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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  December 17, 2016 2:55pm-3:16pm EST

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the whites. announcer: at 8:00, university of maryland's katerina on a marketing as a profession in the earlier 20th century and how consumer changes change. instead of using the automobile as a way to go from point a to point b, you can sell a car as speed. announcer: then a historian discusses post-world war ii career of editorial cartoonist bill mauldin, who was a cartoonist through the war. >> while overseas, he avoided ideological outbursts and never allowed a partisan politics into his cartoons. back home, he jumped into the political fray with both feet. announcer: on sunday at 6:00 p.m. -- documentsmy favorite
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is a draft version of what became the bill of rights. this is the senate markup. the senate took the 17th amendments passed by the house and changed them into 12 aendments that after conference committee was 12 amendments sent to the states for ratification. 10 of the 12 were ratified by the states. announcer: christine and jennifer johnson take a tour of the national archives exhibit marking the 220 for anniversary of the ratification of the bill of rights. tv complete american history schedule, go to >> american history tv is featuring scottsdale, arizona. c-span's cities tour staff visited many sites. the city of scottsdale is surrounded by the sonoran desert and covers approximately 100,000 square miles. learn more bus there -- scottsdale all weekend long on
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c-span. >> ♪ >> welcome, home to the also and the peoplem who left towards the water. the pima-maricopa people are mainly farmers. they lived along the salt river's and traveled with the season. believe they are part of an intricate irrigation system used for the can out system we see today. it is located in the phoenix metro area. we are bordered by scottsdale,
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mesa in tempe. the was a corner is our commercial corridor and that land is slated for economic thelopment and web residential space which is where our community members reside. have 19,000 acres in natural reserves, it will never be touched. you can see our red mountains and river and showcases the mcdowell mountains. we have approximately 10,000 members. for thousand of them live within the community boundaries today. activeestablished by his order in ages have denied by rutherford b. hayes. we were given approximately 500,000 acres that spread all the way to the west valley. that was met with resistance from our community members. our leadership gathered together and went to visit the president himself and had conversations with him, explaining our ties to the land and who we are as a people and why it was important
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to have that land and axis to it. and we were reestablished with the 52,000 acres instead of pushed out altogether. in 1990, our tribal leadership negotiated the freeway along the western corridor of our community. advanced from sustainable economic development for our people. only jobs for our community but also diversified tax base. that tech space allows us to be -- that space allows for our police, fire and health care and education. it provides for our cultural revitalization efforts. we believe the best way to preserve our altar is to share our story. we do so on the way of architecture, cultural displays. we have medical american it several of our properties. we have monthly bingo. where taking not only are young
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was but people like myself, the native tongue and keeping that language alive. we have a community garden that is active year-round with people who work it. we have families that can go out and rent a plot and cultivated that land as well. we have a lot of revitalization efforts in the mix because of our economic development effort that allows us to do so. that development and the freeway establishment has allowed us to create what we call the talking stick entertainment destination area. it allows us to put all of our entertainment amenities at one area so it is not only convenient for our guest ball for our members because it is not encroaching upon presidential space. we have a casino, 2 golf courses, facility training. anything you go possibly want to see and do, we have it here.
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the community is very fortunate to be gaming within our boundaries. we use our gaming revenue to provide goods and services for our people, our health care, our education. our police and fire. we do allow our youth to go to college on scholarship and to afford them the opportunity to grow and be future leaders for our community. it is definitely not without issues as well. we have drug abuse. we have domestic violence. poverty here as well. we also have a lot of successes. we have people going to college and getting their degrees and wanting to be the leaders who are making changes within our community. ,e struggle like anybody else but 12 leaders working diligently to make things better for all of our people.
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people visit, i hope they gain a better understanding of who we are as a people. we are now one of the most prevalent tribes within the state. when people say i visited arizona, the salt river pima-maricopa community does not really pop to the top of their head as a tribe. it is usually navajo or hopi that people resonate to wait. we are a proud people and i want people to understand we have been here for thousands of years. we are strong. we are proud. and we are not going anywhere. we are happy to share our story with anybody who comes. we are the history of scottsdale, arizona together with cox communications cable partners. learn more about scottsdale and other stops on /citiestour. you're watching american history tv, all week and, every weekend
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on c-span3. >> according to the national institute on drug abuse, harold when overdoses increased six fold between 2001 and 2014 with more than 2000 deaths in 2014. of next un-american history tv's reel america, "seduction of the innocent," a 10 minute cautionary feel -- film. >> this is america in the second half. , a choice in the time -- the phase of modern teenage. the need to belong. associations are quickly and easily made of. boy meets girl.
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it takes maturity to arise and wise decisions. a friendly outstretched hand and engaging smile, second or more commonly referred to as a red. to the group, a means to the end. what could be the harm? the 20th century as a rain on pill. towll to go to sleep andt wake up. why not one to feel good? it should be from a doctor and not from a boyfriend. the need to belong and the desire to try something new is too great to temptation. the fact is not longer. when the drug wears off as a ,omic down -- coming to down you feel tired. more persuasion, a greater need and it is now long until you try again and again. you try new things. they have not asked.
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-- do it all. amphetamines administering -- and beennies. you belong to a group that must move and secrecy. what you are doing is against the law. the constant fear of apprehension. now, you know the passing of pills is dangerous and it must be secretive. goalsn of everyday living and you began to wonder what your friends and parents think. does,ilt growth and as it the need for something that will bring more relief, dispel the fears that you have created. you become more dependent on one another, your pleasure in each other's company is less satisfying. you depend more and more on the pills to help.
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the pills are not enough a you are ready for the second act of your three active tragedy. -- act tragedy. you have heard group talk of toking of a joint. you know it demeans marijuana. mike is more knowledgeable. he had never suggested that you toke up together but the pills do not give you the pleasure any longer. you fill a need to find a new experience to bind you together. the suggestion only a short month ago would've been repulsive now is considered. tastes aref the anything but pleasing. it makes you cough and your throat becomes dry and hot. you feel like you are floating. you concentrate on one object.
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nature in the distance, it is called fixing. time slows down. you hallucinate, you dream. this is called a tripping. your depth perception is affected. if you had to step off of occur, you will probably need help -- off of a curb, you will probably need help. just as it may diminish. as without the hall, problems do not disappear, they temporary seem to vanish and return which are reinforced when the effects of the drugs wear off. when you get all narcotics, i'd is like a never ending downward spiral from 30,000 feet and you are less sure of yourself, your surroundings, your friends. quarrels or more frequent with your parents and loved ones. you try to convince yourself you're right to due down inside you know you are not. you lose your sense of value. you think of nothing but a new blow up.
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you have completed the second act in the third act is just about to go up. you do not know it now but when it does, it is the beginning of the end, the point of no return. it can start in many ways. a party. the secrecy of a dirty room. that is how you're at third act to began. a crummy staircase on those second floor of a crummy apartment. a new character. his name is eric. you and mike have one to his place to pick up pills. you do not like eric above mike insisted. he forced you to push pills so you would not call about. not trust anyone, not even his best girl. you were toking up. eric, like all addicts knew that, he smoked with you but only to be sociable until the time came when you introduce you
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to mica heroin. ago, you -- to her now it is an easy step from marijuana to harold when. -- heroin. acigarette, a joint, hypodermic needle. even now, you are afraid pretty what will it be like? you will get a burner that's i will become not created. zynga desperately seeking. you will have sustained feeling of sexual assignment which will last into euphoria or. it will not last. when you come down, you will be in depression consumed by a cancer of guilt. for just one second, your conscious as you see the needle inserted and the liquid mixing with michael's blood.
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for a moment, you want to say no. the will to resist is gone. temptation is ever present. the desire to try something new, something more powerful is too great. mostn maybe one of the insidious drug known to man and only seems like days until you are hooked. you are not turned on in the longer. the free ride is over. you are required to pay for your fix. as your tolerance increases, the need for more drug increases and that requires more and more cash. you are driven to things you never would have considered by your station will need for the drug. your mobile fiber has collapsed and no crime is beyond your imagination. you are an added. your total effort in life is to get money to feed your habit. you are launched on a full scale of teenage crime wave of your very own. with each passing day, your tolerance increases.
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makea fix only helps to you appear normal and dispelled the symptoms of withdrawal. withdrawal, a nightmare of the addict. you live in constant fear of not having enough heroin to keep your habits applied. when the supply runs low and the first symptoms began, the sneeze, the runny nose and you cannot get another fix, you know you're about to begin a living hell. you're burning up. then, your freezing. the cramps and pain. each and nervous lay bare and your senses are magnified. your whole being is like one giant and nerve, rock and rawsed to every outsize -- and exposed to every stimulus. it can take a week before your senses come back something to normal. still and live a life of degradation and crime. more money,st for you become careless and mike is
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caught. and you on your own must support your habit in the best way you can. you live in a jungle of fear. you're forced to deal with eric alone. mike is no longer there. eric laughs at your knees and tell you to get money. money, money and more money. you're not prepared to take a job. no job would pay the kind of money you need. you will get yourself a $50 day habit. you can not supported that flynn did hash. he returned to the only thing you can that will bring your kind of money. you become a call girl. you support that habit but not for long. your looks began to disintegrate. your clients will no longer pay your price. you go from call girl to streetwalker. then on your 20th birthday,
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you're picked up for soliciting. jeanette michaels, 20, caucasian, drug addict. a 20th century slave and she will suffer from the draws and be sentenced for prostitution and released and returned to the habit again. lost to society, she will continue her existence until she escapes and death. today, tomorrow, maybe not for years. monday,r: next week -- counting the electors vote for president. live coverage of counting in illinois, pennsylvania, michigan , and virginia. we will re-air at 8:00 p.m. greenfield talks about creative and responsible business practices. >> the idea that we cannot sell enough ice cream in the summer and vermont to stay in business
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that forced us to look for other markets. announcer: wednesday night, dick cheney and allele -- leon panetta on the defense department under donald trump. >> i think the challenges are very great. over the course of many years, we have done serious damage to our capabilities to bed to meet the threats. living in that period, a lotto flashpoints. a new administration will have to look at that kind of world and obviously the fine policies that -- the fine policies that we need. and then develop the defense policy to the front that kind of world. announcer: thursday, the career of vice president elect to mike pence. culture and the law, we have stood without apology for the sanctity of life , the importance of marriage and the freedom of religion.
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night,er: on friday farewell speeches introduced to several outgoing senators, including harry reid, barbara boxer, kelly ayotte. next week in prime time on c-span. >> next on american history tv, we hear from two silver star recipients from the vietnam war and the korean war. the silver star is the third highest military combat decoration that can be awarded to a member of the u.s. armed forces. this 45 minute talk is part of the three-day conference hosted by the american veterans center. >> our next panel is titled "american valor, legends and trailblazers." we are to have as our moderator jonathan allies, a journalist at


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