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tv   President Kennedys Final Address to the United Nations  CSPAN  November 17, 2013 7:30pm-7:50pm EST

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social media sites. this november 22nd, marks the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination. we will look back on the president's policies. he stood before the united nation's general assembly for what would be his last address to that body. on september 20th, 1963 he noted that the delegates with meeting in an atmosphere of rising hope. he spoke of nuclear arms, and the space race evolving into joint exploration with the soviet union. this 18 minute speech is shown curtesy of the visual library. mr. president, as one who has taken some interest in the election of presidents i want to
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congratulate you on your election to this high office. mr. secretary general, delegates, ladies and gentlemen we meet again in the quest for peace. 24 months ago when i last had the honor of addressing this body the shadow of fear lay darkly across the world. the freedom of west berlin, wars in mediate peril, agreement with on neutral seemed remote, the mandate of units in the congo was under fire. hold back the darkness today the clouds have lifted a little. so that new rays of hope can break through. the pressures on west berlin appear to be temporarily eased. political unity in the congo has been largely restored.
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a coalition while still in difficulty is at least in being. the integrity of the united nations secretariat has been reaffirmed. a united nations decade of development is underway and for the first time in 17 years of effort, a specific step has been taken to limit the nuclear arms race. i refer of course to the treaty to ban nuclear tests in the atmosphere, outer space and under water. concluded by the soviet union, the united kingdom and the united states and already signed by nearly 100 countries. it has been hailed by people the world over who are thankful to be free from the fears of nuclear fall out and i'm confident that on next tuesday at 10:30 in the morning it will
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receive the endorsement from the senate of the united states. the world has not escaped the darkness. the long shadows of crisis envelope us still. but we meet today in an atmosphere in rising hope and at a moment of comparative calm. my presence here today is not a sign of crisis but of confidence. i'm not here to report on a new threat to the peace on new signs of war. i have come to salute the united nations and support the american people for your daily deliberation. for the of this body, reduction of global tension must not be an excuse for the narrow pursuit of self interest. if the soviet union and the
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united states with all of their global interests and clashing commitments of ideology and nuclear weapons still aimed at each other today can find areas of common interest and agreement, surely other nations can do the same. regions caught in conflict and regional issues and chronic disputes which divert resources from the needs of the people drain the energies of both sides and serve no one. and the badge of responsibility in the modern world is a willingness to seek peaceful solutions. it is never early to try and never too late to talk. the united states as a major nuclear power does have a special responsibility to the
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world. it is in fact a three fold responsibility. a responsibility to our own citizens and to the people of the whole world who are affected by our decisions and to the next generation of humanity. we believe the soviet union also has these especial responsibilities. and those require our two nations to concentrate lesson our differences and more on the means of resolving them peacefully. for too long both of us have increased our military budgets, nuclear stockpiles and our capacity to destroy all life on this hemisphere. human, animal, vegetable, without corresponding increase in our security.
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our conflicts to be sure are real. our concepts of the world are different. no service is performed by failing to make clear our disagreements. the central difference is the self determination for all people. we believe that the people of germany and berlin must be free to reunite and free to secure the fruits of the revolution that have been betrayed from within and exploited from out. section of freedom. our determination to safeguard that freedom will measure up to any threat or challenge. but i would say to the leaders of the soviet union and to their people if either of our countries is to be fully secure,
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we need a much better weapon than the h bomb, better than nuclear submarines. that better weapon is peaceful cooperation. we have in recent years agreed on a limited test ban treaty. on an emergency communications link between our capitols and a statement of principles on disarmament. on increase of cultural exchange on cooperation in outer space peaceful cooperation of an arctics and on last year's crisis over cuba. i believe therefore that the soviet union and the united states together with their allies can achieve further agreements those that spring from our mutual interest in avoiding mutual destruction. there can be no doubt about the agenda of further steps.
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we must continue to seek agreements. on measures that prevent on accident or miscalculation. we must continue to seek agreement on safeguards against attack including observation posts. we must continue to seek agreement on further measures to curb the nuclear arms race. converting materials to peaceful purposes and banning underground testing with adequate inspection and enforcement. we must continue to seek agreement on a freer flow of information on people east to west. we must continue to seek agreement encouraged by yesterday's affirmative response to this proposal by the
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soviet foreign minister on an arrangement to keep weapons of mass destruction out of outer space. let's get back to the table to work out a practical arrangement. finally, in a field where the united states and the soviet union have a special capacity in the field of space, there is room for new cooperation. further joint efforts in the regulation and exploration of space. i include among these possibilities a joint expedition to the moon. space offers no problems of sovereignty. they have foreswarn any claim that territorial rights in space or unbodies.
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why should the united states and soviet union in preparing for such expeditions become involved in the immense duplications of research e expenditure. surely we should explore whether the scientists and astronauts of our two countries and that freedom is more enduring than coercion. in the contest for a better life all the world can be a winner. it is not task of a few. it is the task of all nations acting alone, acting in groups, acting in the united nations for playing, pollution, hazards of nature, hunger of children foes
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of every nation. as man had such capacity to control his own environment, to end thirty and hunger, to stop poverty and disease. to banish literacy and massive human misery. we have the power to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world. i want to make it the last. the provision of development assistance by individual nations must go on. but the united nations also must play a larger role by helping to all men the fruits of science and open new subjects held earlier this year at geneva, open new vistas to developing countries.
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next year the the conference on trade will consider the needs for these new markets. more than four fifths of the system can be found today mobile liesing the weapons of science and technology for the united nation decade of development. but more can be done. a world center for health communications under the world health organization could warn of epidemics and adverse effects of certain drugs as well as transmit the results of new experiments and discoveries. regional research centers could advance our medical knowledge and train new scientists and doctors for new nations. a global system of satellites could provide information for all corners of the earth. a worldwide program of conservation could protect the
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forest and wild game in trouble. improve the marine harvest of food from our oceans and prevent the contamination of air and water for nuclear pollution. finally, a worldwide program of productivity and food distribution similar to our food and peace program now give every child the food he needs. new efforts are needed. if this assembly's declaration of human rights now 15 years old is to have full meaning. and new meaning is to be found. for ideas in travel and communication and increased exchanges of people, books, broadcasts. or as the world renounces the competition of weapons, competition and ideas must
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flourish. that competition must be as full and as fair as possible. the united states delegation will be prepared to suggest to the initiatives in pursuit of all these goals. for this is an organization for peace. peace cannot come without work and without progress. the peace keeping record of the united nations has been a proud one though tasks always formable. we have the skills of our secretary general and brave efforts serves the cause of peace in the congo in the middle east in korea and cashmere, in west asia. what the united nations has done in the past is less important than the task of the future. we cannot take the peace keeping machinery for granted.
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that must be soundly financed which it cannot be if some members are allowed to prevent it from meeting the own obligations by failing to meet their own the united states must be supported by all those that exercise franchise here. operations must be back to the end. too often a project -- i also hope the recent initiative of several members will encourage similar commitments by others. this nation remains ready to provide logistic and material support. policing is not enough. without provision for specific settlement. we should increase the resource of special missions of fact
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finding and make greater use of the court of justice. the united nations cannot survive as a static organization. it's obligations are increasing as well as its size. it's charter must be changed as well as its customs. the authors of that charter did not intend that it be frozen. the science of weapons and war has made us all far more than 18 years ago in san francisco one world and one human race with one common destiny in such a world absolute sovereignty no longer assures us of absolute security. the conventions of peace must pull abreast and then a head of the inventions of war. the united nations building on successes and learning from
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failures must be developed into a genuine world security system. peace does not rest. two years ago i told this body that the united states was ready to sign a limited test ban treaty. today that treaty has been signed. it will not put an end to war. it will not remove basic conflicts and will not secure free come for all. but it can be a lever. in explaining the principles of the lever, he was said to have declared to friend, give me a place i can stand and i shall move the world. my fellow inhabitants of this planet, let us take our stand here, in this assembly of nations and let us see if we can
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in our own time to a jest and lasting peace. [ applause ] this november 22nd marks the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination in dallas. join american history tv november 23 and 24 for eyewitness accounts of the events surrounding that fall day in 1963. we'll air footage of the kennedy
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funeral and lyndon johnson's address to congress. watch ceremonies from the plaza in dallas and the jfk library in boston and we'll take your phone calls. remembering jfk 50 years after dallas. here on american history tv on cspan 3. mrs. johnson first lady loved to show off the texas country and her home. the guest to the ranch would formally gather here in the den. various heads of states came to visit. we have pay few things that speak to her connection to the room here. one of the things she wanted to highlight was the native american heritage here in the hill country. we have a small collection of arrow heads over there. she had an eye for copper and collected gifts over the years from various friends. johnson gave a tour of the house where she featured the china you see here,


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