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tv   [untitled]    July 9, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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>> good morning. well thank you very much. there is almost as many people in this room as in my home town. i grew up in yuma, colorado. probably most of you don't know where it is. it is between otis and eckley. that nor narrows it down a little bit. and governor mead what a fantastic leader. let's give him another round of applause please. the governor mentioned that it is a bad day in wyoming when the football team loses to colorado state university. i will point out that there haven't been that many bad days in the past couple of years. thank you some john andrews, thank you to senator arm strong and ccu the western conservative
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summit is truly an incredible opopportunity to express our values and the reasons that we believe liberty and the fumun fundamental notions of our constitution. i represent the values of this country. a nation that believes this country functions best when the government gets out of the way and lets america work. and john andrews, i am a little bit concerned about this gathering here. if janet nepolitano hears about it. it may be put on a government-watch list. they tell me there is an epa
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drone outside. what a people it has been in washington, d.c. from finding eric holder in contempt of congress, to a supreme court that has given congress the green light to taxing people for not spending money. congress can tax you when you earn an income and tax you when you buy something and now the government may tax you if you don't buy something. and while the supreme court of the united states has decided this law is not uncontitutional it is still bad policy. [ applause ] the court had it say on june 28th. the people in this room and around this country will have it say -- their say on november
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6th, 2012. [ applause ] and that is why this summit couldn't have come at a more important time in our nation's history. a time to reflect on the past and reiner jagize on the future. there is no other time in this nation's history. and i thank you for he'd are our nation's call. i do have great hope for this great country and it is reflected in a conversation i had just a few weeks ago in douglas county. when i young girl who joined us at a town meeting came up to us six years old and she said mr. gardner i'm worried about our country and i just want to know what i can do to help it.
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a six-year-old girl who wants to know what she can do to help our country. it is our obligation those of us in this room to make sure that we are helping her by doing the right thing this november and making the choice for the direction of this nation. a choice that is more freedom and a choice that ad here to our constitution and a choice that says we in this room know how to better manage our lives, our families and our businesses better than any government over could. [ applause ] and while it seems like there was a long time ago, there was a supreme court decision aside from the supreme court decision this week. and our next speaker knows about
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this. jan brewer helped lead the county to one of the best managed counties in the nation. and the arizona legislature she worked to make fiscal responsibility a hallmark of the arizona budget. she has always known that hard work is the way to make things happen. after losing her father at the age of 11, she worked with her mother after school and on weekends at her mother's dress shop. she learned that you never quit. on january 21,2009 she took this notion to our inauguration when she was sworn in as the governor of the state of arizona. [ applause ] >> and now, i would like to introduce to you and quit talking before congress decides
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it can tax me for talking, the gov nof ernor of the great stat arizona, jan brewer. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you all. thank you very, very much. good morning. good morning. wow this is like a safe port amid a storm. you guys are fabulous. and thank you for that very kind and warm introduction. but before i begin, let me begin by saying that i know that colorado is facing devastating wildfires up here, and i certainly have seen too many of them in the state of arizona. and they leave blackened forests and charred homes and heartache
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behind. as colorado battled this awful fire situation up here. i want you to know that i bring arizona's thoughts and prayers to you. and i know all of us will be keeping the firefighters including many from arizona in our prayers that they risk their lives to save homes and protect colorado's natural abundant beauty. [ applause ] >> our nation is fortunate we are allnori fortunate to have t leadership of senator armstrong who is guiding colorado christian university as it helps americans govern themselfves better. that leadership of course includes the efforts of a great policy thinktank. like the centennial institute on
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campus and this summit. [ applause ] >> now, there is one other person who should be singled out for all that he has done to inspire and energize on conservatives across this country. i would ask him to stand and take a bow. but barack obama couldn't be with us this morning. i actually offered to greet him at the airport yesterday when he arrived here in arizona. [ applause ] >> but of course the white house they declined. you know i don't think he liked what i had to say. you know, you do know, you know a recession is when your
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neighbors lose their job. a depression is when you lose your job. and i believe a recovery for this nation will be back when barack obama loses his job. [ applause ] >> in my book, "scorpions for breakfast". i looked him in the eye and told him i didn't want to talk about so called comprehensive immigration reform while our borders are still out of control. but this administration was telling us from 3,000 miles away that our border was more secure than ever, well, mr. president, tell that to the survivors and the friends of robert crents a dedicated community man shot to death on the same ranch that his family has called home for more
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than 100 years. tell that to the friends and relatives to agent ryan terry a victim of a border game that was armed by our federal government all allowing guns to be shipped into mexico. and by the way, now we are told that the justice department, attorney general will be shield ed after the house voted to hold him in contempt of congress. incredible, incredible. the president and his party had both houses and congress for two years and could have fulfilled the promise to fix our broken immigration system but they failed. they failed the american people and failed to protect our
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citizens and failed to preserve the rule of law and failed to secure our borders. our brave men and women in uniform have been trained to enforce this law in harmony with the constitution. civil rights will be protected. racial profiling will not be tolerated. under my direction senate bill 10:70 was amended to make sure that civil rights are always protected. arizona is prepared to move forward to fight for the law that we worked so hard to defend ever faithful to the constitution. now, you may have heard there is just a postscript to this story.
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just hours following the supreme court decision, the obama administration revoked an agreement which allowed arizona law enforcement officers to partner with federal judgement government with the enforcement of the law. sometimes i wonder, in fact this is a struggle with the federal government. it might just make us stronger especially now because we fully understand what barack obama has done to our country. in the november election, americans will make a choice, about what is right and about what is wrong. wrong is the president obama accumulating more debt than any other president in history.
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wrong is the fact that millions of american peoples are unemployed wrong is the fact that millions more cannot find work, wrong is apologizing for america when he travels abroad. wrong is -- [ applause ] >> wrong is failing to secure our borders and suing states that only want to enforce the law. wrong is believe -- thank yutha thank you. [ applause ] >> wrong is believing you can create wealth by simply spreading it around. and finally, wrong is claiming greatness by blaming others for his failures. [ applause ]
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>> here is what i believe is right. right is calling a terrorist well, a terrorist. right is calling a christmas tree a christmas tree. [ applause ] >> and right is not being afraid to salute the flag, where a flag pin -- [ applause ] >> say the pledge of allegiance to the flag. sing the national anthem unashamed with a tear in our eye. rig right? [ applause ] >> right is not being afraid to say to those who are here illegally you deserve no
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favoritism. [ applause ] >> obey our laws. no jobs for over unemployed americans and get in line the way thousands of others have done. the right way. the legal way. [ applause ] >> right is saying that and doing much more. and that is what i've done. you know, what should bother us most is that we have a president who suggests that america is not an exceptional nation. what other country has sent it's finest young men and women to fight on distant battlefield hes for justice and peace. what other nation rose not to conquer but to protect.
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we are an exceptional nation all right. [ applause ] >> that is just a fact. wring written in blood and sacrifice of american patriots and sacrifice. freedom is the right to question and change what we do think. freedom is the continuing revolution of the marketplace. president obama doesn't have much in common with ronald reagan. but one wants to spread the wealth, the other lived to spread freedom. [ applause ] >> in arizona, i have chosen freedom. [ applause ] >> i decided to free the private
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sector from the burden of overregulation and the heavy hand of government. because i understood that the free enterprise system was the answer. three years ago arizona was on the brink. we were trstruggling with the worst budget deficit in the nation. we needed a change and arizona is now living that philosophy. with a series of historic reforms i lowered corporate taxes, lowered corporate property taxes and lowered business-personal property taxes. i balanced the budget and reduced personal costs by 13%. i reformed the state's medicaid system saving over $500 million a year. in short -- thank you. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> in short, arizona created a model for economic recovery very different from the obama administration where they spent we saved. where they handcuffed private industry with excessive rules and regulations we unleashed the free market. these reforms have been accomplished with free trils principles of limited government regulations. [ applause ] >> and let me say right here and now. for defenders of free democrat. thursday's decision was overreaching and unafofordable and a huge assault on state's rights.
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[ applause ] >> middle-class americans are now faced with a massive new tax. the erosion of liberty and health insurance choices dictated by an overbearing federal government we need real responsible health-care reform. thank you, yes. [ applause ] >> we need states like arizona that have been promoting private sector competition and controlling costs. i believe true reform will spring from covvern states. free to provide the coverage th that meets the needs of citizens at a price they can afford. and i stand ready to work alongside congress, state legislators and stakeholders alike in developing pro pose
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ales that enhance choice and competition to our health care and our marketplace. the supreme court decision makes the november election more important than ever. it is now up to save our countr fiscal and regulatory nightmares. we must repeal obamacare. [ applause ] and we must elect a president who understands the economy, represents free enterprise, and respects the constitution and individual liberty. in just a few days, we'll celebrate the birth of the greatest nation the world has ever known.
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it should be a celebration that reminds us we can never give up fighting for what is right, fighting for our freedom. now i understand in his bid to win reelection, president obama thinks arizona and probably your state too is in play. he thinks he can win our states. well, i say game on. [ applause ] and i'm going to fight and i'm going to travel our country. i'm going to speak with every ounce of energy in me between now and november to return a republican to the white house. [ applause ] so let's resolve to meet the challenges facing this great nation and conservatives. during the election of 1860,
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abraham lincoln wrote a letter to a friend and said, and i quote, i know there is a god and that he hates injustice. i see the storm coming. but if he has a place and a part for me, i believe that i am ready, end of quote. well, we know there is a god and the storm is already here. and if he has a place and a part for me and all of you, i believe we are ready. [ applause ] are you ready? are you ready? let there be no doubt these are
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difficult days that providence has set before us. i do not shrink from them, and neither should you. i do not cower and neither should you. and after we get the right leadership in washington, d.c., neither will america. [ applause ] thank you. may god bless you and your families, and may god always bless and protect the united states of america. [ applause ] thank you, thank you. god bless all of you. thank you. >> thank you, governor brewer. fantastic, inspiring. thanks so much for being here. >> this is really a safe port, isn't it?
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>> thank you, governor brewer. wow. was that incredible? you know, i'm sitting here listening, and jeff myers with summit ministry leans over just a minute ago and says "boy, i'm glad she's on our side, aren't you?"" and as she was speaking before she suggested that she would be happy to meet barack obama on the tarmac, i was just thinking about my comments coming up here. and i was picturing -- you remember the picture, don't you, on the tarmac? how inspiring. thank you, governor brewer. and i would say to you as you're exiting that your courage, your
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strength, your stand against the federal government, the ever encroaching federal government is an inspiration to each one of us here. so thank you. [ applause ] you know, tomorrow we'll be holding a straw poll for the vice presidential pick. and if you would like, you can write in governor brewer's name. you could write in governor mead's name. i think either one of these incredible individuals would be a great addition to the ticket. but what a great morning. how inspiring. what a great evening last night. it is wonderful to be together and to talk about the things that are most important to this country. it's an honor for me in just a minute to bring up kevin miller and jonathan finer, who will be introducing our next speakers. but before i do that, i didn't bring my prop up, but you'll
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know what i'm talking about. i want to direct your attention to on your table you'll see a western conservative summit addition of the colorado christian university connection, or university magazine. this addition of the connection will give you a wonderful summary of who we are at ccu. it will tell you just a little bit about some of the great things that are happening at colorado christian university. you know, if president armstrong had the foresight and the vision to bring senator john andrews to ccu to start the centennial institute, and if senator andrews and his team were able to put together an event of this magnitude, then you know that our small university is accomplishing big things. [ applause ] so i'd encourage you to take a
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few minutes when you can and look through the magazine and see what is happening at ccu. and now to kevin miller and jonathan finer. kevin is a fellow at the centennial institute. he hosts the crossover network, a ccu networking and seminar forum for leaders in the business and nonprofit communities. kevin is a businessman. he is the co-founder of a web-based services firm and the founder and president of whitestone miller, a venture consulting firm. kevin is an educator. he was the founding dean of ccu school of business and now he is executive in residence at ccu to the great benefit of our wonderful students and to the entire ccu community. kevin's an author. the second prop that i did not bring up is kevin's book. his most recent work titled "freedom nationally, virtue locally or socialism." if you are a social conservative, and frankly even
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if you're not, this book will challenge you. and here is where i make the plug and hold the book up and say it's available out in the lobby. i don't have it with me, but you get the idea. kevin did not ask me to plug his book, but it's a wonderful quick read. so i would encourage you to take a look at it. kevin has challenge mid thinking over the past year that i've known him, and he is a great american and a great man. jonathan finer is one of our shining stars at ccu, a wonderful, wonderful young man, a ccu student. he is an intern this summer at the heritage foundation in washington, d.c. in the office of the president. he will be one of two pages from colorado serving at the republican national conversation in florida later this summer. you know, i don't have the opportunity to meet a lot of our students in my role at ccu. i'm out a lot, off campus a lot.
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but i have had the opportunity to visit with jonathan a number of times over the last few months. and he is an amazing young man. he has a heart for the lord. he has a heart for public policy, for politics. and i would say you want to keep your eye on jonathan finer. i suspect you'll hear more about him in the years to come. jonathan and kevin will be introducing james robison and jay richards. will you please help me welcome jonathan finer and kevin miller. [ applause ] >> good morning. isn't this a fantastic event? it's just such a pleasure to see all of you. isn't it great? it's my pleasure to introduce you to james robison. he is working with jay richards. they're going to be a combined presentation. so jay will be speaking first. james robison is a good friend


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