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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  June 13, 2022 2:41pm-3:01pm EDT

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more for about african-americans, a little over two and a half years. it's not true we are living longer and as i said earlier, where are the jobs for these people supposedly living longer? they are not there. raising the age to be taken off the books, we've done that in the early 80s and were gone far enough as far as that goes in my opinion. >> the betterfi approach is to reset the structure so people well off do not get as generous of benefits as peopleat who reay need the help. that is more feasible politically, not taking all benefits away so they don't immediately create that political opposition for you redistribution to those people. >> the american enterprise institute on twitter, that's richmond, you can find them
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online, thank you for the conversation. >> appreciate that. >> start calling in now, here's the headline lead story on today's new york times, framework for gun safety calling it rare bipartisan deal in the sub headlines. putting together the proposal, here's the statement from the group of 27 years. families are scared and our duty to come together to get something done to help restore their sense of safety and security in their communities. our plan increases health safety and secure dangerous criminals and those adjudicated as mentally ill, can't purchase weapons. most important, our plans save lives while protecting the constitutional rights of law-abiding americans. we look over to brought bipartisan support and common
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sense proposal into law. as a statement from yesterday along with the statement, a breakdown of main provisions in the agreement. here's a few of them thisg. morning, funding for states to intimate crisis intervention order and so-called red flag laws. to close the so-called boyfriend who pull to ensure no domestic abuser can buy a gun if convicted of abuse against her partner. school basement the health services, there's more funding for school safety resources. this effort to clarify rules on who needs to register a licensed gun dealer and then checks for those under 21 years old and new penalties for those who try to commit strong purchases buying a gun for somebody who wasn't
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allowed to do so. those are provisions in the gun proposal as president biden noted yesterday saying it doesn't do everything needed but calling from the passageg of te legislation, calling on members of congress send it to his death. getting your reaction this tmorning, numbers as usual. republican, good morning, what was your reaction? >> good morning. >> go ahead, andrea. >> a very specific question -- >> sure, what are your thoughts on the gun deal. >> i am wanting to know how this affects us in the federal city because we are blocked from
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owning guns here. >> these are new gun safety provisions here in d.c. but republicans on this deal saying it doesn't infringe on your second amendment rightsng, on legal gun purchases from law-abiding citizens, you g thik the right is already infringed here in d.c.? >> yes, ibe do. >> okay. glenn, lakeland florida, your next. >> good morning.d, this proposal in my opinion does not move the needle because republicans before they came to this conclusion is that it there are certain things they would not permit or agree with before the proposal wasas done so to be the things american people want, they wanted to get rid of ar-15
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and have extensive background checks and other things. they came to the table saying those are nonstarter'sth. also consider the second amendment used as a means of saying we don't want to take away rights. eliminating the ar-15 does not eliminate your second amended rights just because there's a weapon sold doesn't mean your second amendment rights are taken away, you just can't have that weapon and that is the thing democrats need to push on. it's not about taking away the weapon and allowing them not to have any weapons at all. i think that's what the democratsn fail because they don't fight againstts that is jt because ar-15 is available doesn't mean you have to own it, it doesn't have to be on the market. take it off the list, it doesn't change anything. republicans seem to have a way of saying it takes away her rights but it's life. democrat don't push that. >> on this idea whether
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legislation goeswh far enough or those who say it doesn't, a headline from the inside pages of the new york times, a start, gun deal creeds hope but also frustration in the picture, leonard sandoval, 10-year-old glenn grandson died at robb elementary school shooting in uvalde texas, he would like to see a ban on semiautomatic weapons and more mass shooter training at the national level to prevent another disastrous police response like what appeared to have happened in uvalde. the story also quoting from orlando sunday being the sixth anniversary of the polls nightclub shooting, ricardo, 33 voting rights activists, survivor of the attack at the polls night votes, he has two minds about the potential deal on gun safety, good to see them going towards something he said but on the other hand it is there minimum of the bare minimum and he said he's hoping for legislation to raise the age
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for buying military style rifles, some of those quoted near times story. the democrat from connecticut, a series of tweets yesterday about the release of the proposal, here is one tweet, he said will this do everything we need to end gun violence epidemic? no he admitted but it's real meaningful progress and breaks a 30 year jam demonstrated democrats and the publicans can work together in a way that truly does save lives. john cornyn, one of his key negotiating partners on the other side texas think disagreement will provide schools resources need to enhance security and keep children safe and invest in mental health programs to support communities and schools and will not infringe on the rise of law-abiding gun owners. the tragedy in uvalde and
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elsewhere cried out for action. i work closely with my colleagues to find an agreement to protect our community's from violence while also protecting law-abiding texans right to bear arms. john cornyn, one of the ten republican's who joined together with ten democrats to come up with this proposal, the other nine republican senators in missouri, richard burr of north carolina, bob portman of ohio, patrick toomey of pennsylvania, thom tillis north carolina, bill cassidy louisiana, susan collins of maine, lindsey graham of south carolina, mitt romney utah. new york times noted of the tent report and senators supporting the deal on gun safety for leaving congress at the end of the year and five are not up for reelection for another four years, only mitt romney is going to face voters in 2024, he is up for reelection this year. getting your reaction to the bipartisan gun proposal announced yesterday, this is james out of las vegas, independent, good morning. >> good morning, thanks c-span. i don't know exactly what is in
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the proposal but i've been listening to the discussions and regardingga of course mental illness but what seems to be ambiguous and missing from the discussion is the two most dangerous mental illness, antisocial personality disorder and psychopathyrs and it's not n screening for -- i mean, a diagnosis in the shooters but obviously we had the worst of all and no doubt a young man but no doubt had red flags, anti- personality disorder and many students do but it seems to be
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is a very ambiguous discussion talking about those and they do not -- i'm sorry, those people do not seek therapy very often but they have schools or medical treatment but having come from a medical background, there is not screening for those types of mental illnesses. >> what is in the proposal is more money for community mental health clinics funding for school-based mental health services and there is funding for grants to have their own red flag laws, crisis intervention orders so it wouldn't be a federal red flag laws but provide means for states to have the individual red flag laws. my question for you, what you
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think is the main cause of mass shootings in the country? you think it is mental illness being the main cause? to think it's easy access to weapons in the country? we think it is that makes the country so unique in the amount of mass shootings we have? >> obviously, my belief is there are dangerous people's who don't care about people. i think they are on the spectrum and when it comes to guns or the ability deal with other people's money than they are dangerous in society and they are not being screened. >> that's jane in nevada, her inside the beltway in the washington times, each day takes a different whole having to do with the discussion happening in
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the public sphere. today's poll is this, asking the university poll 1600 people u.s. adults conducted earlier this month asking what the adults thought was the main cause of mass shootings in the u.s. by young people. 40% said they think mentalts health issues is a main cause of mass shootings by young people. 19% said availability of guns as a principal cause, 17% blame emily is to become a 10% cited social media 7% citing the influence of entertainment. a pediatric bull from earlier this month. since it out of tulsa, oklahoma. >> good morning. >> go ahead. >> i got a dui in 1980 in a car going down a one-way street and i just wanted to go to a gun
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range in the background check and i guess it's a good thing but i wanted to shoot up a gun at a range and i can't do it. >> you think it's fair or not there? >> i think it is fair in a way but then again i'm not trying to do anything were wrong, i just want to go to a gun range. >> what is your take on this proposal released yesterday? too far, not far enough? >> what happened in tulsa, it's getting out ofn hand with that many mass shootings going on, they should outlaw. >> outlaw what? >> assault weapons, assault guns and machine guns used in vietnam. >> vincent in oklahoma, this is rick in new york.
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on the line for gun owners. good morning. >> how are you doing? >> what are your thoughts on the proposal? >> you keep piling on gun laws and gun laws and gun laws. i think one problem we have is if you look back at the timeline, all the states started stopping the death penalty, there's no fear tona commit a crime. if you think about something, three instances with mass casualties, weapons never used, look at timothy mcvay to use the u-haul and gas and propane that blew up in oklahoma city. the hijackings, and one of the worst is jim jones who used poisoned kool-aid so there's no fear increase people keep them
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from doing these crimes. maybe if we had the death penalty if somebody does commit a gun crime, don't give them ten or 12 years of captured an appeal, appeal, appeal. two weeks later, put on tv their execution so kids can see what happens if you break the law, i'm sorry, that's the way i look at this. >> good morning, out of west virginia. >> goodxt morning. i hear people talk about ar-15's, i am 87 and blind now but -- >> you tell me, it sounds like you know. >> it's an ar-15 -- i don't know
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and you say take away automatic weapons but we have my automatic 22's, do they want them to take away their semiautomatic 22? it's a very small caliber gun and the laws they pass that we've never broken, we passed a law in 1920, no more alcohol in the united states that lasted 12 years. that was one of the worst laws, you can't pass a law and say no to that. the laws are never enforced and usually no way to enforce them. thank you very much. >> we showed you some tweaks from lead negotiators, a group
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of ten democratic senators, ten republican senators who came out with this proposal yesterday, new york times with a list of republicans on that gun deal, republicans being the ones that would be needed, at least ten needed to overcome a filibuster. we are waiting for the actual text of the legislation according to the reporting, it's still being written so it's unclear if it wouldld be passed before the julybe 4 recess when congress will behe going home ahead of the campaign season so we will see the timing for this but i want to come back to the list of ten republican senators because some of the reaction on the other side of the aisle, that is the list from the new york times, ten republican senators and referring to that list, the republican house congresswoman from colorado, gun rights supporter second amendment supporter tweeted this
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yesterday afternoon, hey siri, show me a list of senate rhinos in regard to the list of the senate republicans. likely not on theke list, senatr from utah, always stand on the side of second amendment law-abiding americans due process and justice. those acts of rampage violence are criminals who must be stopped. he said i look forward to reviewing this legislation. just some of the reaction in the past 24 hours, we are asking for yours this morning. republicans 2,027,488,001. dependence (202)748-8002. a separate line for gun owners of any kind, (202)748-8003. having this conversation for about the next 40 minutes here on the washington general. >> we are going to leave the program for our 40 year covid for live cattle to gavel committed to congress.
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senators to talk about expanding disability for veterans, exposed to toxic articles mainly from burn pits and we expect numbers to discuss an agreement on gun legislation announced yesterday. live now to the senate floor here on c-span2. the chaplain: let us pray. eternal god, dressed in a robe of light, this is the day that you have made. we will rejoice and be glad in it. lord, we place our trust in you. you have guided our life's journey through many dangers, toils, and snares. your amazing grace continues to sustain us.


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