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tv   Reel America  CSPAN  December 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:17pm EST

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as a public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. announcer 1: each week, "american history tv's reel america: brings you archival film -- america" brings you archival film. this amuses narration and news footage to detail the methods of communist revolutionaries in china, algeria, and cuba, then shows how civil rights leaders are also communist. the film condemns u.s. presidents, the voting rights act, and more. he contains language and graphic scenes of violence and death that may be disturbing to some viewers. >> we the negro people, you know down here have gotten -- you
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know what they are going to do tonight? they are not going to fight down here no more. they are going after the white people. now they are after the white people. they are going to congregate. every weight, everywhere the white man. [indiscernible] [church congregation singing]
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[typing sounds] narrator: anarchy, the breakdown of law and order, a chaotic reign of terror, mob rule and rioting, the collapse of government authority. these phrases ring strange in the ears of americans and for good reason. through the years, america has stood as the world symbol for law and order. our government is responsive to the will of the people. our courts and legislatures provide the mechanics for peaceful address of grievances. and the policeman on the corner has traditionally been looked upon as a friend, not as the instrument of a tyrant.
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anarchy, well, that was something we read about in our newspapers that was always happening in other countries. perhaps the people in other countries had just reasons to riot against their governments. after all, many of the nations in the world are dictatorships in one form or another. what business was it of ours anyway? newsworthy perhaps, but it could never happen here. then, in the summer of 1964, widespread rioting and looting suddenly broke out in harlem. in rochester, in newark, in jersey city, in philadelphia, cleveland, and chicago, all within a few days of each other, it was as though an unseen hand had given the signal. then on august 18, 1965, guns replaced nightsticks in the hands of law enforcement
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officers as the watts area of los angeles literally burst into a cauldron of insurrection. thousands of rioters roamed the streets both night and day, smashing and looting, and setting the torch to over 50 square miles of the city. hidden snipers held police and firefighters at bay as fires raged unabated. at least 35 americans died in the violence and gunfire. the sheer magnitude of this monstrous madness strained the abilities of the civil authorities and the california national guard were sent to watts with orders to quell the violence with brute force if necessary. the spectacle of american soldiers shooting it out with american civilians was even more shocking than the rioting itself. the nation was stunned and horrified. no smugness now. this time it wasn't a foreign country.
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this time it was "anarchy u.s.a." the degree of communist influence in these riots has been the subject of discussion and controversy. for a solution to this controversy let's review the , events in recent years at home and abroad in light of the communists' own plans for world conquest. >> the communists disdain and openly declares their ends can only be attained by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. >> the most powerful enemy can be conquered only by exerting the utmost effort and by thoroughly, carefully, attentively, skillfully taking advantage of even the smallest rift, of every antagonism of interest among the various groups or types within the various countries.
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narrator: divide the people. split them into quarreling factions fighting among themselves rather than their common enemy. this is the comrade's first rule for the conquest of any country, for well do they know from long experience that a nation so divided and weekend can be -- weakened can be easily conquered from within. for mao zedong, finding the point on which to divide the people of china and create the revolution was simple. but chinese for centuries have virtually been killers of the soil, eking a meager livelihood from land that they did not always own and for which they pay tributes to landlords with -- who generally had large holdings. strong backs and legs were requisite to survival for the great masses who provided the power for china's limited and primitive industry and agrarian economy.
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a new regime promised reforms, but the communists were not interested in reform. they were dedicated to revolution because of the dissension and sabotage created by the insurrectionists and the reticence of some of the landlords and merchants to change the established traditions, the reforms were slow in coming. and so the rich and well-to-do were inclined to stay rich and well-to-do, and a lot of the poor fared only slightly better. and a minority of the chinese peasants accepted the idea so subtly planted and avidly nurtured by the communist leaders. the so-called enemy of the people had been identified. it was the landlord. he was the cause of the misery and injustice, and so the point of division for the chinese people was established.
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in cuba, a land accustomed to crisis in government and the decrees of dictators batista , headed a regime that was the tyrannicaldical -- cuba had known for decades. rising levels of education, culture, industry, and commerce were enabling the people to enjoy the highest standards of living in all latin and south america. corruption in government there was, but no more than was to be found in many cities in the united states. fidel castro, a young, well-trained revolutionary with much experience, seized upon the corruption in government as he undertook the creation of his revolution. it was the government, said castro, the government was responsible for the problems and depression felt by the people.
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it was the dictator and his followers. it was the bautistianis, they were the enemy. in cuba as in all countries there was the poor and poorly , educated who labored in the field. castro promised agrarian reforms which focused the discontent of the rural community upon the lofty -- latifundista. they too were the enemy. and so the communists, experts and discontent, began to split the population into quarreling factions, setting cuban against cuban. algeria is the creation of the french. before the french came to the land now known as algeria, it was nothing more than a conglomerate of warring tribes. their constant fighting among themselves for the best pastureland each spring and the best barley land each autumn kept the native population of
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the area at about 1,500,000 for 14 centuries. today, after little more than 100 years of french rule, the population of algeria stands at about 9 million. under french dominion, the algerian nation grew and prospered. the two cultures of islam and christianity were working together to create a good life. in the early 1930's, the dissident voice of the communist was heard among the people. at first it whispered, the algerian nation is not friends, cannot be friends, and does not wish to be friends. independence is the natural right of all peoples. as the seeds of disunity began to germinate, the dissident voice was heard more loudly to proclaim, islam is my religion. arabic is my language.
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algeria is my fatherland. and so too in algeria, where the issues that were to divide people were clearly defined. it was to be muslim against christian, algeria against france. the enemy was personified as the colon. with phase one, that of dividing the population, completed, the revolutionists were ready to move into phase two of the communist blueprint for takeover, create the appearance of popular support. in every country now part of the red flagged empire the actual , number of communist party members at the time of takeover has been less than 1% of the total population. as lenin phrased it, communism must be built with non-communist hands.
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narrator: by cleverly beguiling people into unwittingly supporting the revolutionary program, the dedicated 1% can trick the 99% into surrendering their birthright. this they do by hiding the true communist objectives behind appealing slogans and pretended humanitarian goals. as a stalin explained -- >> the revolutionary excepts -- accepts reform in order to use it as cover for his illegal work. narrator: in china, the propaganda mills were active in championing mao's agrarian reform. the propagandists portrayed in vivid detail the hardships and injustices of the chinese peasants. the communists popularized the slogan, land to the tiller.
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mao zedong exclaimed, we are not striving for the social and political communism of russia, rather we prefer to think of what we are doing as something lincoln fought for in this civil war, the liberation of slaves. in the united states, those books which praised mao zedong as non-communist and and agrarian reformer were advocated reading, and some even became book club selections. it was later revealed that many of the procommunist books and articles were written and reviewed in this country by communists. the american people, unaware of the treachery, were conditioned to accept the enslavement of china's millions. cubans rallied around the slogan muerte, but perhaps
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the most widely used slogan was the one later to be used in haiti and venezuela, and still later in english in the united venceremos, we shall overcome. early in the revolution, fidel castro sought to reassure the people of the true nature of the uprising. "i have said very clearly that we are not communists. our revolution is a humanistic one." the press of the world sang praises of fidel castro. many eulogized him as the savior of cuba. in the united states, castro was referred to as the robin hood of aestra, that he pursued the same policies of taking from the rich and giving to the poor. the nation's press was quick to report, this is not a communist revolution in any sense of the word, and there are no coming
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-- no communists in position of control. the only power worth considering in cuba is in the hands of premier castro, who is not only not communist but decidedly anti-communist. and so the cubans and the americans and the rest of the world were reassured that there was no infidel in fidel. in orlando -- algeria, more land was owned by muslims than by europeans, yet the propagandists claimed that the poor muslims were being oppressed by the wealthy european landowners. the call was for muslim unity. it was oppression, colonial oppression, the muslims were to fight. it was to be a holy war in god's cause. the insurrectionists declared that algerians were an oppressed
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people living under a tyrannical colonial government, and , therefore their revolt was a war of liberation. since all algerians held full french citizenship, both muslim and christian majorities regard ed the idea of liberation as ridiculous. -- leader of the revolutionists, and four companions were arrested by the french and confined as political prisoners. bella later escaped to cairo, where he and others said about the task of convincing france, the world, and the algerians that algeria needed to be liberated. then started a systematic reign of terror designed to intimidate the muslims into going along with the liberation movement. this book was published by the french army in an attempt to alert the free peoples of the world as to the true methods employed by the communist-led
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insurrections. the atrocities shown here were perpetrated upon the muslims by benbella's rebels parading under the banner of the national ln.eration front or f [no audio] narrator: men, women, even children came under this merciless scourge in the name of freedom.
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[no audio] narrator: we would never have brought these documents to the notice of public opinion had the torturers not chosen to depict themselves as victims, had the criminal not been transmuted into accusers, and that is exactly the way it appeared to the world. the french army was accused of police brutality. the godless revolutionaries were depicted as liberators. the insurrection was described as a popular and spontaneous uprising of the people. so effective was the programming of this big lie that some of the world's leading citizens were led to give aid and comfort to
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the enemy that plans to conquer the world. >> i am today introducing a resolution which i believe outlines our best hope for peace and settlement and algeria. -- it urges in brief that the president and secretary of state be strongly encourage to place the influence of the united states behind the -- efforts either through the north atlantic treaty organization, the officers and prime minister of tunisia, the sultan of morocco to establish basis for a settlement of an independent personality of algeria, interdependent to france and neighboring nations. i believe this to be of vital importance to us. narrator: this photo was taken october 15, 1962 in washington, dc and carried the following caption. "premier of algeria and president kennedy stand as banb
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ella receives full military honors shortly after his arrival today for talks with the chief executive. banbella is expected to thank kennedy for having called for algerian independence as far back as 1957." after receiving full military honors at the white house, he visited fidel castro before returning to algeria. in april of 1964, americans read in their newspaper "far more important facts are that though very much a dictator, benbella is not a communist." one month later in may 1964, ben bella was awarded the peace prize in moscow. , benbellalater declared, our socialism stems from islam.
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we repeat before world opinion that we are not communists. after the communists have found some point or issue of difference on which they can divide the people in get them fighting amongst themselves rather than their common enemy, the next step is to create the appearance of popular support for the communists' war of national liberation. they have been devastatingly yet in onethus far, country after another, there have been alert, informed individuals who saw the signs, recognized the patterns of conquest, and raised their voices to warn the people . against just such a contingency the communist developed their , blueprint for world domination, neutralize the opposition. >> we can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, repulsion, and scorn towards those who disagree
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with this. narrator: a communist party directive issued in 1943 reads -- >> members and front organizations must continually embarrassed, discredit, and degrade our critics. when obstructionists become too irritating, label them as nazi oror not see or -- anti-semitic. constantly associate those who oppose us with those names which already have a bad smell. the association will after a -- enough repetition become fact in the public mind. narrator: in china, the formula worked well. the word landlord became almost an invective. those who worked for the government were looked upon as crafters. the government under chiang kai-shek was reviled as an enemy of the people, a fascist tool of the ruling class.
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those who refused to support the agrarian reformers were subject to surprise visits from roving guerrilla bands. the pattern was the same in cuba. those who were less than enthusiastic about castro's reform were effectively branded as bautista followers. the man who spoke up against the revolt was labeled as a counterrevolutionary. algerians who saw through the fraud and endeavored to warn the nation or their neighbors were vilified as extremists, colonialists, racists, fascists. torture, death, and the fear of torture and death were also most effective weapons against those who might resist the tyrannical takeover. the number of atrocities committed in the name of freedom upon the muslim people averaged
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nearly 20 per day for every day of every month for seven years. the next step in the communist strategy is the most easily recognized, for it consists of the tactic of getting masses into motion, and thus precipitating mob violence. after psychologists -- master psychologists that they are the , communists know that once the masses are in the streets, it is not too difficult to convert an orderly demonstration into a full-scale riot. they know too that when rioting occurs, police and military forces of the government must move to restore law and order, and thus they have the first visible signs of revolution. >> riots, demonstrations, street battles, detachments of a revolutionary army, such are the stages in the development of the popular uprising.
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the official constitution and program of the communist party stated in 1921 -- >> the communist party will educate and organize the working masses for mass strikes and mass demonstrations. it is through struggles that the working masses are prepared for the final conflict for power. as these strikes grow in number and intensity, they acquire political character through unavoidable collision and open combat with the capitalistic state. math action culminates in insurrection and civil war. narrator: in 1964, a communist document taken from the viet cong stated -- >> get the people out into the streets. corals should be provoked. -- quarrels should be provoked. youth groups are to be armed with knives and clubs, allegedly to protect themselves in a manufactured tension. narrator: in china as in all countries the communist appeal , was aimed primarily as students, young, idealistic
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intellectuals, most of whom came from wealthy families who could afford to send them to schools. it was from this group that the young communist recruits came that later provided the leadership and backbone for the armed conflict to follow. in cuba, leftist oriented students were the vanguard of the organized street demonstrations.leadership and once the masses were in motion, that tenuous line between demonstration and riot, between nonviolence and violence, was easily obliterated. as law enforcement officers sought to restore order, police brutality became the cry of the insurgents. algeria was more of the same, rallies, demonstrations, marches, and the inevitable flare of violence.
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the invariable charges of police brutality were hurled as efforts were made to maintain law and order. when marches and demonstrations turn into riots in any country slated for takeover, the communists are then ready to implement the final stage of their blueprint for conquest. it takes only a handful of armed opportunists, criminals, and savages to create the semblance of revolution. >> only insurrection can guarantee the victory of the revolution. the purpose of insurrection must be not only the complete destruction and removal of all local authorities and their replacement by new, but also the expulsion of the landlords and the seniors of the lands.
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narrator: chiang kai-shek's nationalist forces had long been fighting the communist-inspired insurrectionist of mao tse-tung, when the japanese invaded the mainland of china. with the end of world war ii and the defeat of the japanese, the united states pressured chiang into forming a coalition government with the communists through a coerced truce and enforced arms embargo. the u.s. disarmed more than 30 divisions of chang kai-shek's nationalist troops. on the other hand, the chinese communists fell error to all the arms left behind the japanese, -- by the japanese, and with the help armaments for russian, mao was able to give them agrarian style.communist when it was time for the
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shooting to begin in cuba, fidel castro received millions of dollars in cash and vast amounts of arms and ammunition from the soviet union and communist groups throughout the western hemisphere. at the crucial time in castro's bid for power, the united states state department declared an arms embargo against bautista's government, refusing even to deliver the arms that had been paid for and were awaiting shipment. yet on the other hand, revolutionary sympathizers were delivering men, arms, and ammunition to castro daily from the united states. and so the abraham lincoln of cuba and the robin hood of the sierra maestra rode triumphantly into havana, was wined and dined in the united states, was hugged before the united nations, received the lenin peace prize, and finally admitted in a speech given december 2, 1961 to all
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the world -- spanish] ng i am a marxist-leninist and will be until the day i die. narrator: in algeria, benbella's rebels were fighting their war with guns sent from morocco. and just as the revolution was coming to a head, a slight change in the overall structure was instituted. in 1958, french president charles de gaulle came to algeria declaring with outstretched arms, i have understood you. i declare that from this day forward, france considers in the whole of algeria, there is only one category of inhabitant, that there are only frenchman in the full sense.
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-- frenchmen in the full sense. de gaulle called for people to vote on the question of independence. the majority voted to remain french citizens, an integral part of france. de gaulle said, three and a half million men and women have cast their votes of confidence. this is a fact that commits france and algeria to each other for all time. two years later in 1960, the same french president, charles de gaulle, was heard to ridiculed the frenchization and -- of the algerians and to talk of an algerian algeria. it did not take the leaders of the army of liberation long to take the talk of the algerian algeria it demanding a muslim algeria. ultimately, the revolutionary
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benbella returned to algeria and in due course established a regime of which he said, we solemnly reply here that our socialism stems from islam. we repeat before world opinion that we are not communists. and so it has been, with but minor variations in one country after another, divide the people. create the appearance of popular support. neutralize the opposition. precipitate mob violence. create the semblance of a revolution. an accurate summary of lenin's strategy for conquest of the world is as follows. >> first we will take eastern europe, next the masses of asia. then we shall encircle that last bastion of capitalism, the united states of america. we will not have to attack. it will fall like overripe fruit into our hands.
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by october of 1950, all of eastern europe was lot -- security locked behind the iron curtain. by the summer of 1954, the greater part of asia had fallen to the kremlin strategy and tactics. each year, more nations lose their sovereignty to marxist intrigue or degenerate into soviet headlights as communism hastens to complete the encirclement of the last bastion of capitalism. and what of the united states? how goes the battle in the land of the free and the home of the brave? the communist plan for the conquest of the united states was explained to the american comrades by moscow's agent joseph ogany. toan he --ogany was sent
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this country by josef stalin for the specific purpose of laying the groundwork for the education that would eventually develop into a negro revolutionary movement. american negro problems was published in 1928 by joseph ogany using the alias john pepper and carrying the official communist line for american. >> the workers communist party of america in its fight against imperialism must recognize clearly the tremendous revolutionary possibilities of a liberation movement of the negro people. the black belt of the south, with its starving and poverty i negropert -- povertized agricultural working masses, with its jim crow laws, its semi-people status and political system still bearing the earmarks of the time of slavery constitutes virtually a colony within the body of the united states of america. the workers communist party of america puts forward correctly as its central slogan, abolition
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of the entire system of racist discrimination. full racial, social and political equality for the negro people. it is necessary to supplement the political inequality of the negroes with their struggle for the right of national self-determination. self-determination means the right to establish their own state, direct their own government -- to erect their own government if they choose to do so. the negro communists should emphasize in their propaganda the establishment of a negro soviet republic. narrator: in 1934, the communist writers james w ford and james s allen further defined these soviet negro republic. >> the actual extent of this new republic within all probability should be the present area in which the negroes constitute the majority of the population. in other words, it would be approximately the present plantation area. it would be certain to include such citizens -- cities as
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richmond and norco, virginia -- norfolk, virginia. columbia and charleston, south carolina. atlanta, augustine, savannah, and macon, georgia. montgomery, alabama. new orleans and shreveport, louisiana. little rock arkansas, and memphis, tennessee. narrator: that these cities and the cities which lie within their spheres of influence became known in communist writings as the black belt of the south and were to constitute the nucleus of a future soviet republic. ♪ narrator: at the national convention of the american communist party held in new york ford in june 1940, james the communist party candidate , for the vice presidency of the united states said, -- >> a lot of negro people in the
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south. my people the negro people of , up america have in the communist party their best defenses. we are the champion of their faults. i accept this nomination for vice president of the united states. [cheers and applause] ♪ narrator: by this time, the communist champions of the negro race had hidden the revolutionary ideas and slogans for a soviet negro republic behind the humanitarian banner of jobs, security, civil rights, and peace. ♪ narrator: these humanistic issues were to provide the friction necessary to divide the american people and lay the groundwork for revolution.
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>> i am j anderson. when i was the young man, i was -- only years old, i joined the 23 communist party. i was a member of the national executive committee of the american young communist league. in 1930, i was official communist candidate for election to new york state assembly. i knew gus howell and other top rating american communists very -- ranking american communists very well. because i trained with them at lenin university in moscow. i joined the party because i honestly thought the communists were trying to help american negroes. i broke away from the party when it became clear to me what the commies were really up to.
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it was to use the negro people in this country as cannon fodder in a violent and bloody revolution aimed at establishing an american soviet dictatorship. it was that simple, and it is still that simple today. make no mistake about it. what is happening in the united states right now under the banner of civil rights is exactly what has happened in china, in cuba, in algeria, and many other places around the world. >> i am julia brown. for nine years, i was a member of the communist party. serving as an undercover agent for the fbi. during that time, i learned that the communists' conspiracy had been planning and working for years to bring violent revolution to america.
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it was to be a communist revolution. but the great majority of american people would not be allowed to realize that until it had already happened. if all goes according to the communist blueprint, americans will believe that the chaos and violence had something to do with civil rights. our enemies were quick to find our weakest point for their attack. they knew that racial differences could provide them with an excellent wedge to divide our people. that strategy simply has been to keep hammering on that wedge. , to drive it deeper into our social structure to open old
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, wounds that have long since healed and deliberately to create new ones wherever they can. >> he acted like a good nigger for the white folk, but that is what they call rodriguez. a good negro. but i want to be a bad nigger. i know what is happening. that is where i want to be. i want to be with the bad niggers because i do not want to ride on the back of the bus no more. paying $20.ers are i want to be with the bad niggers writing books. i want to be with the bad niggers giving speeches. >> lyndon johnson is the biggest nigger-lover in the united states. >> amen. >> he might think he can use the justice department with bobby
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kennedy at the head of it and he may think he can use j. edgar hoover and the fbi and the army to process white people in saint augustine and other parts of the united states to mix up with niggers, but if they put that banner behind every one of us, we still will not mix up with a bunch of black savages. despair in a real sense, not fellow freedom fighters, but fellow slavers. for we all are slaves, not only in this society, not only in this community, but all over this nation and all over the world. what you are doing here is very significant. it is very important. >> as a follow-up your friends and acquaintances and ask them if they want to help with this fight to save this country from the onslaught of integration,
4:43 pm
you know the system is they want to throw white children and colored children into the melting pot of integration. throughout of which will come a conglomerated mulatto class of people. all races will be destroyed in such a movement. i for one hope to god i die before i yield one inch. [cheers and applause] >> not only has the black man in montgomery [indiscernible] if god has champions of the white man, you can count me as one of them. today, tomorrow, and forever.
4:44 pm
[cheers] >> and if this nigger thinks he i willr the niggers up, go [indiscernible] [cheers] narrator: and so the seeds of dissension were sown among both the black and the white races. the people of the united states were being divided according to plan. among the so-called downtrodden and oppressed, among the supposedly starving and are priced -- uprising negroes, the enemy was referred to as "whitey," "mr. charlie," "the man," and the "ofay."
4:45 pm
phase one was well on its way. now it was time to implement phase two, create the appearance of popular support. beguile the people of the united states and the world into believing the pious fraud that the civil rights uprising, led by a handful of popular went to the whole negro race in the united states. >> now this does not mean there is not a legitimate need of advancement of civil rights for many of our negro citizens. of course there is a need there. otherwise, communist agitators posing as civil rights leaders could never hope to enlist massive support for their schemes. the aspirations of negroes for full equality were not created by communists. but they are used by communists
4:46 pm
in such a way that idealistic americans of all races can be tricked into implementing the communist blueprint for revolution. having been on the inside of the communist party, it is easy for me to recognize this revolutionary agitation in disguise. but the average american finds it hard to believe that something as worthy and noble sounding as a civil rights movement could possibly be a communist maneuver. >> communism must be built with non-communist hands. narrator: the revolutionary accepts reform in order to use it as a cover for his illegal work. >> by concealing the true communist objectives behind appealing slogans and pretended
4:47 pm
humanitarian goals, the dupeirators are able to hundreds of uninformed activities and trick them into supplying the non-communist hands needed in the overthrow of this republic. narrator: thoroughly deceived some of the negroes cry for , liberation through the slogan "freedom now." [chanting] narrator: the democratic slogan, "one man, one vote," has gained wide acceptance, but perhaps the most popular slogan is venceremo s, the rallying cry of the deluded peasants of cuba, haiti, and venezuela. venceremos, "we shall overcome," is now the rallying cry of the deluded people of the united states. >> ♪ we shall overcome
4:48 pm
we shall overcome we shall overcome one day deep in my heart i know that i do believe oh we shall overcome day ♪ >> when i was still in college in moscow, [indiscernible] abusing honest grievances and popular slogans as a smokescreen to cover up the true nature of revolution. we were taught how to use propaganda.
4:49 pm
and how to rally the masses. we learned how to set one group against the other to make them hate each other. we learned the necessary [indiscernible] we were taught how to create our own martyrs. this atmosphere of hate. we were taught to bring large masses of people to the streets to march and for demonstrations. and we were instructed in ways to start riots and make them spread and keep them going. when i returned to the united practicallys trained. i participated in so-called nonviolent riots that were deliberately to irritate white people for them to react with violence against us. i personally was in charge the march on washington [indiscernible]
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in new york about 1935, a negro boy was killed by the owner of a store for allegedly stealing merchandise. the communist party went right to work putting out handbills and holding a rally. after we started there was a , race riot, complete with smashing windows of white storekeepers looting, and , unrest. i am not speaking of things i read about. these were things i participated -- i personally participated in. ♪ narrator: as it was in cuba, so
4:51 pm
it was in algeria. ♪ narrator: and so it is in the united states. in jackson, mississippi, metzger evers, state field secretary for the naacp, was shot in the back by an unknown assassin as he was entering his home. after lying in state in mississippi, the body of world world war ii infantry g.i. medgar evers was sent to washington, d.c. for burial in arlington national cemetery. now a victim of the very communist agitation he had helped promote, metzger evers was able to further serve communist purposes by being glorified as a martyr in these
4:52 pm
-- in the supposed fight of the negro people for freedom and justice. medgar evers' remains were buried with full military honors and nationwide news coverage. ♪ , soator: as it was in cuba it was in algeria. ♪ narrator: and, so it is in the united states. mysterious bombings by assailants unknown plagued the lives and property of the negro people and served to intimidate those who might speak out against the conspirators. the bombings of this birmingham,
4:53 pm
alabama church claimed the lives of four little girls attending sunday school. a memorial service was held in washington, d.c. for the four young victims after which the mourners demonstrated their grief before the white house and the press. >> we were taught how to use propaganda. how to arouse the emotions of the masses. how to turn one group against the other and to make them hate each other. we were taught how to make our own martyrs. if they did not, it might not have resulted in such hatred. narrator: divide the people then create the appearance of popular support, and if any of the alert informed citizens call attention , to the true revolutionary goals behind the humanitarian slogans, move into phase three and neutralize the opposition.
4:54 pm
one effective way to neutralize any opposition is to liquidate it. in the summer of 1965, a respected negro farmer in alabama dared to speak out critically against the civil rights revolutionaries. in this cabin in late august, 87-year-old perry smoltz struggled with an assailant to said he had come to get perry's . ng -- tongue the aging negroes's call was crushed. such force that the skillet was broken. the intruder pulled the man's time from his mouth, and with a butcher knife cut it back all , the way to the old man's tonsils. daredsmall, the man who to despise the spirit tears, died six days later. in china, cuba, and algeria, terror was also a most effective
4:55 pm
weapon in intimidating and neutralizing the opposition. and there is another even more widely used method of neutralizing and paralyzing opposition to communism's conquest. >> we can and must write a language which shows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn towards those who disagree with us. >> members and front organizations must continue to embarrass discredit and degrade , our critics. when they become too irritating, label them as fascist or nazi or anti-somatic. constantly associate those who oppose us with those names that already have a bad smell. the association will, after enough repetition become fact in , the public mind. narrator: by duping the american public to turning a deaf air to the voices of warning because the topics were controversial or because the patriots themselves had been ridiculed as
4:56 pm
frightsts, racists, peddlers, the conspirators were ready to move one step closer to their hidden goals by precipitating mob violence. >> riots demonstrations, street , battles, detachments of a revolutionary army. such are the stages of the development of a popular uprising. >> a communist party will educate and organize the masses for mass demonstration. it is through struggle that the working masses are prepared for the final conflict of power as these strikes grow in number and intensity they acquire political , character through unavoidable collision and open combat with a capitalistic state. mass action culminates in insurrection and civil war. >> you have been studying history, studying civics, but
4:57 pm
right now you have got to put your history and the civics in the street. you have got to make the constitution real. you got to make democracy real. since 1960, february 1960, more than 50,000 of your fellow students have been arrested, jailed, beaten, sprayed with water hoses. before we see real freedom, before we be able to walk on these streets with some dignity and a sense of pride, walk in freedom no doubt there will be , more jailings more beatings, , more water hoses, more dogs. [applause] martin luther king: the other thing is this, we are determined that the city will not celebrate its quadra-centennial as a segregated city. [applause]
4:58 pm
martin luther king: we plan to use everything within our power, and all of the nonviolent weapons at our disposal, to dramatize this blatant injustice and to demand that the federal government not put a cent in this city unless it decides to face the realities of desegregation. [applause] >> right now when martin luther king jr. says "march," we're going to put on our marching shoes. [applause] >> and you know they run a long time. us have come up in life without any shoes at all. if it becomes necessary for us
4:59 pm
to march without shoes, we will march barefooted. [applause] >> i don't like the way you are clapping tonight. are you ready to march? [applause] >> are you ready to march? [applause] [cheers] >> than we are not afraid of dogs. >> no. >> are we, children? >> no. >> so many of us we were raised , up with dogs. and we have had to we have had , to live the life of dogs right here in the united states of america. [applause] >> i want you to raise your hand high, everybody who is ready to march. raise your hand tie.
5:00 pm
-- hand high. raise it high. are you ready to march? are you ready to march? if you are ready to march, i want you to raise both of your hands up. now, i want you to stand up on your feet and keep your hands high. bring them together and slap them together. everybody march. ♪ >> ♪ everybody march everybody march ♪ announcer: so many were tricked into helping to create the appearance of popular support for a conspiracy that hid its true objective behind appealing slogans and humanitarian goals. deceivedent of the
5:01 pm
staged sit in. a handful made freedom rides. a portion picketed and protested, while still others boycotted buses. and then, more marched and -- more of the deluded mobs marched and demonstrated. as it was in cuba when the leaders of the humanistic revolution marched with arms locked in camaraderie, so it is in the united states where the leaders of the freedom movement march with arms locked in brotherhood. as it was in cuba, when the comrades march arm-in-arm, so it is in the united states where the brothers march to the strains of "we shall overcome." >> ♪ we shall overcome
5:02 pm
we shall overcome we shall overcome ♪ >> in 1965, martin luther king explained the purposes of the marches and demonstrations as follows -- the goal of the demonstrations in selma as in elsewhere is to bring about change through methods of nonviolence. long years of experience indicate negroes can achieve this goal when four things a core -- things occur. first, nonviolent demonstrations, going into the streets to exercise rights. second, racists resist by unleashing violence against them. third, americans of conscience in the name of decency demand
5:03 pm
federal intervention and legislation. fourth, the administration under mass pressure initiates measures of immediate intervention and remedial legislation. >> who wants to march with us? i did not hear from everybody. are you ready to march? crowd: yes! announcer: as martin luther king said, demonstrators staged a huge march on washington, d.c., to dramatize their demands. they staged demonstrations across the country, and as martin luther king said, violence was unleashed. then, accordingly, the federal government intervened in a vicious legislative step on the road to tyranny was enacted in the form of the civil rights bill of 1964.
5:04 pm
>> their cause must be our cause, too. because it is not just negroes, but really it is all of us who must overcome the crippling legacy of bigotry and injustice. and we shall overcome. ♪ >> now, we mean business. are you ready to march with us? announcer: as martin luther king said, the demonstrators staged a huge march from alabama to dramatize their demands. they staged demonstrations
5:05 pm
across the country and as martin luther king had said, violence was unleashed against them. then, accordingly, the federal government intervened and still another vicious legislative step toward tyranny was enacted in the form of the voting rights bill of 1965. >> and these enemies, too, poverty, disease, and ignorance, we shall overcome. ♪ >> ♪ truth shall make us free truth shall make us free ♪ >> i broke away when it became clear to me what the communists were really up to. to use the negro people of this country as cannon fodder and a -- in a violent and bloody
5:06 pm
revolution aimed at the establishment of an american-soviet dictatorship. ♪ >> ♪ give me that old freedom spirit ♪ >> it was to be a communist revolution. but the great majority of the american people would not be allowed to realize that until it had already happened. if all of it goes according to the communists blueprint, americans will believe that the chaos and violence has something to do with civil rights. ♪ >> make no mistake about it, what is happening in the united states right now under the banner of civil rights is
5:07 pm
exactly what happened in china, in cuba, in algeria, and in many other places around the world. ♪ announcer: the goal of the international communist conspiracy is world domination. they have thus far been highly successful in accomplishing this step-by-step objectives for reaching that goal. in the united states, the communist plans call for two revolutions at once. a revolution of a supposedly oppressed proletariat or working class against the capitalistic system that is supposed to breed wage slavery, unemployment, poverty, crisis, and war. the second revolution is a revolt of the supposedly poor and repressed negroes against
5:08 pm
the supposedly lynching, social ostracism and exploitation of the white man. currently, what the communists called their negro revolutionary movement now masquerading behind the humanitarian banners of civil rights is contributing tremendous momentum to the communist plans to take over the united states. divide the people. get them fighting among themselves rather than their common enemy. create the appearance of popular support. draw favorable press and the use of terror, intimidation, and the creation of martyrs to make the world believe the revolution is a popular one, particularly among those being liberated. neutralize the opposition. when obstructionists to the cause become too irritating label them as fascist,
5:09 pm
tic,-somatic -- anti-semi extremist, racist, controversial. get the mobs into the street. march and demonstrate. as the demonstrations grown numbering and intensity they will acquire political character with the forces of law and order. since mass action culminates in insurrection and civil war, what of communistpillar strategy? create the semblance of revolution. [applause] >> had not this rotten fascist racist cop killed a young boy, had he not killed a boy, the boy very well might have died in south vietnam in the name of freedom. in the name of freedom. [applause]
5:10 pm
>> i was also asked to tell you not to get the passions so high. not to get to worked up. -- too worked up. however, i think many of us are going to have to choose where we are going to die at. where we are going to die at. [applause] >> we are going to have to decide whether we are going to die on the streets of the united states or in south vietnam. i would choose the united states myself. i would choose the united states. [applause] ♪ >> havana, cuba. territories of the americas. radio-free invite you to the free voice of the south. stay with us for music, news,
5:11 pm
and commentary by robert f. williams. >> robert f. williams, a fugitive wanted by the justice department broadcast weekly revolutionary messages beamed into the united states from cuba. >> we shall take the source of freedom itself into the streets of america and we shall have the last great stronghold of freedom. for our people. announcer: in a newsletter published in cuba and sent into the united states through canada, the revolutionist williams tells the negroes of this nation, we must he willing -- and be willing to suffer jail. we must be willing to suffer death. we must be willing to kill for freedom. >> the gestapo policemen are on every street corner.
5:12 pm
it is just like mississippi. i predict things are going to grow worse. in fact, i think policeman are going to be dead before this situation is over. announcer: during the summers of 1964 and 1965, the demonstrations became riots. finally culminating in the worst race riot in this nation's history in the watts district of los angeles. across the united states, law enforcement officers were dead and negroes did die in the streets and the situation was far from over. seven days after the rioting broke out in watts, a new newspaper started publication. the voice of all of the oppressed and exploited, calling for the workers of the world to unite, this new voice of the people declared that all of the
5:13 pm
people of the united states who oppose u.s. imperialism wish to thank the communist party of china and the chinese people for their pledge of support for the people of los angeles in their struggle against u.s. imperialism. >> in keeping with communist principles and expectations, the atmosphere of hatred generated in the watts riots resulted in 32 martyrs for the cause of liberation. >> in their memory, we pledge to history u.s. imperialism. -- to destroy u.s. imperialism. and again in 1934, and still again in 1965, we hear a negro people as a nation in the black belt of the south. >> lest there be any misunderstanding, nobel peace prize winner martin luther king followed the example of lenin
5:14 pm
peace prize winner fidel castro and protested that "imc and -- i am sick and tired of people saying this movement has been infiltrated by communist and communist sympathizers, there are as many communist in this freedom movement as there are eskimos in florida." >> ♪ announcer: in the past hour, we have offered only a brief survey of the material available to support the charge that the civil rights movement as we know it today is simply part of a worldwide movement organized and directed by communist to enslave all of mankind. ♪
5:15 pm
announcer: there are hundreds of additional witnesses and thousands of additional facts to testify to the communist involvement in the american civil rights movement. but the limitations of time prevent their inclusion here. ♪ announcer: we urge you to continue your studies of these unpleasant truths and gain a more complete understanding of the conspirator's plans to subjugate the united states. begin by reading "it is very simple: the true story of civil rights" and that the civil
5:16 pm
rights pamphlets available from one of the american opinion libraries across the nation. we also urge you to resolve first that you will not fall victim to the communist plot to set race against race, american against american, and second that you will now join with other patriots in a positive program and concerted action to save for our children and their children this once-glorious country and humane civilization that we ourselves and inherited. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> you are watching american history


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