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tv   Japanese Surrender in 1945  CSPAN  August 23, 2015 1:56pm-2:06pm EDT

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infantry, too. the airman goes to a scrapyard and looks among the junk. that is what happens to them. okay guys, thanks a lot. i appreciate it. i will see you next week. we will do d-day. good class. tveach week american history brings you archival footage that helps tell the story of the 20th century. >> living 29, scourge of japan's home island. mighty engines of destruction bringing on the lesson of pearl harbor. to the third and fifth fleet, japan came under the notable reign of ruin. ally c forces moving it to the japanese home islands shall be: almost without opposition. might helpsey's
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hammering the enemy to his knees. the unimaginably destructive atomic bomb. the first mission was industrial city of heroes shema. -- hiroshima. japan had a choice, complete surrender or complete ruin. they laytamp, even as the foundation for a stable european peace, they decided on common action against japan. as agreed at delta, russia joined the allies on the last or meaning axis enemy. japan was attacked. andemperor hero tito japanese militarism, the war was lost. they sued for peace. secretary of war stanton and secretary of state byrnes hurried to the white house with secretary of the navy forestalled.
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meeting with president truman, they studied japan's surrender messages. the world remembered friend delano roosevelt, commander-in-chief, american war casualty. years of brave response ability took their toll. a grateful world honors him today. douglas macarthur, leader of pacific armies now named supreme allied commander in japan. leader of fighting china. chester nimitz, leader of the mighty pacific fleet. truman, four months after taking office, leases country finally to victory and peace. mr. truman meet with his cabinet. is on hand as he breaks the news of japanese surrender.
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truman: i have received this afternoon a message from the japanese government and replied to the message forwarded to that government by the secretary of state on august 11. acceptance offull the pots dam declaration which specify the unconditional surrender of japan. -- reply thereed is no qualification. arrangements are being made for the formal signing of the surrender of terms at the earliest possible moment. general douglas macarthur has been appointed to supreme allied commander to receive the japanese surrender. great britain, great britain, russia, and china will be represented by high-ranking officers. meantime, the allied armed forces have been ordered to suspend offensive actions. the proclamation of vj day must await the formal signing of the surrender terms by japan.
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narrator: newsman rush the president's report to a waiting world. in new york city and throughout the rejoicing nation and world, vast throngs of happy people celebrate the end of fighting, the dawn of peace. in times square, it is official. it is all over. it is total victory. [cheering]
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narrator: all night long, the rejoicing continues. never before in history has there been greater reason to be thankful for peace. the world's free people are united in their determination that the world's piece shown never be endangered again -- the world's peace shall never be endangered again. >> with live coverage of the u.s. house on c-span and the senate on c-span2, here on c-span3 we come him then that coverage by showing you the most relevant congressional hearings and public affairs events. on weekends, c-span3 is home to american history tv come with programs that tell the nation's story. and key battlefields events. american artifacts, touring museums and historic sites, discover what artifacts reveal about america's past. the best-known american history
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writers, the presidency, looking at the policies and legacies of our nation's commanders in chief. top cop -- college professors. in our new series, educational films in the 1930's in 1970's. created -- like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. saturday, august 29 marks the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina, one of the five deadliest storms in u.s. history. coverage begins life monday at 10:00 a.m. eastern. an all-day event featuring officials, authors, and community leaders. more from the atlantic conference with a new orleans-based poet and others. at 930 -- 9:30, a 2005 house
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hearing. during and after the storm. >> they said they would take us to shelters where we could get help and get the seniors help. they loaded us up on military trucks and then declared the and of new orleans jefferson parish, a war zone. in thatll did not sink we were the prisoners of war. wednesday night at 8:00, c-span's 2006 tour of hurricane damage and recovery. >> you cannot describe it. that is your whole life, gone. house, but your whole career and all your friends and family and everybody's gone. it is probably a year later and you do not see what you used to see. you do not forget it. you will never forget it the rest of your life.
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>> moderated by the then mayor. >> i know all of this is state level, federal level, and all other levels. i voted for you to represent me on a local level. i do not know where else to go. i do not know what else to do. >> thursday night, more. and i :00, we will show you president obama's trip to the region and remarks on the recovery effort. hurricane katrina efforts all this week on c-span. >> you are watching american history tv all weekend every weekend on c-span3. to join the conversation, like us on facebook.
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recently, american history tv was at the society for historians of american foreign relations annual meeting in arlington, virginia. we spoke with professors, authors, and graduate students about their research. this interview is about 20 minutes. >> maria cristina garcia, a professor at ithaca, new york or you focus a lot on immigration, post-world war ii, cold war era. what you tell your students at this conference? them that probably everything they know about immigration is probably wrong. a bit of mythology about immigrants and our immigrant history. in my course list, i try to tackle that mythology and try to help them discern what is true


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