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tv   Challenge to America  CSPAN  June 20, 2015 3:56pm-4:01pm EDT

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the possibility to live 1/3 better right now. a power mower, lawn furniture an outdoor grill. the car is two-tone, new with power steering, power brakes, and automatic transmission. this will be a two-car family before long. time is precious to today's housewife. the industry has developed instant rice, frozen juices, easy to serve jesus, and complete precooked frozen dinners. this is creative marketing. an american today and fewer hours produces three times what his grandfather did. most americans are moving into a new middle last. by 1965 the average family should have an income of $7,000 a year in today's dollars.
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the leveling up of income is taking place in all regions of the country. there is more spendable money. in 1953, disposable income for houses after taxes was 5000 3100 -- 5310. savings have risen to a record he. $285 billion in 1985. a 20 fold increase since 1940. >> if we, as a people act wisely, our annual national output can rise from an annual amount of $360 billion to $550 billion. >> this is a challenge to america. >> like many of us, first
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families take vacation time and like presidents and first ladies, a good read can be the perfect companion for your summer journey. what better book than one that peers inside the life of every first lady in american history? first ladies. inspiring stories of fascinating women who survived the scrutiny of the white house to a great summertime read. available as a hardcover or e-book. >> some are sitting front left over the chamber, if you will. when brooks comes into the chamber and comes into the center doors, he is looking directly at sumner. some there is looking not at him. some there's head is bowed. he is literally -- soumner is not
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looking at him. sumner is literally signing things. brooke reaches him raises his cane i have read your speech twice and it is a libel to my state. sumner he hits sumner in the head. sumner's head explodes into blood. >> stephen puleo discusses the
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caning of charles sumner. >> bubble of the late 1990's. this program is about an hour. >> good evening, and welcome to tonight's meeting. tonight program is being


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