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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Mc Connell on Debt Ceiling Negotiations  CSPAN  February 1, 2023 1:23pm-1:27pm EST

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raising the debt ceiling and we didn't engage in threats or brinksmanship but instead presented a plan and move forward from there. it was not easy, it took a lot of preparation but each time wegot the job done . so one more time, house republicans show us your n' plan. you have an obligation tto be transparent with the american people and if you don't have the votes to passa plan let's just to the debt ceiling done . and if the plan involves drastic cuts to millions of americans, thenrepublicans have an obligation to show the american people what those cuts are . because americans will be faced with the very painful result of those proposals. republicans it to the american people, speaker
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mccarthy owes it to the american people to stop dodging, put pen to paper and explain clearly how congress is going to ensure the united states cannot be fought for ry the first time in history we democrats have a plan. raise the debt ceiling, without brinksmanship or hostagetaking as has been done before. speakermccarthy doesn't have a plan . so he is not really negotiating . and the clockis ticking . >> later today the speaker of the house and president will begin bipartisan discussions about the future of our governments spending. it is right appropriate and entirely normal to for our need to raise the debt limit compared with negotiations regarding democrats waste and spending. the american people change control of the house because the voters wanted to constrain democrats runaway reckless spending. the voters of this country looked at the trillions of
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dollars on spending, the runaway inflation and the mountain of debt. but last november they hit the bricks. we just experienced two years when washington democrats got to set policy without negotiating and the american people put an end to it. some democrats are trying to rewrite history and pretend republican demands for negotiations are unusual. but that of course is just false.back in 26, 2017 that senate democratic leaders said the debt ceiling gave democrats leverage in broader talks. as the new york times explained in 2017, then speaker pelosi and the democratic leader, began formulating to, jettisoning the idea forward or clean
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debt limit and as a way to gain muscle incoming negotiations. that was the pelosi schumer playbook for the debtlimit . and negotiations. here's how the democratic leader put it himself at the time. he said the debt ceiling gives thanother ample opportunity for bipartisanship, not one party jamming its choices down the so i trust democrats will be consistent with their past positions and the white house will waste no time getting the customary bipartisan negotiations with the new republican majority in the house . the united states does not get to walk away from the table. the same president who had happily signed off on
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trillions of dollars of needless partyline spending needs to begin good-faith negotiations on senate reform with speaker mccarthy. and do it today. >> the senate in recess for the democrats weekly lunch in e chamber returns to session this afternoon at 2:15 eastern for more member speeches. senators will vote 3:30 eastern resolution porting the observation of national trafficking and modern slavery prevention monthto raise awareness on opposition to human trafficking and modern slavery. off the floor work continues on organizational resolutions setting committee assignment to the 118 congress. as always live coverage of thesenate is here . >>


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