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tv   David Mamet Recessional  CSPAN  June 29, 2022 10:09pm-11:10pm EDT

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presidency in honor of nancy reagan's birthday, we look back at the first lady's legacy. her years in the white house through photography, staff remembrances, and any postage stamp honoring mrs. reichert which was unveiled by first lady jill biden. at 4:00 p.m. eastern op to offer bruce rexdale winner of this year's booker. one during a ceremony at mount vernon for his book washington the founding farmer in the question of slavery. exploring the american story. what american history tv saturday on cspan2 and find a full schedule on your program guide or watch online anytime at she c-span online store or at latest collection of c-span products, apparel, books, home decor, and accessories. there is something for every
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c-span fan every purchase help supported nonprofit operation shop now or anytime at >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome david. [cheering] [cheering] [cheering] [applause] good evening everyone. my name is john hi bush. i have the honor of being the
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executive director of the ronald reagan presidential foundation institute. thank you all for joining us this evening. in honor of our a men and womenn uniform who defend our freedom around the world would you please stand and jointly for the pledge of allegiance. s i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. thank you please be seated. and everyone here knows we are gathered not too far from hollywood. it is a fact that without hollywood there would've been no
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platform for ronald reagan to establish himself. first as an actor, president of actors guild, and a political commentator. without that political commentary there would have been no governor ronald reagan and certainly no president ronald reagan. so a thank you of sorts is in order to hollywood for writing what became the first successful chapter in the reagan revolution. our guest this evening david has had his own remarkably successful relationship with hollywood as well. a number of the award winning works he has written, produced or directed define his impressive stage and screen
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career came to life in the thick of the reagan presidency. i was among them. the postman. [applause] the postman always rings twice.r later works of the post presidencyfa years hannibal andy favorite. [applause] but david, like ronald reagan deviated from the standard hollywood political groupthink. and ino doing so he also established himself as a freethinking political and social commentator unafraid of ruffling feathers. that same chartres decisive pen that wrotebr compelling dialogue
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often been deployed to what he has aptly termed in this day and age the virus of conformity. tonight we welcome him to the reagan library stage for discussion on his new book, t recessional the death of free speech and the cost of a free lunch. were going to dive into a conversation about the book in a moment. but first i want to share a passage from just one of the m essays in his book out of many that struck me.ay and it david is critiquing broadway in the current state of the american people he like the following. it was i believe said the free marketxi must exist to entice ad beil able to reveal their abilities. if one has no possibility in the
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theater of doing anything but staging platitudes the talentless will induce step up. but the inspired have no reason to do so. the reward of the talented is unfettered creation. as i noted david is writing about the theater. but his words resonate in the realm of politics and government as well. we've been talking a lot lately through our time for choosing speakers series about the future of the republican party and the conservative movement. when we cancel or punish every from departure from the party line or political correctness, we don't give a leaders space to refine and develop their positions we get thehe same problem the talentless the row
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box will step up. but the inspired will stay home. how sad our world would be if a leader like ronald reagan had not had the chance to step forward just because he held some unorthodox views or because he defied the party line as he did now and then. so what i mean to say is david is onto something and has been for a while. what we strive to do it the reagan library is to create a space to have these conversations, discussions, and debates the group renewal acceptable platitudes for they can be provocative and messy but also exhilarating and rewarding. that is the nature of free speechat but that is the naturef democracy. that is the nature of the great experiment we call america ladies and gentlemen to challenge us this evening as
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only he can, please welcome pulitzer prize-winning oscar deming and tonynd nominate writer, director, also a commentator and provocateur l american legends david. [applause] x thank you so much. >> absolutely. thank you all for coming it is a great honor to be here to be among friends. and a great relief. it left back a wonderful, to have you david really. i like to talk about a number of topics. most of jeff luna start with the book. technology today seems to have connected us like never before.
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it is also in many respects put distance between us. i think the point you make in your book is no quality, no theater, nothing of great worth often times on the stage. we are not gathering as a people together. i wonder what kind of influence that has on the nation if we are to be as far apart as we seem to be because we are not coming together as we once did. >> that's the question that occupied me during covid and got meat writing every day. have to figure out what's going on. i don't get it. don't how this magnificent country has come to teeter on the actual edge of suicide in such a short time but i do not understand. i don't get it.
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i spent a lot of time writing a lot of essays and throughout about half of them on my own the other quarter of them because my wife read them. at. [laughter] i tried to reset my way through it said this does not make sense what i'm looking at does not make sense. the most challenging form is tragedy. graduate seems to be a solution turns out to be the problem. it turnslu out to be the problem turns out to be the solution. no i go my god it was there all along. and i did not seeee it. the end of the tragedy this like the hair recognition of that reversal.
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recognition home i got it killed theather reversal of situation i government came to being a blind beggar. oh my god i thought i was the smartest person in the world. but i am stupid. i did not see this coming and it is so evident. so i was going through trying to take some of the tools writing a tragedy saying if you know the answer right off you are not writing a tragedy you might be writing a pageant or a melodrama. but the author has to go through exactly the same things the hero goes through, right? which is a lot of pain and self loathingsn and confusion it doesn't make sense it doesn't make sense. have to make it make sense. i was looking at the decay of our institutions.
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the loathsome decay of governments coming up to now with the united states government we have to have an ministry of disinformation. it doesn't make sense or no if you politicians unfortunately many of us do, right? we say who are these people. most of them are not very smart. a few of them are any good for they are all in it for the money, aren't we all? but nonetheless we are gambling chips in their game. how is it that these people who are completely predictable as marki twain says suppose i was a congressman, suppose i was a thief but i repeat myself. how is it that these people have worked this magnificent most prosperous and freest country in the world?
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i said maybe they didn't do it. maybe we are looking at something else altogether. maybe what these people are are opportunistic infraction that comes to the floor on the body becomes weak. it is not the pimple which causes the other way around. they now perhaps it begins to make sense. that what is happening is a decay of an organism that gives rise to opportunistic infractions. we were run down you're more likely to get the flip. you are more likely what is the
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overriding fact that weekends os? the answer i came upro with wasa certain reading history is prosperity. so much prosperity for three generations should be a law but expression of feeling that strife is error and that we have to give away anything we have to anyone who says they like it. what we are looking at not biden or nancy pelosi, not antifa not the b squad. opportunistic infections that are attacking a weak body. because we have ceased to base our actions rationally.
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which means we are looking at the west were looking at 2000 years of the judeo-christian heritage. more than k that. it totally existed before st. paul and jesus. so this gave rise to the idea that human life is worthwhile and gave rise to the united states of america. we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights that cannot be taken from us except by force. they were not given to us by any human being. this is an extraordinary idea that comes right out of the old testament and ratified. never existed on land or see a bunch of guys got together and said what about a new country based on the judeo-christian efforts. obviously somebody says on a
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diet i got in this diet i need to use lose 15 pounds. i don't have to stand the diet anymore i get it. i get the idea. you gain the 15 pounds back and then some. so what religion did in the west scupper nose to the grind stone to a certain success. because we had a community that said yes i get it. but that is not a good idea. it's actually written right herh through ten little commandments. you probably don't want to break them for it at if you do there are going to be consequences. not only in the law but your community and your family, right? the west became so prosperous we invented this new idea we have to be in touch with the other all the time. it's calledtl a mob i'm addicted to it you guys are to because it can do anything.
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but in addition to doing anything it doesn't one think that's not a very good idea. in the bible it's called the powere' of babel were going to speak the same language what were going to do is we are going to build a towerer and be like d because of we all speak the same language we all want the same things were all going to build the tower.w what happens to that civilization? it dies. king of kings is the roman empire was the british empire at some point in prosperity have to revert to first principles what joe don't let the cities diet. i get it. let's let china take us over i get it. it is real i get it.
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let's let putin invade ukraine. how does that affect me? our good friends the liberals on that side of the aisle it's going to destroyoy your life because it is already described the lives of your children but you just gave them over to the state. so my answer is society became so just like a billionaire. was the last time a billionaire? change the oil was less amiss great-grandchildren change the oil or mowed a the grass or did those things that made us all human beings and americans. your feelings were not important what is important is your behavior. and that your behavior had consequences. if you take that away we have a society based on feelings, you have mob rule. so whether screaming the loudest
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last has the right to control our lives. >> well put, well put. you talked about the social media being reduced down to this little piece of technology we held in one'sea palm. meanwhile, what is happening to arts and creativity? can you envision some of the really great works, reaching someone powerfully on a 2-inch screen now? >> no but i'm 75 years. old. so i limped to the end of the studio system in the heyday of the 70s millions of distribution change. in 100 years entertainment in this country into radio and into television and movies and talkies and then into dj. every thing change.
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look at the history of the people in a radio, who were they? though the people who cannot make it in vaudeville. everything ten they do everything is out the window everything is gone out the window yety again. my question if anyone is working with the media was a lesson you heard anything funny that in a couple of years. because always a society is controlled by the people who own the high ground in the high ground passes to the himalayas it's the memes of distribution. so god bless elon musk. he says guess what guys, there is a new sheriff in town so now we will see. >> are going to jump to what i see is the value of citizenship.
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the last year it appears we have had navy's million is 2 million people come across the american southwest. like it or not, they are now americans. and if this continues in the next six or seven years will have another seven or 8 million. i think you are a citizen of the united states what values does your citizenship or our citizenship now have if anyone just by walking 50 feet across the river become an american. where they hide out or not are we make them citizens or not. where's the value in that? >> the value is people in power are whoring for roads that is what they are doing. some of these people fling oppression? probably with a like a w better life who wouldn't.
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but there they are. if you don't have a border don't have a country. people in power and the democrats are perfectly willing to say go ahead. cooksey don't have a country don't have a citizenship, right? exactly. as citizen has rights and responsibilities. read an essay iny the book this guy called i think his name was dwilliam lloyd. he was lloyd ha ha during world war ii the brits put a bunch of guys the germans put a bunch of english speakers on out of germany called germany calling this is lord ha ha coming from berlin surrender. so one of the guys named william lloyd. after the war they tried him as a war criminal. he said wait a second you cannot
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try me as a war criminal my parents were british i was born of the united states. i went back to england. note to nazi germany united states it was born it was not worth nazi germany so you cannot try me as a war criminal. they said you're so right except for one thing and they hung him as a traitor was the last person executed for treason and great britain. and i contrast that with nathan hale who was hung as a spy and set it only grid i had but one life to give to my country. but william lloyd's last words are not recorded. but they said before they hung him that's funny it's a great argument that you've availed yourself of the protection of the crown all of your life and you owe responsibilities and they hung him.
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if we don't have responsibilities is very difficult for us to understand what our rights s are. we say where i can do whatever dhec i want but you can't, right? what is my responsibility? responsibility to pull a kid out of a burning building? maybe yes. >> whatever should become a responsibility. >> here's what i think is we did turn the tide to the extent they don't do anything really interesting inpr october for the people are going to say gas prices but you cannot have my kids. you cannot have my grandchildren. i am sorry it's just not going to happen. [applause] i have several friends here who are like me are jewish.
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and pulled their kids out of school god bless them put them in a catholic school so they can get an education from people care about education. i went to college ines the 60s and i saw the free speech movement and all that stuff. the chickens have completely come home to roost. when on the third and fourth generation of kids who thanks the purpose of college as of lots of and get high and go out and go to the government for money or go to mom and dad. not only have they not been punched in the nose they've not had to apply for a job. so how do you learn responsibilities of citizenship if you do not have to paste the actual harsh injustices and the delights of the free market, you don't. a >> you talk in your book about
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the firing of equity defined equity for us. >> i don't know what equity means is anybody? what is it mean? equality but we don't say that here. we talk about liberty rather ecthan equality. finally under the law in what sense are we equal? that is what makes societies people do different things better than each other, right? of different propensities for their different desires pretty one person what security the other person wants financial success but one person wants adventure. one person once rested. that is what makes society. everyone has to do the same thing all the time. you end up with a slave state which is what the universities have become. >> and t in a broader sense you talk about go ahead try to define equity.
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it seems as though we have been robbed of our language the left has been able to find a way to redefine for us either what words what's had a common meaning. here's the intersection alan t toxic masculinity, triggered, social justice, the homeless become un- housed. becomes micro- aggression. who dhec is in charge? >> we are per each of us are in charge of his or her own speech. we give that up are in a lot of trouble. i began to see maybe 20 years ago people even considered said this may not be politically correct but, which is already granting the opposing side's premise. one of the wonderful things about donald trump as he spoke
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english. right? people looked at him and said there's an actual guy who speaks english i can understand what he's saying. the other site said no, no, no you are not speaking pig latin you are not a politician. that happened to me when i first started writing plays they said wait a second that is not sonic a to meet right? that does notot sound like eugee o'neill it's not boring are you crazy? [laughter] because of free speech is said to myself it will sound like she later on. it sounds like a play to me now. and i had the opportunity to do that little store front theaters in chicago. it was marvelous.
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with your skin happens to be white you are a racist. a lot of people here are racist. show the proper response to beat you are a marxist? no here's the thing. not be white skin to be a racist fear black conservative your coracist too. it's not going to do with the color of one's skin for the correct response is on polite language yeah? the point was a jew like me he said who dictates the terms of the battle dictate the terms of the piece. which is the truest thing that i know. whether it is on the battlefield
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or with the cops on the street or martial arts or in a divorce or whatever. my dad used to say is a one horse lawyer it depends which appeal you get into is how you know who's going to win but they dictate the terms ofha the batte i demand if defend this and i demand to defend that bear if you accept that you already win. my friend buddy says stay tuned no i'm sorry, no. each of us has that capacity. his arm and we are going to prevail? when you do that you have already prevailed. our connection look at what the left is doing in america. from a marxist sense elimination of the classes but class at war with one another is the
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modern-day american marxist the distinction that has taken the place for marxist classes of bindividuals? >> that racism is that it's been dead for long time. so what is happening there's a book published in like 1780 might even be forgotten the name. so white out the bunch of slaves. the whites skin against the dark skin. the men against the women for the house slaves against the field slaves. you have to keep them constantly fighting each other. and then the other thing that they did on the plantation era as they made it a crime for african-americans to read for they made it a crime to teach them to read.
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monitor squads that went between the plantations every night to make sure this a group could not talk to the back room for they turned everybody against each other. to me one of the magnificent things about african america as they stayed together. they did not destroy them. they persisted and prevailed. in the midst of this horrible 400 long year oppression. to a certain extent they have them. >> define for me social justice. >> i give it. [laughter] anybody? [laughter] nobody knows. justice means making a new rule justifying i make
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a rule. this if you did this, this happens but if you do that, that happens. it is a rule. you can refer to it and you know how far to go. means nothing when has there ever been a just society? societies not in charge of being dressed just read the legal system is in charge of being just for the idea of social justice based on feelings. i feel with might lived m experiences they say. >> i have my own proof okay. until some guy hold you up at gunpoint. right? so we are living in a time where the rule of law is crumbling around us. george gus cohen refuses to press charges against a fellow who assaulted dave chapelle.
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we look at will smith attacked the guye flown his assault on stage. and everybody knew nothing was going to happen tohi him. something even worse happened which was the audience stood up and gave him a standing ovation when he got his award. that's the mob people that's the rule of the mob and they are not kidding. so we have s got to reinstitute the rule of law. here's the thing about justice, somebody's feelings are always getting hurt. that is a pretty good definition of justice. you got to party at somebody's not going to get what they want. right? but the one thing they have to believe and we have to believe is that the law is obeyed. right? though you did not get what you want you got a fair hearing. right? someone's feelings are getting hurt because of you say any time someone's feelings are getting hurt that person's got a claim on everyone else.
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that's us in the bible the worst thing in the world is a servant when he reyna. you cannot allow weak people to take charge. because as they are weak they will form into a a mob. that is what fascism is that is what it is it says i have nothing, i get that. but to gather we have strength. are they do with that strength they have together? they do evil right? you are always better off get getting so philosophical. i spent most my time with my family is nice to be some people who listen to me. [laughter] you are always better off curiously to have a dispute with a strong person. because they say okay i let you win a little bit doesn't hurt me
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there is some worth in your position. or if i'm going to have to's dent opposite to them we do itit according to have little of self-respect. it's not in dealing with the left they have to winry everythg all of the time like any codependent organization or dealing with the lie. so if they can win one thing the o live begins to crumble. they can never allow themselves to be seem to lose. >> well put. a minute ago you're heading in this direction of what were seeing in america this smash and grab the anarchy and the rest of it. you get a from your book you said quote the abandonment of the minneapolis police station marked the beginning of the auteur phase of an insurrection. the anarchists solidified their
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power i would remember as the center of the revolution. who ever heard of this that people are going to give up a police station because writers have taken over? or those riots about that nobody in the cities did anything about question as talking to my cousin, cousin eddie was a near cop he's out nobody saw what the riots i said tell me about the most important thing about the new york itself today the mosthi important thing, where was the mounted? new york city has wonderful mounted squat they are there for the control of crowds. all somebody had to do was goat dang and they would of showed up there would've been no riots. city after city has given up in effect as i look at the world around me, what i saw is this. the cities have become open
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cities for they have been in effect abandoned to the left into thet mob. point to let the teachers do whatever they went they were not going to have any police were not going to have any laws against homelessness. people can defecate on the sidewalk for they can steal whatever theywe want. we can pick all the illegal immigrants that want to crawl across board. it's openom city like rome which when the nazis and the americans. there is no government. so that is what we are looking at. so the question is what happens next? on the other question doesn't happen nationally or does it just happened state-by-state depending upon the political makeup let's carry that over to education. i'm going to another quote for your book. you talked about an inscription that appeared over an auditorium at francis parker school that
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says a school should be a model home. a complete community. a democracy. the book you wrote that meant theot job of the educators to raise children. it was not the job of the home of the mission of the elites propounded by the schools. that is what is happening today. >> it's happened for a long time. it really goes back in education ntand the whole idea of the enlightenment. part of the enlightenment the enlightenment society must raise the children. every see his stuff up emerson i have no idea what he is talking about. i don't think anybody does but it feels very, veryth good. john do whatro you learn when is
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coming up in the chicago public schools the teachers there a lot of them were born in the 19th century it was the rule of the ruler. his reading, writing, arithmetic we sang 15 songs every morning and blah blah blah. begun to learn by doing. the rule of educators i don't know what educator does does anybody? not anymore. i noted teachers supposed to do habut i don't i guess are suppod to teach teachers. i don't know. the question was, what is the purpose of the school? the purpose of the schools teaching writing arithmetic keep your hands off my kids. my son came home from the santa monica public schools at age ten is white teachers are and what racism basic give me an example give me an example of races and the teacher said he should be ashamed of yourself are asking that question because you are
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white. you should be doubly ashamed of asking that question because you are jewish. this is your tax dollars at work. all of us have had kids in the public schools in the private schools have had to put up with this. a look at this parents go to a school board meeting in protest and the fbi the d.o.j. says to the fbi guess what their domestic terrorists, what? how did this happen? it happened because they got too big for their britches. the union got too powerful. the union is thef big casco of the democratic party and it's time to get some people in office and say i want to educate my kids. what you mean i can have charter schools? [applause] books there is a news story that came out last week and talked
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about administration sources and telling the media and the media is broadcasting we can now once again expect as many as 100 million cases of covid infection again. so here we go with another round of the pandemic. what i'm thinking is this is being played out there now to create another national vote by mail scenario because of the great endangerment of the democrat losing the house and the senate. i am wondering if you see mia conspiracy here or you think something like that is in the wind? or because born 194718 months before was born they werey throwing my people into ovens. those the big questions the jews of my age how could that happen? how in the world could a civilized society let that happen? we are seeing it happen here.
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we are w right here on the edge what happens if we are allowed the country to devolve into leftism i would say there's going to be re- education but there are, right? a lot of reeducation camps and people are getting arrested for marsh on january 6. the next step after that is the ideal logs and among the liberals who are as always the attorneys and t the teachers who always bring about the revolution are going to get put up against the wall and shot by the people take over the country. in the question is what's going to happen until november and to what extent of the left is going to pull everything come emptied the golf bag put everything on the line i do not know. fixed dinner six good point.
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i worked on capitol hill for 15 years. i sat and y watched the tv. watched many hundreds of people getting into the capitol. chaos, mayhem the whole rest. it looked odd as a heck to me almost like they let it happen. they wanted it to happen. they purposefully did not defend or prepare themselves to defend iralmost like it was planned.he now i sound conspiracy theorist but it really if that is the case if the united states capitol is not getting defend on any given day's go to fort knox and take the gold. it should not be protected either. the genius think starting may be in the clinton era is that look
10:54 pm
at the cookie jar and say wait a second why take some of it why not take all of it? that's waiflike with bite and they just keep coming back. how about a few trillion dollars are you crazy i'm going to use it. [inaudible] [laughter] they don't need fort knox so what was your question. [laughter] the question is how far will they go in the answer is you've got to read history. when germany invaded poland they got together bunch of criminals they put him in polish uniforms and put them on the border and gun them down and said the pull into invaded germany for the way the "new york times" covered it. the whole idea what will they
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do? we blame the fire on the jews. if you got to be stopped because of not going to stop themselves. it's like a fire. scott defined fuel. it cannot standnd still. based on shifting sands the conservative might m say okay im fine. but if you are in politics especially if you areme on the left saab always someone to take it away fromig you. you cannot stand still you musta have more power. that is what we are looking at. i don't know the answer is what ihappens the next election appears i don't know. >> you talk about power tech but
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the power over someone's ability to speak is about as powerful as it gets. you are a writer talk about this office of disinformation. >> i love words. you notice it's not called the office of information. it is genius as confucius said man does not hide himself what is he a laugh at what is a frown out? a man cannot hideng himself. but calling it to our face the office of disinformation. they are in charge of disinformation. halfback what about the first amendment of the constitution note law prohibiting government should not pass a law governing freedom of speech.
10:57 pm
what about all of the reiners? i don't know. the girl guy called george scipio have this outfit called strep calm. when the buck 20 years ago sewhat's going to happen to americans look at everything we see. and he says fascinating he said border states are going to become part ofec mexico. is that it's really interesting because the hispanics come over here they work like mad they love the country they serve in the military they love they kids they worship in church they want to do better things for their family. they are the only people working in california that i can see. [laughter] he said what's going to happen is eventually the get enough to congress they will say you can simultaneously on the congress of the united states eventually this will turn back into a spanish landgrab. god bless them.
10:58 pm
talk about a sophisticated way to play with power. how about last week's purposeful leak from the supreme court of one of the most sensitive decisions. what is happening there? who is doing or what? >> the left the same powers and the law does not matter. people take an oath to defend the constitution whether they like it or not that is the oath that they took. and then come back on that oath and no one is holding their hand to the fire and say go to jail go to directly to jail because who is going to do that? the d.o.j. has been completely weaponize. who is going to do it? trump was trying to do it. but trump did not read the prints we should all read tonight because he was saying
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here is how you rule. took trump was a magnificent director at eight magnificent chief executive. but he had such faith in human interactions he said yes i can figured out i get it. the mob once this, the city wants that. this guys on the city council his daughter once a job i'm going to have to bribe the fire inspector. these people want to charge this other building materials bute want to pay that. i get it. here he is working on the street for 40 years, gets along with everybody, i get it, everybody gets to have a taste. people do better when they get along. he he let himself be sidetracked by a lot of people because he
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believed them and believed in the system. city didn't realize how deep the swamp was. >> neither did we did we? i don't think so. no. do you think he might actually run for the presidency again what will this country be like if he does? >> i don't know. maybe the better question is what would it be like if you doesn't? [applause] submits is really interesting the other day. he is a lot of baggage as we all know who doesn't. the other person sit on the other hand who do you want them fighting for you? : just like anyone at that age
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having some senior moments or do we have a problem on our hands? >> also the same thing. god bless them. it happens. the question is what will happen with a lot of trouble because after joe biden comes harris, so i don't know but the next question, looking at a 24, who was on the bench? know one. there's nobody there. so it's likely they will look at the midterms into say if i want power i better take it now because i've got nobody on the bench. >> we've got just a few minutes
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left and a number of you provided questions prior to him coming on stage. >> can i say one more thing? i'm friends with a lot of younger conservatives who are suggestingon hope, and hope is a wonderful thing because it is a magnificent country and all the pieces are there. they are all there. we are prosperous, free. there is more freedom than any country in human history so i'm going to have a tumble bullet and enjoy yourselves. but as williams said, suddenly it's gone so quickly. there was a guy called theodore herschel who was a very well-to-do simulated jew and in
11:03 pm
the 18 '90s he went to paris to cover the alfred dreyfus trial. a jewish officer in the artillery who was accused of treason and was obviously innocent, but he went there to when they degraded him in the courtyard of the palace of palaf justice, they were not screaming death to the threat they were screaming death to the jews. so he looked at this and said my god we have to have our own country. everyone said you're crazy. what are you talking about. the jewish w homeland of course which is known as palestine and
11:04 pm
the region, in the words of those days. jews have been there for 5,000 years and we had a country up there until 2000 until the birth of christ when roberts came in. we are going to go back there. people said you can't go back. there's nothing there. it's a wilderness between the mediterranean and theso dead se. so he started this conference and jews from all over came to this thing to talk about building the country. my great uncle was actually there and so they started fighting with each other which is how we communicate. it can't be this it must be that. it's going to be this and that. so he kept insisting that there
11:05 pm
was going to be a country and he said in 1897 it's not going to be in five years but it will be in the 50 years. and 50 years later israel was born, despite of everything. and he said if you will it it isn'' a dream, so that is my message of hope to you and message to me if we will it it isn't a dream. [applause] this question is a bit apropos. how do you find the transition from playwrights and screenwriters to political tactivist and abundant? what is similar and what is different? >> playwright is a technical endeavor. it's about engineering. you have to be able to engineer a play from one scene to the next so in every scene they
11:06 pm
start by saying that makes sense and you do that enough times, that is engineering and a lot of planning. the dialogue that some people have the knack for and some don't. but we see the plays in translation so we don't understand the dialogue that we get from meeting so it's two different things. so it is, a pain because i have these wonderful models for shelley steel can write so clearly anti-secret weapon as my wonderful assistant over
11:07 pm
there. and my wife that says dave, we have to live here. [laughter] which event or book has most influenced your revised thinking? >> the roadayek to serfdom and capitalism freedom and common sense and shall be steel. the entire k works by tom soul, and economic factors. all of them are page by page and you say that's so clear how could i not have seen that before.
11:08 pm
one of the people he started with before was milton friedman and t i read friedman said to hs doctoral students i'm looking forward to your pieces it can't be longer than 500 words. [laughter] m >> i'm not sorry about this last hour. i knew that this was going to be a wonderful experience. and on behalf of everyone here thank you so much for listening. >> can i leave with one anecdote because the other day i thought it's been a lot of time since i've went to a gun shop so i go to the gun shop and i'm standing in line, standing in line and finally i get to the front of the lion and the guy comes up to me and says smile, you're at a
11:09 pm
gun show. [laughter] [applause] if it happens here or here or anywhere that matters, america is watching on c-span, powered by cable. >> a massive film history as a hollywood director, and he's itchanged the world consistently and constantly with his messages and wisdom. it's a new award we are starting here. from his movie,


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