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tv   [untitled]    February 9, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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bulb. and so finally i thought i was a little cruel and unhumane for me to put the interns through. that win the down to the hardware store, walked through there and here was the mother load of black market light burre bulbs sitting on the shelf. so i carried them down there and sat them on the counter. and now i have it made. they said okay, we're going to ring up the light bawl buulbs f. would you like to buy a green recycle bag forred 1dz? they said, no i'll pay the nickel fine. he said we'll give you a 10% discount on your purchase if you buy the $1 bag. it would save me $3.40. so i got this green bag right here. and i filled it up with black market he had soin light bulbs. and i brought them back to my
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office here in the capitol. whenever i need to put a bulb in the lamp, i reach in this green bag and i screw it in there and smile. a little bit of my liberty back. a little bit of our freedom back. and i want to challenge you to do the same thing. bring back some of that liberty, some of that freedom. last year i said to you that i got tired of standing in the shower for 12 minutes while the government issued water rationing al gore water shower head dribbled that water down on me and i drilled it out and now my 12 minute shower is a three-minute shower and i got nine minutes every day to beat up on the liberals. [ applause ] how many of you have drilled out your shower head? you know what? it isn't just a conservatives doing. that liberals are drilling them out, too.
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so now we're a nation of doubling flushers with designer plungers because the police from the regulating government have taken away another piece of our liberty and regulated nationwide that the water supply in tucson is equivalent to the water supply in steve cane's little piece of ground where my well 6 1/2 feet deep and never gone dry. i look around and see california. they banned happy meals unless it meets the right quota for calories and fruj and vegetables. and san francisco, they prohibit the zparnlgment of the short, fat, tall, and the skinny. so who's that leave? i don't know anybody that isn't one of those four things. i mean you're not tall and short at the same time or fat and skinny at the same time. but i guess i'm short and fat is what i am. so i'm safe in san francisco except you probably can't xpurnlg conservatives there. and then all of these provisions that they have, i go to the
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committee meetings and try to do my job here. and i walk into a small business committee meeting chaired by one of the democrats and they were providing educational benefits for our wounded warriors. and it's a great thing. you set aside those educational benefits for combat wounded veterans is the language in the bill. and i read through that. i list my heart to see that. but it said combat wounded veterans and women and minorities. however you want to look at this society, combat wounded veterans need our special honor and being a woman or minority doesn't fit you in that category, i'm sorry. and so i brought an amendment to strike that women and minorities out of there. and i realized i would lose the vote and so i wrote the amendment to strike the language of special provisions for women and minorities and i replaced it
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with language of anybody but white men. because that is what it says. but it hurts them when you make them say the truth. and so make them say the truth. they krifrpg at that. they will say well, yeah, we say it's the truth. you didn't have to say it that way. well, it isn't the saying it that way that makes it hurt. it's the truth that makes it hurt. we need to give it to them over and over again. california banned led for fishing. and lead in bullets for hunting because they figured out that lead can be fatal under certain circumstances. michelle obama is leading the effort to cut $1.5 trillion calories out of the diet of our young people because under bob gates, by the way, it's a national security concern that 30% of our youth are too overweight to meet the physical requirements to join our military and it's too costly to train them. logistics extend basic training.
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you're here doing pushups until you make weight. why is that so hard? and then with this 1.5 trillion call liz they want to take out of young people, take the 150 calorie power bar, reduce it to 90 calories, take a couple chips out of the dorito bag and then somehow the feeders aren't going to reach for a second candy bar or a second bag of dorito chips. you can't fool them by cutting calories out of the candy bar. and we have -- that's right. the secretary of agriculture has this figured out, thou do economic development by food stamps. they increased them 46% under this administration. now we have 45%, excuse me. now we have 46.3 million americans on food stamps, by far the highest number ever. and this is economic development
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because for every time you hand out a dollar worth of food stamps, you get a dollar 84 in economic activity. wow! you know, what would happen if we just dumped the food out? we would all be rich, wouldn't we? so -- and they had a witness before the ag committee to tell us we needed to put more food stamps out. the president testified -- i wrote this down, there is also mounting evidence that the overweight obesity trends in the united states are due in part to high levels of food insecurity. do you know what that means? it mean people have anxiety about their future meals so they tend to overeat today. if we make sure they have plenty of food in front of them, they would eat less, lose weight, and we wouldn't have this obesity problem. see what i'm up against? this is on a daily basis. and so just yesterday with the news came out that california's gone even further and they have -- they banned throwing
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footballs down and frisbees on the beach in l.a. county. it's now up to a $1,000 fine. but if you persist, it's six months in jail. so that puts you out into the exercise yard, give you a football in jail but you can't throw it on the beach in california! and if you want to dig a sandcastle, it's okay, as long as the mote isn't deeper than 18 inches. specifications for mote depths and building sandcastles on the beaches in california. what happened to our liberty, america? how did this creep in on this? how did a nation born of freedom and liberty lose its freedom and liberty in this way? how does a nation that's blessed by an extraordinary supply of american exceptionalism submit inch by creeping inch to the totality yar state that is descending upon us? how do we, a people, never been as vigorous a people in this civilization or this society, how do we submit to something
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like obama care? the worst of all. and so i want to paint this image for you. the number one plafrpg in the next president's platform, i believe, is and needs to remain the 100% full repeal of obama care, not one vestage of a left behind. and i want to see the next president of the united states stand on the podium on the west part of the capitol january 20, with pen nand, because we can put the repeal up there on the podium you know by then, to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the united states so help me god. don't wait to shake the hand of chief justice robert. sign the repeal of obama care right there john 20th, 2013!
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thank you very much! [ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, the honorable michelle bachmann, united states representative. >> oh, how sweet it is! oh, so good to see you. thank you. what a warm, warm welcome at cpac. i'm so glad you're here. we're going to have an xl absolutely phenomenal successful year this november, won't we?
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well, i thought you would be interested in knowing that running for president of the united states is really one series of humiliations after another. but it's also a very educational experience. i learned three things when running for president -- first of all, i learned where john wayne was born. that's very important. and then second, i learned the day that elvis presley was born. these are vital issues to our republic. and third, i learned never forget the three things that you learned. very important when you're running for president. well this fall president obama will be pointing to his foreign policy successes in order to make the case for his successful re-election. he'll be pointing to bin laden.
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he'll be pointing to the overthrow of gadhafi. he'll be pointing to the arab spring as the foreign policy success story. and while without a shad yoef a doubt the world is bier off without bin laden and gadhafi, these are tactical successes
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that don't begin to compare with the mess that barack obama has made of the middle east and the strategic differences created. because you see, look at jimmy carter. his errors in iran clearly directly ready to the rise of modern day jihad. and that changes the course of history. when bill clinton failed to take out bin laden, that changed the course of history. and when ronald reagan initiate the peace through strength and won the cold war, that changed the course of history. and when barack obama chose islamic outreach over israel, he changed the course of history. [ applause ] no president since the modern state of israel failed to stand by our ally israel, only president obama. consider egypt. the president spurned the president of egypt if an absolutely shocking move he invited the radical muslim brotherhood to hear his speech when mubarak's policy was to keep the brotherhood at arm's length. their leader called for the demise not only of the united states but also of israel. and the muslim's brotherhood
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spiritual leader called for the killing of united states troops both in iraq and in afghanistan. that's why it's unthinkable that the muslim brotherhood spiritua mediator between the united states and our enemy, the taliban in afghanistan. i can understand why mubarak would not want to empower the brotherhood in egypt. but what i don't understand is why the president of the united states, barack obama, would give the brotherhood a seat of honor at his first foreign policy speech in cairo. president obama said essentially don't worry, the brotherhood isn't a threat. they don't have majority support in egypt.
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then obama failed to stand by mubar mubarak. that helped fuel the revolution in egypt. it led to a regime that was based on shah reea law with 72% of the seats in the lower house and egypt now occupied by the brotherhood. and even more radical party. the last year what happened? because of the persecution, over 100,000 christians had to flee egypt. the israeli embassy was overrun. there are calls now for ending the 30-year peace treaty between egypt and israel. and the spread of radical islam is not confined to egypt. the rise of political islam has brought shah reea law to tunisia and al qaeda to libya as i warned during the presidential race earlier this year. not exactly your ronald reagan foreign policy success story. obama's miscalculations are
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changing history. they are now on the verge of a nuclear run. they are at the epicenter of global jihad. that explains the commitment to developing nuclear weapons. as the ultimate expression of imposing their will on the world. and failing to appreciate iran's deadly nuclear goal, obama has chosen the rong siwrong side onn because he ignored the true democracy movement in iran. that's our best hope of defeating iran with deadly, genocidal intentions. now we credit our brave troops for winning the war in iraq at a very tremendous cost. se t peace.sident recently chose this past week the administration announced once again, they intend to do the same thing in afghanistan. and they lose the
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peace in afghanistan. it's unthinkable after a decade of effort to defeat global jihad, obama, for the sake of re-election, his chosen to hand iraq to the iranians. only obama could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and call it success. [ applause ] before obama was elected, tunisia was a stable u.s. partner. no more. after the elections in tunisia, the islamists took over. he called the islamic elections an inspiration and said he was deeply encouraged by the progress. before obama was elected, the leadership in yemen and egypt, their flawed to be sure. but they were at least counted on as u.s. partners. and before obama was elected, israel could count on america's
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unwavering support. but since obama's election, israel has rarely enjoyed president obama's support. and ev said that israel should indefensible 1967 borders. make no it. in israel's hour of dire need, the united states must stand with israel. in a bad case of misplaced priorities, the president thinks that israel building apartment worse than iran getting a nuclear bomb. week ago today the supreme leader of iran said that israel
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is a cancer that must be cut out. and at the very same time last week, iran launched a new satellite and they threatened any nation that tried to stop iran's nuclear ambitions with ten times the violence in return. they mean business and we need to pay attention. obama's state department now designates jerusalem as an international city and in a bizarre move our state department won't even acknowledge that jerusalem belongs to israel. jerusalem does belong to israel. [ applause ] elected, no one had ever heard of a united states president saying to the world that the united states is not a judeo-christian nation.
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i'm here to say we are. [ applause ] before president obama was elected, no one had ever heard a united states president say to the world that we are anything other than an exceptional nation. we are. [ applause ] and before president obama was lekted, elected, to president went around apologizing to the world and we will not. [ applause ] a president's foreign policy does change the history of the world which is why barack obama cannot have a second term as president.
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[ applause ] we have to stand and we have to fight for our beliefs. we have to stand and we have to fight for our country. we have to stand and we have to fight for our freedom because we need to do this to honor the brave men and women who gave their last full measure of devotion for us, because, you see, they're watching us. we owe it to them. we owe it to our posterity, we owe it to our god to keep our republic free. this was purchased at such a great price. it is our obligation to stand with them and make it free. i say to you today, god bless you. god bless the unitedte and may
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bless god. god bless you all. and thank you for allowing me to be here with you today. >> paul keller executive director of the house republican study committee. >> hey, guys. your next speaker is a man of faith, a loving husband, a doting father and frankly one of the best men i've ever had the privilege of working for. but more importantly, he's a wrestler. not just any wrestler. the four-time state champion in high school, a two-time ncaa national champion. and his high school record he
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loves to talk about was 150-1. it was with this spirit that het raising the national debt ceiling. he more than anyone else made cut, cap, and balance the rallying cry for americans who are asking washington to do less and spend less. maybe we need fewer lawyers in congress and more wrestlers, what do you think? he is your leader of the conservative movement in the u.s. house and just last night was named the conservative legislator of the year by the wyrick awards dinner, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome republican of the study commutety, congressman jim jordan. >> oh, we got some folks from ohio right there. good to be with you all, let me thank cpac and what paul did not say was i was a washed-up has
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been. michele talk out the state of israel, let me tell you this, i was visiting israel in november, one thing i heard loud and clear whether it was meeting with business leaders or leaders of the country they said this, the best way for america to help israel is for america to stay strong. the world is a dangerous place, it's a scary place, but it's less dangerous and a less scary place when the united states of america leads and the truth is you can't lead militarily, you can't lead diplomatically if you can't lead checkically and i would argue this administration is doing everything wrong making it very difficult for us to be the economic superpower of the world, that's why this election's so important. two different visions for america. watershed election. more power in washington or more power for families and communities and individual liberties. that's what's at stake. thank you for two things. first, thank you for taking the risk associated with getting involved and making a difference. i learned a long time ago, a
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long time ago, good things don't just happen. if you want to accomplish anything of meaning, anything of significance, any of lasting value, it takes work, it takes effort, it takes sacrifice, and it takes most importantly that willingness to get off the sideline and get in the game and make a difference, because when you take that risk, there's a risk you might fail. there's the risk you're going to be ridiculed. we know we're going to get that from the press. think about some of the folks who step forward on this religious liberty issue the last couple weeks and the abuse they've taken from all kinds of folks from the left and the press. do you know cal thomas? a great line when he was talking about the normal folks see things and the way the elite national media sees and portrays things and he says this, i get up every morning i read my bible and "the new york times" so i can see what each side's up to. a lot of truth to that. so, thank you for taking the risk. i love this and i share this story all the time because i've yet to find a better picture for
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this idea that you got to be willing to get in the game. how many of you have seen the movie, chariots of fire"? great children. we've made all our kids watch it. great story lines, the five athletes in great britain as they train and prepare and get ready to compete in the 1924 olympic games and you focus in on two, the amazing individuals, both going to be olympic gold medalists, the kind of individuals you want young people to emulate. but the most compelling scene of the show takes place actually prior to the olympic games. both are sprinters. both are college-age athletes and both are undefeated, and they just had to know deep down being athletes, being competitors, if there's a race, who is the fastest. so, they put this competition together. they invite the best sprinters from around europe, it came time for the event, the stands were full and packed anticipating this great competition, who is
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the fastest, little or abraham. they have the race and hit the finish line and it's little first and abraham next. and the stadium is empty and sitting up in the stands is abraham and the lady would marry later. and he's replaying theration over and over again and every time it's the same outcome, it's little first, abraham second. little first. he's second and it's driving him crazy because he's never lost before. and he's sitting and going through the exercise and the young lady turns to him, harold, what's the rob, what's the big deal? you finished second but you won all the other races. why the long face? there's a pause and he turned back to her and he said i don't run to lose, i run to win, and if i can't win, i won't run. he was going to quit. he was going to say the pain of losing was too much. i'm not going to risk it, i'm not going to do it. there was another pause and she
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turned to him and said the best line of the whole show and she turned back to him and said, harold, if you don't run, you can't win, and that is so true and that mindset has always characterized the people of this great nation. a willingness to get all of the -- get out of the shadows, to get out of the twilights, to get in the game and step into the arena and put it on the line. and we're at one of those moments in american history we have to do just that. so, thank you for being willing to do that, to take the risk associated with that and to make a difference in this critical election year. the second thing i want to thank you for is thanks for being positive. i mean, i learned a long time ago, before i got crazy about politics, i was assistant wrestling coach at ohio state helping student athletes get to their goals on the wrestling mat. i love doing it. and i learned a long time ago being positive, no one likes to hang out with people that are negative. you notice the people on the left they always have a scowl on their face and are worried about
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something. we've got the truth on our folks. it's the david attitude, every day the challenge could what fight goliath, and david's response was he's so big i can't miss. that's the american attitude. that's the spirit we need. remember this and i'll close with this. a couple weeks ago the heritage foundation had a retreat for the republican study committee members and conservative members of the congress and the retreat was in philadelphia. and the retreat started, the first night, in independence hall. and when you're in that hall, and you think about what these individuals did when they signed that document in 1776, pledging their lives, their fortune and sacred honor, but more importantly declaring to the world why this nation would be different, why this experiment in liberty was going to be something special, and they declared it all and they signed their names so when they did so,
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they committed treason doing it. amazing to be there and feel that. and think about these guys, if these guys weren't willing to take the risk and weren't positive and if they weren't willing to go against the conventional wisdom, there would be no united states of forget. last summer we were in the fight on the debt ceiling, if we'd listened to the conventional wisdom we would have never had cut, cap, and balance pass the house and make the headway that we did. it's important to keep it in mind. i'll finish with this right here, my favorite scripture, timothy 2:7 i've fought the fight and kept the course and kept the faith and i love it because of the action sorted with it. it's a scripture that characterizes all of you, it's a scripture more importantly that captures this attitude, this history of our country where we've always been willing to fight, to keep and to finish the race and to finish the course. that is our charge in this critical year. every so oft


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