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tv   Sen. Lankford and TX UT Attys. General on Immigration  CSPAN  July 29, 2022 11:03pm-11:52pm EDT

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[inaudible conversations] >> how is everybody doing? we save the best for last. we will make a transition after this we will do lunch then go to the keynote weaker. one —- speaker today we have assistant ag webster on the far left from texas. [applause] the congresswoman also from the house homeland security committee. [applause] senator lankford from oklahoma
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from senate homeland affairs committee and has been in congress since 2014. attorney general from utah to my right. [applause] they are allowed in the congressman from the great state of texas outspoken fighter all things border we are very happy to have him. make a few opening remarks. want to frame we are seeing the border today when i left the trump administration we had one of the most secure borders we have seen in my lifetime. how did we do that? it required hard decisions that key points in time and
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leadership not taking no for an answer when career bureaucrats a it's too hard to do or we cannot do it and all three of those things are needed when you make difficult decisions over time. when we talk about how did we get on the border is so out of control that can be a strategy or on purpose but it absolutely is. lucky couple of things and then we will have a response by focus on the panel. they have a three-step plan driven executing the last 17 number one is to cancel all enforcement actions. what does that mean? you think that can't be right to think about what has occurred they stopped all border wall construction they canceled remain in mexico they canceled cooperative agreement
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suspended deportation. they said if you can over the border illegally that is not enough to remove you from the country they have established enforcement priorities so restrictive a narrow that almost any illegal in the country is exempt from. step number two they treated the crisis as though as it is a capacity issue not rule o'clock. so border patrol agents have to process so many more illegal aliens diverting funding from construction to build more facilities with individuals to come across and remove dhs employees from one part of the department down to the border from the mission they were hired and designed to do then restrict highly qualified highly trained immigration judges from their
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authority to grant asylum and moving that over to other agents. that as a soul building up their system like we have never seen before pulling individuals instead of having a normal system and braking for all the wrong reasons talk about the national security threats so let me jump right in to the panel they are very outspoken and has solutions so what are the solutions as we have as we move forward? and then to push back so
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whether the office or the governor is doing a variety of things hearing about truck inspections building your own border wall system and then places like dc and other places like the mayor recently talking about. [applause] so just tell us briefly what are some of the challenges facing texas so from your perspective tell us what you are having to deal with. >> we knew what was coming because we saw the attacks by the progressive left we took from the litigation perspective and first of all on day number one inauguration
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day the president issued an executive order is a moratorium on all deportations and said we will pause that for 100 days. we were ready for this on day number two of the administration we filed then by day number six we got a tro against the biden administration stopping the moratorium from that day forward i believe it is to destabilize the system so they can rebuild a big socialist society and to get rid of the
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filibuster the goal is to get a vote on whether or not taking grant citizenship to 20 million people. it's affecting texas in meaningful ways. that people are turning themselves over two officials and they are told to do that by the cartel if they have any claim to asylum. and that the runners know if they get caught it will be bad they go across country and being chased by the police and they don't stop. staffer innocent citizens in their path or branches they destroy property so we went up law enforcement in that region to target people from the state level. we have soon on 11 different
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cases multiple cases to the united states supreme court. and we were just granted cert in the united states supreme court over the policy prior to rescission memo they like to use fancy words like prior to rescission like they are not prior my —- taking a priority but they make illegal aliens convicted criminals had an easy way to stay in the country. why is that? we got the case and beat the doj now we are before the supreme court. [applause] >> we have the attorney general from arizona who has rendered a legal opinion that does constitute that.
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>> the ag welcomes the question and publicly acknowledged with that definition of invasion it is the definition. it is not the mexican army so look at the complexity of the issue the factors that come to the plate and that they are working with the federal government. but what if there working with the federal government? that is complex as a people
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that want to deal with. the arizona ag opinion completely dodges federal law. so if you violate someone's rights under the color of the law and cause their death and you are subject to that but nobody has explain how we can get around that statute with war powers and the last problem has a governor is that in many states the governor does not have the right under their constitution to suspend he bs and with war powers you have to have some element to be successful. those are factors we are considering. so our goal is to find a way to challenge arizona versus us not the biggest problem for
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states stopping in. >> congresswoman you been to the border several times we talk a little bit about the inhumane nature of what is going on for the border patrol agents i know you talked how some of them still even call you on trips so give the audience a view on what some of those border patrol agents are facing and it's one thing to say protect the border but another to have law enforcement agents jumping into the river putting their lives at risk because we have folks coming across the river that are enticed to do so so give us a perspective of your visit and what they are telling you. >> first and foremost this is
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one of the pressing issues it's a defining moment of how we handle this invasion. i have been to the border several times and i have made it a point to work a shift with the border patrol agent and it is eight hours through the night i asked them to take me to places that are the most dangerous but on my most recent trip i asked the agent it was about 9:00 o'clock at night we went until 6:00 o'clock a.m. and the things that we saw are horrific so you can stand on the border to see the mexican cartel organizing they will
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pull up with their trucks you will watch them as they prepare to bring people across that is happening while simultaneously upriver or downriver another group that are truck getting ready to move product from the god away or runners that these are the wristbands every single individual whether a child or mother or father every single person coming across the border gets one of these these wristbands dictate so you are a cow and on those wristbands
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1373 in one day these are ripped off and dumped on the american side and when you walk through there are thousands hundreds of thousands along with clothing and diapers torn little girls underwear things that make your stomach turn and it goes to show what is happening is they are trafficking them. when you talk to the agents a lot of them have families and these folks say i am doing the best that i can but i don't have resources or a policy that i can sink my teeth into their doing that with one hand behind her back.
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and sending drones up on their side which on the american side we are prohibited from using drones the faa prohibits the united states government from using drones to locate where people are running and laying their tracks down so the cartel is eyeballing where they are at very few agents because we are spread so thin the mason people over the next thing we know is there is a group of 100 coming across with one border patrol agent to handle it. one. we go for backup and when we get there they split and then it turns out that i am running after a group as a member of congress and they are from venezuela, single male adults. the only run if they have a good reason because when you come across the border you are
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educated you want to be apprehended if you want to say in the united states so one agent dealing with over 100 illegals with kids six people who are coughing and hacking you cannot describe in the middle of the night with a flashlight in the headlights of your truck and you are responsible to handle this group process and get them secured if you think of the psychology they are going home to their own kids. and they are the same age as what they are picking up a lot of them have been abused and it's hard because you want to give them all of the support they will tell them one thing and then do another will say
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don't send money or anything other than a policy. give us a policy to stick to that the administration systematically dismantled the end it by bit is the reason why you see record number of suicide of border patrol and historic low with recruitment. >> that's a great point so we talked about the cartels so any individual that crosses that border pays a steep price so to the mexican government is limited but instead of continuing to admire the problem i think we need to get serious they are talking about in the senate and the house as
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well there are some news articles saying president trump asked for options how to deal with the options? you have some of the most dangerous individuals with illegal narcotics why would you not an event to the border several times as well but when we talk about dealing with the border we have to take on the cartels to figure out if that is kinetic action or something to disrupt their operation. >> staying engaged in the policy issues what we will solve is the nation are good policies in place so thank you for being engaged. this is what we cannot resolve
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the border is secure in the border patrol will tell you the border is secure it's just secure on the south side. no one crosses across the river until they they pay the fe and then was certain groups of people they will move in certain areas and get a family group then one area themselves n and other areas they are moving all criminal aliens you have seen the pictures from central america if you went to yuma arizona people fly into mexico and the cartels rent a bus pick them up and drive them to the gap and then come across with their luggage they
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are coming from all over the world not just simple americans those that have come across the border illegally just this year all of them at the feet of the cartel. so this administration by having an open border policy is funneling crime in mexico and into the us 100 percent in the rio grande valley they estimate in the one area of south texas they are making $153 million per week on trafficking people $153 million per week in the biden administration is turning their head empowering the cartels to better systems
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and more money that does not include the drug running $153 million a week the cartels make more money per week than the area of the rio grande valley and they have the budget for one year so that's a lot of money why does this matter? 100,000 people last year died with a drug overdose in the united states the vast majority are coming in from mexico the mexican cartel are not cooperating with the trainees and the organized crime organization to move them why does this matter those individuals between $4,030,000 many of them cannot pay their full amount so the deal is you will work off your
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feet once you come into the united states we have 1 million people who have entered into the country with the debt that are scattered across the country is that the recipe for crime? 100 percent if you let homeland security you have to take the cartel seriously because they are source of major crime of moving drugs with contraband the organized crime of the distribution network right now turning their head allowing the workforce and the money to be made to organize crime and bringing people across the border literally to hide in the shadows were so that the biden administration is not trying to stop this but make it more efficient everything
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they have done in their policy is not to stop illegal immigration but you keep the camera from being focused on the border there were thousands of people gathered at once that looks bad on the camera if you go to the southwest border command center the metric they are tracking is how quickly they are moving people through the system and that's the main tragic —- the main metric also looking at a piece of technology to apply for the asylum system from anywhere in the world, fly into any airport in america turning your paperwork and expedite the system faster is not about stopping illegal immigration but increasing it making it more efficient because the cartel is in the middle and then moving that process. >> and then at the core is the
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human trafficking in the sex trafficking you had about one —- a bill or amendment recently increasing penalties for child sex trafficking defeated in committee by members on the other side of the aisle. i cannot imagine why they would be increasing penalties for child sex trafficking. >> when the cartels are paid thousands of dollars to be put in stash houses all along the border and for me to offer an amendment to have every one of my democratic colleagues vote against that tells you everything you need to know about the lack of resolve to deal with this issue squarely they don't care about having open borders and what that
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does to americans what that does to migrants but pat themselves on the back that they like brown people when brown people are bearing the brunt there's a lot of brown people in south texas taken for granted to claim the mantle of compassion while they are allowing people to die talk to injures in the sheriffs with the more ago 50 dead bodies of migrants of those still found last year talk to the people and the ranchers every single day talk to people who run the human trafficking ring of what is happening to little children and how they are abused for profit the democratic party is mia. but now americans are dying. because the power of cartel and the coordination 107,000
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dead americans of the drug overdose reasonings from fentanyl to become into our community through china and cartel into the country damn right we're under invasion. americans are dying in cartels are profiting and we should do something about it. not just democrats but republicans is not enough. [applause] it is not enough to sit and complain about it and talk about it we have to do something about it don't find dhs not securing our border don't say america is defended when we have not done crap to defend the border when we are under assault every single day. >> we talk about leadership at
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the department and having the will to make our decisions you have been outspoken on both of these but we had an incident last year where the agents that were in the river photos were taken of them doing their job they were suspended for most ten months report said they did nothing wrong there was no with being or anything but yet they are still punished and censored. you have that along with the secretary who says to this day just yesterday the border is secure and under control and we have operational control of the border. congressman i know you visit the border a lot but if you are an agent hearing that from your leadership who doesn't give you the policies you need what are your policies if you hear those comments? >> as secretary you know the
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answer. but under president trump never in a million years would be going after her own border patrol agents yet that's exactly what this secretary did that's what the white house press secretary did. and then accusing falsely and then have the homeland secretary stand behind a ridiculous report to hold them accountable with zero evidence of doing on —- anything wrong those were under assault and then have the gall to talk to to the judiciary committee when i asked the question to put the lot up on a charge that are we in control and we are required under lot to have an boldfaced lie said yes we have operational control and
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my predecessor seen the same thing that his predecessor often said we are getting control and working to control the border which was defensible this lied to the american people lied under oath and should be impeached for dereliction of duty. [applause] and we should remember he has an oath to defend a lot of the united states senate oath to secure the border and is refusing to do it and in one final point that matters when they come before us and ally before we give them the keys to the kingdom we should hold them accountable that's a different panel. [applause] >> what we say often is that
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what occurs on the border does not stay on the border so we could have the best border security but you will still have individuals and threats get past you i would love to hear what you are doing in the state of utah above to understand what you are doing to crackdown on organizations that get past border patrol. >> absolutely every state today is now a border state and they need to be held accountable thank you for raising your hand. >> there is a couple points that i hope you believe understanding and that's a distinct possibility i said
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this in my 2020 rnc speech but now i believe the country is truly understanding the import of this. donald j. trump and his administration did more and have done more to combat the evil of human trafficking and the opioid epidemic —- epidemic than all other in the history of the united states combined and people like chad wolf or heather fisher and people like a bunker trump and pam bondi and matt whitaker who are leading the fight so why are we here why is this critical? all of that moment and president trump built up is continuing here at a fbi and
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that is why we need you to further the policies that were working so well and historic in fighting this evil the worst in my opinion human rights problem we have seen in our generation. that is point number one but number two, the left tries to make a sound inhumane, discriminatory, anti-. i am the son and great-grandson of immigrants and we celebrate that legal immigration makes america great and strong. [applause] but it is brown people who are exploited by the left and their policies by the cartels because for them it is just a business and human lives are just a commodity and what are they being exploited for?
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$150million per week just in that area. talking about billions of dollars for sex exploitation for forced labor and oregon harvesting illegal adoptions and we are talking about billions of doses of fentanyl and increasing by orders of magnitude. we wish we had a chad will still there standing on the wall for us. [applause] the scope of the problem is huge. it is everywhere. it only takes hours and think i we had people standing on the wall in texas my republican state ag's are fighting this all over but it only takes hours.
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but we have street credit because while the left talks about this issue and the studies at ad nausea we have people here who are out on the frontlines listen out to answer the question the secretary posed to me. we need you to support laws at the state and federal level to empower victims and give survivors a chance once pulled out of the life to go after those that help to amplify this and spread it to partner with businesses and ngos. and what is the foremost
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freedom fighters and a man of faith and help you to train law enforcement and give them the tools that they need that's what we're doing in utah why we feel like we are at the tip of the year and you can be also with many tips going out those are the things we feel like every single person can lead i hope you feel the urgency of this problem on the border. >> we are running low on time i will give you two questions. why is this occurring? what is the plan why are they doing this or you could choose to answer many of you in congress at the state level what can we do about it over
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the next two years and going forward after that? >> kim paxton has committed to work nights and weekends with the litigation team to fight to resist these extreme progressive immigration policies to have our litigators they spend nights and weekends trying to fight the policies in the courtroom we will commit to do that until the administration is done. >> it simple and straightforward they want a liberal world order that's why they do it they don't care so you have to do to fix it is simple we need to recognize the invasion as it is federally and at the state
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level and to secure the border through physical infrastructure and to empower our agents and make sure we are enforcing the policies passing a lot and then pass that law setting up cartels as the terrorist organization that they are if you do those things then you win. >> if you take nothing else away and there is a lot we are very passionate but we do not have a commander in chief a trafficker in chief in the white house and he needs to be called out as such controlling 40 percent of mexico so can you imagine if we said and
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this is insane. there is a lot of incredible solutions to layout pull up any social media at one —- app and you will find advertisements for people to take you anywhere in the united states for any price this is how people are handling the logistics through instagram these platforms are complicit in the trafficking of human beings we need to hold them accountable and also to have a thorough review of every single program fema is funding the transportation of these illegals all across america much like he lied to my colleague i had the secretary lie to my face saying fema is not paying for plane tickets and bus tickets
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150 million has gone into the purchasing of airline tickets to move people around the united states just last year so remember we have a country at stake and then nation that does not have a secure border a national security issue and a public health issue and a humanitarian issue and we have to put this first and foremost on the agenda. >> i have been undercover around the world and for infiltrating cartels with groups like operation real road and they do it for one reason. money. that's why they do it why does the left do it while we are actively trying to recruit voters this for them is the best new border policy thank
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you for letting us have the panel. >> where do you begin? first things first this home is focused on illegal immigration most of them early on and say it's fine i don't see it anymore cnn is not covering it so it's not an issue i have people in my state that will say things must be getting better along the border because it never hear about it anymore because the national media looked away so first things first to keep in the forefront and talk to other people we have 2 million people illegally cross the border last year to put that into perspective a hundred thousand people legally coming into the united states so many twice as many coming in and
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the administration continues to open this up. things are straightforward dealing with the issue of securing the border itself where the wall is in place illegal immigration drops dramatically deal with the tech companies facebook has a policy you cannot promote illegal activity unless your are facilitate crossing the southern border that is in their policy area if you are facilitating people illegally crossing the border than that is okay. we have to maintain title 42 that's the ability to turn people away that's the number one issue when that goes away they are terrified of that moment we have to enforce existing laws into the country people will continue to come
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if they come across the border to say the magic words i have credible fear and when they say the magic words then they go into the asylum process now brace yourself and currently asylum takes eight years to get the final hearing so when they cross the border not a single one has a criminal background check from the country they are from if they have a criminal history here or the terror watch list but we don't evaluate and they are in the country for eight years if you do catch and release you get more people coming that's the basics we have between six and 8000 people per day coming into the country illegally so do the math as long as isis not deporting people in the biden administration brings them in and treats it like a hotel check-in staff we will
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continue to get more people remain in mexico all the tools are already there we do need some changes long-term but right now the administration we need to apply pressure and that the american people see the chaos the mayor of washington dc two weeks ago complained about texas sending people illegally to say they are here when she sent the message out i sent a message out back reminding her three years ago she declared washington dc a sanctuary city so if you disk —- declares of a sanctuary city you cannot now complain about being overrun with people that are here illegally the mayor of new york city is now
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complaining there are too many people illegally present in new york city. when the liberal mayors of washington dc and new york start complaining you know it is getting out of control so we should press that gas all of this craziness the crime and the drug movement that all stops at president biden's desk so put the focus where it belongs. >> what you heard today is a situation going on at the border very serious answers in response a lot of panel members have great solutions it's important to remember every time we have a crisis is go back to proven solutions once you have those that work it is effective and you can get it done thank you for being here today you did great.
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