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tv   Nick Adams The Most Dangerous President in History  CSPAN  December 11, 2022 6:04pm-7:31pm EST

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tonight, we have an incredibly special guest. i am beyond delighted that my long time friend nick adams is our speaker tonight. these fans here tonight to broadcast nick's presentation
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across the country there is much i can say about nick adams. i am so impressed by this young man, his spirit in his intellect, his kindness. he is a true gentleman. i am. this is his fourth time to speak. here with the women's national republican club. i still remember the first time i saw him and heard of him. it's my little story about nick adams i was walking past my television room with fox on all the time, as it always was, and the president of the united states, donald trump, was walking out on the veranda with this incredible young man and he had a book in his hand. and of course, you know, the press, the minute they see donald walking on the veranda,
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they come running to the veranda and they started open up the mics. and he started to tell about this great, terrific young man. nick enters, who has just written a fabulous book, and he recommended it to everybody. and so i said to myself, i have to get him. i have to get nick adams. so i called up the white house and i said, can i have his information, please? and they said, well, we can give you his publicist, but not really his direct. so i did. i called the publishers and that was the beginning of my wonderful relationship with nick adams. this very special man. i still remember nick has achieved so much and he just recently turned only 38 years old. he has written bestselling
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books. he's always on fox, he's always on national radio. he works so hard, he's everywhere. i spoke to him on thursday. he was in phenix. i spoke to him on saturday. he was in omaha. and now here he is in new york. his organization, flag the foundation for liberty in america and greatness. does the most amazing work inspire in k through 12 americans students to love and understand their country more than. 1.3 million kids in america use one of flag's resources on our founding documents. that's really amazing. wouldn't you say? nick is also become a huge social media influencer with millions of followers on
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facebook twitter and instagram. if you're already follow him on facebook, make sure you do. you're missing out. or president trump loved him so much in 2020, he gave nick a precedent. presidential appointment to the smithsonian institute of board, a role he has said will be in until 2026. newspapers were calling nick trump's author because the president endorsed three of nick's books, and in his four years in the white house, even bob woodward spoke about it in his book, recounting trump, telling him about next book when bob woodward was in the oval office. so he didn't stop talking about this wonderful young man. think about this for a minute. coming to this country as an
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immigrant and then becoming a u.s. presidents favorite author within a few years is truly amazing, don't you think. that's the american dream right there? personified any way, nick has his new book out, which we are here tonight, to listen to learn about, and it's called the most dangerous president in history. and it is all about biden and what he is doing to our country anyway, nick has a new book out which i just told you about, and we're very proud of him because he's many books. i am so happy. nick, call you my friend. ladies and gentlemen. may i introduce you to nick adams nick adams.
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thank you, ronnie. good evening, ladies and gentlemen. what an honor pleasure and privilege it is to stand before you here tonight. as ronnie correctly pointed out, this is indeed my fourth visit to the. and every time i come here, i feel just a little bit more in love with the organization, with the building, and with the group. a lot of that has got to do with rebecca, ronnie, who is a lady that is a magnificent patriot, a very kind person. and this is a bittersweet evening for us because this, of course, as you all know, is rosanne out a few moments ago, this is ronnie's last meeting
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physically being here. and i know that i speak on behalf of every single person in this room when i say thank you, god bless you. good luck in florida and we love you. i have a brand new book out today and it is called the most dangerous president in history. and i'm delighted that cc ban book tv is here to cover this particular. before i get into the book i want to speak a little bit about my feelings about the united states of america because us as conservatives, as patriotic americans, i know that many of us would deeply disappointed with the results of last tuesday
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night's election and i share that disappointment with you i share that shock with you and later as we get into our question and answer i'm sure that there'll be some questions and i'm more than happy to take those, but i want you to know that despite my disappointment, despite my shock, i want you to that i still believe in the united states of america america. and if there is one take home message that have for you this evening, if there's one thing that i want every viewer of season fan and every patriot in this room and beyond, from east to west, north to south, all over the to know it is that despite the indices, beautiful problems, challenges threats and realities currently afflicting the united states of america, this is still easily by far
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away, hands down, head and shoulders. the greatest country in the history of the. every single time i speak to an elementary school, middle school, public school or college audience, i look at those student in the eyes and i tell them the day that they were born in the united of america or the day that moved permanently to the united states of america, is day that they won the lot. tree of life. and got the most amazing the most incredible, the most remarkable, the most sensational heads start on anyone and everyone everywhere else. this is the best country in the world to be born in, to live in, to work in, to start a business
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in, to really eyes a dream. this is the only country in the world where people can color outside of the lines and not be punished. this is the only country in the where success is not yet resented but still admired and aspired to. this is the only country in the world where you can blaze a trial and leave a legacy. this the only country in the world where your first language or your last name means absolutely nothing. this is the only country in the where anybody can rise above any set of circumstances of their birth to go on and achieve whatever it is that they want to achieve and is the only country in the world we're fighting to is not fatal. well you can fall down 5000 times. but if you've got grit,
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determination and hustle, you can get up. 5001. thomas edison had a thousand cracks at the light bulb. colonel sanders had, his recipe for fried chicken, rejected 1009 times before he got. abraham lincoln lost his first half a dozen elections. p.t. barnum is first to the circuses were abject failures yet he went on to become the greatest showman. walt disney went bankrupt twice, almost three times. same story with henry ford again and again and again. the lesson, the theme throughout american history has been that with perseverance, with persistence, those that refuse to yield end up leaving a legacy. well beyond their time on this earth. see, america is special because america is not just a stretch of
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land, not merely a geographic. america is an idea. it is an ideal, a notion, a value system and improbable and daring experiment that actually remains equally as improbable and daring today. none of that changed on the 8th of november 2022, one week ago tonight. none of that changed exceptional culture. that culture of opportunity. it's there. you can make it america if you work hard. the american dream is alive and well. and i know it because believed it. and i know because i travel all around the country and i get to meet people that are living every single day. so do not mistake america as current issues as serious as
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they. do not mistake to mean that this country is finished or that this country is still not the greatest country in the world. i still wake up every single morning and kiss the ground that i'm on. that's how grateful i am to be here and be able take part in this life. it's also a very special moment. this one here for me, because while this is the fourth time that i have addressed this particular club, it is my first time doing so as an american citizen. that happened in december of last year, and that has given me just a little bit even more excitement and verve to my daily routine on. delighted to now be able call
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all of you, my fellow american. of course, that means that last tuesday was the first election that i have ever voted in that. so i did very much enjoy that honor. i do think that being able to vote in elections is an honor, and i think that everybody should vote and take an interest in what is going on, particularly when we have a president that is as dangerous, as joe biden. my book, the most dangerous president in history, outlines why joe biden is definitive without question, the most dangerous president we've ever had in the united states of america. the biggest challenge in writing
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a book about dangers of joe biden. is the length. because, of course, you could write it in cyclops media almost. on just how dangerous president biden is. do you begin with his policies. do you begin with the corruption that the biden crime family? do you talk about his very obvious dementia and mental decline and cognitive issues? do you speak about the people that are running joe biden behind the scenes? because we all know that he's not capable of doing so much of he does himself. so there are so many elements to the danger. joe biden and that's why i enjoyed writing this book. but it was difficult making it readable and in a condensed way
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because. there was really that much to say. but all of you know, having lived in this country the last two years, that in every single aspect of your lives, life was better. two years ago, under president donald trump. without a doubt whether is the record inflation, whether it is the record spree that we have not seen since the early nineties. and new york is like yourselves, know about this even more acutely than most people in the country, whether it is going up to fill your car with gas and noticing difference in the price. grocery prices have increased. 2 hours ago we got word that a russian missile hit in poland and killed two people.
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and now we are discussing what is going to happen. it is not an exaggeration to say that in many ways biden has put us at the brink of world war free potentially because vladimir putin only respects strength. that is why it was only on the donald trump and mike pence's administration that did not attempt to go and get any more land. this started with obama. it continued with joe biden. as soon as vladimir putin and every bad actor in world saw what with the botched withdrawal in, afghanistan saw weakness of joe, saw the mental decline and cognitive issues of joe.
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they said this is the time to test america's will. this is the time to try america's resolve. and that is precise. see what we are facing today? when joe biden goes and speaks at an that's been organized for him in the white house or elsewhere, he gets a cue card. i'm sure you've seen it on television. and this cue card tells him where to stand or where to sit, who to call on the name of the journalist, how long to speak for, when to leave, what side of the stage to leave? this is because have a president that should not be president. and one of the things that i note in my book is that it is
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agreed just enough for, president biden to be in a job that he knew and knows he cannot properly carry out the functions of. but what about his wife? what about dr. jill? what kind of a person must you be to be so encouraged, overly ambitious, to put your husband through that? to be ridiculed. to shake hands with the invisible a as he has done on multiple occasions, to trot out when he clearly doesn't know what to say or where is or what's going on. it wasn't reported very much about four weeks ago. he was in vail, colorado, and he stayed said that his late son,
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beau biden. died in iraq. beau biden served in iraq, but he died of brain. it is so sad to see what we have to see each and every single moment for these last two years. it's not good for america. it's not good for americans, and it's certainly not good for the because the world's fortunes travel with the united states of america. when the united states is strong, the world is when the united states is weak, the world becomes a weak and dangerous place. and that's what we have right now. the democrats, joe biden's handlers in particular, have joe.
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exactly where they want him in the white house and senile because they are able to use him as a puppet to achieve their extreme ends. and make no mistake about. 95% of the extremity in american politics today is on the side side of the left. it comes the liberals. it emanates from political. it emanates from wokeism. it emanates from cancel culture. when you have a situation where a nationally known speaker turns up at a college or somewhere to speak and is unable to because of the threat of physical, then you know that is wrong. the real bullies are not
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conservative. the real bully is not president trump. the real bullies are the democrats and the left and the and all of those people that want to change our lives. they don't like the united states, america, the way that you and i like the united states of america. this is something i speak about a lot in this book. the most dangerous in history. the left using joe biden to transform the united states of america. it is something it has never been something that it isn't. and, quite frankly, something that it should never, ever become. and that's what we're faced with. and that's why the peril of the biden presidency are truly unprecedented. they're unprecedented on day one.
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president biden, one of the very first actions he took was to cancel the keystone pipeline, meaning that everything well, ordinary, hardworking american, whether they are white, whether they have got a small business, whatever ever, they happen to be wherever you happen to find them. missouri, kansas, nevada, wherever they are they had to pay more at the gas pump. why? because joe biden is. absolutely lock and key under the control of the green lobby. that's what this is all about. the green new deal. the radical environment that is true.
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communism if you go back and a look at the history of environmentalism, you'll notice that after the berlin fell all of those that were involved heavily in the communist and the socialism and all of that kind of they realized that that time they could no longer do all of those things. so they decided to pour their energies into. go and have a look at the background of so many of the prominent individuals that are involved in green lobby and that now you have got the most powerful man in the world, joe biden hostage. but joe biden says he's from scranton, pennsylvania. he says that he's for the working man. come on, man. that's what he says. he's for the working class. no, he's not. he's not at all.
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joe is for the elites of country. joe biden and his administration have done nothing but hurt the little guy in every single action they have taken over the last two years. that's what? that's what joe biden's record is. joe biden's record is one of promoting wall street, promoting hollywood, promoting the liberal mass media and weaponizing law enforcement agencies to target political enemies. that's what this president is all about. news just yesterday that no charges will be against former new york mayor rudy giuliani. it's great news, yes. but isn't it unbelievable that it came six days after the
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national election? they decided to withhold that crucial information from the electoral. why? because it was in their interests. same with the student loan debt. biden and the democrats knew it was illegal. what they were proposing. they knew it. they knew it would get struck down. knew it would be knocked out. but they decided to use it as a ploy to get votes. and guess what? it worked. record youth turnout at this election. voting for joe biden. voting for the democrat. now, there were a lot of elements to that and we might get into that in the q&a momentarily. but that's exac partly how democrats win elections. stolen elections to use the phrase not necessary airily mean
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that they happen ballots. exactly. they don't necessarily mean that ballots are manufactured or ballots created or counts are deliberately not done the right way. what a stolen election can mean is when you have big tech and the fbi colluding like they did in 2020, when you have mock zuckerberg pouring tens of millions, hundreds, millions of dollars into an election and tilting the scale towards joe and the democrats, is that not a stolen election when dem crats propose something that they know is going to fall down? yes, it's smart politics, but is that not stolen election when they conceal that all of the stuff about rudy was america's mayor? i might add his book leadership
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had a tremendous impact on the in the early 2000s when they deliberately conceal what's happening with rudy. can you not say that this perhaps people were voting without the proper information before them? is that not in some way fraudulent? of course it and all of these reasons, all of these tactics, all of the dem crats ploys have led to this man being in the presidency. c and i'm sad to say, having almost no repudiate of his policies or his actions actions. joe biden has to lose in 2024. i convinced that he's going to run again. i am. they are going to wheeling out if they have to.
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but i believe they're going to run him again. i believe that this is somebody that needs to lose and. the reason that i wrote this book is that as a new citizen, deeply in love with my country, i want the united states of america to reach her full potential. i don't want the united states of america to ever become a socialist country. but under joe biden, it is becoming a socialist country under biden. it is becoming an america where that opportunity and that exceptional ism that i spoke about at the beginning of my presentation is deeply endangered, incredibly imperiled. and if we somehow another four years of joe biden if he can even make it that long then then i might stand before you here at the women's national republican
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club if you'll have me and say to you now i don't know what america is anymore. we can never, ever let ourselves get to that situation. so i wrote this book, the most dangerous president in history, to make sure to begin the process journey of exposing joe biden because. the media have been running protection racket for biden for almost 50 years. and average americans have got no idea what this man is truly like. they don't realize the extent of hunter biden's corruption. they don't realize who the big guy is. go and have a look at biden's brother. it's all in here. these are dark times for us.
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there is no way of putting that nicely. we are in a real struggle. we are in a war. a culture war. a culture war. joe biden and the democrats want to make this look like a european socialist country because they don't like the fact that up until now, the united states of america has always been the most conservative nation. a center right country. they don't like that america is the america is the scar on the left's mona lisa. the rest of the world, they can live with. but the united states of america, because of her conservative underpinnings, because of our foundational
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values contained in the united states constitution, in the declaration of independence. the federalist papers, because of those values, they want to make sure that america changes. and donald trump knew this. that's why his line was like a america great again, because he knew that under the democrats this country can never reach her full putting. yes, it can remain in on some level right. it can be greater than any other country. but the united states of america has so much more potential than that. this the shining city on a hill. as reagan put it, this is a place unlike any other. and it's up to us to keep it. and it's up to us. to research and know and, find out and expose somebody like joe
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biden, the most dangerous president in history. i know that so much has happened the last couple of weeks. and i know that tonight there's a big announcement from the 45th president of the united states and we're all eagerly awaiting to hear what that announce is. and i know that the stakes are very high. so i want to open this up to question and answer so you can ask me any question that you like about joe biden, about the midterms, about the of the democrats. what i see happening in the future. so please go ahead and and ask if you can just say your name. i know a lot of you already, but if you can just say your name that would be great. patti. first up, hello, patti of no
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someone else. okay. my name is michael. hello, michael. i'm from new jersey. like new jersey. i was excited about the election, the midterms, because i thought it was a referendum against biden. but to me, it looks like it was a referendum against trump. what are your feelings on that? michael it's a good question and it's one that's being discussed on every television network, radio show, all across the country. countless opinion have been written in the last week or so since the results of that election. let begin by saying this tonight in answering your questions, i want to try and give you information that has either not readily available or is being
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deliberately downplayed or concealed by the fake news media. the first and most prominent of those is this. do you know that republicans last tuesday night won the popular vote by almost million votes. 5 million more republicans. votes for republicans than for democrats. 5 million more. do you hear it? you don't hear about it? no. isn't it funny that the democrats and the left always love bash the electoral college. they talk about how it is and how terrible it is and how it should be. the popular vote that counts. all of a sudden this is not a
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talk about the popular vote. they're not talking about a radical ending the electoral college. why? because it happened to benefit them last tuesday night. that's the hypocrisy of the left. donald trump endorsed it, i believe somewhere in the neighborhood of 279 or 300 different candidates for congress, for governor, for senate, all on all levels. and they were only 19 of the candidates that he that lost another point that is not being highlighted or raised at all by the media. he is being president trump is being hit by people saying that
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we lost pennsylvania the governor's race and that dragged the rest of the the vote down for people like dr. oz running for the senate and other races. he's accused of the same thing in new hampshire with don bolduc. general don bolduc, again here, something that people do not realize. doug mastriano was going to win that nomination with or without donald trump's endorsement. and donald trump endorsed him as late possible, maybe even he was already. he he'd already won primary. i don't know. don, i can tell you that donald trump did not endorse general don bolduc in new hampshire until he had already won the primary and yet, in every opinion piece that i've read, people say, well, president
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trump cost us new hampshire and it cost us pennsylvania. i don't think that that's fair. i don't think that that's true. i really. so was this vote a referendum on donald trump? michael, i'll say this to you. like i was expecting repudiation on the level of 2010. in 2010, after two years of barack hussein obama, republican and split 64 seats, 63 or 64 seats in the house. i was expecting something like that. instead, it looks we're going to win by two. i didn't expect that and i didn't expect that because i believe that if you last tuesday
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were voting for your own self interest, which is typically what you would expect of, people then was no way that you would have voted for a democrat. you would have wanted to send a message to joe biden and his acolytes that their policies were wrong their policies were hurting. you would have wanted to send a message about the incompetence about the embarrassment that joe biden is on the national and international stage. they should have been a repudiation of joe biden last tuesday. no doubt about it. but i don't think that it was because of donald trump. now it's, true that donald trump is a polarizing national figure. i happen. love him. i think he's the greatest we've ever had. and that includes ronald reagan.
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i happen to find it very entertaining. i happen to find it very funny. i happen to find him very patriotic. i happen to find him a very kind man. he helped me when he no reason to help me and forget me all of the stories that trump has kept quiet about him sending his plane to and help people to bring them to hospitals and to have various care and whatever else they've needed. all of that stuff has been kept very quiet. so donald trump is a good man. there is donald trump, the persona, and then there is donald trump, the real family man. and i've always said that if you want to get a measure of a man, look at his family and look at his children. right. i tell you what? and i talk about this in the book. joe biden's children compared to
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donald trump's children, there is a very big difference. very big difference. and every single mother and father across the country should realize that if you have children, you know what you did throughout their lives to help them get to where they. and it doesn't very much for joe biden when you see hunter biden's exploits, what's on hunter biden's laptop and so forth. so he is a polarizing figure. but i believe that this election was, if you want to say lost, even though we've got more than 5 million, 5 million more votes in the popular vote. but the reason that this election did not go the way, michael, that you and i thought it went is, again, because of the lies.
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perpetuated by the media about donald trump, about that i mean, these guys run a protection racket for and the white house every single day whether it's on inflation whether it's on they are constantly making excuses for him. and again, the democrats they are better than us when it comes to politics. can i tell you what i find so infuriating? so infuriating. i don't know if you remember that about two weeks before, the election, it was just after fetterman and dr. oz's debate. you remember that debate. okay. you can call it a debate. well, chuck schumer was caught on the hot mike saying to president biden on the tarmac. he said, mr. president. we're looking great. everything's going really well.
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but we're in trouble in georgia. and i remember thinking to myself, chuck schumer's got no, he's crazy. you guys are in trouble, pennsylvania. you guys are in trouble in arizona. you're in in nevada. i mean, you're in trouble everywhere. george is the least of your concerns. in fact, if anything, maybe georgia will be the tough one for you. chuck schumer was right. chuck schumer was right. the only one that's gone off to the runoff election is georgia. they won all other ones and this conference, joe biden came and said and i know he was just saying what he was told say. but still, joe biden came out and said, well, i think we're going to come close to keeping the house. we'll definitely win the senate. and i remember thinking, what drugs is this guy? i want a bit of what he's smoking. but sean, if we're only just winning the house, it got announced today by the slimmest
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the barest of majorities and the senate. well, let's see what happens in, georgia. but they've got 50 already. it's just going to be a question, 51 or 50. so these guys always seem to know what's going to happen. they had the same conference in 2020. and i thinking to myself, there is no in the world that the united states is going to throw out donald trump. there is no way. and sure enough, these guys, they predicted the election result they predicted. so they are always step ahead than us. they knew to go and plant this seed. you know, i speak to students all the time because of my work with this organized nation that i founded and run the foundation for liberty, an american flag. flag usa dot org. we're all about teaching civics and promoting patriots ism in k-12 schools.
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can i tell you that when i go around and speak to students. one of the things one of the common things that i hear from all across the country, mr. adams, we've got to stop fascism in fascist must be defeated. they getting this information from joe biden, the most dangerous president in history. they're getting this information from the left. and like i say, the true tyrants, the true tyranny is leftist tyranny. it tells us we can say and what we can't say, it tells us that we've got to respect totally unscientific things that. i can say i identify as skinny, blond woman. how does that work? but the leftist tyrant is the cultural bullies. that's what they're doing to us. so they have indoctrinated the
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youth and they are great at mobilizing the vote. and this mail in ballots stuff is awful. it's awful. unfortunately is the new reality and republicans are just going to have to catch up. but the democrats are way behind us. they bank millions of votes before of us get to vote on election day. so we've got to get up to speed on that. i know that it doesn't come naturally to us, but we have no choice but to get up to speed on that. because if we don't, we're going to be in all kinds of problems. yes, ma'am. i just want to tell your name. my name is lorraine gidney, and i think something else is going on with election and the election before that. you have elon musk. okay. now, nobody questions how elon musk managed. oh, sorry. i said no questions.
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how elon musk managed to get all the information that tesla had. but i will tell you this. okay. what you're seeing right now has nothing to do with the democrat party or the republican party. what you're seeing now. okay. now, whether you believe this or not, tesla, nikolai, tesla. okay. we know for a fact that he had 958 patents. okay. one of those patents was he we know this for a fact that h.g. wells and him constantly would no doubt went up in and forth through time. i know that sounds really crazy. it's the most people. okay. what you're seeing now is kind of like a war of the war worlds. okay. tesla's is what you're seeing right now. that's what you're seeing. and i know that sounds really crazy, but that is a fact. okay. it is probably trump win.
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okay. and they robbed it. okay. yes. yeah. hi, sandra. here. so it's times like these when we have the most dangerous president in america that i think our founders for having separation of powers. so can you talk a little bit how having the strong conservative in the supreme court and now hopefully having the slimmest of margins in the house can help us brave the next two years before we get to 2024. great question. i saw mike pence last night on cnn, which i watched from time to time. and you should, too, because you have to know what the enemy's talking about. one of the one of the problems, i think on our side is that all sides but one of our issues is that we often get into an echo chamber. like minded fellow traveler type
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people. and i like turning on cnn because i like to listen to what they're saying and what they're messaging is. and so that i can think about how i can counter that and how can counter that and how we can further our own country for much better interests than what they have for the country. mike pence said last night on cnn, sandra, that he said, i don't remember the direct quote, but it was something like he said, whether you win ugly or you win beautifully, a win is a win. and the fact that we have now officially been called taken control of the house that is good news and it's good news that should be celebrated. because whether you majorities by two or whether you majorities by 60, you still have a majority. so this means that we're going to take back all the committees.
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that means that the rubbish january six committee is all over. okay. yes, that was a that was a kangaroo court for sure. pardon. pardon. the expression coming me. but it means that we can start investigating. hunter biden okay. we start investigating exactly what happened in afghanistan. we can start investing. we can find out what's been happening over the last two years because so much it is being kept in the dark. so it bodes very well for us that we now have taken the house of representative and it will get even better if herschel walker can win in georgia. because even though carmel harris will still have casting
6:56 pm
vote to break tie, she's got to expend extreme political capital to do that. so it's always better to at least have it 5050. and i might add that the senate has been close for a very, very long time. so the other thing that i mean, we were so absolute nonsense by pollsters and i think we were set up, to be honest with you, by the news media and pollsters about this red wave that that these expected, that we had the only reasons that we were so disappointed last week were the expectations. a lot of those expectations were borne from what we were seeing in the polls, what we were hearing on the news. and again, this is the way the democrats so successful in manipulate the news in manipulate us into seeing and
6:57 pm
believing things that just aren't true. and the senate has been tight all the time. so it's really a and i'm sure the democrats would have liked to have increased their numbers in the senate. did they know they didn't? so i think that we're going to see over the next two years, sandra, republicans make the case against joe biden. i think we're going to continue to see that. you love the supreme court. i the supreme court. the supreme court are going to continue to make good decisions, patriotic decisions. the right moral decisions. i mean, it's amazing this us supreme court delivered, by the way, by donald trump and let's give you credit where credit is due. mitch mcconnell, who really did hold his nerve to help that
6:58 pm
assist that situation becoming a reality. but wait, the court has given us a chance to start again with life, with the right to life. so the supreme court, i think, is going to play an even greater role in life over the next couple of years. in politics i should say, in the next couple of years and that combined with the house of representatives being in control of that job and jill won't be sleeping as soundly as they have over the last two years. that's my prediction. yes, ma'am. good evening. good evening. adams, a pleasure meeting you. it's a pleasure about your knowledge, about what we're up against with the democratic party. you seem to know them very well. so i think everyone here in this
6:59 pm
room, most everyone here wants trump to be our next president. yes. yes, yes. so i say to myself. what, is he up against? so i hear the news quite often and we hear about a ron desantis and we hear they want them to fight. i get the feeling that the democrat that's what donald trump and ron desantis to fight and i wish that that doesn't happen. i wish that maybe someway these two egocentric people let their egos go down and become a team together. so maybe, as leslie says me quite often what the democrats always get along. we never hear them fight. why is it the republicans are always fighting? yes, maybe we could try to change a little bit. and i'm hoping maybe you can convey that message to donald trump. well, i appreciate that. i didn't catch your name. what was that? i didn't catch your name. oh, my name is sandra song.
7:00 pm
okay. well, another sandra. okay. i'm very popular with the sandra's sandra. thank you for that question. and i'm not surprised that it's been asked because in all they different radio and television interviews i've done today, i've been asked that same question multiple times. and it's a complicated to answer, and i'm going to give it to you again in a way that perhaps you have not heard of before, or maybe you haven't considered before. donald trump wants to run for president again. it's going to be his third time, we think. we don't know. we're a couple of hours away, but we think that he is on the precipice of announcing a third run, a third nomination for. what donald trump is thinking in
7:01 pm
his mind. because donald trump is very primal and he is a master thinker. he really is the left like to say that he's stupid and the donald trump can buy and sell the democrats multiple times over within the space of 60 seconds. and he is the only that got the left's playbook. and it was the is the only candidate it the left's playbook was not able to injure in 2016 and during most of his presidency. donald trump wants to run for president again and he's at what obstacles stand before him. this is politics. politics is not pretty.
7:02 pm
politics is ugly. and in a fantasy world, it's nice to think to ourselves, you know, wouldn't it be great if, you know, donald trump could ask ron desantis to be his vice president and then we'd have this amazing ticket of trump, desantis and that would just be spectacle killer. but that's unfortunately just not how politics works. what donald trump is doing because calling ron desantis, ron, to sanctimonious --, by having a shot belatedly at youngkin lane. youngkin, the governor of virginia. yes, he did. he said he had a chance. i thought it was quite funny personally, but in any event, in any event, what doing is he is firing warning shots and here's why. if ron desantis gets in race,
7:03 pm
everyone gets in the race. mike pence, mike pompeo nikki haley, tim scott, asa there are a litany of people that will run for president if ron desantis challenges him. if nobody, donald trump, then he will win the nomination without any issues. so he is these warning shots to say hey, this will become a bloodbath. stay out of my way. it's my turn still. i want this. wait for your turn. otherwise you're going to get bloodied. and we know that if anybody is capable of bloodying on donald trump retired hillary clinton,
7:04 pm
that was quite an achievement to he also retired cnn pretty much so donald trump has retired more people than social security? i think so that's what trump is doing now. do i like it? not really. do i enjoy it? no, i in florida, i just voted ron desantis my first vote ever was for governor ron desantis and i'll vote for ron desantis again. ron desantis is without any question the governor in the right now and it's particularly close. he is the standout. he has led amazingly now i want to give as i want to i want to try and it's hard to say what i'm going to say without it
7:05 pm
coming. like i'm not paying desantis proper respect. so i want to make it clear that i, i have so much time and respect for governor desantis. i think he is in many ways the future of the country. but he is also what you're not hearing in the media. over the last three years almost 1 million. it's over 900,000 republicans from all across the country in the 49 other states have moved to florida. okay. so almost 1 million more republican, us republican, refugee came to florida. and they came to florida be really republican because they couldn't be really republican where they were living before. that's number one. again, not to take anything from
7:06 pm
the 20 point victory of desantis over charlie crist, the turncoat perennial loser, not to anything away from desantis, but a million people moving to your state. makes life a lot easier, and it's a very different equation. in 2018, when you running and almost losing until donald trump stepped in because florida was a different place, it had a million different, less people. the second thing that no one is talking about, because i've heard a lot of discussion about how florida should be the model for the country. florida is not a good model for the country and tell you why. the second thing. yes, there are a lot of hispanics in florida, but unlike the hispanic populations of other states, they are
7:07 pm
predominantly. cubans are terrified by what see the democrat party in the united states of america becoming because it reminds them of home. it reminds them of what they escape. and the last thing they want is for this country to turn out like the one they left. so they're to begin with and the trends in 2016 in miami-dade county and it continued in 2020 and now in 2022. ron desantis won it. okay. that's a great achievement. again, i'm not taking anything away, but cuban hispanics are very different to texan hispanics or hispanics in other places. so you can't necessarily that the same success that has been had with the voting population
7:08 pm
in florida can be replicated automatically somewhere else. maybe it can be, but we haven't yet seen that. the other thing that i would i let me ask you, do you remember in 2015, there was all discussion about how we needed a governor that was strong, that had stood up to the unions, stood up to the liberals. there was a lot of there was a lot of that scott walker was discussed. scott walker was the golden boy for a little while. rick perry was considered strong and he was great. gov. i liked him. but rick perry was made out to be the man chris christie had a record in new jersey of standing up and fighting and taking the fight. all of these things that we that we really like that are refreshing because we're sick of french republicans, aren't we?
7:09 pm
we're sick of them. i mean, just think of what trump could have achieved in his four years. think about what he did achieve. and then think about how much he could have achieved. it would have been monumental had his own party been behind him. but they weren't in large pot. they weren't. they undermined him like termites, undermined a house. so there was all this talk about. now then we got ended up getting donald trump. and i do believe he was the only person that if could that could have beaten hillary clinton 2016. that's why i supported him from day one 16th of june 2015 when he came down that escalator, i was on his side. i picked a winner and was hard. i'll be honest with you, it was hard because i. i knew dr. ben carson. i knew governor mike huckabee. i knew governor perry. governor perry it upon me, an honorary texan, dr. ben carson,
7:10 pm
a blurb my book saul had governor mike huckabee and there were a few more that i had either been on the show, i had some interaction with them, but i knew somehow how viscerally that where the country was at that time we needed a blunt instrument that no politician, no matter how talented, matter how suave, no matter how otic eliot, no matter how well presented, none of them, no politician could beat hillary and the clinton machine. but donald trump could. i believed and he ultimately proved me right. he did. now, governor desantis, it's not a criticism of him it's a reality. he's untested nationally. we don't know what's going to happen when he gets up on a national stage. i can tell you, donald trump has
7:11 pm
a record of making really great and big governors look. really, really small on that debate stage. that's his gift. that's that's something that he's able to do now. i'm not that he could necessarily do that to ron desantis. i don't know. ron desantis might prove to have great political guile, be very quick on his feet. but my personal observation is of ron desantis. and well, let me let me frame it to you this way. what is different about donald trump and ron desantis. of course, you always hear you always hear the bad stuff about donald that people they're both strident. but ron desantis is more polished. people say they both authoritarian but ron desantis has better limits. they say that's how they kind of frame it it.
7:12 pm
i think that the way to look at ron desantis and and donald trump is through a very different lens. i can tell you, donald trump is a man that is full of charisma. he can go to a rally and he can pack stadiums out. he'll call someone up and i'll play with his hair or he'll see a baby in the and he'll call that baby up. he'll look how beautiful these babies and he'll kiss it and he'll do of those. he is a showman. he's entertaining. he's funny now, believe it or not, that counts for a whole lot more in politics than what you might realize. a whole more now. you're not going to get that from ron desantis. ron desantis, i think, has less. ron desantis.
7:13 pm
so from what we've seen and been on the national level now for a while i haven't seen the humor. i haven't seen the self-deprecating. i haven't seen the entertainment value of ron desantis. now, governor desantis does tremendous job in a controlled environment. when just him when he's got the mike, he's great. he's amazing. there's no one better but i don't know if you go and have a look at some of the debates. ron desantis against andrew gillum in 2018. the democrat candidate who ended up being cocaine addict or whatever was captured in a hotel room with a male prostitute. only the democrats so if you go and have a look at those debates, if you have a look at his most recent debate with
7:14 pm
crist. okay. desantis is not as good. not saying he's bad, but he's he gets the job done, but he's not as good on his feet. in a less controlled environment, i hope to vote for ron desantis for president in. 2028. i think he can wait for years. florida needs. him. florida wants him. not. so i want him. so i think he can wait to 2028 and wouldn't it the unbelievable need to have four years of donald trump and then eight years of ron desantis is 12 years to change this country to get it back. it would be amazing would be the best thing that could possibly happen to this country. so both men are tremendous
7:15 pm
patriots. i'm worried that if governor desantis gets in, he's going to get hurt and the best thing i think would be for donald trump to get this nomination without much fuss, because i still believe that he is the man best suited to fix all of america's problems. it's the last question. yeah, it's not a question. basically agreeing with you. i was listening to newsmax one night and they were talking about ronald reagan. and the thing that made him so special was that he was so funny and he was so yes, he made laugh. and then i thought donald trump does the same thing. and then i want to say one more thing that i saw on newsmax with greg kelly. he was showing how ron desantis was studying donald trump and copying his mannerisms. he started to talk like him.
7:16 pm
he started to do all his mannerism. so i just thought that was kind of interesting share. no, thank you, senator. it certainly is. look, that is the greatest form of flattery. so and it's true that that ron desantis and can i be honest, even me starting to show you know, i he he is a i do think that ron desantis is looking up a lot, too. donald trump has done he's seen the success of donald trump. but we've just got to remember, it's not necessarily like to say, well, i'd like to get trump policies, but without trump, again, like i was saying earlier, you know, it's it's easy in our minds to think about, well, wouldn't it be really great? but there's reality. and the reality is that a lot of trump's support is tied to his personality. it's tie to him. so this this it's sloppy,
7:17 pm
intellectual thinking to think that you can simply get trump's policies, put another person there, and that automatically it all just goes over. it's not i mean, it could happen over time, but it's certainly not an automatic thing. so i would caution that says, well, i want trump's policies, but i don't want trump, you know, that that again, while it basic sense and we would all love in in some ways to have those kinds things be real and be able to materialize and come to fruition. they're just not going to donald trump has a very significant following. and until rhonda sanders or mike pence or any of these other guys start packing stadiums, then we can listen to them. okay my name is marlene. hello, marlene hello, nick. i believe that the root of all evil are.
7:18 pm
these mail in ballots. yeah, i can't hear you. i said, i believe that the root of all evil are these mail in ballots. where before the mail in ballots were for the infirm. and now for everyone. is there any way to do away with that? great question. look i don't like mail in ballots either. i don't like mail in ballots at all. if i was in charge, do you know what i would say? i would say. unless you are sick, disabled or out of country. it is the law that you have to turn up and vote on election day. so how can we do with. is there a way of doing away it? so that would be that would be what i would happened here in this country. mail in ballots are here to stay, i'm sorry to say. yes. i don't i don't. a future where mail in ballots
7:19 pm
will disappear completely. it's important that mail in ballots have been happening for a very, very long time. it's only that they were expedited and increased during during covid and obviously that we just saw in 2022. i was hoping that it would kind of go back to normal but people got used to it the democrat realized that that was a good way of running elections doing politics and allowed an advantage whatever else. and so that's what that's what i think we're now. i really find it quite amazing that, you know, i think the left have to bear and this is something, again, you're never going to hear on television. it's my personal belief the left has to bear a of responsibility for what happened on the 6th of january. and and and i'll and i'll tell you, it might not be for the reasons that you think. i'll tell you because the 2020
7:20 pm
election was so in terms of the mail in ballots, in terms of how many people were voting early, in terms of how long it took to count votes, in terms of outcome that that that every day america ends really wrap their heads around for senator john cornyn in texas, more republicans voted for senator john cornyn in texas than voted for donald trump in 2020. that's what the official results say. same thing in. nebraska senator ben sasse, who i don't like at all, supposedly beat donald trump, nebraska. that is to say more nebraskan
7:21 pm
republicans voted or they voted for the senate and they did not vote for donald trump as president. now, all of these things combined gave. americans, i believe a lot of legitimate to question this election, that election, and to doubt it is a hold on a minute. hold on a minute. you've got mail in ballots. it's six days to declare winner. you've got these really odd result split balloting where these less important races getting more votes than the for president. covid this is this is not you know, the left did absolutely nothing. not not one thing, not the
7:22 pm
media, not the denver crats, not the president elect at the time, the vice president elect, they did nothing to explain what they what their version of events were. they did absolutely not. now, of course they can say and they would say, well, what do you what do you want? what do you want us to explain? an election is an election. the votes were the votes. but given extraordinary circumstances of that and given that it was conducted in an unprecedented with turnout, 80 plus million votes for a guy that didn't even campaign that he'd in the basement why should any american believe that. just like now in 2022 they're wondering why we doubt what happened in pennsylvania what we didn't what happened in
7:23 pm
pennsylvania. because the guy that won is literally brain damaged and that's not it. that's not a joke. that's i'm sorry that he's in that state, but he can't mount a debate. he can't answer question. he can't speak coherently. he can't string a sentence together. and this guy beat a cardiothoracic surgeon. it's and but again, the left does absolutely lutely nothing. they just oh, we won. we won. and they run off and they sell all your election denies you lie as you this you're that. so i believe that given happened in 2020 the left and the democrats had real responsibility, particularly when they saw how many people were doubting what happened. they like to focus on trump ginned it up and whatever else. but they would tens of millions of americans and they are the don't believe the election result in 2020. and the left and the democrats
7:24 pm
did absolutely nothing to say listen, i know this is hard to believe we understand prima facie this is this is a bit strange. right. you a president that didn't because of covid wasn't really out there. you would mail in ballots were used on a level and sent out in a way that they've never been sent out before. we understand why you might think that this is not right but these are the reasons mail in ballots there were x amount of mail in ballots they were to go and kind of assure the people that the election had been conducted properly. but no typical elites. that's the election we won. if you don't like it, you're an election denier. screw you. and people were so now i'm not making an excuse for the 6th of january. what? that day was awful. i wasn't there. i would never go something like
7:25 pm
that. but there are a lot of that were very frustrated and confused. and in many ways they were saying. please help me make sense of this. and the left, the democrats had a responsibility to do that, and they didn't. and that's why in many ways, the democrats are as responsible as anybody for what happened on the 6th of january. thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. i really appreciate it. you all. i just want to say thank so much to nick adams and what is the best to be tonight as donald would say? is this the best place to be for tonight?
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