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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 28, 2014 7:51pm-7:56pm EST

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>> are a historian's best friend, particularly the library of
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congress and brown did an awful lot of research, they kept calling my attention to something i wouldn't have otherwise have seen. and all my friends in european history, and asian history and latin american history are jealous because they say they're your enemy. >> we have invited our panelists to occupy a desk in the hallway of where they can sign and some of them have copies of their books. want to express our appreciation to all the panelists, to you for coming today. and thanks to cbs span for being with us.
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>> you're watching american history tv, all weekend, every weekend on cspan 3 and during congressional breaks and holidays too. today we're focusinging on the civil war, showing you a recent forum on an 1864 election, focusinging on the election of 1863. lincoln ran on a platform of restoring the union and emancipation for slaves and hoe used it as a mandate for the reecoverry of the policies. sunday at 6:00 and 10:00 p.m., artifacts and photographs to trace the history of women in the house, beginning with the election of jeanette rankin.
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>> we're portraying company k in the south carolina company infantry, they were nobody as the irish volunteers. they're one of the units that were actually camped at mont mill yar. we felt it would be good to -- we did some events down in charleston and we realliliked the city, so it kind of brought 2 and 2 together for us, they were a militia unit, and they actually remained active until
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the spanish-american war. being at montpelier, in south carolina and in virginia, the weather was a little bit different for them in the winter time. they suffered a great deal in that their rations were poor. there was a diary from soldier who is camped here. and we actually do some research online to find out about it, so the internet has been a greet source to find information on these men. we're putting a can vas top. these sites were 12 by 12, they would have anywhere from four to five men, it was actually a way to get out of the cold, keep warm and a way to survive.


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