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tv   Herbert Hoover 1960 Republican Convention Address  CSPAN  July 23, 2016 9:23am-9:45am EDT

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convention in cleveland ended on thursday night. next on american history tv, we look at 1960 when 85-year-old former president herbert hoover addressed the republican convention in chicago. he speaks about the threat of communism, crime, and in his words, "a frightening moral slump in america." richard nixon was the nominee that year and faced john f. kennedy in the general election. john f. kennedy won with less than 1% of the popular vote. this video is just under 20 minutes provided by the nbc , universal archives. >> 85 years old. the grand old man of the republican party. every delegate in the hall is on
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his feet clapping and waving state banners. before hoover was escorted and, the decorum of the convention had been interrupted crowd around the new york delegation, crowding around, of course, governor rockefeller of new york. anticipating the arrival of former president hoover, a group of photographers were around the base of the podium. the sergeant at arms told him to clear the way. and the photographers were dispersed. they do mean business. these sergeants at arms, by the way, are wearing red caps. >> the first plan was to have mr. hoover edger us the convention by close circuit television from his apartment in new york. but even though he is 85, he is still pretty spry and decided to
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come here in person. he and harry truman, the only two living ex-presidents, have come to be good friends the last two years and speak of each other with great affection and respect and have even joked about forming a union. he says he takes pride in the fact that, while other presidents have bridges, lakes, mountains, states, and cities named for them, he alone among all americans has had his name applied to a depression.
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>> governor rockefeller is hidden at this moment behind the new jersey banner. >> it would be a tired republican heart that is not buoyed by this sight, wouldn't it? >> a pretty good-sized demonstration is getting underway. there is utah back again with that same beehive we saw two weeks ago, david. david: the family did not know who it was, said they didn't. we got about a thousand wires accusing them of being pretty
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ignorant, saying that is the state symbol. the industry. [cheers and applause] >> these delegates have been waiting for an opportunity to cheer and demonstrate on behalf of the country. well, they have it, the former president. >> [indiscernible] mr. hoover: my good friends -- [cheering] [chanting] mr. hoover: your --
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>> mr. president, if i may -- would you take your banners back to that station, please, so that we can listen to our beloved chief? with all of the affection and respect we have for him, would you take your state banners back stations, please? thank you. david: we finally identified that yell. we reported earlier that the texans were going to yell "viva!" whenever they were pleased. they did it. mr. hoover: my good friends, your reception has been received -- your reception is indeed a demonstration of great friendship.
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it kindles a great glow in my heart. i had not expected to speak at this convention. and each of your last three conventions, i paid you an affectionate goodbye. my goodbyes, however, did not take, and i have been bombarded with -- [applause] hoover with a request to do : it again for the fourth time. now, unless some miracle comes to me by the good lord, this is it.lly it would be unworthy of this
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great gathering if i came here merely to receive your let me tell you that when i was pressures, iertain was sent regularly to attend the seventh day quaker meetings. was very little boy could do about that silence. occasionally the spirit moved and hannah said she would speak her mind. she dealt with moral delinquency. she always heard the benefits of right living.
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.annah loved america one fourth of july, she sat the platform at the village crossroad, where every year the to hear thegathered reading of the declaration of independence. occasions, hannah even tolerated the presence of the only democrat in our village. [indiscernible] i don't need to tell you that today our country is faced with the greatest of dangers from overseas in all of our history. and i won't comment on the great
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dangers and the ugly statements. the unity of our people on a toor in front is imperative freedom both at home and abroad. [applause] and culturally we are confronted domestic economic and social issues which affect all of our lives. i look back over my long years of concern with our national problems, i have come that moral forces and certain forces embedded in the soul of america are more important than all of these other issues.
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[applause] face ofthey lay at the solution -- tonight i will discuss only shortly this. and i hope it will be believed that i speak not alone to this convention, but to all my country. don't be alarmed, i can speak my mind on this subject in just 10 minutes. today america is in the midst of a frightening moral slump. during the 14 years following the end of the second world war, our statistics show that [indiscernible] three times as
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fast as the population. during the same period, since the end of the war, we have become increasingly invested with teenage innings with criminal intent. theseear 40,000 of youngsters were arrested by the police. we can hardly believe that in , our moral steadfast is increasing when we see the constant exposure of state and discipline interruption. and when we see the headlines in the press, exposing the corruption in some of our -- and theservices distributors of our daily
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necessities. [indiscernible] -- bringing about a decline in moral. deterrent to crime, the procedures of which i will present one example to you. there were over 1,700,000 -- known to the fbi. there were only 170,000 convicted, that is only one in 10. part to this decline in moral is the infection of the communist -- thatnot need to remind you
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the doctrine of karl marx and other communists are a total destroyer of all moral. they stigmatize religious faith and themselves declare that the foreign policy must the based on data -- must be based on -- conspiraciesst have poured these poisons into our system. we also have been brainwashed by another communist basic tenant, they insist that love of country -- their ideals and their -- mplishment is ever since the war, the have conducteds
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a did of this wicked -- communist fronts have conducted wicked --tion of this andreligious organizations our eagerness for character building in our youth are giving devoted services to the slump in moral. there is a latent force in american life, which could be of vital health. rebirth of aeeds a great spiritual force, which has and impaired by cynicism weakened by foreign infection. you can call it nationalism if you will.
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there is an american nationalism. salacious andis is him or aggression. it is a kind of nationalism which recognizes change in the world and requires that we need -- meet them with forward-looking measures. but the spiritual force with -- of which i speak is enshrined in one word. that word is america. we do not use that word merely as a geographical term. at one time, and even now, that word summons to mind the whole background of our country. this word america recalls that
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millions of people, over 300 years, have sought our shores as a refuge from oppression. to these millions, the word america came to mean a civilization unique on earth by the fusion of attainments of scores of missions. for a century, -- for centuries, the word america has been an emblem of hope, of more security in life and more freedom. and this word america brings back to our minds the great men and women who won for us our independence and then created a government unique among nations. and this word means that our wars were not fought for glory of war, but for freedom. it means the country where the doors of opportunity are open to
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every boy and girl. it means law and order, freedom of choice. it means glorious strides in the investment of civilization. the word america means freedom, springing from our mountains and plains, falling into our mighty rivers, which refreshes not only our own people, but the whole of mankind. [applause] today, we alone among nations, have a multitude of citizens who have sunk to light posture of
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perpetual apology and seeming shame for our country, and yet today, the fires of nationalism in its higher sense are burning brightly in every nation on earth. we have witnessed the spirit of nationalism give birth to the independence of one dozen nations in the last 10 years, and within the last five years, we have seen the enormous revival of rights. now, i do not pretend to you that a rebirth of that spirit which lies within the word america will cure all moral ills, but with it, we might have a revision enough some of our schoolbooks. the rebirth of the word america might resurrect conscience. it might make us recall the rights and ideals of our people tend to curb the excessive
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demands of groups. it might stimulate a new enterprise in the tens of thousands of our youth who are in fear of the future, seeking refuge in the bureaucracies of industry and government. a revival of the meaning of the word america might insist on a revision of our weakening course. it might give support to our defense of freedom. [applause] because i lament the evils and the dangers which beset us, i would not have you believe that our nation is in decline or fall. the american people have rallied many times in our history to meet greater test than this, and
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they can be rallied again. [applause] my friends, you are convened here, and not alone to nominate a president and vice president, but to declare a new the -- to declare a new -- to declare anew the principles and ideals which must guide our country. [applause] yours is the task to stop this moral reprieve, to lead the attack, and recapture the meaning of the word america. this is an opportunity and the
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spiritual opportunity of your children can be assured, and thus will when the -- win -- thus you will when the gratitude of posterity and the blessings of almighty god. thank you. [applause] the republican national convention ended thursday night and we continue to look at past republican conventions here on history tv. u.s. treasury secretary katherine ortega became the first hispanic woman to give a keynote speech. president ronald reagan and his vice president beat democrats theer mondale and -- in general election. this is just over 20 minutes.


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