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tv   NFL Commissioner Testifies on Washington Commanders Workplace Culture  CSPAN  June 22, 2022 9:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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result and will hear testimony from former acting attorney general jeffrey rosen, former acting deputy attorney general, richard donahue and former assistant attorney general from the office of legal counsel stephen angle republican representative, adding, expected to lead most of the questioning and live coverage begins at 3:0n three and you can also watching the free c-span now video app or online at ..
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the committee will come to order. without objection, the chair is authorized to declare recess of the committee at any time. i now recognize myself for an opening statement. good morning and thank you all for being here. our hearing today is about protecting women and all workers from sexual harassment, intimidation and bullying in the workplace. we will examine one notoriously toxic workplace, the washington commanders football team and the response from the nfl. during football season, millions of americans tune in to watch their favorite teams.
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the nfl and its teams collect tens and billions in revenues thanks in part to federal benefits. the nfl and its teams have one of the biggest platforms in america. so, what happens in the nfl has consequences for the rest of the country. the committee launched an investigation last october after the nfl refused to release the finding of an internal investigation into the widespread sexual misconduct at the washington commanders. the committee requested these findings, but the nfl and the commander have refused to produce them while also withholding more than 40,000 documents collected in their internal review.
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this lack of transparency suggests rather than protecting women, the nfl is hoping to sweep the controversy under the rug. today we will hear from roger goodale, commissioner of the nfl. i'm glad he is participating, and i hope we will finally get more transparency about what the nfl found and why mr. goodale has worked so hard to keep it secret. we also invited daniel snyder to testify today. but rather than show up and take responsibility for his actions, he chose to skip town. apparently mr. snyder is in france where he stalked his luxury yacht near a resort town. that is how much respect he has
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for women in the workplace. mr. snyder's absence is all the more telling given that the committee released new evidence today that mr. snyder himself fostered the commanders toxic workplace. for top executives he fired women but not men, who engaged in relationships with other employees while defending male executives accused of sexual harassment. and he kept employees from speaking out through a culture of fear. as one longtime employee described mr. snyder's tactics, quote, if you don't obey, intimidate. if you still don't obey, terminate. finally, the employee added, quote, if that didn't work, buy
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them off. the committee has also uncovered evidence that mr. snyder conducted a shadow investigation to target his accusers and pin the blame on others and influence the nfl's own internal review. he filed phony lawsuits to conduct private phone records, e-mails and text messages. the committee has a copy of the dossier using the information he collected and it's absolutely astonishing and extremely disturbing. it shows the lengths he went to to harass, intimidate and silence his accusers including journalists, attorneys and former employees, anyone
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involved. it starts here just naming journalists that he wants to investigate and has investigated. he sent private investigators to former cheerleaders homes and offered hush money to buy their silence. the nfl was aware of his actions but failed to stop him. we obtained a secret legal agreement between the nfl and the commanders that enabled mr. snyder to prevent the disclosure of documents and information including to this committee. some argued protecting women isn't worthy of the committee's time. i'm not alone. in april, six attorneys general condemned the nfl for its ongoing failure to address
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sexual harassment and gender discrimination across the league. the nfl itself has launched a new investigation based on evidence brought to light by the committee. from the toxic culture that he created the nfl has also failed to protect these women. now i believe it is up to congress to protect them and millions more like them. we have introduced two bills along with committee members to do exactly that. our first bill, the accountability for workplace misconduct will require employers to conduct thorough investigations and share the outcome with victims and it will prohibit employers from using nondisclosure agreements to
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conceal workplace misconduct. one of dan snyder's favorite tactics. our second bill is the professional images protection act. our investigation confirmed that the commanders secretly created lewd videos of cheerleaders for the private enjoyment of dan snyder. that is despicable and our bill will create notice and consent requirements for employers who use their employees for professional images. just this month the committee held a crucial hearing on gun violence and advanced legislation to protect lgbt qi
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rights. next week we will be holding a bipartisan hearing with the drugs are only opioid crisis. but today the focus is on protecting women in the workplace is, and i believe that if you merits our full attention. in february, the committee held a roundtable where we heard directly from several courageous former team employees. before i yield i would like to remind everyone what they said about the harassment they endured in the need for accountability, and they asked congress to act. we will now play a video. >> i experienced many work firsts. first bonus, first promotion, first potluck, first employee higher, first threat of violence by a supervisor, first hostile
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work environment, first public humiliation, first sexual assault. i learned placing me strategically by the owner and a dinner after a networking event wasn't for me to discuss business, but to allow him, dan snyder, to place his hand on my thigh under the table. >> many came forward at great personal risk. we did our part believing but we were doing would help employees across the country, but to our shock and our disappointment, the nfl did nothing. >> i stand before you here today reliving these difficult memories to try to make a change for other women in the league, the industry and the workplace. these are just some of the stories the washington football and nfl tried so hard to hide. i want to shine a light on the toxic workplace that we endured and want them to release the report from the wilkinson investigation.
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>> this is not just about the washington football team and its employees. it's about the millions of women and workplaces across the country who endure harassment every day and our everyday lives. today is when democrats and republicans can come together and ensure that what we experienced will not happen anywhere else throughout this country. >> today is when we can make a difference and we can show the american people how impactful congress can be. >> i now yield to my good friend, the ranking member for his opening statement. >> thank you, madam chair. the toxic work environment is one in which the staff are meeting or even talking to leadership. the staff is humiliated or worse, devoted. where employees are retaliated against for raising questions about hostile ethical breaches. now where did this take place? steps away from the oval office at the office of science and
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technology policy within the executive office of the president. it started shortly after president biden's inauguration in 2021. the very day he was inaugurated, the president said, and i quote, i am not joking when i say this if you ever work with me and i hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, i will fire you on the spot, no it is, and's whereabouts, joe biden said that. it didn't take long for those words to ring hollow. the white house counsel's office had well-documented allegations but refused to hold bad actors accountable. for all we know, the problems in the office of science and technology policy may still be happening. had we had a single hearing about the hostile work environment that president biden's top science office. democrats even sent a single oversight letter about it. the core responsibility is the
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committee to conduct oversight of the executive branch. but this entire congress democrats have turned a blind eye to the biden administration. instead the oversight committees investigate a single private organization for workplace misconduct that took place years ago. let me be clear no one should be subjected to a hostile work environment and bad actors must be held accountable. the workplace misconduct that is the topic of today's hearing has already been subject to investigations, fines, settlements and a very intense media scrutiny. new leadership has been installed and improved workplace policies implemented without congressional involvement. during the democrats so-called investigation, the committee has held a roundtable, to transcribed interviews and depositions and now this hearing. democrats whose top economic concern is the nfl is not
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collecting enough money you can urge the federal trade commission to open an investigation based solely on the testimony of a former employee within asked to grind. democrats playbook is to focus on the past and ignore the present and future. all these taxpayer dollars to reinvestigate, which has already been investigated. no new punishments have been levied against the commanders due to the investigation because they've already faced consequences for their hostile workplace. granted to do any of the agreed parties because congress has no authority to provide relief in any of these instances. no additional workplace improvements have been made to e to this investigation because, unlike at the office of science and technology policy, the workplace overhaul has already begun. i want to ask why congress must tackle the nfl football teams workplace and not the white house office or members.
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democrats are more committed to politics than our committee's mission. our committee's mission is government efficiency and effectiveness. the committee's mission is to protect taxpayer dollars from government fraud, waste and mismanagement. the committee's mission is to hold the government more accountable. instead of conducting oversight of the federal government, democrats investigate the private sector while the nation struggles under the weight of inflation and rising gas prices democrats are commanding oil and gas companies to decrease production. they did it right here in this committee with the oil. at the first one to ask each energy ceo will you pledge to cut production and now we know where the president is headed in saudi arabia right now. the chairwoman even subpoenaed the ceos after they produced thousands of documents. while americans are suffering from the effects of biden's
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border crisis including fentanyl streaming across the border and killing teens, democrats have examined paychecks and held numerous hearings to demonize the oil and gas industry to push the radical green new deal climate agenda. while mothers are struggling to find infant formula on store shelves, democrats hold a hearing on flea and tick colors. it's no surprised they gave the democrats in f in oversight. this committee is failing the american people. i urge the chairwoman to get back to the mission of the committee and do what the american people elected us to do, conduct oversight of the federal government and the biden administration which is on a path to destroy america. let's hold hearings and conduct oversight of the crisis affecting americans today. forty year high inflation, skyrocketing gas prices come out of stock baby formula, raging water crisis, surging fentanyl overdoses and tanking stock market. the americans, american people
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expect us to be their voice in washington. it's past time we started doing what we were sent here to do and with that, madam chair, i will yelled back. >> the gentleman yields back and i recognize the gentle man from illinois for an opening statement. >> thank you, madam chair. i would like to address why we are here today. because sexual harassment remains a big problem in the workplace. even as we tackle other challenges in the country, we must and sexual harassment. each year millions including myself enjoy the nfl. nfl teams, coaches and players influence public opinion on sensitive topics. for boys and young men, that means taking cues as to how they should treat women and for girls and young women, how they should be treated. that reality is why it's so important that the nfl holds itself to, quote, a higher standard as commissioner goodell has said and why the nfl must
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ensure that those that fail to failed tomeet the standard are d accountable. for the washington commanders, that reckoning unfortunately has not come. by its own admission the nfl said, quote, the workplace culture was not only unprofessional, but toxic for far too long. numerous women have accused team officials including the current owner of sexual misconduct. several years ago, another house oversight committee chair opened an inquiry into sexual harassment charges that the time involving usa gymnastics explaining usa gymnastics set the rules and policies that govern the sport of gymnastics and has a significant responsibility to its sports and athletes. that person was republican chair trey gaudi. we agreed at a similar leave the nfl set the rules and the policies affecting pro football and it had a serious sponsor ability to uphold this sport.
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as one of america's most visible workplaces, the nfl also set the tone for how employers handle sexual harassment. colleagues on the other side raised a number of issues worthy of the committee's attention from gas prices to the opioid crisis. we must continue to address this. but at the same time we must tackle sexual harassment. not just for the sake of the commanders former employees, but also for our constituents. today we must send a clear message that the conduct that took place in the commanders organization is never acceptable. not in the nfl, and not anywhere. thank you. i yelled back. >> the gentleman yields back and i recognize the gentle lady from north carolina for an opening statement. >> thank you madam chair. madame chair i would like to echo the ranking member's comments today. this administration is doing all
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it can to annihilate america. it's not like fiddling while the country burns. it's been reported approximately 72% of americans think the united states is on the wrong track. chairwoman, with unanimous consent i would like to submit this news poll for the record. >> so ordered. >> are we looking into what caused the 40 year inflation rate and how administration failed to address the baby formula shortage? know. are we examining how and why teams are purchasing illicit drugs? on social media leading to a record number of overdoses, no. what about the crisis at the southern border, are we doing anything to address the massive humanitarian and national security catastrophes, no. instead this is another day when the committee failed to do what the american people have elected us to do.
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last week we had a hearing on pet callers and today over a single nfl team about workplace conduct that occurred years ago. as the ranking member mentioned in his opening remarks, no one should be subjected to a hostile work environment. bad actors must be held accountable. at this hearing is another example of democrats failing to conduct meaningful oversight in the biden administration and ongoing catastrophes fueled by president biden's incompetent policies. the nfl investigated misconduct and ultimately the team punished bad actors. the nfl is currently investigating additional claims made. as we sit here today, many american families are wondering how they will find a formula for their babies are formula dependent children. families are wondering how they are going to pay for gas to get to their jobs or pay for groceries. families are struggling to make ends meet and at the biden
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administration continues to stand on the sidelines sticking to their message that a recession is not inevitable. families are feeling the squeeze now and there's no end in sight. children are suffering from extreme learning loss because democrats vowed to the teachers unions and kept schools closed for 18 months in some deep blue areas of the country. the issues of the washington commanders and nfl are the last things on americans minds. what is the committee doing to help families working to fix their wounded children and put food on the table? nothing. we must reevaluate our priorities as members of the oversight committee and we focus our energies on overseeing the biden administration and the federal government to ensure the american people are not left behind. thank you and i will yield back. >> the gentle lady yields back. now we will introduce the witness. we will hear from roger goodell,
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the commissioner of the national football league. of the witness will be on mutated so we can swear him in. please raise your right hand. do you swear to affirm the testimony you're about to give us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god? let the record show the witness answered in the affirmative. thank you. without objection your written statements will be made a part of the record and with that, you are now recognized for your testimony. >> thank you and good morning, chairwoman maloney, ranking member and members of the kennedy. i'm roger goodell commissioner of the national football league and i am here today to discuss the efforts to promote a safe and respectful workplaces including at the washington commanders. the commanders are one of two clubs each of which managed by its ownership and executives and
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have their own workplaces and policies. two years ago the commanders asked me to recommend independent counsel to address workplace issues and recommend changes to improve the workplace culture. we identified several candidates and wilkinson a distinguished federal prosecutor. approximately six weeks later they asked my office to assume oversight of the work. the wilkinson firm conducted a comprehensive review of the workplace at the club interviewing more than 150 witnesses. as a result we gained a clear understanding of what the workplace had been, how it had begun to change and what further steps were needed to support the ultimate goal of transforming the workplace to one that is safe and productive for all of its employees. let me start by expressing my gratitude to the men and women who share their experiences
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during the investigation and to beth wilkinson and her team who did their work with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism. it required substantial courage for many to relive the painful experiences and tell their individual stories. no one should experience workplaces like the one they described especially not in the national football league. i can say to every victim unequivocally their willingness to come forward has contributed to a substantially improved workplace. it's clear to me the workplace in washington was unprofessional and unacceptable in numerous respects. widespread disrespect to colleagues, use of demeaning language, public embarrassment and harassment. moreover for the prolonged period of time the commanders had a woefully deficient hr function particularly with respect to reporting practices and record-keeping.
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as a result we imposed unprecedented discipline on the club. monetary penalties of will over $10 million and requirements to implement a series of recommendations and allow an outside firm to conduct regular reviews of the workplace. in addition, for the past year daniel snyder has not attended a legal or committee meetings and did the best of my knowledge hasn't been involved in day-to-day operations at the commanders. the cheerleader program has been entirely revamped it is now a coed dance team under new leadership. and the most recent independent workplace report which we have shared with the committee confirms a highly skilled and diverse management team is in place and that there has been substantial transformation of the teams culture, leadership and human resource practices. to be clear, the workplace of the commanders today there's no resemblance to the workplace
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that has been described to this committee. we didn't receive the report of ms. wilkinson's findings for compelling reasons that continue to this day. a critical element of any workplace review is broad participation by both current and former employees encouraging employees to come forward and share their experiences which were frequently painful and emotional was essential to identify both the organizations failures and how to fix them. to encourage the participation, ms. wilkinson promised confidentiality to any current or former employee. for this reason shortly after we assumed oversight of ms. wilkinson's work, we determined that a comprehensive briefing was best to allow us to receive the information necessary both to evaluate the workplace as it was and to ensure the team in place the policies and process reform all while preserving the
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confidentiality of those who participated in the investigation. all reports are often used by the nfl and other organizations in conducting internal investigations and for other issues. if appropriate we will make public a summary of the key findings as we did here. we have been open and direct that the workplace was not only unprofessional but toxic for far too long. i'm aware some victims including those that appeared before this committee each of whom was invited to participate in the investigation have chosen to share their experiences publicly and i fully respect that choice. many others made a different choice and it's my responsibility to honor the commitment to protect the confidentiality. i am confident that should there be another investigation where similar discretion as desired, future witnesses will feel
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comfortable sharing their experiences knowing that we do not fall back on our word. when the committee is asked questions or requested documents that could violate witness privacy we have asserted privilege. we will continue to do so to safeguard our commitment. earlier this year the committee heard testimony from several employees that included new and direct allegations against mr. snyder. we engaged former u.s. attorney to investigate the allegations. because the new allegations were brought to the committee in a public setting we would share the results of that investigation when it is completed and we will take additional disciplinary action is warranted. since the committee opened its inquiry last october, we fully cooperated producing more than 460,000 pages of documents responding to many written questions engaging in numerous discussions with committee staff
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and i am appearing voluntarily today. we haven't allowed the commanders or its ownership or counsel to direct or make decisions regarding the work done by the wilkinson firm. the work currently underway or this committee's inquiry. finally, i want to address the committee's review of nondisclosure agreements. our policies do not allow the club to use the nba to bar someone from participating in the league investigation. and nobody that wishes to speak to the wilkinson firm was prevented from doing so by end nba. we also believe people who come forward and want to maintain their privacy should be allowed to do so. of the assurance that it was safe to participate and people could rely on the promise to protect their privacy, allow us to do a thorough review and make the necessary changes in the workplace. i have been and remain committed
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to ensuring that all employees at the nfl and the clubs work in a professional and supportive environment that is free from discrimination, harassment or other forms of illegal or unprofessional conduct. thank you for inviting me today and i will do my best to answer your questions. >> thank you for your testimony and for coming today. i recognize myself for five minutes. >> madam chair, a parliamentary inquiry. >> the gentle man is recognized. >> the u.s. supreme court case makes clear congress investigative power must be related to and in the furtherance of a legitimate task of congress. especially in light of the testimony by mr. goodale, how does continuing the hearing relate to a legitimate task of congress in the face of record high inflation, record high gas prices, completely unsecured border, fentanyl crisis that is killing more people between the ages of 18 and 40 life than any
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other cause in the united states, baby formula crisis, a tampon crisis. madam chair the commission are r detailed in his own testimony that the washington commanders redskins, whatever you choose to call them, have been held accountable and made reforms to the organization. we have a chair that told the committee -- >> the gentle man will suspend. the gentle man will suspend. >> what is the purpose of the hearing -- >> this isn't about a stated voluntary inquiry. the gentle man will suspend. >> you can bang the gavel all you want but i don't really care. what is the purpose of continuing this. that is the parliaments inquiry and how -- >> the gentle man will suspend [inaudible] i now recognize myself for five minutes for questions.
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the nfl's decision not to release the findings of an investigation into the toxic workplace culture at the washington commanders denied victims and the american people of what transpired for the past 20 years. today the committee released new evidence documenting the toxic workplace at the commanders, details that the nfl had not previously made public. we found dan snyder refused to discipline coaching staff accused of sexual harassment. instead, according to one executive, he tried to, quote, make the problem go away, end of quote. we found mr. snyder approved the firing of a cheerleader for having a relationship with a
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male team member but took no action against the male employee. and we found mr. snyder orchestrated a shadow investigation sending private investigators to the homes of former employees terrifying them and offering hush money and compiling a dossier on his accusers. commissioner goodale, do you think this is acceptable behavior for the owner of an nfl team? >> chairwoman maloney, that is exactly why we took the issue so seriously. it's exactly why we engaged in the independent investigation. she had full access to be able to engage with anyone -- >> reclaiming my time. i have limited time and thank you for appearing in for your
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testimony. we don't know how much more information is still out there because the nfl has refused to make the findings of the wilkinson investigation public. commissioner, yes or no, will you commit today to providing this committee the full findings of the nfl's internal investigation while protecting the identities of the confidential witnesses? >> the summary report, madam chair, the report was broad in its nature specific to the fact the culture of the washington football team for too long was toxic and incorrect. we made a commitment to protect their identities and we are going to continue to do that and make sure that we -- >> respectfully, reclaiming my
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time because we have limited time. you claimed you are withholding this information because you'rer protecting the privacy of witnesses. but many victims even in this room and witnesses have publicly stated that they want this information to be released. the end of the nfl has made other investigations public, and i thank you for that including the 2014 investigation into the workplace misconduct at the miami dolphins. respectfully, for full accountability, we must have transparency. mr. snyder of course has refused to testify today. we thank you for making the dolphins report public and we would like to have the wilkinson report made public. and i'm asking you what specific steps will the nfl take to hold mr. snyder accountable for refusing to testify before
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congress? >> madame chairwoman, i do not have any response ability for whether he appears before congress. that is not my choice. >> let me stop you right here. mr. snyder has not been held accountable. his refusal to testify sends a clear message that he is more concerned about protecting himself van coming clean with the american people. if the nfl is unwilling or unable to hold mr. snyder accountable, then i am prepared to do so. that is why i am announcing now my intent to issue a subpoena for the testimony of mr. snyder for a deposition next week. the committee will not be deterred in its investigation to uncover the truth of workplace misconduct at the washington commanders. finally, i would like to talk
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about how we are going to fix this problem and not just expose it but fix it. last week along with many of my colleagues we introduced two bills to ensure that employers like dan snyder cannot abuse nondisclosure agreements to silence employees and cannot film their employees and use it, use the film without their consent. commissioner, do you support the intent of these legislative reforms? >> yes, madam chair. we've had an opportunity to be able to see the outline of the legislation and we certainly support it and would be happy to work with your staff. while i have the microphone i would also like to say respectfully that dan snyder has been held accountable as i mentioned in the opening. he faced unprecedented
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discipline including financial clients being removed and away from the team at his request for a period of time up to a year now already and secondly and more importantly, the transformation of the organization that has gone on in the last year which is an important to the employees that are there now and i hope because of the individuals that came forward in the context of this investigation they helped us make those changes and accepted every one of the recommendations and we think it's had a dramatic impact as you've seen from the independent audit that was done back in february that indicated a substantial transformation in the organization which was the ultimate objective. >> thank you very much for your testimony and i want to thank you for your support of the
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legislation which we intend to pass and protect employees not only at the commanders, but across the nation. i yield back and recognize -- >> i have a parliamentary inquiry. i followed up on what was raised. what authority is this committee investigating a private business, a private entity to hold this hearing, what authority do we have, can you cite that? >> we have authority to investigate anything and everything. and we are putting forward legislation. you are now recognized. >> anything and everything. we will remember that in january. that is a total embarrassment. >> you are now recognized for five minutes. >> thank you, madam chair.
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mr. goodall, i'm disappointed at the committee is here today squandering yet another opportunity to address the many issues facing the country. we had a chance to do something for the american people but just like the biden administration the, the committee is sitting on its hands. today's hearing is a distraction from the skyrocketing inflation, unaffordable groceries, record gas and energy prices, supply chain issues and southern border as we've heard in the testimony of the nfl has submitted more than 460,000 pages of documents it responded to many requests seemed engaged in the numerous discussions with committee staff. it seems to me an awful lot of committees or taxpayer resources are expended to investigate the commanders in the nfl, which are both private organizations that do not employ government officials and are not in the purview of this committee. do you believe the committee's
9:42 pm
investigation is a good use of taxpayer funds? in the determination that i should be making, listen, i understand the importance of your responsibility. i can't be the want to tell you what you should be focused on, but we believe and we understand our responsibility in the nfl and today's society. we hold ourselves accountable. responsibly, by protecting not only the people who came forward to help us address this but also making sure we solve a transformation in the washington commanders organization, which is a significant transformation. >> to follow up on what my colleagues are saying, the committee has no jurisdiction over the private entities.
9:43 pm
the jurisdiction is on government entities. so i want to reiterate i think what you said. you have no doubt about the independence of the wilkinson investigation or its findings, correct? >> i do not. >> do you believe that somehow the congressional investigation did reach a different, or, quote, better conclusion than the independent investigation conducted on behalf of the nfl? >> i have tremendous regard for wilkinson and her team. they were thorough, they were comprehensive. we've made sure they didn't block access to the people. it was their choice to participate but we had over 150 people who came forward. we believe we understand what the environment was at the washington commanders for too long and was not acceptable, was unprofessionally and we've dealt with that and i think we have now seen a dramatic turnaround in a very short period of time.
9:44 pm
i think that will be important for all of us. >> the allegations were disturbing and appreciate that you've taken them seriously. in the game of football to the referees and to executives could you tell me about why that's important and what the nfl is doing in this space and particularly talk about the importance of having women in day-to-day leadership roles such as tonya snyders. people that contribute to make us better that is a foundational issue for us and we have many programs to try to create that.
9:45 pm
we are committed to making more progress and the work that's being done has made the nfl better but i also think it's a shining light for others to see before i recognize the gentlewoman from the district of columbia i would like to clarify what i said before they have the authority to investigate conduct of the legislative jurisdiction. this committee and my colleagues and i have already introduced two bills to address the problems that we saw in our investigation. and i would be glad to share them with anyone on the
9:46 pm
committee. >> just a clarification. >> i just clarified what i said. >> reclaiming my time. some of my colleagues across the aisle suggested that our investigation into workplace misconduct at the nfl is a waste of time. i strongly disagree. the issue of sexual harassment is one of the most prominent and one of the most prominent and respected workplaces in this country and a cover-up on behalf of a powerful owner should matter to all of us. it's even more surprising given that the committee has investigated sexual harassment and assault in sports including
9:47 pm
when republicans were in the majority. under the leadership of the then republican chair man trey gaudi the committee launched a bipartisan investigation into the usa gymnastics handling against larry nassar. but the gymnastics signed by chairman gaudi, then ranking member cummings and also missus fox and myself, the committee wrote, and i quote, sexual assault should not be tolerated. but when it does occur, it is imperative that a swift and immediate action be taken to stop the abuse, prevent it from occurring and address its effects. i would like to enter a letter into the record without objection so ordered and we are here today to hold another
9:48 pm
sports governing body accountable because the nfl has failed to the thousands of employees that work for teams across the country and that failure has endangered women across the nfl and sent a powerful message to every workplace that accountability is optional. my time is expired into the gentle lady is recognized and i placed the letter in the record. >> in 2014, the nfl revised its personal conduct policy so i want to discuss a passage of that for the management that's been held through a higher standard and will be subject to
9:49 pm
more significant discipline with violations of the personal conduct policy. can you briefly explain why the league holds the owners to a higher standard of conduct? >> because they are ultimately accountable for what is happening in their organization, they set the standard and all of us in the nfl hold ourselves accountable to that. >> well said, sir and i completely agree with that. but dan snyder appears, with respect to dan snyder it appears before taking over the investigation you admitted they were monitoring the investigation whereas the committee investigation, our committee's investigation
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confirmed in july, 2020, allegations of potential misconduct were known by the investigators in the matter you were monitoring. did the nfl know about the 2009 allegations of sexual misconduct against mr. snyder before it took over the investigation, yes or no? >> we did know about the 2009 allegations by july of 2001, 2000, excuse me. and we made sure that our independent investigator was aware that she wasn't blocked. she had the ability to speak to anybody who was willing to come forward. it was their choice.
9:51 pm
she did speak to mr. snyder twice, so we were aware of that issue. >> they were monitoring the so-called independent investigation, yet it allowed mr. snyder to oversee the investigation of the team and his own conduct for at least six weeks before stepping in, isn't that correct? >> i'm sorry, i'm not sure that i followed the question. >> the nfl was monitoring the suppose it independent investigation, yet though you were doing that, the nfl allowed mr. snyder to oversee the investigation of the team and his own conduct for the six weeks before stepping in, isn't that correct?
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>> congresswoman, i think i would try to clarify, and i said in my opening statement we were asked to give recommendations to be able to look to the workplace issues. we gave them several candidates. they began that investigation and within several weeks no more than six weeks in my recollection. they asked to have that investigation turned over. we accepted that but we said there will be no further investigations by the washington football team at that point to take over the investigation, and we did and she went ahead and made her decisions on how to conduct the investigation independently and that's what we expected and she did an outstanding job on that. >> will you commit today that
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there's any future allegations to conduct the independent investigation yes or no? >> as part of the personal conduct policy, if there is an allegation that triggered the investigation. >> thank you for making that point clear. i yield back, madam chair. >> before we go to the next question i would like to request the former nfl player be waived on the committee today. >> without objection, welcome. >> of the chairwoman from ohio is now recognized. >> you believe in the first amendment, don't you?
9:54 pm
>> all parts of it. the right to practice your faith, right to petition, right to assemble, freedom of press, freedom of speech. you believe in all of that. >> yes, congressman. >> why did you banned from games? >> i couldn't hear the question. >> why did you abandon [inaudible] a journalist in fact a sports journalist. why is he band? >> congressman, i am not familiar with that issue. i'm unaware of that. >> we are all aware of that. we interviewed the president of the united states and should be able to get into a football game as a member of the press and of the sports press. do you know anything about that? >> i don't, sir. >> do you agree with the decision to fine $100,000?
9:55 pm
>> the decision was made again as i stated earlier they are responsible for monitoring and managing their own workplace. he made that decision on his own. i have great respect for them. he made this decision for reasons i'm sure he thought were -- >> i appreciate that, but that's not what i asked you. i said to do you agree with the redskins decision to fine $100,000? >> i don't think it is my position to be able to say whether it was the decision or not. >> in his statement when he finds $100,000 he said, quote, they do have the right to voice their opinion is a citizen of the united states and most certainly the constitutional right to do so. i don't know if that's accurate anymore because if you voice that you end up getting find and write a check for $100,000. does that concern you?
9:56 pm
>> i have great respect and presume he had reasons for doing what he did, and i'm sure he took a lot of factors into consideration. >> last year at the start of the season looking at "the new york times" article piece from september 5, 2021, last year start of the nfl season, he said we the national football league encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest. did you mean that when you said that? >> people are responsible for work they say and do, yes. >> when you said you encourage all to speak out, you meant all, not just some? >> that's correct. you're responsible for what you say. there's consequences for what you do and say and write. >> this is a concern. the nfl encourages all who speak
9:57 pm
out unless you are jack del rio and you get fined. that is a concern not only i have put a lot of fans across the country have this standard. it does that concern you at all? >> it always concerns me but the fans think and how they react. we try to make sure we are responsible and all of our comments. >> i would like to understand the whole story about why the destruction of personal property is never discussed and what part of that statement warranted $100,000 fines? i didn't issue the fly in it. i wasn't part of the decision-making process. the coach obviously had reasons that he believed were substantial to do that and i have great respect for him. >> this whole hearing is about stepping in when something
9:58 pm
happened at the washington football teams organization, and now we have something that happened in the teams organization and you say you had no part of that and you are not going to comment on it. it's not something that should concern you. but it seems like when the assistant coach if she was a tweet that i think a lot of people would say we condemned the violence that took place in the summer of 2020 out of the violence that took place januar. we've been consistent and i think that is the point of the coach is making. he gets fined and you have nothing to say about it? >> i am not going to interfere in the workplace decisions on an issue like that. that is not something that rises to the occasion such as the subject that we are talking about today when you have a workplace that is obviously toxic and unacceptable and unprofessional. >> no one supported that but we do support the first amendment and i understand this is a
9:59 pm
private organization, but the chilling impact when speech is curtailed like this and you get fined for a tweet that you put out is a concern to all of us. that's why i raise it in the committee hearing today, madam chair. i yield back. >> the time is expired and he yields back. if the gentle man from virginia is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you for accommodating me today. i will just begin by saying there's a lot coming from the other side of the aisle. when my predecessor was chair man he had no problem having hearings. also issued a private entity but there were no questions about the jurisdictions then. and when it comes to being lectured by the lack of oversight, i remember for years and the trump administration not a single republican voted for a single subpoena during those four years and we had no oversight hearings on the
10:00 pm
committee over the trump administration and its misdeeds and that was territory so i'm not going to be lectured by those folks telling us about the dereliction of duty and oversight. do you believe they have held them accountable for 20 years of misconduct of what is now called the commanders? >> yes, i do. >> ..
10:01 pm
10:02 pm
will you pay little or no attention, is that news to you? >> congressman as i stated earlier the latest allegation was in november i was not aware that at that time. >> does that change your mind? >> that's why we appointed mary jo white to look into it and for the allegation we will release the report. we brought that up in a public setting. >> so you're committing not a release back for it. >> you brought it up in a public setting. >> i stated that an open. >> from the welcome report and the white report? >> in a public setting and the other was not. >> i don't get it.
10:03 pm
>> as i said in my opening i also made the distinction is a very important distinction to get people to participate we promise them confidentiality and privacy and it's an important thing to be able to stand behind that. not just for this. all of them in the release of the report have created, you are concerned about privacy while commendable these have been overtaken for the public to understand what happened and determine on its own based on that report whether that's what
10:04 pm
unlike you assert is continuing. >> grossman i would just agree with you respectively on many cases, there are obviously people will come out. i mentioned in my opening statement you would have witnesses that came forward and i respect them for that choice. but there are also others that made a choice not to come forward not to dispose the identities and to request their identities be kept private. we think that's fundamental in the contest were trying to make sure to the committee's point not of us want sexual harassment or bad workplaces. federal workplaces people can come forward and tell of incidents and they consummate up. >> the general's time has expired. thank you for your questions. thank you very much. the gentleman from florida mr. donald. >> madam chair, can i make a point the last time i checked
10:05 pm
you're the chair of the committee not mister. >> your time is up. >> gentleman from florida you are recognized for five minutes. thank you, madam chair i think it's important to clarify a couple of things, was the workplace environment at the washington redskins/meanders important, the testified yes in the previous round table everybody agreed to that. has the organization been held accountable your financial fines, the distancing of mr. snyder for an extended period of time in which transformation of team culture, the answer to those is yes as testified by the commissioner of the national football league. it's been brought up in his hearing that yes four years ago when mr. gotti was chair of this committee that we did investigate sexual harassment with usa gymnastics. but it's important to understand
10:06 pm
the context of those hearings. the disgusting actions of doctor master coming to light at the same time as congress was holding those hearings at the same time as that was moving through the common procedures. let's understand what were talking about here. the workplace environment of the washington redskins at that period of time was abhorrent. everybody in this hearing agrees with that. but have they have been held accountable, according to the commissioner, yes they have been held accountable. which goes back to the point that republicans on this committee are actually saying. if you want to bring legislation about this, that's fine, that's one thing but if you want to put a chair in the middle of his hearing room with mr. snyder's name on it knowing full well that mr. snyder told the committee he was knocking to be able to attend, that could be an
10:07 pm
element of a show hearing that congress is getting go to the pathway of conducting for members of congress women take their pound of flesh from americans regardless of their stature which are going to get y having less respect for the committee of congress. we have so many issues facing this in the united states right now. gas prices are through the roof. i was just at the border for the fourth time last week. i've had four trips to the border the president of the united states has ever been. meanwhile thought not as committed to every community in the united states. it is killing people in our country between the ages of 18 and 45. is the number one cause of death this committee has said nothing about that now at this point. not one word. i think if you can examine why republican members are frustrated with his hearing it is not about the conduct of the washington redskins is not about the conduct.
10:08 pm
we find that conduct to be distasteful. you also have to look at the fact that the national football league which is responsible for the washington redskins they've gone to that investigation and they've actually held them accountable. what are we doing now, are we actually going to ignore the real-life economic issues that are harming every american in the united states whether you happen to be male or female, whether you happen to be rich or poor. whether you happen to be black or white. or are we going to continue to do these show hearings. yes, while america struggles in the reality of joe biden's disastrous economic policy, the day in the united states. that is why members of congress on the republican side of the aisle are so compounded as to
10:09 pm
why we've all been a commission of the nfl. i would be fully transparent with the wall. i don't really have any love for the nfl. i don't really have much love for the nfl, i love football, i've had my issues coming from the nfl, they say commissioner fidel, i don't agree with their decisions on certain things you've done in your tenure but i'm not could use my time as a member of congress to grill you on that. that's your business as running the nfl. do the owners have a problem with you, but the owners deal with it. me personally i'm a cowboys fan. so you know it's a problem on the field of the washington commanders is not good, that's a break for me personally. i'm not can use my time as a member of congress to grill the organization and they've already been held accountable by the governing body. who's responsible for them which is the nfl which is the commissioner of the nfl has already testified to today. madam chair if you want to understand why members on the side of the aisle are frustrated, it's not about holding a sexual harassment in the workplace accountable, it is not that. it is about us conducting show trials which distract us from the business congress should be looking at and with that i yield
10:10 pm
back. >> gentleman yields back, i would like to remind him during the hearing with the cheerleaders earlier, you called for the release of the wilkinson report and i agree with you completely, were still looking to get that report released. it's a bipartisan effort your call for it. from illinois mr. christian morphy is a broken ice for five minutes. >> thank you adam chair. thank you commissioner for being here today. i would like to turn your attention to this chart i have here to my right. this chart shows us the length and detail of reports released after recent nfl. on the firelight examine air pressure and football used by tom brady and following that you really situated 43 page detailed report. next to it is the miami dolphins sexual harassment inquiry, after that you release the 148 page detailed report. in next to that violated the ray
10:11 pm
rice domestic violence situation where you release the 96 page detailed report following that inquiry, with regard to the commanders, unfortunately we received a five page press release sir. now sir, you had mentioned that the reason for the post of the detail finding which you had another cases which is because of privacy concerns, isn't that right? >> it was one of the issues, yes. >> however, i have a 148 page miami dolphins harassment report that you did where you have rejected the names of various individuals out of privacy concerns and so it is possible to release a detailed report and at the same time protect people's privacy yet you chose not to do so in this particular case with the commanders, i would like to turn your attention to 2009 are you aware into thousand nine dan snyder was accused of sexually
10:12 pm
assaulting an employee on a private airplane, correct? >> am i aware of that, yes. i am aware of the allegation. >> mr. snyder settled those claims for $1.6 million but he did not inform you in 2009 that he had been accused of sexual assault, correct? >> i don't recall him informing of that. in failing to report such an incident under the league personal conduct policy would be a violation of that policy, right? >> is an element of the policy that they're supposed to report incidents that would violate the policy, yes. >> moreover the policy required that the nfl handle all inquiries of sexual allegations, sexual assault allegations not the team. however, in this particular case, the commanders themselves handle the inquiry so that's yet another violation of the personal conduct, isn't that right? >> will mr. chairman, this is something personal conduct
10:13 pm
policy has gone through changes over the last 15 years. significant changes to take care and address issues that we see need clarification. and clearly we made significant changes in 2014 with a personal conduct policy. because we believe. >> but the nfl is supposed to be in charge of the investigation, right? >> today that is absolutely correct. >> of the sexual assault allegations are substantiated, that assault would obviously be a violation of the personal conduct violation as well because sexual assault is a violation of the personal conduct policy in the nfl, right? >> yes, absolutely. >> let me direct your attention to the case of johnson she came before us and testify before me at the february roundtable and answer my questions. basically alleging that mr. schneider intentionally
10:14 pm
touched her in a sexual manner against her will and a work dinner and that's why you hired mary jo white who investigates those allegations, correct? >> that is correct. >> as you sit here today, you don't have personally any knowledge of evidence that would dispute per obligations as you sit here today? >> that's the ongoing investigation that's been handled by mary jo white, she's very capable of doing that. >> when she completed the investigation. >> if it substantiated, ms. johnson's sexual battery claim would warrant further disciplinary action, correct? >> is an ongoing investigation. it would be inappropriate for me to, on that. what we said before we would consider discipline if the results of the investigation warrant it. >> let me ask you this, you call the commanders workplace not only unprofessional but toxic for too long. stir in your view is dan
10:15 pm
snyder's behavior workplace culture created and fostered one of the worst and most toxic you seen in your time as commissioner in your decades of service with the nfl? >> i have not seen a workplace in the nfl that is anywhere near what we saw in the context of that period of time. >> sir with all the challenges we have going on as a country why is it important that we still put an end to sexual harassment and a toxic work environment at the washington commander? >> the gentleman may answer but the government's time is expired. >> 's time is expired. >> yes mr. fidel go ahead. >> i think we have made the changes and as i it verified by independent auditors that the changes have been made in the organization and we will continue to do that. i don't think any of us want to have workplaces that are not ous
10:16 pm
feel safe without disk of a nation or any issues that would be negative in a professional workplace. >> thank you. the gentleman from kentucky mr., you are now recognized for five minutes. thank you, madam chair before i begin my questions for mr. goodale i would have to correct the record for mr. conley, this is becoming a habit. adam chair he's hanging out with adam schiff too much lately. he keeps making things up. in 2017 with the republicans were in control of this committee, we had 112 trump administration witnesses testify, 2018 republicans still in control of this committee, 59 a administration witnesses, that was during the tenure of chae fitz and gaudi. in 2019 with the democrats retook the majority you had 80 trump administration witnesses testify. this year not abiding as president, you have had only 36 low level civil career civil
10:17 pm
servants testify in no cabinet secretary. i want to correct the record of what mr. conley said that was complete leaf falls. mr. goodale the washington commanders. >> i'm sorry ranking member. >> when did you learn that this committee was investigating the washington commanders. >> i believe it was late october of last year. >> were you surprised? >> yes. >> why. >> because i thought we had handled the situation and a way that was responsible for the workplace, we implemented unprecedented discipline, we made the changes to transform the workplace. >> let me get this right, one reason you were surprised because nfl took action and held
10:18 pm
the bad actors accountable and another reason because congress really has no jurisdiction over the day-to-day operations of the nfl. the committee democrats asked the nfl to produce documents, correct? >> yes. >> about a document, right? >> i think over 460,000. >> 450,000, nearly half a million documents. would it surprise you mr. goodell that committee democrats haven't said a single document requested the biden administration about the infinite formula shortage questioning that they requested half a million documents from the nfl, does that surprise you? >> i'm not sure i have a point of the on that one. i was only focusing on what the nfl was requesting. >> the democrats, the democrats haven't even set document
10:19 pm
questions about the biden administration with a withdrawal from afghanistan or the covid are origination with impact of school closures and kids of what they're doing about the illegal immigrants and fat no streaming across the southern border and skyrocketing inflation in energy prices, not one request on these problems i think that's what the people in my district in kentucky care about. i'm pretty sure that's what most people in america care about. but commissioner you had beth wilkinson conduct an investigation into the workplace conduct of washington commanders in mary jo white is in the midst of a related one, you already stated that. and you've also stated the commanders at made dramatic improvements at its organization. is that correct? >> yes why are we here, why are we here today? because that's what a lot of people on my side of the aisle the majority members, why are we
10:20 pm
here why do you think were here sir? >> ranking member i was given an invitation. i felt it appropriate to show what when congress asked me to show what and i believe the matter was handled properly. and i wanted to make sure i stated a point on that. >> and you believe, let me get this right you believe that dan snyder has been held accountable for a past toxic work environment but in about continues to go and in monitor the situation, how would you describe the current situation of the work environment and the redskins commanders about program. how are things today in the nfl's view? >> ranking member, is not just the nfl going and, more importantly it's an independent organization if you'd like that is auditing and meeting with
10:21 pm
employees, going to processes checking with hr. again, we had very woeful hr processes for too long in the organization they have been implemented into the organization now because actually very professionally run organization from a hr standpoint. i think employees on the report that i've seen that you also have a copy of. and please feel comfortable with the environment in the workplace, they have seen a dramatic change in the changes the commanders have made including implementing new executive leadership from president jason right to coach rivera you i think you see a dramatic change in the organization and dan snyder made those changes. but i also believe wilkinson recommendation to the workplace,
10:22 pm
the ten recommendations she made were very important to implement. that's why we have ongoing oversight to that to make sure that continues. which is the most important objective when we began not to say accountability but to make sure we change the direction of this workplace and make sure it was safer for our employees. >> legitimate time is expired. thank you. thank you, madam chair, after the washington post expose of decades of sexual harassment, dan snyder announced he would be conducting an independent investigation into the toxic workplace culture. but then when allegations surfaced implicating mr. snyder himself the nfl said it was taking over the investigation, so far so good in september 2020 is to goodell you entered into a secret comment interest in agreement with dan snyder's team
10:23 pm
to share information about the investigation which included an investigation into his own conduct. but you never told the women who were participating in interviews with ms. wilkinson that there was this secret agreement to share information. now mr. snyder got access to these interviews. how is that protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the women who under which you asserted is your key value here? >> a common interest agreement, i'm not an attorney, it's a legal document that helped us transfer the commanders investigation to the league investigation. it's an agreement that did not prevent us from sharing information. >> a guaranteed you would share information. >> right? >> no it allowed us to make sure that we can continue the investigation without focus so you would not have to go back and have to meet with some of
10:24 pm
the people she adored them as witnesses and have to go through the entire process again. >> nothing and that common interest agreement, by the way i'll point out to the comment interest agreement was entered into a couple of weeks after we took over the investigation when it was clear, before it was clear that this committee was even focused on this issue. >> this committee has nothing to do with it mr. snyder had access to all the interviews of the women whose confidentiality interest are now reporting to assert. why would you pay hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to investigate sexual harassment and toxic workplace environment but published a written report 243 page written report has mccauley from illinois pointed out. in you have another published with the miami dolphins where the names were redacted where people felt there was a
10:25 pm
confidentiality problem, why wasn't redaction sufficient to protect the in amenity of the women who were involved. >> representative i just want to clarify something my understanding dan snyder did not have access to those interviews. that wilkinson had done even while the team was overseeing that. >> you're saying he's never seen those interviews customer. >> not to my knowledge, i don't believe so. >> why wasn't redaction of the women being interviewed in the case of the washington team when it was sufficient in the case of the dolphins? >> in the case of the dolphins my recollection no one had asked for any confidentiality. >> they did because their names were redacted. >> can i finish? >> please. >> not only in washington not only did they ask for a
10:26 pm
confidentiality in many cases, we also promise them confidentiality. >> that's what redaction is for, that's what redaction is for. >> congressman with all due respect redaction does it always work in my world, i promise you. we need to take extra steps to make sure these people who did come through and courageously come forward. >> i extend my time i have another question for you. between august of 2020 and aprin investigation, dan snyder conducted a parallel investigation to the women who spoke out and he filed ten lawsuits and seven states around the country in an effort to expose and undermine those women who had allegedly participated in the washington post series. one federal judge described snyder's legal action as an
10:27 pm
effort to burden and harass individuals formally associated with the team who may had acted as sources for the washington post. adding that the subpoenas were being done for what the court perceives and in proper purpose, discover the sources for the embarrassing and damning washington post story. so, did you do anything to try to stop dan snyder from harassing these women in court after they have been sexually harassed and do you condemn this action by mr. snyder? >> i think any action that would discourage people from coming forward would be inappropriate and absolutely wrong. in fact when we took over the investigation we were told the washington commanders that they were not to do any investigations. by april 21 i think it's the date you gave me in my recollection from your question. we were in the final stages in fact we probably met with most of the men and women that wanted
10:28 pm
to come forward and we were getting close to concluding our investigation. >> so you condemn that form of illegal harassment for the women who came forward. >> any kind of harassment against people who want to come forward and tell the truth we would not permit and we would not find acceptable. >> the gentleman's time has expired, the gentleman you are allowed to respond to his question. we now recognize from texas mr. fallon, the journeyman from texas. >> commissioner, thank you i want to be frank with you, i'm angry and unconcerned. last week marked the 50th anniversary of watergate which is a scam that led to a series of felony convictions in the first resignation of the united states president. toward the very fabric of
10:29 pm
american society. in seven and a half years ago another scandal rocked our nation threatening the very core and foundation of our republic, that being the floodgate. where an afc championship game, the nfl football, the hand egg, the melon in the leather was mysteriously underinflated by two tsi pounds per square inch, this led to a multifaceted investigation, month-long, thousands of dollars spent, where the goat mr. california cool, the real slim brady, the master of the lord of the rings tom terrific, tom brady was suspended by the league mr. commissioner i'm sure you're aware many in new england worship mr. thomas brady edward patrick. being an new england myself, i don't blame them one bit.
10:30 pm
so my point here sir, this country simply can't afford critically a preventable one. i'm surprised in reviewing the league rules to prepare for this hearing, the schuylkill hearing we uncovered that the nfl requires footballs today.
10:31 pm
>> the rules apply to everyone and if there applied equally. >> commissioner are you currently in new york city? >> sim. >> so you are at sea level, and were at washington, d.c. at sea level. so what do we do in denver at mile high stadium with thousand 280 feet high above sea level and how do we account for the variances that do occur with their differing atmosphere pressures vis-à-vis the psi intervals? >> congressman it's one of the reasons why this editor of your colleagues have mentioned that we had a lengthy report following the plate gate. we had several studies that went
10:32 pm
with 50 pages or more talking about lisa's exact issues. i can't recite exactly what they were at this point in time but they considered altitude, they consider temperature, they consider all those issues and the variance. that's why that report was so lengthy because we wanted to put those procedures out as well as the research that went into that. >> mr. commissioner i would like to offer my sincere apologies pre-this hearing as i said earlier is that she him, it's a farce and it's a clown show and it's a terrible waste of your time of a ceo of a multibillion-dollar privately held enterprise. it's a waste of this committee's time and worst of all it's a waste of the wreck and taxpayers time. we are here suffering inflation at a 41 year high, 8.6%, gasoline at $5 a gallon, highest it's ever been in our history. we will southern border the poorest intuitive 50 years in the drug cartels are making record profits in this unchecked
10:33 pm
narcotics trafficking has fielding opioid crisis which is responsible for the death of 100,000 americans. and that's why i mentioned i was angry and upset. we are here harassing the nfl and i might add engaging in a partisan bazaar witch-hunt of it in fl team and trespassing without just cause into the internal affairs of a privately enter privately held entity when we face these other crises on multiple fronts. quite frankly it's a disgrace in adam chair we must do better. i yield back. >> thank you we will have the windy city director next monday so you can direct those questions about the drug trade to him. we are now going to call on mr. for his five minutes of questions. >> thank you, mr. chairman, thank you also to your representative for your leadership on these issues, i
10:34 pm
know you been advocated and leading on these issues for a number of years just to have basic equality in all of our workplaces. i'm a 49ers fan i represent the look on valley. and i'm a fan of the team on the field but i'm sure you know haner there who is a senior executive, she has participated on a number of panels actually in silicon valley about creating a workplace that empowers women in making sure that women have equal pay about tackling issues of child care and about tackling issues of discrimination. she is extraordinary, she's really helped shape the culture of the 49ers. my question for you do you look
10:35 pm
at the 49ers and extraordinary leaders like haner gordon and seen what best practices maybe for all the clubs in the league? >> we absolutely do. haner gordon was a former employee of ours. she is outstanding she is a true professional. she made a difference here in our organization and the game of the 49ers. i have nothing but respect for her. but as part of the changes that have happened over the last several years is an elevation i would call it of sharing best practices amongst all of our clubs from this office as well as the 32 clubs as we stated earlier they all have their own workforces and workplaces. those are their prerogative but we do believe the understanding and sharing is an important element to making sure we have better workplaces. we also at the league level have had many times where we require
10:36 pm
certain training mechanisms, some of that came out of 2014 for respect of domestic violence and sexual assault, all personnel is required to go through annual training in addition we made sure that sexual harassment is a requirement of all personnel in the nfl that includes clubs, leagues, owners, commissioners so that we can do everything we possibly can to make sure that our workforce and workplaces are safe and people have a full understanding of what is exacted of them. >> i appreciate that not just the leadership on issues of gender equity but the were denied use by district of stem education for people left out. my point chairman caddell i know people focused on the legal issues, you know this better than i do, if you look at the top three or four shows of the american public watch i was shocked when i realizes sunday
10:37 pm
night football monday night football ncis all the compete. i think you would agree that given the significance of the nfl and i grew up as a football player many on congress as football fans. i think there's a higher bar where what you do really matters shaping the culture of the nation and i guess my request my plea to you would be to realize responsibility obviously on issues of gender, issues of inequality, issues of helping get young people involved in education, just realize you want to make a huge platform and make a big difference to the culture of the country. that's the spirit of these hearings into a legalistic dispute of what you can do with a platform that you have. >> grossman i could not agree with you more. we take that responsibility fiercely.
10:38 pm
we understand the impact that we have in our community as well as nationally and globally. and that's why we've worked hard to make that standard. we are not perfect but we work hard whenever we see something we can improve on we did again and do our best to make sre lean institution that people can look to to say they're doing things the right way. i appreciate your comments it's well beyond gender to your point is diversity in general is making sure that we do everything in our communities including making sure that our communities are addressing the difficult issues that some of you talked about today and making sure that our teams are playing an active force in some of the weather it's our work on how do we get people to vote, our clubs are actively using their facilities and their platforms which their encouraged people to get out and vote. >> i appreciate that, thank you for your time, thank you,
10:39 pm
mr. chairman. >> thank you. now i'm going to be calling on mr. grossman for his five minutes. >> thank you it was just pointed out you a check tens of millions of dollars in watcher games every week. you have a large captive audience, would you agree the nfl has a term of this amount of power and ability to influence american culture? >> yes congressman, i think i just made that point, i agree with you. >> i'm a little bit troubled by your embracement of what i call left woke anti-american propaganda exaggerating any amount of racism in america. under your leadership the nfl has perpetuated the narrative that americans a racist country included the myth of systemic racism and policing. you've committed hundreds of millions of dollars to fight racism in america, you kinda promoted the black lives matter movement and of course the heads of that movement were marxist, i
10:40 pm
realize it's a diffuse organization and not everybody believes in that but nevertheless the founders believe in that. the nfl is committed to leveraging the nfl network and the other media properties to place increased emphasis on raising awareness and promoting education of social justice issues of our fans. that's what do you say. mr. goodell, study show when you control crime rates there is no systemic racism and police. mr. goodell can you use your opportunity to raise awareness among your fans about the fact that study after study shows controlling for variables such as crime rate there is no significant relationship between the person's race and whether or not they'll be arrested or by police do you think you could
10:41 pm
use your power to get that out there given what you've done in the past questioning. >> congressman, first make no apologies for public racism. we believe strongly there's no place for racism, hatred in our society. i also and just try to clarify a point that i heard in your document or question. the second point to it we had an incredibly strong relationship with law enforcement. were supportive of the work that they do, we understand the difficult job that they have in the dangerous job that they have but we all want great policing to read we want to make sure that the police are properly resourced and properly equipped and more important er work has been focused on how do we develop better relationships between law enforcement and the communities. personally i've gone into some of those communities with law enforcement and done what we called right of block. that's a context, do you understand the gap that we have to fill between what law enforcement is faced with, how they do their jobs and what the
10:42 pm
community expects for them. i think more communication and more work to try to improve that relationship is not only gonna improve policing but it's gonna improve our society in general and our communities. >> mr. goodell study after study shows there's not systemic racism in our police department. there is a narrative out there for example who to this day mislead the public as to what happened in ferguson, the black lives matter movement fanned the flames out there even though barack obama own justice department found that shooting was justified. and you piled on with the narrative that we have a fundamental problem. will you do what you can given the damage i think you created in the past to straighten out the records with regard to racism and our police department? >> congressman with all due respect, i think we've been
10:43 pm
incredibly supportive of law enforcement and we continue that. >> will give you another question. this is on the internet and you never know what you can believe on the internet. i look at the internet and we see that you're making about $64 million a year. not as the owner or some of his taken personal risk. not somebody who has to block or tackle or risk your body to a certain extent the nfl is profitable because the shakedown cities and tell them were gonna leave your city unless you build hundreds of millions of dollars of stadium. do you think is appropriate given the monopoly the nfl has that you have no personal risk, either physical risk or financial risk in your job, could you comment on that $64 million salary. >> grossman i started as an intern nearly 40 years ago in the nfl. and i am very fortunate to make
10:44 pm
a career in the nfl, something an organization i'm proud of and happy to have had the opportunity that i had. people have mentored me and giving me those opportunities. my compensation is something that is determined with discretion from the ownership, they make that determination, and very fortunate to be here in this job, and proud of it i wish i could say anything more to you that would make you more comfortable but those are determined under determinations made by the other leadership. >> thank you for the questions mr. grossman. one thing i just on a clarify, commissioner said that the difference each release in the miami dolphins report in the wilkinson investigation, witnesses and the miami dolphins case did not request the identities to remain confidential that is not correct
10:45 pm
according to page 54 of the dolphins report it says witnesses specifically asked that the identities remain confidential. if you even seem to fear with cooperating with the inquiry and we honored their request. i'd now like to recognize the gentlewoman from ohio ms. brown for her questions. >> thank you, mr. chairman, i appreciate this committee holding the screen. commissioner goodell, you have repeatedly told us that the nfl should be held to a high standard and i applaud you for that. you have also assured us that the nfl when the nfl took over the investigation of the commanders it was to provide greater public assurance of the integrity and independence of this investigation. and yet it's been reported eight days after the nfl assumes oversight of the wilkinson investigation it was assigned an
10:46 pm
agreement with the commanders. a secret agreement is what some might call it. the agreement gave dan snyder and the commanders the right to deal the release information or communication shared with the wilkinson investigation. my question, yes or no mr. goodell is it true that the commander block the enough of from over 40000 documents from the internal investigation to this committee in response to the october 2021 request? >> this is a legal agreement that allows the transfer, the investigation that is gone under the washington commanders authority and was transferred to the nfl. i'm not a lawyer but i fully understand from my people, my understanding it did not prevent us from sharing any information.
10:47 pm
>> are you claiming that's a yes, sir a no mr. goodell? >> the answer to my question is either. i'm trying to bring clarity to the question. >> okay i'm going to respectfully decline my time. the nfl has also been reported that the nfl stood by while mr. snyder ran a shadow investigation to point private investigators to the home of his accusers in a effort to intimidate them while he offered them hush money to buy their assignments. mr. goodell did you or anyone from the nfl tell mr. snyder or his attorney to stop using private investigators, yes or no please. >> as soon as they took over the investigation we made it clear to them that they should not be investigating any of these matters. secondly we ask that the commanders to the current employees as well as former employees to encourage them to participate. so any efforts to intimidate
10:48 pm
witnesses or prevent them from doing it would be inconsistent of them. >> what about the subpoena of private e-mails and phone records from former employees about confidential communication with the washington post regarding the toxic workplace. can you tell me about that? >> i'm not sure i understand your question congressman. >> did you ask for that disease or was there any engagement from you to stop that usage? >> for what to cease? >> the subpoenaing of private e-mails and phone records and employees about confidential communication with the washington post regarding the commanders toxic workplace? >> i'm not clear on what that is. i'm happy to follow up with our staff and our attorney to make sure we get you an answer. but i'm not familiar with that. >> after hearing some of the questions that have been put forward in your report.
10:49 pm
it seems that the nfl picked decide in this investigation which silence the voices of employees and allowed mr. snyder to peddle his own version of the facts. i think it's been stated here while again i applaud the efforts and the steps that you have taken to reverse course. i associate myself with the comments of my colleague, we can and we must do better. we should not allow the owners to decide what information is made public and we should not allow them to silence their employees with nondisclosure agreements with workplace misconduct. it is my hope and my belief that this committee must act the passive legislation that will protect the workers in the league and around the country. with all sincerity i thank you for coming forward and taking time to answer this committee's questions and hope you will continue to take the steps to
10:50 pm
lead the nation as an example to have a productive quality space workplace. thank you so much and with that mr. chairman i yield back. >> the gentleman from pennsylvania mr. keller is organized for five minutes. thank you, madam chair and ranking member. this committee had a joint roundtable last february in the subject came up in my position on this is the same there is no excuse for abusive behavior or harassment in any work environment. in any instance of such behavior they should be fully investigated and violators held accountable. as i also pointed out in february this committee has been tasked with investigating waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars and ensuring government agencies are operating properly. the fact that were not discussing historically high
10:51 pm
inflation, something the highest fed rate hike since 1994, a nationwide gas average topping $5 a gallon or the fentanyl crisis exacerbated by disasters of border policies. it's unacceptable. instead we are now conducting congressional oversight over a private organization already undergoing an investigation. madam chair this committee must refocus efforts on the most pressing issues affecting the american people. not to forget if ongoing efforts to investigate misconduct. my question mr. goodell, was steps of the nfl taken to promote safe working environment for its employees? >> we made a number of steps going back several years and i mentioned some of this annual training that's required across
10:52 pm
all personnel from club league officials including players and owners and commissioners. we have had sexual harassment training also. we continue to do the on annual basis which is also required. we continue to put this on center. i've had several conversations of the important of maintaining professional workplace and is the responsibility. i think the steps that have been made clearly have had an impact but again we are not perfect. we want to make sure our employees feel safe and they have a place, i should mention one other thing a mandatory hotline the league has a mandatory hotline for people to confidentially raise any issues that they think are important and we also require that a bolivar 32 clubs. i think steps to make it easier for people to report if there
10:53 pm
are violations or alleged violations. most important for us to follow up quickly have been welcomed and needed and are important steps that need to be taken to keep the workplace safe and productive. >> the commanders are required to submit semiannual reporting assessments to the nfl through july 31 of 2023. what sort of metrics does the team report and do these metrics provide an accurate picture of the commanders workplace culture? >> they actually don't give it to us. it's put in a report, it's actually gathered by an independent firm, they go when and they meet with employees and they meet with executives as well as hr and anybody they wish to have full access, the report that we saw in february that was shared with all of you indicated a substantial transformation of the organization many of that in
10:54 pm
many of those that were in the organization said it's a major change in a positive change and something where they feel they're an organization that their product and they think the policies have been implement in by the commanders in the executives all the way up to the ownership are productive and helpful. >> so they're doing everything that's been put in place by the nfl to create a culture that would be an acceptable workplace environment? >> they clearly -- i'm sorry. >> their meeting their goals? >> i think this work is something you never achieve you have to continue to work on this but i think the steps that have been taken, the recommendations made by beth wilkinson that were
10:55 pm
ample made by the commander, the executives in the ownership have taken the souci and made significant changes to the organization there will be more work to do and we all have more work to do. >> i guess the point is everything they have been asked to comply with they complied with as they should but they have been doing that. >> that is correct. >> members have $10 million following an initial investigation into the matter last year among other penalties, the commanders have been meeting the required outcomes of what the nfl has put forth. you say there's always training and things we need to do but they made this progress into been doing the things other organizations have been doing. quite frankly, why do we need to have you here today? >> the gentleman's time is expired the gentleman may answer the question. >> is a sick congressman i was invited i think i wanted the opportunity to say we really
10:56 pm
made significant changes to the commanders organization. i think it's an important lesson and instructive in the sense of making sure we have participation of the employees and identifying what the culture is in identifying the efforts in making sure independent people look at that and make recommendation and make sure they are implemented through organizations so they can get better. >> the gentleman time is expired. >> the nfl is going to continue to do that i'm glad people have a safe place to work, i thick now the committee can focus on things that they should be focused on to help the mega people. >> madam chair. >> the gentleman time is expired. >> mr. johnson from georgia is recognized mr. johnson from georgia. thank you, madam chair i would implore my colleagues on the other side of the aisle that have respect for the chair and to cease and desist conversation when that gavel comes down.
10:57 pm
mr. goodell serious allegations of sexual misconduct have been made against the washington commanders and owner ben snyder who also stands accused of maintaining a toxic work environment that victimizes female employees of the organization. it should be noted that mr. snyder turned down an invitation to appear before this committee. i think you agreeing to appear before us today. you do so because you understand that congress has granted the nfl antitrust laws which enables to collaborate on tv contracts and the nfl does not want congress to tamper with antitrust exemption. am i correct mr. goodell? >> i am here because i feel it's our responsibility to do that. >> you would never offer a request by the committee to come
10:58 pm
and testify before the committee because your concern about what congress can do about the nfl antitrust exemption. isn't that correct? >> if i could let me address the first one. >> is not a yes or no answer. >> it is mr. goodell. >> cooperate with me. >> i'm working with you, just answer my question. the reason why you come is because you respect our ability to tamper with the nfl exemption, antitrust exemption, correct? >> i am here because i believe you should hear the washington commanders as i said second -- >> let me move on. >> i'm trying to address the antitrust exemption. i think it was put back in the early 60s and has been very good. >> is been very profitable for the nfl. i'm gonna reclaim my time.
10:59 pm
the findings of the nfl investigation into allegations of sexual harassment by dance miter and the commanders organization remain secret. mr. snyder himself has not been held accountable by the nfl. additionally the nfl entered into an agreement with dan snyder which prevents the findings of the internal investigation from coming to light. every step of the way the nfl appears to have been part of the cover-up that is resulted in criminal allegations of the maintenance of a culture harassment at the washington commanders being swept under the rug. meanwhile, we know women work for the washington commanders are still being subjected to a hostile workplace environment while the nfl has stood by dan snyder. statements that have held dan snyder accountable are impossible to verify because of your unwillingness to reveal the
11:00 pm
findings of the internal investigation. with antitrust exemption that the nfl enjoys because we enabled it to be and profitable as an enterprise, it is no secret that the influence your company has in the nation and across the world mr. goodell is fundamental. why not use this as an opportunity to positively influence the public by holding dan snyder accountable for his actions? . . .
11:01 pm
>> why has there not been a full written report on this very important issue? >> there was a five page report that not only talks about the findings in a summary form of the toxic organization and the fact we needed to implement new policy procedures that we put those recommendations from the independent investigator and implemented and adopted each of those. >> the gentleman's time is expired. the gentleman's time is expired. we now call upon mr. gibbs from ohio.
11:02 pm
first i yield my time. i hope we have some hearings in the future with the secretary dealing with the border and energy crisis. i want to yield the rest of my time to the congresswoman. i yield my time today. >> thank you chair maloney. >> madam chair, i have a parliamentary inquiry. >> is it proper for a congressman or congressperson who doesn't to serve on a committee that has been waived onto the committee to participate in the questioning of a witness without any further
11:03 pm
proceedings? >> he's been waived onto the committee and you can have a member yield their time to a committee member. >> thank you and i will yield back. >> you are now recognized. >> can i also reclaim the time that's taken a few minutes for me? >> yes you can. >> i want to thank chair maloney, ranking member komar and members of the committee for holding the hearings and especially for allowing me to participate. i would like to thank commissioner goodell for coming to the commission today. and i would like to ask the commission are some questions. i'm going to take a different attack, something i'm very concerned about, with alarming casual frequency for example, according to "newsweek," requiring black individuals to get him eydie to vote is racist. according to nbc news, a college applicant to include letters of a recommendation in their application is racist. and my absolute favorite, a recent usa today headline asking
11:04 pm
if math is racist. what is racist is the lower expectation that it's far too fo long plagued my community. in the bella 1973 when it was understood certain positions were deserved for whites only. positions of leadership and intelligence like quarterback, center, free safety, head coaches were considered off-limits to black americans. doug williams finally broke the barrier in 1988 as the nfl's first black quarterback to start and win a super bowl championship. yet decades later despite all this progress on and off the field we are once again forced to discuss under your watch the engagement and racism behind-the-scenes. june, 2021 the nfl was forced to announce was ending its practice paying out compensation to those experiencing brain damage due to concussions on the field. the nfl has for years used separate tests based on race to
11:05 pm
score players cognitive threshold. the tests taken by black players was different from that of white players. the results determined if the financial compensation was reworded. doctors were required to use race-based norms some black players would be inherently less intelligent. if this sounds like a throwback to jim crow deep south, that's because it is. this practice came to an end only after lawsuits against the league by two former black nfl players who were accidentally given the cognizant test reserved for white players. when they both qualified for compensation the nfl demanded that they be tested again. this time when a petition applied the algorithm recommended by the program manual they were denied compensation. as a result the nfl compensated injured black players and their families less than white players and their families. the state should be judged by a
11:06 pm
lower standard of brain function than their white teammates is without question a perfect example of real racism. i have a couple of questions and yes or no is if you wouldn't mind. it to your knowledge until 2021 the race norming algorithm is used to evaluate the intelligence of black players as a part of the class action settlement. >> is there a specific time you're asking about? as you know i think this is an issue that was part of a settlement of the former players, federal oversight? >> yes. the dude you recognize part of the settlement? >> you commented on that. >> the two parties agreed to that but there was a standard.
11:07 pm
do you agree the use versus those of any other race is a definition of systemic racism, simple yes or no. >> it was not required to use those standards. >> then why was it used? nfl's apologized for it. let me say this quickly speaking on behalf of my black-and-white brothers who gave their careers to make sure we got past racism, this is a catastrophe. nfl has dredged black people at a different race and intelligence is something that needs to be looked at and i look
11:08 pm
forward to having this conversation with you in the coming months and i think you and yelled back. >> the gentle man yields back and the gentleman from michigan is recognized. >> ma'am? >> i want to commend my colleagues. this is why this is so incredibly important as a survivor of sexual harassment i worked my first job outside of college i can tell you it is incredibly important congress lead on this issue making sure everyone is safe and away from discrimination. again that can be incredibly traumatic and it can last a very long time as people move from career to career. when they came forward with the toxic workplace at the commanders, team owner dan snyder stated i've been hands-off as an owner and have allowed others to have day-to-day control to the detriment of our organization. commissioner, you are briefed on
11:09 pm
the internal investigation. did you know into sitting here e today do you believe dan snyder was a hands-on team owner? >> in my judgment -- >> yes or no, was he hands-off? >> the owner is responsible for the workplace. >> the committee obtained a letter showing how involved he was and viewing the toxic workplace environment the committee conducted a deposition of the chief operating officer for a number of years. he worked with mr. snyder every single day. do you want to know what he said basically this is what he said, quote, both hands on when it came to mr. snyder so he's very directly involved. he also detailed his role in the decisions big and small and i'd like to talk about one of those if i made that i found particularly troubling. in the fall of 2002 the team hired a new head coach who
11:10 pm
according, groped a member of the public through the relations staff and according to him, he consulted mr. snyder about what to do even though as he said i knew what we were going to do. do you know what he's talking about? of course he was going to do nothing. he said they decided, quote, we were not going to confront the new coach. commissioner goodall, he participated in a number of interviews with the law firm handling investigations. has the nfl looked into these allegations against the former coach? >> [inaudible] you're working with all of them. >> the allegations [inaudible] >> so the allegations of groping ayman staffer was investigated? >> we hired an independent investigator. >> we heard the same thing at
11:11 pm
the previous job i was at. the committee staff invested in another deposition, commissioner, this time a former president of a business operation, a ceo who testified a former commanders employee about the misconduct of commanders executive larry michaels. alleging he, quote, what a touch her face in an unwanted fashion, talk about her looks in front of large audiences and kiss her. he said he brought these allegations to mr. snyder's attention in july 2018. according, mr. snyder's response was larry was a sweetheart and wouldn't hurt anybody. two years later in july, 2020, he resigned from the club after
11:12 pm
seven former employees said he would discuss female colleagues and overtones and even made comments about an intern. take a listen to what he said if we could play the audio, please. >> in this addition of redskins right after this. >> way to go. did you want me to go longer or shorter? >> i do think the intern a little blonde she's looking pretty good. i don't know what's going on there. >> unbelievable. so disgusting. he wasn't hands-off, he's simply trying to have a blind eye to the conduct he didn't want us to see. this is to common in the workplace. is this an acceptable way to run a team? >> the example you just showed me, is not acceptable.
11:13 pm
do you commit to doing more? right now you say you did everything possible. are you willing to do more? >> yes, of course i'm willing to do more. can you recommend dan snyder be removed? >> the gentle ladies time is expired and the gentle man may answer the question. what time is expired but you may answer the question. >> will you remove him? >> i don't have the authority to remove him, congresswoman. >> the time is expired. mr. sessions is recognized for five minutes. "have been called. >> madam chair, thank you very much. i appreciate trying to work together. commissioner, i want to thank you for taking time to be with
11:14 pm
us today. i think you've heard congress is sometimes assertive about the ideas that we have but i think you for taking time to be here. i think answering questions that dealt with someone else's behavior are also your own because as commissioner you have a responsibility for the league. i want to thank you for trying to work with people across the spectrum. athletes, coaches, fans, television networks, owners and to tell you i think from my perspective i've been a football fan for many years. jerry jones is a very close and dear friend of mine and i've watched mr. jones and the cowboys as well as almost every other league and the team to be
11:15 pm
able to work athletes, circumstances and things that happen. i think you've done an outstanding job and it's said volumes to me about the changes that have been made within the commander organization. i think we are all entitled to make mistakes and we are all entitled to try to make up for it. i think that it says volumes that you as commissioner will lead the effort to have the conversation not just with the owners but the teams involved about that which you believe would be in the best interest of the league because that is really what your job is. but commissioner, i want to say this. i think it's also important that we here in congress recognize we are not perfect either and we do things that can be seen in ways that are not always the same way
11:16 pm
everybody in congress would want. but i've watched in this town over the last few years about an attack against dan snyder, the former redskin organization because of the name that was selected many years ago and a name that became influential across the country in a positive fashion not just with perhaps african-american athletes but others who chose to come into play here. but i want you to know this organization here in congress hs makes mistakes also and sometimes those are letting us get ahead of a professional conversation we need to have with a conversation that is
11:17 pm
perhaps political. i want to show an article that was in politico that discussed this very directly where it was assumed that this could be fundraising fodder, a reason to get rid of dan snyder in this town by members of this organization as a matter of fact not just members of this organization but the chairman of the house oversight subcommittee and i want you to know i think we would like to invite you back next year. i think you have a story to tell that is one of significance and one of taking many people with diverse backgrounds, people who are sure in the entertainment industry that people who also stand up as heroes too many of our children and i think you've done a great job in taking these
11:18 pm
men who by all accounts may not have had the greatest of life. perhaps they've turned themselves into something better. i can think about don perkins and lots of people, the dallas cowboys, calvin hill. a number of people that have used their position in society as a result of their athletic ability. their credentialing has helped them in life. bill glass, a personal friend of my families became a christian minister and helped those who were in prison as a result of his direct observations working in the nfl so i think that there's a great story to tell and none of also perfect. >> the gentleman's time is
11:19 pm
expired. the gentleman's time has expired. >> the gentle lady from california, jackie spear is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you madam chair. i apologize for also having the national defense authorization act in armed services. commissioner, you announced at the conclusion of a ten-month internal investigation and hundreds of interviews you insisted that there was no written report and get documents obtained by the committee reveal the nfl agreed to a report that went into control of the investigation. i would like us to put that up on the screen. in the very first paragraph it says, and i quote, as part of the investigation, wilkinson would complete a written report of its findings. is this the agreement you signed, yes or no? >> i've never seen the agreement
11:20 pm
before. but i know we signed an engagement letter that was essentially sagging it was signed by -- >> so you made the decision to receive an oral rather than a written report, is that correct? >> we did in october of that year on the basis of providing confidentiality to the people that came forward. >> reclaiming my time, the survivors have begged you to release that report. it is the commanders that have the pis hired to investigate the matter show up at their doorsteps. so, the question is were you ever aware of a written report or a powerpoint presentation, yes or no? >> i am not aware of that and i want to clarify something you said with respect to people
11:21 pm
coming forward. people coming forward the confidentiality was important to them. some have come forward and not been concerned about their privacy or confidentiality, but there are many others, the vast majority that have spoken in the context of this investigation that have wanted to continue their privacy. >> world will you be able to speak freely about the findings of the investigation with the committee? >> as we've said many times before in the context of this, the details in the investigation are privileged. >> we are asking you whether or not -- me ask you this for those victims that would like to have the report released as it relates to them, will you release that? >> we couldn't do that and
11:22 pm
protect the confidentiality. that's an issue -- >> that's not true. no. not if the victims are willing to have that information about themselves released. >> i'm not an attorney, but we can't waive the privilege that in some ways what impact others i don't believe. >> attorneys would be able to address that with you. i'm not an attorney. >> so there was an investigation two years before the commanders investigation. they included several recommendation for the strength and protection of workers. one was a specific prohibition to nondisclosure agreements to limit reporting of potential violations. the did the league ever adopt that recommendation? >> i've made four recommendations. i think that is what you are referring to. we implemented three of the four.
11:23 pm
the one we didn't that we were concerned with was that all workplace functions, excuse me, violations and allegations had to be reported at the office. we don't think that we are situated to be able to handle all that, but obviously that's something that the individual clubs are going to be have to be able to address on their own as a class violation of law or personal conduct policy -- >> reclaiming my time. would you put in place a prohibition that nondisclosure agreement cannot be used by the various organizations under the nfl? >> i think this is similar to what the chair was mentioning in the legislation. we said that we are operating under the basis that on the basis that nondisclosure agreements cannot prevent a witness from going forward and sharing the information with us. >> i was asking what you would do professionally, your self.
11:24 pm
>> right now we do not let our employees, excuse me, our employees to use a nondisclosure agreement not a kid who cooperate with the investigation. >> so, nondisclosure agreements by each of your various teams are not being used is that what you are saying? >> the time is expired. the gentle man may answer her question. >> i am not saying that. state-by-state they have different laws so the federal legislation is something we are willing to work with the committee on. >> the time is expired and before we close, i want to offer the ranking member an opportunity to offer any closing remarks he may have. ranking member, you are now recognized. >> let me think the commissioner for her testifying here today. really appreciate that. the conversation, and let me
11:25 pm
summarize what we heard today from two and a half hours of testimony is that there was a toxic work culture at the washington redskins football team. the nfl came in and had independent auditors come in and they identified the problem. those people were held accountable and terminated and the nfl has ongoing investigations into this and from what we have heard today, the problems have been fixed and the organization moves on. we don't believe that this was a role of congress or good use of congressional time or a good use of taxpayer dollars and madam chair, before i close i want to let you know i will be sending
11:26 pm
two additional records and can't answer because the committee is over but i just want to publicly say with those questions it's been reported that you retain loretta lynch to investigate a former shareholder for the involvement in manufacturing falls allegations and it's also been reported after reviewing the investigation you banned from ever holding an nfl team or otherwise participating in business relationships with the nfl is that a true and i think the answer to those two questions might solve some of the uncertainty of a still remains about the washington football team and with that thank you and i will yield back. >> in closing i want to thank you, commissioner, for appearing before us today. we appreciate very much your
11:27 pm
testimony and willingness -- >> madam chair this is betty wasserman schultz. >> we are enclosing right now and i have to get to the floor to vote, so i have to close right now. we appreciate your testimony, and as we learn today the committee's investigation has uncovered new evidence of troubling conduct at the washington commanders workplace, and as we heard today, the commissioner agreed that this conduct was incredibly serious. in fact, he testified that he has, quote, not seen any workplace in the nfl that is anywhere near what we saw. i'm happy of the commissioner recognizes that the nfl has one of the most influential platforms in america and that mr. snyder's actions were unacceptable. unfortunately, he is not agreed to release the findings from the
11:28 pm
nfl's internal investigation. without transparency, we cannot have true accountability. that is why i announced my intent to issue a subpoena to daniel snyder to appear for a deposition next week. we will not be detoured by billionaire owners or political posturing. the victims demand answers, and we all demand justice. i want to briefly address some questions raised today about the committee's jurisdiction. to be clear, but i was conveying earlier is that the oversight committee has broad investigative authority under the house rule ten to investigate any matter within congresses legislative power. as i also explained earlier, the committee has a long bipartisan history of investigating workplace conduct in professional sports including sexual misconduct.
11:29 pm
this investigation has already led to two bills that i introduced to help strengthen protections for workers from workplace misconduct. i would invite all of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to join me in supporting these efforts. the committee will not waver in our efforts to conduct this investigation to ensure that women and all americans are protected in the workplace. with that, and in closing, i want to thank the panelists again for your remarks and i want to commend my colleagues for participating in this important conversation. with that, without objection, all members have five legislative days within which to submit extraneous material and to submit additional written questions for the witnesses to the chair, which will be forwarded to the witnesses for a response. after the witness i ask you to please respond as promptly as
11:30 pm
possible. again thank you for your attendance today. of the hearing is adjourned he and i hope i can make the vote. >> [inaudible conversations]
11:31 pm
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>> senate leaders planned to vote on the final passage of a bipartisan gun violence bill later this week. speaking to reporters, minority leader mitch mcconnell said he thinks that it was a significant step in the right direction. he also talked about energy prices and the economy. this is 15 minutes. first observation i


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