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tv   1963 Documentary Henry Fords Mirror of America  CSPAN  November 30, 2014 3:59pm-4:37pm EST

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over $11 billion of the roughly $20 billion in iraqi money that the united states sent back to iraq was unaccounted for, and owen'sewart o when -- $200 billion in cash was stolen after it was thrown from andrews air force base to baghdad apparently by powerful iraqis and was being hidden in a bunker in rural lebanon. 8:00 p.m. eastern "q+a."an's "uni. -- >> monday night on "the communicators," peter teel, cofounder of paypal. >> i would say the single
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overarching theme of my class and of the book "01" is people --uld rethink repetition competition. you perhaps you should not compete at all, and --a founder, at 9:00 eastern on "the communicators." >> each week, american history tv's real america brings you archival films that help to tell the story of the 20th century. henry ford's "mirror of america" offers a glimpse at life in the united states between 1914 and 1930. ford re-creates the film in 1914. 1960 three, the ford motor
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company donated over 5000 films to the national archives as a gift to the american people. the national archives produced this documentary that same year to show highlights of the ford collection. so many ways, henry ford was a simple man. he liked to go camping with his friends. that is thomas edison behind him. he enjoyed old-time country dancing. naturalist.ith the grandchildren.s together. a garden his first that is his wife. it began with an idea that most people thought would not work, but he made it work.
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the tools he used were common sense, ingenuity, and perseverance. along with the natural instinct of putting machines together and making them run. he was born into a world of limited horizons. he never lost his love for the land and the everlasting cycle. what he accomplished helped man put the burden of work on machines and broke the barriers of space and time, of isolation and distance. his life was a paradox. his mechanical genius help to change forever the lives of people everywhere, he thought to record of the world around him and his ever widening interest.
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he collected buildings the way others collect stamps and the minute village where time stands still. he assembled acres of machines and early he discovered that capacity for the motion picture capacity. in april 1914, he organized a motion picture department which produced films that were shown in theaters and schools throughout the country. they touched on nearly every facet of american life.
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this is the way the country looks in the years before the first world war. the man on the farm works as his forefathers have.
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and a long day for the farmer's wife, too. ♪ homea quiet evening at because there is no place to go. a man thinks twice before he goes to market on roads like this. sometimes, he never even gets there.
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it is a long walk to school on a muddy road. sleigh in the by winter. time for a snowball fight. ♪ the one sure way to get someplace is on a train. you can only go where the tracks go. life in the city moves at a slow pace. this is pennsylvania avenue in
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washington, no trip to the capital is complete without a tour of the white house. president wilson lives here now. there is more hustle and bustle down at the market. new york city on the lower east side. always plenty to do and see in the big town. ride the elevator train all the way from the battery far of town. -- far uptown. there is the hippodrome, one of the big theaters in new york. city is ay to see the
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boat ride around manhattan. all aboard! watch out. they will try to sell you the brooklyn bridge. battery, there is a .avy cruiser ocean liners along the hudson river. marty tall buildings in new york city. -- mighty tall buildings in new york city. the flatiron building, the woolworth building, 60 stories high, tallest in the world. ♪
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kind of peaceful over on riverside drive. , always one of the favorite sites to see. sunday in central park. no place like it for a leisurely stroll. ♪ coney island -- ♪
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they say some folks even get wet is the warmer -- if the water is warm enough. vacation once on a year? atlantic city, of course. that is not a real elephant. it is a hotel at the end of the boardwalk. they are waving -- the atlantic ocean. time, they stroll
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along the boardwalk or ride along in the rolling chairs. city has a park. this is belle isle near detroit. canoe ifoon ride in a you do not mind the crowds. some like to dance. in the winter, the adventurous go ice skating. how. easy to know ♪ there is nothing like the thrill of a nice road on a cold day -- ice road on a cold day.
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race, of speed in an auto once they get going. buffalo bill himself, his 71st year, straight as an arrow. the opening of baseball season. snapshots of other people we
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know. he waves to admirers. burbank, an expert in horticulture. he has removed the spines from the cactus. he says it is good to eat, too. we will take his word for it. thomas edison in san francisco in 1915, out for a drive with his wife. of illinois,on former speaker of the house of representatives. will rogers, america's favorite humorist. out west, the few hardy souls visit glacier national park.
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a little short on equipment, but strong in spirit. the view is worth the effort, so they say. there goes dad. it is not all play. there is more work to be done.
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the cameraman cannot resist his little joke. you see a lot of women in the factories now. they are making hats. there is a difference. down the post office, they are teaching the girls to sort the mail. one thing they learned in a hurry, do not pick up too much at once. here is a place for women to work, and steady, too. some men change their collars twice a week. machines do more and more of the hard work these days.
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here is the way they assemble the spokes to make the wheel for the model t ford in michigan. ♪ the eight hour workday ends and the men go home -- mostly by trolley. not many can afford to buy a car of their own yet. ago, men went home long when the war between the states
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ended. the survivors, both blue and gray, still meet together once a year to renew old acquaintance. it is 1917. have.emories they must they have fought their war. while these recruits in michigan are being trained to fight another war. out and they respond enthusiastically. how can they know what lies ahead?
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just a year ago, we reelected woodrow wilson as president. now we are in a war we had hoped to avoid, but we are confident he will lead us to victory. liberty -- who will win the war? uncle sam needs you. old heroes are popular again. here is theodore roosevelt surrounded by cars -- crowds wherever he goes. everything is just fully. -- bully. and there is a parade in every city and town. ♪
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♪ the training is deadly serious now. learning to pronounce names of places we have never heard of before. ou factories convert to production of engines. these are the famous liberty engines. she is doing her bit. here is a certificate for buying $500. henry ford receives a navy contract to buy old navy boats -- to build navy boats. using a technique of the
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automobile assembly line, they are riveted together. the launching of an eagle boat, sleek and fast, built for anti-submarine warfare. park, ford experiments with a small tank powered by two model t engines. will across the trenches? not every time. back to the drawing board. detroit turns out to say goodbye and good luck to
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those who go to fight in foreign fields. maybe those skids in back will help. too bad. big brother shows how it should
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be done. at highland park -- ♪ another new weapon, it not very this is the yet, .irst model
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eddie rickenbacker comes some to encourage. -- here is how they manufactured them. a liberty engine. the faces of america at war. these are men working in a girlsrd, the red cross are a friendly site. he has worked at the bureau of engraving in washington since 1864. barracks life in an army camp.
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more troop trains headed for points of embarkation. cup of coffee you for we shove off -- before we shove off. we will not come back until it's over. meanwhile, there goes another one. out the bugs are all ironed and the captain places in order for 15,000 tanks.
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sent by king george to arrange for the shipment to great the deliveryeed up of food. parades and more parades to keep the home fires burning. now is the time to buy liberty bonds so we can finish the job we have started. keep buying them, mr. foe. mister.buying them, and then it is over and the world is safe with democracy.
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one more parade in washington. there is president harding. they are marching to arlington cemetery to bury the unknown soldier. seems like everyone is on the move. we've got to do something about those roads. ♪
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it takes forever to cross a river this way. they begin to build new roads. mighty smooth riding now. there is one car that takes you anywhere you want to go, the model t. strong, sturdy, with a will of its own. ♪
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here is how they put them together. a car comes off the end of the line every 10 seconds.
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they sell them in just about every town in the land. end to what you can do when you own a car. no longer locked on the land, a farmer's wife can get away from the farm for a little while. ofcks take over the job moving produce to market. ♪
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the saturday afternoon drive becomes a national habit. this is the columbia river highway, built in 1917. magnificent sights to see in america and the car is the way to get there. that there is hungry. -- that bear is hungry. for a real vacation, nothing beats a camping trip.
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picnicsin the park -- ne in the park or alongside the lake. sleep in a car if you want. henry ford and his friends go camping in style. arrives to payng the assembly a visit. ford chops wood for exercise. thomas edison takes a snooze.
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firestone offers some friendly advice. the president takes a turn with the ax. , and edisonesident read the papers. by a tractor, they are selling more of her year. a tractor, they are selling more every year. makes it easier and more efficient. electricity does more chores for the farmer's wife.
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running water whenever you want. no more trips to the pump. .nd no more churning a growing problem in the cities, what to do about all of the traffic. sometimes it seems to go like this. ♪ and there is a parking problem,
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even in small town's. the policeman has a new responsibility, directing traffic. steps are taken to emphasize the need for safer driving. motion pictures show what can happen when you are not alert.
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♪ the age of the automobile changes every aspect of american life. the tempo quickens in city and country. almost everyone can afford to own a car. sometimes it seems we are all on the road at the same time. we are a nation on wheels and soon to take to the air. there he is, charles lindbergh.
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another pioneer gives us the courage to try something new. there are scheduled flights to anywhere you want to go. the dimensions of time and space are further diminished. a new age begins and we move forward. as we go, we preserve the past to mirror the accomplishments of those who have shown us the way to the future. ♪


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