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tv   Rep. Colin Allred D-TX Speaks at Iowa Democratic Party Spring Fundraiser  CSPAN  May 3, 2022 5:59am-6:23am EDT

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♪♪ thank you and good evening, iowa democrats. thank you all so much for having me and allowing me to be with you as you are finally back in person celebrating your liberty and justice celebrations. it is a lot better to be here with you in person than on zoom and i want to thank my good friends. we do that in congress a lot, don't we. my good friend for that introduction. you all are really lucky to have her fighting on your side in washington. [applause] thank you also to your excellent chair, representative welborn
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for inviting me and putting this on. and to all of the great speakers. my goodness, iowa democrats you have a lot of talent and everyone here for putting this on. also because we are democrats we want to give a big thank you to the staff at the iowa events center. thank you for serving us this evening. [applause] now, i know when you saw your keynote speaker this evening some of you might be wondering who is that. as cindy can tell you i took the normal route to congress as she talked about. i was raised by a single mother in dallas, played in the nfl and became a civil rights attorney. it's a normal route. well, maybe not so much. cindy can tell you between playing linebacker and serving in congress you deliver and take
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a hit, have to be able to get along with folks from every walk of life, which is one of the things i loved about playing but i have to admit until january 6th, i never thought of serving in congress would be the more violent of the two jobs. my wife doesn't really love that joke. now, i got to also serve with dave loebsack and want to say that we became fast friends. [applause] we were an odd couple. he is the guy i would sit next to in the clerk room and hear about how much congress changed and what was going on in iowa all delivered in his uniquely iowa blonde charmingly come curmudgeon style, let's just say that. i was with him just the other day. i want to thank him for his years of service to iowa and to
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our country. [applause] as cindy said i also came to congress with a class of 2018 with your former congresswoman state representative. [applause] i first met addie in 2018 and we were campaigning and have been good friends ever since. i will never forget how after meeting my infant son, jordan, abby told him to call him and abby -- aunt addie and she meant it. thank you for your service as well. i've been fortunate to come here a few times. both lost two and beaten your iowa state cyclones up in ames. i was playing at baylor. i was there for the distinct pleasure of campaigning here for president joe biden weeks before the caucuses. [applause]
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i had a great time driving through your frozen fields. [laughter] and playing willie nelson in the car to bring a little bit of texas with me here to iowa. .. i get this nostalgic feeling. maybe it's movies like field of dreams or books and stories about campaigns being waged in living rooms and vfw halls. but feeling the beating heart of our democracy doesn't exist in television ads or fake rallies. but in person-to-person conversations. inindividuals group me . it's clear to me that iowa
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democrats take our democracy seriously. and i want to thank youfor that . [applause] because of so many folks who have said tonight this is a time of real danger for our democracy. i was a civil rights attorney before i came to congress my focus was voting rights and in my whole state of texas many of the attacks we see across the country havebeen going on for years . texas has one of the states strictest voter registration laws and vote by mail laws and has never met a gerrymander that it didn't like. but what is new in texas and here in iowa and across the country is this idea that if one party doesn't win the election, then the election itselfmust have been fraudulent . they have to overthrow the results of that election.
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that were not going to accept what happens in our elections. it's an idea that is so toxic to our democracy, so corrosive to our process and it left thousands of our fellow citizens to attack the capital in an effort to overturn an american presidentialelection . and i was there on january 6. on the house floor doing my job. my wife allie is here. was at home with our 22-month-old son. with another one on theway in just two months . and as they barricaded the decorative doors to the house , with furniture we usually use the whole paper . we heard the banging and noises i texted my wife. whatever happens, i love you. i took off my suit coat, the first time ever done that on the house floor. you can't enter the house floor without your suit coat. and i prepared in my mind to
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have to defend mycolleagues from whatever was going to come through those doors . thanks to the bravery of the capital police, an exit route was secured and we were able to evacuate just seconds ahead of the mob. and as i was leaving the floor, i saw the glass breaking on those windows that the president walks through for the state of the union. i saw officers who guard the floor standing behind with their guns drawn and i knew then and and i always say those officers saved mylife . so if anyone wants to know how i feel about law enforcement, about the brave men and women in uniform every day or put on a badge not knowing if they're going to come home that night, i say we owed them our gratitude. our support and we need to give them the tools they need to do their job safely and build trust . so anyone here who served in
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law enforcement as a first responder for ourmilitary i want to say thank you . thank you for yourservice . [applause] you know, january 6 is our reminder how close we came to losing our democracy. the plans that we've learned about since then for outfront and his cronies plan to pull off what in anyother country we would call a two . cannot be forgotten. we have to remember that our actions move us closer or further away from horse stating our democracy. but bemoaning the state of our democracy alone isn't goingto win us any elections . as i said earlier i was raised by a single mother. but that's not the whole story. my mom was a public school teacher in dallas. 27 years.
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and you know in texas and i'm sure this is true here in iowa we don't pay ourteachers enough . so times were tough. times were tough when i was growing, money was tight. when i got to the nfl i was told it was my job as a rookie to buy snacks for the linebacker room. i went to the store and bought all the buy one get one free budget storebrand things you could find. i brought them in the next day so proud of myself and my wife said what iswrong with you rocky ? we made millions of dollars here. that's how i grew up. making every sense count. i understand what the tough conversations are that are going on at kitchen tables across our country right now. because for ordinary iowans and texans it has been a rough few years especiallyfor families . schools and daycare's of the open and closed. whole categories of work disappeared for months and
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even now with vaccines and treatments have allowed us to move into an endemic phase of this fight with covid. shortages caused by putin's invasion has raised the cost of everything from a gallon of milk to a tank of gas. it's a reality we as democrats can't be afraid to knowledge and empathize with but it's also a reality that we're the only party with plans to address the pain ordinary americans are feeling. because we want to lower their cost. we want to lower their cost in every area from prescription drugs to childcare. does anybody areas we believe , does anyone believe mitch mcconnell and donald trump one guy who writes about cutting taxes for the rich and the other who literally has a golden employment. does anyone believe they care about the cost going up every day? does anyone believe chuck
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grassley cares about helping families like mine growing up ? it's laughable. it's laughable. these guys think they can go around and pretend we didn't see what they did last time they had power in washington. they cut taxes to the bone for the richest americans and biggest corporations and they tried and were one thumbs down away from john mccain from taking healthcare away from millions of americans with no plan to replace the affordable care act. and they turn the other way as donald trump pursued his point was trade war withchina that hurt texas and iowa farmers and ranchers heart . these are not serious people . when they say they'll do anything about inflation, their responsibilitiesabout this pandemic is part of life it's taken us so long to get out of it . and we don't just have to look at what they did in the past. look at what they're doing right now in the states that they control where they have
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full control like texas and florida and unfortunately sadly in iowa. in the states their governments are passing laws to help working people . number they're too busy supporting the big lie and trying to make it harder to vote . passing restrictions on a woman's right to choose. too busy engaging in culture wars with disney or banning books written by people of color or lgbt hue folks. they do know the internet exists, right? you can't ban anything for these kids anymore. but that's a different topic. as always there's still trying to cut taxes for the ultra rich who fund their campaigns and yes dotting public education their favorite thing to do. so republicans say they're the part of theparty of the working people listen to what they're saying, watch what they're doing . so the question for us as democrats and is what do we do .
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because as president kennedy said it's not enough for usto come here and first the darkness, we are here to light a candle . i know we're all proud to be part of the true big tent party where everyone should be welcome understand this . i'm a black civil rights lawyer and i'm here to tell you the same former republicans who younger me with have vehemently disagreed with ournow my supporters . when they this version of the republican party they don't see their values reflecting so their free agents. looking for a political home. we need these people to. we may not agree with on every issue who agree with us on protecting american democracy. [applause] and we need to be proud. we need to be proud democrats of the work we've done. because the truth is democrats have delivered historic pieces of legislation.
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you all sent cindy back with that five vote margin because of president biden being in the white house. these policies have helped our country. democrats delivered the american rescueplan which cut childhood poverty by a third last year . [applause] democrats saved families an average of $2400 a year by lowering costs to the affordable care act. democrats send checks directly to iowans and your hardest hit small businesses. we are the reason you can go to their local pharmacy andget a vaccine or booster shot for free because of democrats . and yes, democrats saved the american economy. for years presidents of both parties have tried and failed to get an infrastructure bill to repair our nation's crumbling infrastructure. but last year president biden and congressional democrats got it done and to paraphrase president biden that's a big
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freaking deal . since president biden took office we had the most rapid economic growth in my lifetime . we've created 8 million jobs. we with historically low unemployment rates. so what i'm saying is we have a lot of accomplishments to run on. because we used our majorities to deliver for ordinary folks not to go after mickey mouse . and as president biden would say you got to tell voters not to judge us against the almighty but to judge us against the alternative . this is a party on the republican side that's become extreme . a party ofconspiracy theorists . andyes , insurrectionist. and that's why it's so important that sydney gets reelected this november. you see cindy, you thought i was done withyou but i'm not . cindy and i both split seats
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from red to blue.we were top targets of the republicans in 2020. we both fought off well-fundedchallengers to get reelected . but cindy is now as she said arguably the republicans top targets in the entire country . they want to beat her sobadly making things up . but i see cindy every day. cindy takes the fight in washington to the republicans . for iowans. she does it with a smile. congress is better because cindy is in it. [applause] and it will be better when liz mathis and christina bohan are in it too. and ryan i didn't forget about you. thank you for running in that fourth district, brother. it willbe better when grassley is no longer united states senator .
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because iowa democrats the truth is you all know how to win soft elections. you know iowa is interested, is just a state where we've got to put working did what you didtwice for barack obama . the pundits like to say iowa and texas are states we can't win in. i disagree. i believe we make our own destiny. i believe in people. i believe in the power of ordinary folks doing extraordinary things. i believe in you iowa democrats. now the cynics are saying this may be a tough year for us. but we've overcome longer odds than this before.we can't lose hope. we have so many more tools at our disposal. then the african-americans that came before me, let the civil rightsmovement . there was no congressional black caucus then.
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now i'm a member of the congressional black caucus more than 55 members strong. we can't lose hope . we have to carry that hope with us everywhere we go. it's the hope of a 25-year-old don lewis crossing the edmund pettis bridge for the right to vote for african-americans. it's the hope of a young woman sitting in one of your public schools right now who spoke her first word of english in kindergarten. but who believes there's a place for her in this state. and in this country. the hope of a young man and a small town indiana whose last name no one can pronounce and you want the last iowa caucuses. it's the hope of a biracial son being raised by a single mother. in dallas. dreaming one day he might be able to serve in the united states congress. that's what our parties built on. where the party of roosevelt and kennedy.
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party of barack obama and harris, the first woman south asian and black vice president. where the party that saved american democracy and the party that saved oureconomy. we have to be proud to be democrats . [applause] because we are right. where on the right side of history and we will say that again this november and the elections to come. the only way we're going to send india back to congress and chuck grassley home is if we hang on to that hope and fight together understanding we're so much stronger when we all come together. there's nothing we cannot do. we can't agonize about what's going on, we have to organize for the country that we love. so iowa democrats, all i've got to say is let's get to work. let's dothis for our country . we know we're better than this. this is the united states of america and there's nothing we cannot do. god bless you and godbless
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america. may god protect our troops . her
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