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tv   Ray Smock on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi  CSPAN  January 3, 2015 10:22pm-10:29pm EST

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>> congratulations. >> how you lost the junk food czar. it worked out. >> nancy pelosi was elected the first woman speaker of the house in 2007. we will hear from her in a few minutes. how did she get the job? >> she got the job by working hard, harder than anybody else and being a person -- politics were ingrained in her in an early age. she grew up in baltimore. her father was a five term congressman. also mayor of baltimore. he was mayor of baltimore as well.
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she comes from that kind of background. at age 21 she was at john f. kennedy's inauguration. she lives and breathed politics. she became active in california politics. the numbers change over several years. she came in at 1987. basically 20 years later, she becomes speaker. during the 20 years prior to her elevation as speaker, she assumed a lot of hard work, a lot of floor work for the democratic party, positions with the democratic congressional
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campaigns. her district was a safe democratic district. she could devote her time helping others get elected to office. that made her attractive years later as she rose to power. i can remember that she would frequently be the one, the person the democrats had on the floor so there can always be someone to respond or answer to any objections or anything that was going on that required a democratic voice at all times. when she became speaker she earned it the old-fashioned way by hard political work.
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>> we will see her surrounded by her grandchildren on the house floor. was she making a statement with that? >> as i mentioned, family frequently accompanies the members. she had her grandchildren all over the place. the rest of the family was up in the speaker's gallery. she acknowledged them in her remarks. this was a big day for the family. it was the first time a woman had been elected. now you will see when you watch opening day that the person who
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lost the election, john boehner -- the democrats had 223 members. the republicans had about 206. john boehner is gracious in his remarks. he understands this is a historic moment. boehner has a reputation of -- on occasion showing his emotions. not hiding them. you can see that. he chokes up a couple of times. he recognizes that even though he lost the speakership this was a historic event. >> what kind of relationship did nancy pelosi have over george w. bush? >> they did not have the best relationships because of the iraq war. she was a staunch opponent of that war. she fought with george bush on the issue of where are these
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weapons of mass destruction. she was a very vocal opponent of that war. that set the tone of her opposition. >> what is her legacy? >> yet to be written, she is still an active member. she is always going to have that first -- in working with president obama passing the health care bill and being able to do some remarkable national defense. we will hold her in good stead. and of coarse who knows what the , future holds. she is still one of the most powerful democrats in the house
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of representatives, even though she is the minority leader. her district is probably safe as long as she wants to occupy it. she usually wins by 70%-80% in her district. what we have seen is maybe just chapter one. >> thank you. and here is nancy pelosi in january 2007 on the opening day of the congress.


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