to believe in their god believe in that christianity put the foundation up under there. make them understand you no longer an african-american. you're an american. the american you have 20 25 generations in this country. i mean the constitutional united states of america said you had to end it you had to end a slave trade in 1808 right? that means your people have been at least since 1808. this is your country. your people built it.
4:55 am
you don't ask permission in your own house, you know your way around protect yourself. that's part of being an american a free man. you have to walk and exercise your freedom. your freedom isn't unalienable, right? given to you by god not government. it is irrevocable. non-transferable unsellable according to john light locke exercise your freedom stand up as a free man in your house. believe in your god get married have a family work hard. you've seen that study from pew that says if you these three things you'll never be poor in america. it's it says at first you graduate high school don't have a child until you're married. and what full-time you'll never be hungry and that final two minutes. explain people what a black conservative is. that is so much more to sort of denounce the myths. and what people have tried to make others believe that it is
4:56 am
you tell us i want a black conservative has to believe has to believe in jesus christ in his god because that's what makes you fearless. that's that's the thing that makes you say i fear no man, it makes you stand up and look them in the eye and say i get everything i get from my god anyone that's going to come and try to settle me from that go have a problem with me. anyone that's going to come and try to teach my children and pull them away from their god. it's gonna have a problem with me a black conservative is a person that believes in jesus christ his god. he believes in freedom. not that government gives him his freedom. he believes in his freedom comes from god. he doesn't ask permission. he exercises his freedom. just like your car you own it, right? it's mine. i'm not gonna ask permission and then he's just got an arms himself. with knowledge for the wise man and a gun for the fool. and walks this earth as god gives him purpose to walk. my brother and i say as my brother in christ. there you go. i don't see color. there you go. see behavior.
4:57 am
no 25 lies. there you go. exposing democrats most dangerous seductive damnable destruct their lives and how to refute them this every ellison. thank you. thank you brother so much for joining us man. enjoy it on afterwards want to get the book.
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