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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  August 15, 2015 9:52am-10:01am EDT

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charitable work. there's just so made different aspects of hamilton's life that need covering that in a, even in a thick volume, that covers his entire life, only a page or two really deserves an entire chapter or an entire section of a book. so, hopefully i will be able to continue working on hamilton. in a few more years i guess i will be back here. what do you think about that? [applause] >> first lady helen taft made several notable changes to the white house. the most obvious is replacing the white male ushers with african-american staff. also while in washington she raised funds to create a memorial for victims of the titanic.
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her greatest accomplishment was bringing cherry blossom trees to the nation's capital. it is on c-span's original series first lady. investigating the public and private lives of the first lady. and their influence on the presidency. at 8 p.m. eastern on american history tv on c-span3. tveach week american history brings you are tribal films that tells the story of an adventure. debris 29 scourge of japan. bringing destruction the lessons of pearl harbor. from the carrier-based planes of the deserted fleet. japan came under the inevitable plane of ruin. the sea forces are moving up to the japanese home islands. admiral halsey's ranging naval life was bringing the enemy to its knees.
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the unimaginably destructive , first mission the industrial city of hiroshima. the second mission was the port of nagasaki. japan had a choice complete surrender or complete destruction. even as they laid the foundation for a fatal european peace harry truman and josef stalin had decided that common action against japan. assia joined the alliance the last remaining acts of the empire. japan stronghold was then attacked. for the emperor and the japanese military the war was lost. in washington secretary of state byrnes went to the white house with secretary of state forster.
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capitol wastates meeting with president truman. a suddenly japan surrenders. in full coordination with the governments of britain, china, russia. the world remembered fdr. years of grave responsibility took their toll. a grateful world. douglas macarthur leader of the pacific armies now was the life commander in japan. leader of the nimitz fleet. harry s truman. becomes president. he leads his country to victory and peace. he has an emergency session. the president breaks the news of
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japan's surrender. i have received a message from the japanese government. they were applied it to a message from our government on august 11. they reply with a full --eptance of the pots dam unconditional surrender of japan. arrangements are now being made with a formal signing of the surrender terms as a glorious moment. macarthur hass been appointed the supreme allied commander. he received the japanese surrender. chinabritain, russia, will be represented by high-ranking officers. in the meantime, the allied armed forces will expand their offensive action. day willion of the j
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await the formal signing after the surrender by japan. >> through the early evening, the fateful news is flash. there is a rejoicing nation and world. people celebrate the end of fighting. people in new york and times square make it official. it is total victory. [applause]
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>> all night long this is the view. never before in history has there been a greater reason to be thankful for peace. the world is united in determination that they will never be in danger again. >> this weekend on the c-span network politics, books, and american history. presidential candidates speak at the registered soapbox. today at noon, we will hear republican rick santorum and democrats bernie sanders. sunday afternoon we will have more live coverage from the ohio's -- iowa state fair. followed by george the tacky. on c-span2, tonight at 10 eastern, senator gilman classic or offers advice.
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and at 10:30 did nesta sosa talks about the legal situation involving campaign-finance law. on american history tv on c-span3 sunday morning at 10 eastern. we will learn about the fares history, and the stop at the road to the white house. as we look back on the 2008 presidential race. today at six on the civil war. historian and author john horsey on the battle of horseshoe bend. victory of one of the confederacy's last major ports. get the complete schedule at this sunday night on q and a the antiwar activist on u.s. foreign-policy since 9/11. the recent negotiations with iran and the war on terror.
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>> what are their origins, what do they believe? i address them all in the book. i think it is more important, because it is something we can do about. it says what are our policies regarding isis. can we go to war with terrorism. wrong? is itg it wrong to say it at all. i think those are the questions that are the most important and the most useful. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern and pacific. >> on american artifacts. anniversarye 70th of the bombing of hiroshima and we visited the american university museum night sake d.c.. >> hello. peter: i am peter kuznick, professor of history at american universind


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