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tv   [untitled]    February 24, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EST

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inadvertently trivialize him. but in any event i don't think are accurate. what i tried to do when i wrote the book is to transport us credibly into his world to immerse ourselves in that and to understand up close both the very human aspects of washington and the larger than life elements of washington. and i think, you know, it is the process of evolutionary growth, it is the realization, as i said tonight there are interests greater than self-interests. washington, in many ways, outgrew the narrow culture that produced him, and that is something that i think is the essence of what we'd like to think of as the american success story.
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got one more? >> as we approach the thanksgiving holiday, i know that abraham lincoln is often recognized as the first president to initiate or give a formal day of thanksgiving. but i am also aware that george washington had done the same. i was interested in your comments on that. >> that's right. of course, franklin roosevelt institutionalized the holiday moving around to make sure there were x-number of shopping days e in the economy and the 1930s. yeah, no, you're absolutely right. george washington, both during the revolution and in his first year as president formally
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proclaimed a day of thanksgiving within a religious context. not everyone agreed with him. there were those -- i mean, this is -- it's interesting. you wouldn't think about this, necessarily, but this is one of those issues that helped to begin to define the original party system, differences, the notion of the government instituting any kind of religious observance. and in some ways, that's a debate that goes on to this day. but it also feeds into the larger question of washington and his faith. again, i would not for a moment pretend to be an authority on this, but i do believe that it is too easy, and i think
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inaccurate to simply write washington off as a deist. as someone who had a heck annistic view of the universe. my sense, his view of faith is something that evolved like so much else about washington and in particular he went through hell during the revolution and you don't have to believe the rather sugary image in stained glass of washington on his knees at valley forge. you don't have to accept that image to nevertheless embrace the idea of washington as a believing, practicing, christian. thank you so much. [ applause ]
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we'll have more american history tv on friday night, with a series of programs on the life of abraham lincoln. at 8:00 p.m. eastern a visit to ford's theater for a look at lincoln's personal effects the night of his death. and at 8:30, american artifacts looks at lincoln's assassination. at 9:00, a discussion about abraham lincoln and the freedom of the press. at 10:30, steven barry between lincoln and his in-laws the todd family. american history tv airs each weekend here on c-span3. we got started because there are a lot of conservative thinkings that work across issues. before cap there had been no single progressive thinking organization that works on economic policy, domestic
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policy, international security. >> ceo for the center for american progress on the mission of the washington, d.c., based think tank. >> we often think there is an ideology between arguments made in washington with very little facts behind them. part of our job is to make the arguments and the factual argume arguments. i do think sometimes when the facts don't argue for our position, we reexamine those positions, because we unfundamentally believe the most important thing is to be right about what your views are. >> a look at the center for american progress sunday night at 8:00 eastern and pacific on c-span's q & a. there's a new website for american history tv, where you can find our schedules and preview our upcoming programs. watch featured video from our regular weekly series.
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