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tv   White House Counsels Office Spokesperson on Rehoboth Beach Home Search  CSPAN  February 2, 2023 1:17am-1:32am EST

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>> i think you received the statement from the president's personal attorney which laid >> you have all received a statement from the president's personal attorney that laidpl out today in a planned of
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consensual search from the justice department for the details and documents were found this is consistent with the president from theer very beginning with total cooperation to keep this ongoing investigation and that will continue. >> [inaudible] >> we have been very transparent from the very beginning. and have relieved thousands of statements from the white house counsel's process and that has been fully coordinated to conduct an ongoing investigation and we want to be careful to be respectful of the integrity. so it's important to understand that as these things develop we try to get
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you access to as much information as we can and with regard to that specific question i have nothing to read right now but it would be more appropriate specifically about something that happened a fewom months ago. >> [inaudible] >> we will not get ahead of potential speculation of the investigation the president has been fully cooperated and that's because he believes in the justice department and giving them a space to conduct a thorough review that's why he is moving quickly and to give access so they can do a full search so are able to get access to the information to move ahead. we will not speculate about potential things happening in the future in this
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investigation but the president has been fully cooperative and that will continue. >> it's a good question working directly with the justice department from the very beginning as soon as the initial set of materials was discovered and reported to the archives and notified the justice department above the finding working with the president's personal attorney and the white house counsel's l'office as well. we have been following the justice department's lead to coordinate the searches with them. so to have granular questions about the decision-making i refer you tot the justice department. >> has the fbi conducted any search at any other location that you are the white house
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quick. >> we are providing information as this goes on and the activities that have been happening want to speak to the doj practices with the ongoing investigation we have cooperated fully that the president's personal attorneys have provided information to the doj end those that the wilmington residents and today we saw in a statement released by the personal attorney no classified documents were found today we will provideot information with this investigation as it goes on any of the ability to share the american people it's important for them to see cooperated with thiss >> i want to be careful to inspect the written integrity of that investigation as
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appropriate sharing activities we will do that. >> just to be clear they can follow up with that. >> did anyone at the only point tell the national archives they could not release about a classified documents spent the reporting fromed the house oversight committee that says in his conversation with the national conversations on —- the national archive they were told they cannot release about the discovery of the classifiedt documents. >> i don't know about that it's probably better to ask the archives and to ask what he meant. >> it is just or know what is the fbi quick. >> i gave an answer to the question. >>
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[inaudible] the justice department is engaged in an ongoing investigation that i should add the president has been fully cooperated giving access to his home in wilmington every single home in his room and also the information that we need to a move quickly to get them the information i would be careful note to characterize with the justice department is doing in their investigation was probably more appropriate for a question like that to be asked with the justice department. >> . >> the house oversight committee has asked to see the documents we give this to the house oversight committee? >> we have received a few in recent weeks and we gave them
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a response letter earlier in the week or i should say last week we are engaging in good faith with them and reached out to committee staff to make sure we are being responsive. obviously with the ongoing investigation with the justice department you are fully cooperating. you want to protect the integrity of the investigation and take safeguard information from the investigation to protect the law enforcement decision-making that we are in communication with the oversight committee. >> but are there any conversations? spent the president's personal lawyers have addressed to identify locations where they
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could have been stored open consultation with the department of justice i will not speak to that decision-making about how to conduct their investigation that would be more appropriate but we are being fully cooperative offering access to the president's personal home. we are cooperating with the justice department. >> [inaudible] >> did you see today the statement released from the personal lawyers and released from the personal attorney
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they believe some of the materials that were seen were taken related to time as vice president they want to make sure the justice department has access to the information that they need for these ongoing investigation so i will not characterize too much the underlying contents will be spoke to why they were taken what they could have related to. >> were there any parameters was there any reason to believe they had access to the same documents quick. >> i will not speak to the negotiations or the discussions of collaboration between the president personal attorney and doj. they are cooperating fully with the justice department and ensuring they have access and then to be able to do a thorough search and the
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president is moving quickly to give them information that they need so they can move forward with a thorough review that is done efficiently. >> [inaudible] >> that's a good question but i cannot speak to the underlying contents of what the justice department may be looking at for their ongoing investigation. but as they move forward, the president and his attorneys in the white house will be fully cooperative and following their lead to what they need to conduct a review. i will not speak to the doj. >> i think it's a more appropriate question for the justice department i don't want to characterize what they are reviewing and how they are
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going through that. thank you. [inaudible conversations]
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