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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 17, 2015 10:49pm-11:01pm EDT

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[ speaking foreign language ] >> can you speak english? >> no. >> do you know what they're saying? >> no, sir. do they have any trouble around here, fights or disturbances? >> no, sir. >> what's the hollering about? >> they always holler for nothing. >> where do they live? [ speaking foreign language ] >> finish your sandwich. i'll go up and handle it. see what it's all about. >> okay. [ speaking foreign language ] >> is this the place? [ speaking foreign language ] [ knocking on door ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> is he sick? [ speaking foreign language ] [screaming]
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[ speaking foreign language ] [ whistle blowing ]. >> get >> what the hell is wrong with you? open this door. >> i'm coming. >> put that gun away. get back. get one for yourself. >> to a mental patient in this condition, the threat of a gun is meaningless. what's needed here is manpower.
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in some types of mental disorder, a patient can be rigid one second and overactive next. unless he was knocked unconscious, blows would only make him more violent. >> it's like he's given up. >> get that and cough it up. >> whew. >> in most communities, ambulance crews will not handle disturbed people. in the interest of public safety, the police cannot avoid this duty.
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where they understand what these people are like, where they know what to expect and act accordingly, the police can do the job safely and effectively until a better solution can be found. >> move out of the way there. put it over here. >> take that strap and put one over his chest and one just above his knee.
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kind of mussed you up a bit, huh? >> yeah. but it was my own fault. how is he doing now? >> he's nice and quiet now. >> how soon do you expect the doctor? >> this is saturday afternoon and the hospital won't accept them without the doctor's okay. and we won't be in until monday morning. >> it's a hell of a long time between now and monday.
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american history tv continues in prime time tuesday with a look at the style and approaches of modern first ladies. from florence harding to michelle obama. that's tuesday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span3.
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follow the c-span cities tour as we travel outside the washington beltway to communities across america. >> the idea behind the cities tour is to take the programming for htv, or american history television and book tv out on the road beyond the beltway to produce pieces that are more visual, that provide a window into these cities that viewers would normally go to that also have really rich histories and a rich literary scene, as well. >> a lot of people have already kind of heard the history of the big cities, like new york and l.a., chicago. but what about the smaller ones like albany, new york. what's the history of that? >> they've been to over 75 cities. we will have hit 95 cities in april of 2016. >> most of our c-span is event coverage. these are not event coverage type of pieces. they're shorter. they take you some place. they take you to a home, a historic site. >> we partner with our cable
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affiliate to explore the history and literary culture of various cities. >> the key entry into the city is the cable operator who contacts the city. in essence, it's the cable industry bringing us there. >> they're really looking for great characters. you really want your viewers to be able to identify with these people that we're talking about. >> it's an experiential type of program where we're taking people on the road to places where they can touch things, see things, and learn about not just the local history, because a lot of local history plays into the national story. >> if somebody is watching this, it should be enticing enough that they can get the idea of the story. but also this is just in our backyard. let's go and see it. >> we want viewers to get a sense that, oh, yeah, i know that place just from watching one of our pieces. >> mission as we do with all of our coverage, leads into what we
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do out of the road. >> you've got to be able to communicate the message about this network in order to do this job. so it's done the one thing that we wanted it to do, which is build relationships with the city and our cable partners and gather some great programming for american history tv and book tv. >> watch the cities tour on the c-span networks. to see where we're going next, see our schedule at >> each week, reel america brings you tvs, cbs reports riot or revolt originally broadcast on december 7th, 1965, documents the events of august 11, through august 17, 1965 where widespread looting and violence in los angeles resulted in 34 deaths. over 1,000 injuries, over 3,000
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arrests and the involvement of several thousand california army national guardsmen. the hour-long cbs news program investigates the many reasons behind the events, often citing a report commissioned by governor pat brown which concludes that high unemployment, poor schools, poor living conditions and police abuses were the root causes of community unrest. >> hands up high. >> let's get it up there. first one to drop their hands is dead, man. >> absolutely incredible scene of a gun battle in the middle of broadway. the streets of los angeles. small army. the national guardsman this battle stretched out beside the
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curb. acres and acres of broken glass. burns, polluted stores. looks like something out of a bad war movie. a western perhaps. policemen on the rooftops of the streets. >> that was part of the civil war fought on the streets of los angeles one night this summer. violence set off, according to some of the participates, by a history of ancient law. >> i think this started over a hundred years ago. things kept building up, building up. we're tired of being pushed around. that's all. >> you couldn't talk to anybody.
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there was nobody to talk to. they wanted to beat my brains out like they've been doing all the time. and the only way we can ever get anybody at any time to listen to us is god all mighty. we have sense enough to know this isn't the final chapter, but it is the beginning. >> governor, i'll hand you the report which has been prepared by your commission. we cannot, governor, tell you any one particular reason. the riots took place in august and why they took place in los angeles. >> tonight's cbs reports examines the question of watts. was it a local riot or the beginning of a national revolt? what started it? what stopped it? will there be another watts. john mcone just presented the governor of california the report seeking the answers to such questions. these findings are an integral part of what follows. a cbs report study of events and causes of the nightmare in


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