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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Debate on Removing Rep. Omar from Foreign...  CSPAN  February 3, 2023 9:12am-10:18am EST

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and more from the world of politics, all at your fingertips. you can also stay current with the latest episodes of washington journal and find scheduling for c-span and c-span radio and podcasts. it's available at apple store and google play, download for free today. c-span now your front row seat to washington, anytime, a anywhere. >> this week house lawmakers passed a resolution removing representativelhan omar from a committee along a party line vote. here is the debate. >> mr. speaker, i come previously by the 117th congress, at that time i served as a member on the house ethics
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committee. today i serve as chair of that committee. roughly two years ago on february 4th, 2021, i publicly warned of the dangerous precedent set by the previous majority as they put in place an unprecedented process to remove minority members from the committee assignments. two years ago democrats offered a resolution a resolution. removed a republican member from all committees and referred the matter to the house ethics committee. however, the process instituted at that time by speaker nancy pelosi by passed any ethics committee involvement and brought the matter directly to the house floor for a vote. i, and many of my republicans, warned that this majority veto
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over the minority party's committee assignments appointments removed important rights of the minority party. republican members also warned that this process set a precedent, that future majorities would file to remove members from committee assignments. following the road map previously approved by the democrat-controlled 117th congress we are here today to debate and to consider house resolution 76, a resolution to remove representative omar from serving on the committee on foreign affairs. today's resolution, as it relates to representative omar, details six statements she made as a sitting member of congress that under the totality of the circumstances disqualify her from serving on the committee on foreign affairs. it is important to note that this resolution is very
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narrowly tailored and does not present -- does not prevent representative omar from serving on other committees. house resolution 76 instead simply states that she cannot serve on a committee that receives classified briefings and is responsible for maintaining international diplomacy. the committee on foreign affairs is a prestigious committee viewed by nations around the world, both allies and adversaries, as speaking for congress on matters of international importance and national security. all members, both republican and democrats alike who seek to serve on foreign affairs should be held to the highest standard of conduct due to the international sensitivity and national security concerns under the jurisdiction of this committee. based upon the important mission of this committee and
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the precedent previously set to remove members from their committee assignments, i support this resolution today. mr. speaker, i reserve the balance of my time. >> the gentleman from mississippi reserves. the gentle woman from pennsylvania is recognized. >> thank you, mr. chair. i rise in opposition to this resolution and i will yield myself such time as i may consume. >> the gentle woman is recognized. >> thank you. i rise as the ranking member of the ethics committee, a body that i am proud to have served on throughout my entire time in congress, and i also rise as a member of the house foreign affairs committee which i've also served on throughout my time in congress. many people don't understand the nature of the ethics committee. it's a unique body within this congress. it consists of an equal number of democrats and republicans, and it offers a mechanism by
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which complaints against members of congress and high ranking staff can be vetted, investigated, and adjudicated on pretty much of a confidential basis by the members of the committee and i'm very pleased what may surprise people, is to know that we often come to completely unanimous decisions in that very bipartisan committee. so with that said, i'm disappointed that my colleagues in the majority are choosing as one of their first exercises of authority in this congress to pursue vengeance over governance. governance would be to allow this resolution which has been referred to the ethics committee, to proceed through the committee's regular process. the ethics committee is charged with determining whether member behavior violates the code of official conduct and when warranted by a violation, recommending that the house adopt sanctions or restrict certain privileges like service on committees.
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i strongly urge a return to the days of civility, which would be nice to see here in this body and which i think the american people would very much welcome, and you know, one of the ways of doing that is to have this chamber allow the ethics committee to do its work so that we avoid a situation where every couple of years when there's a transfer of power between one party to the other, we don't see these constant efforts to boot people from committees based on past actions. if a member has done something egregious that's worthy of complaint, any member can bring it to ethics committee and looked at there. this committee are trying to advance it before the ethics committee and yet the ethics committee has not yet adopted its rules or held an organizational meeting or
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convened for the first time this congress. i want to address the issue of due process. during the rules meeting leading up to today, today's vote, a number of concerns were expressed and it's been reported in the media as well concerns about due process. the resolution, house resolution 76 claims that any member reserves the right to bring a case before the committee on ethics as grounds for appeal to the speaker of the house for reconsideration of any committee removal decision. notably, that language is contained in one of the whereas clauses not in the resolved clause, which is the only binding part of this resolution. so by the way, it's even been conceded by members of the g.o.p. that the whereas clause,
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the quote is merely references an existing process and in no way begins an appeal procedure or guaranteed will be reconsider, it's nonbinding and not actionable, a senior g.o.p. aide told politico on tuesday. i agree with that quote exception where it says that the clause, an existing process, you can take that down. there is no such existing process. there is no due process at all afforded to the member who is being sought to be removed from a committee. and that is not due process and i say that to address the many, many concerns that i've heard from members on the other side of the aisle, from members of the rules committee, there is no due process in this house resolution. once the full house votes to strip a member of a right or privilege, only the full house can restore that right or privilege, allowing
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representative omar to appeal to the ethics committee after the house has voted to deny her a seat on the house foreign affairs committee would be nonsensical and defective process the wrong order of things and how the ethics committee operated since the standing of the house in 1967 where the committee recommends a sanction after full investigation and judecation and the member is allowed to present evidence and make their case and the full house votesen the committee's recommendations for sanctions. house resolution 76 violates the spirit of how unique committee, the house's only evenly divided, truly partisan standing committee operates. this is about partisanship, mr. speaker, not principle. this is about payback, not process. house resolution 76 is wholly transparent for what it is and i firmly oppose its passage.
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the gentle lady reserves, thank you. >> the gentle lady reserves and the gentleman from mississippi is recognized. >> yes, sir, mr. speaker, before i yield time to the gentleman from ohio, i do want to point out that house resolution 72 of the 117th congress, which is the resolution that stripped marjorie taylor gasoline of her assignments contained no language whatsoever relating to due process and set forth no appeals process for her to be able to appeal the ruling of the body as a whole. and i will say that the resolution that we are debating today does contain language as to an appellate process. so i do believe that the resolution that we are debating today does contain additional rights to the member that we are seeking to remove than what was offered in house resolution 72 as relates to marjorie
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taylor greene. i would yield six minutes to the gentleman from the great state of ohio. >> the gentleman is recognized for six minutes. >> thanks, mr. speaker and thank the gentleman from mississippi from yielding. the house foreign affairs has broad over national security and foreign policy. peacekeeping and international law and the promotion of democracy and many other critical issues that require its members to be both objective and credible. members of the committee on foreign affairs represent the united states abroad and are regarded as credible emissaries of born policies, their words have significant weight in guiding our country and regarded by our allies. and israel, what happens when a committee member is no longer emissary of our foreign policy. what if a member is barred from
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visiting an ally because of her prejudiced comments. how are they able to be in a constructive manner be considered credible members of the committee? well, the gentle lady's comments discredited her from visiting to israel in 2019 would not allow representative omar to enter saying we respect all parties in the united states equal will you however we also respect ourselves. however comes to impose boycotts on us and deny the legitimacy of israel we will not allow them entry. yes, the gentle lady disqualified herself from entry into one of the most important countries allied with the united states. over the past 75 years israel has been a steadfast ally of the united states. israel has stood by us through the volatility in the middle east and this alliance has been critical to our own national security. how can someone, not welcomed
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by one of our most important allies, serve as an emissary of american foreign policy on the foreign affairs committee, and given her biased comments against israel, and against the jewish people, how can she serve as an objective decision maker on the committee? let's take a look at some of the gentle lady's comments. in february of 2019 barely more than a month after becoming a member of this body, representative omar suggested that the jewish people and the american-israel public affairs committee were buying political support, writing on twitter, it's all about the benjamins baby. clearly amplifying an anti-semitic stereo type about the jewish people and money. in response, congressional democratic leadership, her own party immediately released a statement by saying, anti-semitism must be called out, confronted and condemned, whenever it is encountered without exception. not long after representative omar trivialized the terrorist
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attacks of september 11th 2001 by describing that day of infamy as some people did something. that's horrific. some people did something. yes, mr. speaker, some people did do something. some people committed evil acts of terrorism and killed nearly 3,000 americans and in response, some thousands of our fellow citizens, myself included, enlisted in our armed forces to defend the gentle lady's rights to make her prejudice remarks and many went off to combat and even died, but they did not die to have their bravery in fighting to be undermined by a member of the foreign affairs committee. mr. speaker, i have no words to describe how unacceptable these comments are. that's not all. in 2021 the gentle lady referred to israel, who has a
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right to defend itself against terrorism as an apartheid state and equated the united states and israel countries that stood as beak cons, to taliban and hamas, organizations that impose terror on their regions in the world. once again even other democrat colleagues swiftly condemned her comment. 12 democrats members of this body released a statement which noted, equating the united states and israel to hamas and the taliban is as offensive as it is misguided. ignoring the differences between democracies governed by the rule of law and contemptible organizations that engage in terrorism at best discredits one intended argument and at worst, reflects deep-seated prejudice, from other own party. some decried this effort as a political game. mr. speaker, i assure you this is no political game. in resolution is not about engaging in a tit-for-tat with my colleagues on the other side of the aisle.
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this is about keeping someone with a long lord of anti-semitic and anti-israel bias off the foreign affairs committee which needs objective emissaries for foreign policy. even the democrat former chairman of the house foreign affairs committee elliott angle said that representative omar's anti-semitic comments have no place in the foreign affairs committee or the house of representatives. that was in addition to the previously mentioned joint statement from 12 of the gentle lady's democratic colleagues. the facts are clear, representative omar has espoused anti-semitic and anti-israel rhetoric time and again. she cannot be an objective contributor to the work of the committee and brought dishonor to the house of representatives. this body, committee which is viewed by nations around the world as speaking for congress on matters of international importance and national security should not have a seat for a member who would bring such dishonor to that committee. i encourage all of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to support this
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resolution, to say with one voice, that the united states house of representatives does not condone hate and to reaffirm we will always condemn anti-semitism. thank you, mr. speaker, i yield back. >> the gentleman yields back, the gentleman from mississippi reserves and the gentle woman from pennsylvania is recognized. >> i now yield three minutes to representative dean phillips of minnesota, also a member of the house foreign affairs committee. >> the gentleman is represented. >> ilhan and omar and i are products of remarkably different experiences, hers began fleeing somalia and four years in kenyan refugee camp, an experience few if any of us in this room could possibly imagine. my family came to america a century before hers seeking the same safety, security, and opportunity as they fled russian targeting jewish people
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in eastern europe. and my life began by losing my father in the vietnam war, an american tragedy that may well have been prevented had this very chamber been filled with more voices like ilhan omar's. don't get me wrong, representative omar and i regularly disagree on policy, both domestic and foreign. and she has at times used words that have caused concern, offense, and even personal pain to me and others. she and i have spoken face-to-face on those occasions and she has apologized, and she continues to learn from those missteps. furthermore, she has never posted a video depicting herself decapitating and fellow fellow members of congress. she doesn't question whether a plane really smashed into the pentagon on 9/11, she does not wonder if school shootings in america are staged. she has not propagated the absurd notion that lasers are
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the reason for fires in california and does not equit vaccines with hitler, and never for -- depicting violence or supporting violence against fellow members of congress is grounds for removal, being that democrat or a republican. but no one, he know one has accused representative omar of depicting or supporting violence against anyone in this chamber. why will 90% of the members of the jewish house of representatives vote to maintain her committee assignment quite simply because we believe in the human capacity to learn from mistakes and make amends and that atonement should be rewarded not punished. we also believe that the most dangerous acts by elected officials in a democracy are to silence voices of dissent.
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even those with which we fundamentally disagree. and that's what this is about. silencing and canceling. how ironic. furthermore, this is the very weaponization that i as a jewish person find repulsive, i find dangerous and above else, shameful, yes, shameful. so do my friends across the aisle if you're really sincere about defeating anti-semitism in america, how about ask us, how about ask us what we need and let me assure you you might be surprised by the answer. i yield back. >> the gentleman yields back. the-- the gentleman-- gentle woman from pennsylvania reserves and the gentleman from mississippi is recognized. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i yield two minutes from the representative from the great state of tennessee. >> the gentleman from tennessee
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is recognized for two minutes. >> i rise in support of the resolution to remove congress woman omar from the committee for anti-semitic speech and rhett particular. no doubt words have meaning. when a member of congress stands in this chamber or at home or in their district, the nation and the world pays attention to what they say and how they say it. when a member of congress makes hateful and anti-semitic remarks, they're amplified, they are magnified. even more so when that member sits on the house foreign affairs committee. the committee tasked with helping set policy and providing oversight over our nation's relationship with israel and with jewish communities around the world, it is imperative that this body not only speaks against
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anti-semitism, but also holds accountable those who spread such hateful beliefs. as our nation's leaders, as our nation's leaders, we had the ability and the responsibility to help combat anti-semitism and ensure that our children, tomorrow's leaders, are taught that such rhetoric is unacceptable. let's be clear, anti-semitism has no place in the halls in the congress nor in our national conversation and i stand here today in solidarity with the jewish community to send a strong message that the united states house of representatives does not tolerate such behavior. i urge my colleagues to support the resolution and i yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from mississippi reserves. the gentle woman from pennsylvania is recognized. i yield one minute to the minority whip katherine clark. >> the gentle lady is
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recognized for one minute. >> thank you, to the gentle lady to pennsylvania for fielding. the speaker of the house wrote this week that removing democrats from their committees was motivated by integrity, integrity? is that the quality of honesty and acting with moral principle? there is no integrity here. congress woman omar is a hard working, valued member of the foreign affairs committee. a refugee and survivor of war, she knows firsthand how much is at stake in its work, it's too serious of a subject to be subjected to partisan games by the republican majority, but that's how the g.o.p. has decided to govern. not with solutions, but with political stunts. how can my colleagues across the aisle talk about integrity and honor as they empower the most extreme voices in their
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party, as they claim due process has been added in when there is none, and as they promote conspiracy theories. >> i hereby yield 30 seconds. >> as they stack some of our most critical committees with election deniers. it's too late to inject integrity into this process, but we as members can inject our own by voting no on this resolution. >> gentle woman has-- the gentle woman yields back and the gentle woman from pennsylvania reserving. the gentleman from mississippi is recognized. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i yield two minutes to the gentle lady from the great state of new york. >> the gentle woman from new york is recognized for two minutes. >> thank you, mr. speaker, we've heard from my colleagues the reasons why the
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representative omar should be removed from this committee, but i feel like all the reasons have not just yet been stated which is why i rise to add for the record. we've heard about the comments that were made regarding anti-semitism and anti-israeli views, but i add to record as a member of the foreign airfares affairs committee i've sat there and heard the representative spew anti-american rhetoric as well. i've been in the committee room where the representative equates israel and the united states to hamas and the taliban. absolutely unacceptable for a member of that committee. i've also heard the representative equate that it is the united states' fault that there's turmoil in venezuela, that it's not because of the oppressive
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socialist and communism spread throughout south america at the hand of the maduro and you hugo chavez regimes. that's unacceptable. as a new york representative to hear the representative belittle, diminish the worst terrorist attack on united states soil september 11th, 2001, as some people did something, that's unacceptable and i hold the same standard for this side of the aisle, because when another colleague on my side said something about 9/11 i also voted to have her removed from the education committee because i thought that was inappropriate so i'm being consistent here and i hope my colleagues will do the same to show that this is about consistency and accountability. because we should not have an individual with those views on the committee that is tasked with representing our country and our congress to foreign
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nations. i yield back. >> the gentle lady yields back. the gentleman from mississippi reserves. the gentle woman from pennsylvania is recognized. >> i yield one minute to the former majority leader, representative steny hoyer of maryland. >> the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> mr. speaker, i rise to make the point, the two individuals that we removed from committees were not removed for their speech. they were removed because they made threats against other members. this one was made before the representative came, mr. gosar's of course was made during. both were removed because of the threats they posed to three of our colleagues not because of their speech, but because of their threat wf an ak-47 or an ar-15 i'm not sure which that
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gun is. and promoting themselves as the biggest nightmare to three of our colleagues. and mr. gosar portraying the murder of one of our colleagues. there is no equivalency here. we believe in free speech, however hateful that speech is and i will tell you, i take a back seat to no one in this chamber to my support of israel against anti-semitism, to no one. and my record reflects that. >> time expired. >> second. >> thank you. but the equivalencesy that's been made here is absolutely without merit. and you go down a terrible road. i do not agree with the statements that were made. i oppose them. i said on this floor that i
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opposed them, but by golly, there are a whole lot of your folks over there that i disagree vehemently who rationalized insurrection and would be a reason for me to vote for having them off a committee. >> time expired. >> that's not how we operate. but if a member threatens another member, that's a different kettle of fish altogether. >> gentleman's time is expired. >> i support this -- i oppose this resolution and i yield back. >> members are reminded to please, direct your comments to the chair. >> reserved. >> the gentle woman from pennsylvania is reserved. the gentleman from mississippi is recognized. >> thank you, i yield to the gentle woman. >> recognized. >> i rise for this resolution, our country was founded on the
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principle of protection rights of minority and it is constitutional republic for a reason because our founding fathers understood that majority rules can lead to tyranny and more rules and dictatorship. last congress speaker pelosi and democrat majority took unprecedented actions, removing minority party from committee members. they also eliminated resolution of hidden queries which are used against republicans administration and also eliminated the ability for minority party. it was very disappointing so what i ask, you know, i different resolutions, speaker mccarthy and he added explicitly to this resolution to make sure that would apply the same standards not just to democrats, but also to
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republicans and it's stated in this resolution and added that, you know, by looking at process of appeal and i agree with gentle lady from pennsylvania that we didn't have any due process because it was unprecedented, what was done by her party so maybe ethics committee at least has had an ability if there is a way to look at the process if that's going to be continued, but i hope maybe we can reconcile it and have a better collaboration as two parties as we were talking today at the prayer breakfast on a bipartisan basis, but i think it's important for us to really look at us as a body and start respecting minority and unfortunately, the other party started this unprecedented action in the majority and we have to work how we can reconcile. i yield back. >> the gentleman reserves. the gentle woman is recognized. i completely concur with the
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gentle lady from indiana that we need a better process than and one that afords due process, but this resolution does not. with that i yield four minutes to the ranking member of the house foreign affairs committee former chairman, representative meaks of new york. >> the gentleman is recognized for four minutes. >> mr. chair, it is undeniable that representative omar has made about has been considered offensive anti-semitic comments in the past. undeniable that representative omar has apologized and learned and been a productive member of the foreign affairs committee and watched her work with her colleagues on both sides of the aisle. she cares about her country. she cares about our national security. she cares about diplomacy.
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her perspective is invaluable to the house foreign affairs committee. she's a refugee and the only african-born muslim member of the foreign affairs committee. we know that diverse in our national security. and losing representative omar's voice to extremist politics would be a shameful mark on this body, harmful to the interests of the american people and our image abroad and damage to democracy itself. and i also know the sheer hypocrisy of speaker mccarthy and members of his party looking to deny representative omar a seat on the committee is rich. this is not about dishonor on the house, this is not about
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addressing anti-semitism, if there were there would be others named in this resolution. october 18th-- october 2018 a republican member tweeted we cannot allow soros, thayer and bloomberg to buy this election and get out the vote for republicans november 6th, maga, that was the speaker of the house. the tweet included a video featuring the member discussing george soros, tom steyer and former mayor bloomberg ujewish men significant democratic donors are these the only ones he could choose from, stereo type of the jewish faith among the alt lt right. and recall no apology unlike representative omar to or for this tweet. and this is far from the only
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example of the hypocrisy. representatives of the republican side have defended and agreed with known white supremacist and anti-semite nick fun tez and spoken at fuentes events and others say conspiring to flood europe with migrants in order to population there. and republican colleagues quoted adolf hitler and invited a holocaust deier to the state of the union and when the house resolution condemning anti-semitism, there was only one that voted against it and it wasn't a democrat. so why is this member being targeted today? we don't have time to go through the entire list of objectionable remarks that the other side has made. the point is none of these comments caused any of the
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members who made them to be removed from committees not removed from the education and labor committee. not removed from judiciary committee. not removed from armed services committee. not removed from the mohammed security committee. a blatant double standard is being applied here. something just doesn't add up and what is the difference between rep omar and these members? could it be the way that-- >> the gentleman's time is expired. >> religion practices. could it be-- because it's clear if she were on the other side of the aisle, we would not be having this debate today. that's absolutely clear. the g.o.p. was not outraged when donald trump broke bread with the anti-semitic holocaust deniers at his florida mansion. there was no outrage when donald trump tweeted images of the star of david-- >> gentleman's time is expired. >> vote no and stand up for democracy and-- >> gentleman's time is expired. >> remain and be productive on
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the house foreign affairs committee and i yield back the balance of my time. #. >> the gentleman from mississippi is recognized. >> thank you, madam speaker, at this time i would yield three minutes to the representative from the great state of new york, mr. lawler. >> the gentleman is recognized for three minutes. >> thank you, madam speaker, i rise today to speak in support of house resolution 76. this is not about vengeance or retribution, it's about accountability. i represent new york's 17th district home it one of the largest jewish populations in the country. between westchester, rockland, putnam and duchess counties, i represent almost 100,000 constituents that practice the jewish faith. i take the scourge of anti-semitism very seriously. it something that must be rooted out in our society, as well as in the halls of
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congress. no one who peddles in anti-semitic behavior or language should have any right to serve on the house foreign affairs committee, which has an incredibly important role to play in partnering with our strongest allies, the state of israel. two of my predecessors, ben gillman and elliott angle, served as chairs of this important committee. israel's continued existence as a beacon of liberty, democracy and peace in the middle east serves as a model for other nations in the region and is something we should be celebrating, not demeaning. comments made by members of this body about support for israel being all about the benjamins, or that the state of israel is engaging in apartheid are appalling, wrong and disqualifying. those who dismiss 9/11, some
9:51 am
people who did something? are you kidding me? it was a terrorist attack. it wasn't some people doing something. or to equate the united states and israel both democratic nations to the taliban and hamas and those who remote the anti-semitic bds movement. you're damn right they deserve to be held accountable. as a member that represents a district that suffered greatly due to 9/11, and still has constituents grappling with the effects of that horrific day, dying of 9/11 health-related situation, i find those remarks, jarring, and alarming, and insulting. to be clear, the representative can say whatever the heck she wants, but we don't have to accept it or embrace it. individuals who hold such
9:52 am
hateful views should rightly be barred from that type of committee. we cannot let the poisonous ideology of anti-semitism permeate into those that impact the lives of millions of jews around the world and i'll stand up to anti-semitism and defend israel's right to exist and the right of jews everywhere to practice their faith peacefully and safely. this is not about silenting anyone. the rise in anti-semitism is significant. >> gentleman's time is expired. >> and these hate crimes have not been prosecuted. >> gentleman's time expired. >> yield the gentleman another 15 seconds. >> word matter. rhetoric matters. it leads to harm and so the congresswoman is being held accountable for her words and her actions and that's why i support this resolution. >> the gentleman's time is
9:53 am
expired. the woman from pennsylvania recognized. >> i yield one minute to the gentle woman from new york, alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> the gentle woman is recognized for one minute. >> as a fellow new yorker, one of the disgusting things after 9/11, targeting of muslim americans and this an extension of this legacy, consistency, there's nothing consistent with the republican party continued attack except for the racism of women of color in this body. i had a member of the caucus threaten my life and the republican caucus rewarded him with one of the most prestigious committee assignments in this congress. don't tell me this is about consistency, don't tell me that this is about a condemnation of anti-semitic remarks when you have a member of the republican
9:54 am
caucus that talks about jewish space lasers and entire a trope and elevated her to some of the highest committee assignments in this body. this is about targeting women of color in the united states of america and don't tell me because i didn't get a single apology. >> time is expired. >> my life was threatened. thank you. >> the gentleman from mississippi is recognized. >> reserve this time, madam speaker. >> the gentle woman from pennsylvania is recognized. >> i yield one minute to the gent many woman from massachusetts, representative presley. >> madam speaker, i rise in opposition from rhetoric from across the aisle. our colleague once again to seeks to make history for the wrong reasons. i rise on behalf of every little girl who sees herself in the leadership of congresswoman omar, she's a mother, daughter, refugee, skilled policy maker,
9:55 am
a duly and desist seively elected member to the house of representative. i have a spent time in minnesota and see the poor through communities through grief and loss, stand arm in arm on picket lines with educators and nurses and pass legislation to feed our babies in schools. given coalitions and constituents in crisis, agency and marginalized in word and deed. no matter how embattled. no matter how racially profiled, no matter how targeted she has pressed on for peace every militarization, at home and abroad and an education is fundamental right gender equity is recognized. i want to live in that world. >> the gentle woman's time expired. >> right where she belongs-- >> gentle woman's time is expired. >> on the foreign affairs committee. >> the gentle woman's time is expired and she is no longer
9:56 am
recognized. the gentleman from mississippi. >> madam speaker, at this time i yield one minute to my friend from the great state of florida, mr. jimenez. >> the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> thank you, anti-semitism has no place on the foreign affairs committee. i say it again, anti-semitism has no place on the foreign affairs committee that's why representative omar has no someplace festival on the foreign affairs committee where israel security is one of the issues of critical importance, without a doubt the democratic jewish state of israel is america's strongest ally in the middle east and has fundamental right to exist and representative omar as perpetuated tropes against the community and compromised the house foreign affairs committee to conduct official business and urge my colleagues to vote in the affirmative to remove representative ilhan omar from the foreign affairs committee. i yield back. >> the gentleman from mississippi reserved and gentle
9:57 am
woman from pennsylvania recognized. >> i yield one woman to the gentle woman from missouri. >> recognized for one minute. >> st. louis and i rise in support of congresswoman ilhan omar. i have he been to her district, and visited communities mobilized together. this institution is better because of her leadership and perspective. let's talk about what's really happening. republicans are waging a blatantly islamophobic and racist attack on congresswoman omar and i've said it before and say it again the white supremacy happening is unbelievable, this is despicable. it's congresswoman omar harassed at her job for simply existing as a muslim woman in congress, it's she who has been attacked by a member of this body ridiculing her as a potential terrorist for simply existing as a muslim woman in
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this congress, rather than bring actual accountability, any accountability to congress they bring this offensive resolution to the floor. this is just a bunch of racist, gaslighting, we all know it, vote no. >> the gentle woman from pennsylvania reserves and the gentleman mississippi. >> we reserve at this time. >> the gentle woman from pennsylvania is recognized. >> i yield one woman-- one minute from-- one minute. >> when i heard that we were going to remove someone from anti-semitism, finally in this chamber some accountability from this conference that continues to allow its members to root for rioters, to show sympathy for the insurrection, harbors a wanted international
9:59 am
criminal and has members who choose violence over voting every day. finally so i thought we were going to hold someone accountable for anti-semitism surely it's the author of this tweet, kanye elon trump, october 6th written by chairman jim jordan. october 8th, what does kanye say, i'm going to declare de f con on the jews. two more months, don't come here looking at us for anti-semitism. look in your own damn mirror before you ever come over here. and i yield back. >> the gentle woman from pennsylvania reserves and the gentlemen from mississippi. >> i reserve, madam speaker. >> how much time do we have left? >> 10 and a quarter minutes. >> i yield one minute to the gentle woman from washington
10:00 am
state. >> and representative is recognized for one minute. >> madam speaker, this is a revenge resolution, a revenge resolution that seeks to remove representative ilhan omar strong and necessary voice from the foreign affairs committee, it is an an attempt to silence her simply because i do not agree with her views and you cannot begin to understand her lived experience. her lived experience as a war survivor, as a refugee, as somebody who brings an experience to this body that you're not even trying to understand. we have previously voted on a bipartisan manner to remove people from their committee assignments because of violent actions that endangered the safety of their colleagues, that's not what today is about. ... about revenge. it is also about the fact that republicans want to distract the american people from the fact that they have absolutely no legislation to bring to the floor that is actually about helping the american people with
10:01 am
their costs, with dealing with inflation. you don't have any solutions so you're trying to distract with these inane, insulting, absurd, absolutely absurd resolutions. >> gentleman's time has expired. >> absolutely absurd resolution. vote no. >> i would remind members to direct the remarks to the chair and a woman from pennsylvania reserves. the german from mississippi of regular. >> ivories t are visible at this time. >> that gentlewoman from pennsylvania is right desperate i yield one minute to the gym from california representative schiff. >> the german from california's recognized for one minute. >> i rise in strong opposition to this resolution. first as to the false pretext, to make movesro on republican conference removed from committees for inciting violence, encouraging violence against their colleagues. there is nothing at all at issue like that here. you want to introduce a
10:02 am
resolution to condemn someone for inciting violence against their colleagues or gets people in congress, introduce a resolution against donald j. trump. no one has a side more violence against this chamber than donald trump. now let me talk about anti-semitism. do not do not insult our intelligence by suggesting this about anti-semitism. you want to introduce a resolution gets a bit guilty of anti-semitism? introduce resolution against someone dining with anti-semites,e someone dining with white nationalists, members of your conference who are speaking of white nationalist rallies, introduce resolution against donald j. trump, marjorie taylor greene, paul gosar and others. but do not, do not insult our intelligence by saying this about anti-semitism. vote no to this resolution. >> the woman from pennsylvania reserves. the gentleman from mississippi affect the. >> i reserve.
10:03 am
>> ideal one minute to the gentleman frome wisconsin. >> you are recognized for one minute. >> this is a new low. the majority party list and seats on committees a member who has a history of topological line but wants to remove someone who even republican members of congress admit is a talented member of the foreign affairs committee. want to oust people what they said? how about a member of the majority party whojo said that jewish space lasers that forest fires in california.he no, she seated on the committee. multiple republican members of said prominent jewish democrats essentially want control of congress but they're not only given full congressional privileges but you elect them to gop leadership. republicans only draw the line when an incredibly productive member of committee said something that she's apologized for. that doesn't add up. this clearly isn't that what ilhan omar said as much is who she is. being an smart outspoken black
10:04 am
woman of muslim faith is apparently the issue and some republicans can't handle it so they were kicker off the committee. unbelievable bigotry here shame on you. i yield back. [applause] >> the woman from pennsylvania reserves. the gentleman from mississippi is recognized. >> at this time we reserve. >> i yield one minute to the gentlewoman from illinois, repetition kautsky. the representative is recognized for one minute. >> my colleagues, i stand before you as a proud jew, and -- [cheers and applause] and, and a proud friend and colleague of ilhan omar.
10:05 am
[applause] i don't need any of you to defend me against anti-semitism. my friend ilhan omar, we've worked together to the values that i treasure as an american jew, and that she treasures as an american member islamic woman. the only one on the foreign affairs committee. that is the third-largest religion in the world. and we, in the united states of america. i am just curious. we had seen all kinds of anti-semitism from the other side of the aisle. [applause] and as americans we should be -- >> theti gentlewoman stein is aspired. >> vote no on this.
10:06 am
>> the gentlewoman time has expired. the gentleman from mississippi is recognized. >> matter madam speaker wet this time. >> the gentlewoman from pennsylvania is recognized. >> isp yield one minute to the gentlewoman from michigan, ms. tlaib. >> recognized one minute. >> desperation. so desperate to distract the american people from theab total inability to govern. the gop is now doing what it is best at come weaponizing hate against a a black, beautiful muslim woman. congresswoman omar has lived as a refugee and survive or should be welcome on this committee. it is needed. when you can't cast any bills that actually root out people's lives they turn to congress, the term congressman place of fear mongering hate. it is so painful to watch.
10:07 am
how ironic that the members of personal freedom are moving to censor congresswoman omar and the same week they introduce bill to ban federal employees from engaging in censorship. wherers are the free speech warriors today? the hypocrisy is obvious to the american people. you are showing here you all are really. >> the gentlewoman's time has expired. >> i will not be silenced. >> the gentlewoman's time has tl expired. >> to congresswoman omar, i am so sorry that our countries failing you today through this chamber. >> the gentlewoman issi no longr recognize and the gentleman from mississippi is recognized. >> madam speaker, i reserve. >> gentlewoman from pennsylvania is recognized. >> how much time do i have? >> five and a quarter minutes. >> i yield to the gentlewoman from minnesota, representative
10:08 am
omar, to close. >> the gentlewoman is recognize recognized. >> this debate today, it's about who gets to be an american. what opinions do we get to have and we have to have to be counted as americans. this is what this debate is about, madam speaker. there is this idea that you are a suspect if you are an immigrant, or if you are from certain parts of the world or certain skin tone, or a muslim. it is no accident that members of the republican party iqs the first black president, barack obama, of being a secret muslim. it is no accident that former president donald trump led a birther movement that falsely
10:09 am
claimed he was born in kenya. because, to them, falsely labeling the first and only president of the united states of america a muslim, an african immigrant, somehow made in less american. well, i am muslim. i am an immigrant, and interestingly, from africa. is a anyone surprised that i am being targeted? is anyone surprised that i am somehow deemed unworthy to speak about american foreign policy? or that they see me as a powerful voice that needs to be silent? frankly, it is expected because when you push power, power pushes back. representation matters. continuing to expand our ideas of who is american and who can
10:10 am
partake in the american experience, experiment, is a good thing. i am an american, an american who was centered -- [applause] an american who was sent here by our constituents too represent them in congress, a refugee who survived the horrors of a civil war, someone who spent her childhood in a refugee camp, someone who knows what it means to have a shot at a better life here in the united states, and someone who believes in the american dream and the american possibility, and the promise and the ability to participate in the democratic process. that is what this debate is about. there is an idea out there that i am not, that a do not have objective decision-making because of who i yam, where i
10:11 am
come from, and my perspective. but i reject that. we say there is nothing objective about policymaking. we all inject our perspectives, our point of use, our lived experiences, and the voices of our constituents. that's what democracy is about. so what is the work of the foreign affairs committee? it is not to cosign the stated foreign policy of whatever administration is in power. it's about oversight here it's to critique and to educate for a better path forward. but most important it is to make the myth that american foreign policy is intrinsically moral our reality. so i will continue to speak up because representation matters. i will continue to speak up for little kids who wonder who's speaking up for them. i will continue to speak up for families around the world who are seeking justice.
10:12 am
whether they are displaced in i refugee camps or they are hiding under their beds, somewhere like i was, waiting for the bullets to stop. because this child survivor of war would've wanted that. the nine-year-old me would be disappointed if i didn't talk about the victims offl conflict. those that are experiencing unjust wars, , atrocity, ethnic cleansing, occupation, or displacement like i did, they are looking to the international community and the united states, asking for help. they look to us because the international community and the united states professed the values ofum protecting human rights and upholding international law. so we owe it to them not to make this a myth, but our reality.
10:13 am
i didn't come to congress to be silent. i came to congress to be their voice. and my leadership and voice will not be diminished, if i'm not on this committee for one term. my voice willl get louder and stronger, and my m leadership wl be celebrated around the world, and it has been. [applause] so take your vote o or not. i am here to stay and i'm here to be a voice against arms around the world and advocate for afa better world. i yield back. [applause] >> the gentleman from mississippi is recognized.
10:14 am
>> the gentleman is recognized. >> thank you, madam speaker. i yield myself the balance of mn time. in closing what to adopt the comments that were made by then chairman of foreign affairs elliott ingle. in late february 2019, chairman of foreign affairs ingle, after a third anti-semitic statements in just over two weeks, 17 days to be exact, then chairman ingle said these words, it is unacceptable and deeply offensive to call into question the loyalty of fellow american citizens based on theiric political views, including support for the u.s.-israel relationship. we all take the t same oath.
10:15 am
worse, representative omar comments level that charged by invoking a mile anti-semitic slur. chairman ingle went on to say that such comments have no place in the foreign affairs committee or the house of representatives. i agree with the statements made by chairman ingle. not only do representative omar's comments have no place in the foreign affairs committee, i hold that anyone who makes such statements have no place serving on the foreign affairs committee. committee. and ask all members to support this resolution, removing ms. omar from the committee on foreign affairs. and i yield back. >> american history tv saturdays on c-span2 exploring the people and events that tell the american story. at 7 p.m. eastern the
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