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tv   Michigan Governor Gives State of the State Address  CSPAN  February 1, 2023 2:34am-3:27am EST

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[applause] >> members of the joint convention, i present to you the governor of the great state of michigan, the honorable gretchen whitmer. [applause] governor whitmer: thank you.
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thank you. thank you. good evening, michigan. it is so great to be back here at the capitol and it feels even better to be making history. i am honored to stand between speaker joe tate and the majority leader. both are firsts -- the first black speaker and the first woman
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majority leader. [applause] they will certainly not be the last. speaker tate, majority leader brinks, minority leader hall, minority leader nesbitt, i look forward to our partnership centered on problem solving. it's what the people of michigan deserve. let's also take a moment to honor our michigan state police and our michigan national guard. [applause]
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they and their families make sacrifices to keep us all safe. we will always have their backs and we mean it. we are calling on the biden administration to keep supporting our guard members, their families, and the community. and continue together to continue to base a fighter mission at selfridge air national guard base in macomb county. [applause] and now i want to acknowledge our lieutenant governor, garlin gilchrist, attorney general dana nessel, and secretary of state jocelyn benson, you've all been
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strong allies and great friends. [applause] i'm looking forward to more good work together. and i also want to acknowledge our incredible state employees, my cabinet, my executive office staff who work hard to move our state forward. i couldn't do this without you. thank you. [applause] my fellow michiganders, we spoke with a clear voice in november. we want the ability to raise a family without breaking the bank. we want strong protections for our fundamental rights to vote and control our own bodies. [applause] leaders --
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[applause] leaders who will work across the aisle to solve problems and deliver on the issues that make a real difference in our lives. michiganders are facing the pinch right now: picking up items at the store and putting them back before checking out. having tough conversations about medical bills, prescription drugs, what paths their kids can afford after high school. we are all concerned about making sure we live in a safe neighborhood and have jobs and businesses in our towns next year and next decade. we might not be able to solve inflation or supply chain issues on our own, but we must work
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together to lower costs and put michiganders on the path to a brighter futur as i said -- brighter future. as i said in my inaugural address, michiganders compete with an underdog spirit and carry ourselves with championship swagger. no challenge is too tough for michigan. [applause] no challenge is too tough for michigan. tonight let's talk about what we can do and where we are going together. we are eager to chase our bright future with hustle and grit. michigan, the state of our state, is strong and ready to go. [applause]
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my proposal tonight will tackle the challenges people are facing right now. make a real difference in their lives and make michigan more competitive. this is our future. the policies alone mean nothing. it's about the people they impact. i'm not going to give you a list. instead, let's talk about what my proposals will mean to three groups of michiganders with whom we can all identify. first, folks working hard to care for themselves and support their family. second, young people about to graduate. and third, michiganders born today. the number one issue for folks trying to make ends meet is cost. michiganders at home, i know how hard you work. i'll get right to the point. tonight i'm excited to announce lowering my costs, it's a plan offering immediate relief. it's got three parts. one, let's roll back the
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retirement tax and save half a million households $1,000 a year. [applause] second, let's expand the working families' tax credit delivering at least $3,000 refunds to 700,000 families. [applause] and third, pre-k for all, saves family an average of $10,000 a year. [applause]
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i know we might have different perspectives here, but i sure hope we can get around supporting 4-year-olds across michigan. with inflation every dollar makes a difference. that's what we are moving fast. parts of the plan have already been introduced by representatives wheut pher and shannon, and two senators. let's get it done. [applause] now, let's talk about what
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lowering my cost means for you. repealing the retirement tax will make a huge difference for our seniors. ultimately it will save 500,000 households an average of 1,000 bucks a year. that's money for prescriptions and groceries and gas, or gifts for your grandkids. i fought this tax when i was here as a legislator. as governor because i know it hurts people. we need to get this done for michiganders like michael, a retired firefighter. he like so many was aghasted when his retirement income was suddenly taxed. he spent his career putting his life on the line to pull his neighbors from burning buildings. then the state changed the rules in the middle of the game. raising taxes on his hard earned dollars. seniors who served saved, and did everything right deserve to keep more of what they earned. let's get it done.
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[applause] the working families tax credit, formerly known as the eitc, is a bipartisan trach at the federal and state level -- bipartisan federal tax rate at the federal and state level. at least *fd 3,000 to 700,000 families. as we work together to build a brighter future, we need to lower costs and support every kind of family, those who have kids and those who do not. the working families tax credit, fits all kinds of families. and directly impacts nearly a million michigan children. that's half the kids in our state. it will put hundreds of millions back in family budgets. and help with rent, school supplies, and food on the table.
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data shows boosting the working family tax credit also closes health and wealth gaps. children who grow up with the support have better test scores, graduation rates, and earnings as adults. the credit especially benefits single moms and working class families of every race in all 83 counties from city centers to small towns. in the words of president ronald reagan, the best anti-poverty, best pro-family, best job creation ever is what we are calling the working family tax credit. let's get it done. [applause]
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so these two tax changes will right a wrong inflicted on michiganders 12 years ago. in 2011 seniors and hardworking families had the rug ripped out from under them when the retirement tax was enacted and working families tax credit was gutted. it was wrong. and now we can make it right. lowering my cost goes further to save people money. part three, pre-k for all. serves families an average of $10,000 savings a year compared to their current pre-k or childcare. every single parent, every one of us, knows that an early start is critical to our children's future. that's why we read and talk and sing to our babies. we worry about finding great childcare provider and have wait lists for preschool.
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that's why one of us showed up to work just hours after his daughter violet was born yesterday. [applause] representative andrews, i hope you are enjoying some well deserved time with your newborn. congratulations. you and especially laura, who did all the heavy lifting on that one. here's why he showed up to vote because we know that our work matters. data shows that children who go to preschool are more likely to graduate, earn a certificate or degree, and get a good-paying
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job. preschool helps employers, too. that's why so many business groups support it. unfortunately, affordable preschool is just too hard to get for too many. 20 years ago it was invaluable for me. without it i could not have raised my girls and continued my career. and most people in this room could say the same. we were fortunate because we have access and we could afford preschool. every parent and every child in michigan deserves the same. because we all want what's best for our kids. so let's expand our bipartisan preschool effort, the great start readiness program, so every 4-year-old in michigan can access a free public preschool education by the end of my second term. [applause]
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this investment will ensure children will arrive at kindergarten ready to learn and save their families upwards of $10,000 a year. it helps parents, especially moms, go back to work. it will launch hundreds more preschool classrooms across michigan supporting thousands of jobs. together we can lower costs for michiganders feeling the pain of inflation right now. so for our seniors, for our families, for our children let's get these measures done. now, let's turn to the michiganders who recently graduated from high school or college or certificate program. i'm looking at my daughters and i'm thinking about all the young people in our state. they are smart. they are engaged. they are fighting for their future. record turnout on campuses last
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november proved it. [applause] i know that our secretary of state will ensure their votes and the voices of every michigander are heard and counted in every election. [applause] so together we are going to expand voting rights, protect election workers, and build on last year's bipartisan law to help military members and their families overseas to make sure their votes get counted, too. to keep young michiganders here
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and attract even more talent to michigan we have to focus on two things. economic opportunity and personal freedom. to deliver on these priorities i am excited to announce make it in michigan. first, opportunity. a quote from the 90's. it's the economy, stupid. ambitious young people have a lot of options when they graduate. as they decide where they want to live, we must make sure that michigan is the answer. not just for a few years but for the rest of their life. by creating opportunity that lasts for decades. so let's start with the good news. just over a year ago in a bipartisan way we came together to create powerful new tools to attract jobs and investment to michigan. since then we have brought home over $13.5 billion worth of projects, including a chipmaker in bay city, battery plants in
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big rapids, grand rapids, van pwaouren township, and big three investments across michigan. you all know there is a new g.m. battery plant being built just down the road. our work is paying off. [applause] and as the mayors and county executives here know, when we compete and we win it is good for everyone in the community. 13,000 good-paying jobs, secured new jobs. make it in michigan propose as sustainable funding source for our economic development efforts while growing talent. making our communities better places to live. and helping our state become a place where anyone can succeed. if we get this done, we can move
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faster year-round to compete and win, cutting edge manufacturing projects. and bring more supply chains home. we can create opportunity for you and your family and support local economies and small businesses across our state. businesses know that we must compete to grow and when we do we all win. i am proud that we created these powerful economic development tools. i know we will work together to make them the strongest in our state's history. for too long we were fighting with one hand tied behind our back. and now michigan has got the upper hand. [applause]
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hustling for more projects is a solid first step. but building a strong economy is a marathon, not a sprint. if we want to play in the global market, we must go everywhere and compete and win against everyone. the good news is competition's in our d.n.a. whether it's a local rec league or market, michiganders hustle. that spirit can be found in our hungry, passionate young people, too. we can channel that energy to shore up michigan as the world's premiere advanced manufacturing destination. the last few years when economic shocks in china and russia's invasion in ukraine have demonstrate add domestic supply of chips and energy -- domestic -- have demonstrated a domestic supply of khaeups and energy is important. i have met with business leaders around the globe and i told them
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when michigan has to offer. friendly hardworking people. unbeatable natural resources. a great quality of life at a good cost of living. most of all, i told them, we will do what it takes to bring them to michigan because our young people deserve the best opportunities in the world right here. [applause] to quote our great senior senator, debbie stabenow, michigan makes stuff and we grow stuff. so let's develop that core strength by manufacturing the building blocks of the future right here in michigan. let's keep bringing supply chains of cars and chips home to
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michigan. and let's increase domestic clean energy production like wind and solar so we can produce more energy in america enstead of overseas -- instead of overseas. [applause] to help young people get jobs and make stuff and grow stuff, let's support talent development, and keep closing in on our 60 by 30 goal. to have 60% of people earn a degree or skill certificate by 2030. keep funding the bipartisan michigan achievement scholarship which lowers the cost of higher education, community college, private, public university by thousands of dollars. for most students and makes college tuition free for 65% of
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graduating seniors. maybe you can use it, too. studying engineering at michigan tech. nursing at alpina community college. teaching at saginaw valley or m.s.u.'s number one ranked supply chain program, go green -- [applause] or university of michigan's number one ranked undergrad business program. rivalries are fun but we are all on team michigan. we have 15 phenomenal universities and community colleges across this state. let's find apprenticeships and initiatives that are putting nearly 200,000 michiganders on tuition-free paths to higher education or skills training. helping them land good-paying union jobs. [applause]
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and to help even more people make it in michigan, let's take steps to lower the age for the michigan reconnect from 25 to 21. [applause] reconnect is our bipartisan program that offers anyone 25 and older a tuition-free associates degree or skills training. i want to thank senator anthony for her work to establish and grow this program. [applause] over 113,000 reconnectors have
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been accepted we want that number to grow. let's unleash opportunity for our young people while offering companies the skilled, hardworking talent they need to succeed here in michigan. the other half of attracting and retaining young people is standing up for their freedoms. just a few months ago michiganders told us that people should be able to make their own decisions about their own bodies. let's get to work. [applause] let's repeal our extreme 1931 ball, banning abortion, and i want to -- [applause] i want to thank the progressive women's caucus for their leadership on this issue and
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representatives husky and geiss for introducing legislation to get it done. [applause] while we are at it, let's repeal other dangerous laws prohibiting people from accessing reproductive health care, for shaming them for seeking in the first place. repeal outdated laws restricting who you can marry and expand elliott larson, civil rights act. [applause] let's expand the elliott larson
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civil rights act so you can't be fired or evicted for who you are or how you identify or who you love. that's your business. [applause] so i called for this back in my first state of the state back in 2019. i want to thank senator maw and representative hoskins for introducing the bill. let's get it done. [applause] protecting these freedoms is the right thing to do. and it's just good economics. states with extreme laws are losing talent and investment because, you know what, bigotry is bad for business.
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[applause] anyone who knows the history of the state of michigan knows we should build our reputation as a welcoming beacon of opportunity where anyone can succeed. i know talent development is a personal priority for my partner, lieutenant governor gilchrest, and i'm so excited to continue to work with him so we can help people see their futures in michigan. i have also heard from folks like a woman named lauren. lauren grew up in traverse city. she wants to move home. she wants to come back to michigan and start a family. but she waited until she knew her reproductive rights would be
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protected. lauren, i want you and anyone who lives in a state that wants to control your body or deny your existence to know that michigan has a place for you. [applause] so together we are going to change michigan from a state with century old bans to forward-looking protections. our message is simple. we will fight for your freedom. and you know what, let's go on offense. i'll go to any state that restrict's people's freedom and win business and hardworking people from them. i'm looking at you ohio and indiana. [applause]
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i figured ohio's shade would get everyone off. every parent, republican, democrat, independent we want our kids to stay in michigan. let's give them reasons to stay beyond the promise of a home cooked meal or free laundry facilities. yes, i'm talking from the first person here. let's expand economic opportunity and protect fundamental freedoms. and now that we have talked about folks who are working to make ends meet and young people who are choosing where to build their lives, i want to talk about the littlest michiganders. a baby born down the street could live past the year of 2100. little violet, born yesterday. what will they see in that time?
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more stanley cup wins for the wings? a super bowl for the lions? [applause] all right, come on. i know. come on. a world series for the tigers. [applause] we can dream. the one thing i do know about 2100, tom izzo will still be coaching at m.s.u. the truth is, we have no idea what kids born today will live through. heck when i was here three years ago, we had no idea what we were about toe live through -- about to live through. what we do know we can act now
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to set them up for success. a lot's going to change by the year 2100. children need to succeed will not. today i'm proposing bold investments in public safety and education. to make sure that a child born today lives in a safe neighborhood and can get a great public education. over the last four years we made record investments in our children and schools by leading with our shared values. we closed the funding gap between schools and brought student investment to an all time high four years in a row without raising taxes. [applause] we made a generational investment to build new libraries and labs and improve
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classrooms and water from drinking fountains. we funded mental health and campus safety at record levels. we set up fellowships and started paying our student teachers. student teachers stipends are making a difference. [applause] student teacher stipends are already make ago difference for future educators. one uses the money to pay her bills as she gears up to enter the classroom. for her we are rooting for you. and we will continue having your back. we'll continue this work so every classroom has a caring, qualified educator. in the months ahead, we'll deliver another strong education budget, but we must do more. let's fund my kids back on track
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and offer every child personalized learning support to get them back on track for long-term success. i want to thank representative hozma for championing this issue. when a child gets a great start and learns to read and graduates high school -- there he is. [applause] there you are, representative. thank you. when we invest in the early start and a child learns to read and graduates high school, they are on track to land a good-paying job or pursue higher education. unfortunately, the last few years have disrupted regular learning patterns. in class instruction alone is not enough. our children need more support to master the skills we know they need most. investing in tutoring. after school programs.
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and other learning supports gets children the one-on-one time they need with a caring, qualified educator so they can be successful. whether you are a third grader learning about the solar system. sixth grader focusing on track shuns, or junior sharpening your persuasive writing skills, tutoring addresses your specific learning challenges. we know that education investments matter to the private sector, too. employers know that today's students are tomorrow's work force and entrepreneurs. we need tutoring to get our kids back on track. for michigan's long-term economic success. let's fund my kids back on track before spring break. [applause]
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now let's talk about public safety. as a former prosecutor public safety is a top priority for me. i will work hard to make sure everyone can get home at the end of the day. and i am proud to have a strong partner in our attorney general, dana nestle. [applause] she and her great team of a.g.'s office prosecute violent criminals, they are shoring up consumer protections, and facing down anyone who tries to harmony pheuers -- michiganders, thank you. since i have been governor we have invested $1 billion in public safety. let's continue funding law enforcement with better training, oversight, and access to mental health resources. police officers, state troopers,
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and prosecutors they have tough dangerous jobs. if we work together we can get them what they need to keep our communities safe. and right now there is a flood of illegal guns on our street. there has been a rise of break-ins at gun dealerships and straw purchases. that's where one person illegally buy as firearm for another. firearms are getting more dangerous, too. thanks to 3-d printed technology called glock switches that turn semiautomatic weapons fully automatic. that's why we launched operation safe neighborhoods, taking hundreds of illegal firearms off the streets before they could be used in the commission of a crime. but we must do more. so the world our kids inherit is not more violent than the one we inhabit now. the time for only thoughts and
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prayers is over. [applause] it's time for commonsense action to reduce gun violence in our communities. let's enact universal background checks for people who want to buy firearms. let's enact safe storage laws so we can make sure-fire arms are stored safely at home. and let's enact extreme risk protection orders so we can keep guns out of the hands of those who might represent a danger to
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themselves or others. if florida and indiana can get this done, we sure as heck can, right? [applause] despite pleas from oxford families, these issues never even got a hearing in the last legislature. this year let's change that. let's work together to stop the violence and to save lives. i want to thank senator baird and representative braybeck for their leadership on this issue. [applause]
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and i want to be very clear i'm not talking about law-abiding citizens. hunters and responsible gun owners from both sides of the aisle know we need to get these commonsense safety proposals across the finish line. we need to do this for our kids. like one from plymouth. he wrote to me and said he just wants to feel safe going to school. we will get this done so you and your classmates can focus on learning and growing. tonight i spoke to three groups of michiganders so we can all see ourselves n i propose we lower my cost, we make it in michigan, and fund public safety and education. there are many more priorities i will share in my budget proposal in two weeks.
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but i want to highlight two more tonight that impact us all. infrastructure and climate. [applause] now if you just moved to michigan or you have been living under a rock, you might not know roads are pretty important to me and the people of michigan. our state flower might as well be an orange barrel. since i took office we fixed 16,000 lane miles, 1200 bridges, and we supported 89,000 good-paying jobs in the process. throughout my second term we will continue finding ways to keep fixing the damn roads and as we fix them, let's build the most innovative transportation systems in the country. with new smart road technology.
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[applause] with new smart road technology we can avert hundreds of crashes and get the next generation of michigan made vehicles on the road. we also have billions in federal resources from the bipartisan infrastructure law headed our way. to invest them as efficiently as possible, i established the michigan infrastructure office. this year it will redouble its efforts helping to build up every kind of infrastructure, roads, high speed internet, clean energy, and lead free pipes. [applause]
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last but certainly not least it's our shared duty to face climate change head-on and protect our lands and our water. we must -- [applause] we must pursue climate action while creating jobs, lowering costs, and becoming a hub of clean energy production. last year -- thank you. [applause] last year we unveiled the my healthy climate plan. this year we should make bold investments in climate action to deliver on our targets. let's get it done. [applause] i am honored, i am truly honored
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to be standing here as your governor. and i will work with anyone who is serious about solving problems so we can move our state forward. before i go, i want to talk about an american super power, bullies. i have always been a hopeful person. i believe in our bright future. i write in my gratitude journal every day and insist on quoting ted lasso much to my staff's chagrin and occasional delight. don't get me wrong, i am not naive. over the last four years we have faced historic challenges and seen the visceral consequences of political division. the prevailing take now seems to be that things will get worse. and fatalism is in vogue. as people wonder aaloud whether
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america's best days are behind her. i reject that. we cannot mistake pessimism for intelligence and we must never forget who we are. my fellow michiganders, we live in a special place. our beautiful state has played host to so much progress because of our unbreakable, hopeful spirit. as the world grapples with big challenges and asks itself tough questions, our responsibility as michiganders is to roll up our sleeves and do the work. on may 31, 1907 that's exactly what president teddy roosevelt reminded us at a speech just down the road at michigan agricultural college, known as m.s.u. today. i think tom izzo was coaching then, too. president roosevelt said, i believe in the happiness that comes from the performance of
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duty not the avoidance of duty. but i also believe in trying, each of us, as strength is given us, to bear one another's birth. michigan, let's embrace our duty. let's show everyone that the cure for cynicism is competence. let's lead by example as a state of hardworking happy warriors. as coach campbell said, we know what we are. so whether if you are the mask detail on your car or grit, let's show the world we are michiganders and nothing's going to get in our way. [applause]
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thank you. let's have a productive term. drive safely. and good night. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2023] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy visit]
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