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tv   The Civil War  CSPAN  November 9, 2014 11:55am-12:01pm EST

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she saw that his humor masked a very diligent and driven man. you are not quite the happy-go-lucky fellow you pretend to be, she commented. you are so much more serious than most people realize. after four years as vice president, barkley retired from politics, seemingly forever. but he longed to return to the senate chamber, so he ran for and won reelection to the senate in 1954. ousting another big-name candidate, republican john sherman cooper. barkley returned to the senate as the junior senator from kentucky. two years into his second tenure in the senate, barkley was doing what he loved, speaking to a crowd of students at a mock convention at washington and lee university.
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he was explaining to the students why he had refused a seat in the front row of the senate chamber, despite his earlier decades of service in the legislative body. i'm glad to sit in the back row, the 78-year-old barkley said. for i would rather be a servant in a house of the lord, then to sit in the seats of the mighty. those were senator barkley's last words before he collapsed. as he suffered a fatal heart attack, the roar of the crowd was the last thing he would hear. barkley's rich legacy lives on today, not only in kentucky, but in the united states senate. i'm proud to say that barkley's portrait hangs over the desk in my office, in the capital. undoubtedly, barkley's effectiveness was in part a result of his winning
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personality, which did not let temporary disagreements hamper long-term relationships. a hard-working, patient leader, barkley used his wit, charm, and legislative acumen to help push through much of roosevelt's new deal legislation. and later, as leader, critical wartime legislation. barkley was also a committed internationalist, supporting the creation of the u.n., nato, and the marshall plan. as illinois senator paul douglas said of barkley, no one was better versed than he in how to get legislation enacted with a minimum of friction. a testament to his abilities as reflected in the work of the committee chaired by then senator john f. kennedy, in the 1950's. the senate panel was tasked with selecting the five most illustrious senators of all time.
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barkley was among the finalists for the honor. at the end of the day, one would have to agree with president truman. he ranked barkley as one of the greatest legislators of all times. so i would leave you all to consider the towering legacy of alben barkley. an unquestioned giant in the history of the senate, in the history of kentucky, and in the history of paducah. thank you very much. [applause] >> joining american history tv next saturday for all-day live coverage of a world war i centennial symposium in norfolk, virginia. we will hear from scholars about the war and welcome your calls,
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your facebook posts, and tweets. that is next saturday, starting at 9:30 a.m. eastern, here on american history tv. >> next, we discussed the impact of propaganda on american news and japanese in world war ii. the class compares anti-not see the class compares anti-nazi propaganda against a political party to anti-japanese messages which often did not distinguish between combatants and civilians. the class debates how the distinction may have been influenced by jim crowe laws and racism in america during the 1940's. this is just under one hour. >> ok.
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i would like to welcome everybody to lessen 19. we will be focusing on the world war ii in the pacific, the racial nature of the war. the last time i asked you, is it racial baggage? or is it word desensitization? patrick is going to be leading as often the discussion. what have you got? >> the main topic is desensitization. in many ways to define it as a disregard of a prewar, moral or legal norms during war, looking at circumstances or barberry of the enemy, what have you. it is manifested and the pacific war as a firebombing of tokyo, targeting civilian areas. war trophy collecting of the individual soldiers and general transition from the goal of the war to be a military def


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