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tv   Interview with Representative Roger Marshall  CSPAN  January 21, 2017 3:29am-3:43am EST

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much. representative roger marshall spoke recently. he talked about why health care is important issue for him.hi outlined his agenda first term in the 115th congress representing the district of kansas. >> congressman marshal republican of kansas. this week your first few weeks on the job. you're getting sworn in. >> yes. >> did you know he was going to do it. >> absolutely not. his mom would have had a fit and thrown him out of the room. >> you mentioned he was ground what is he grounded for what will be doing.
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>> if it anybody need help shofling your show. he asking for presidential pardon after this weekend so we'll see. >> what your reaction? >> i was clueless. i had no idea. he was dabbing. i have idea what the word meant so the speaker and i learned a new term. >> that's right. tell us why you decide to run for congress. >> there was a lot of reason but we first grand child about two years ago my wife and i had the conversation of what's next in life. and we were unfortunately, convince we were not leaving the country better than we found it. my grandson would not have the same opportunities i had growing up no matter where you're born where you're from you can make it in america. we were drowning
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in regulation from the government and our military was not as strong. national security was becoming an issue in kansas. we're in the middle of country and housewives told me they are were fearful. you like to fix things, it's time to go to washington. so here we are. >> you had what you call a surpri surprise victory against tim hughes camp. >> -- he had been professional politics for 12 or 14 years in the state house so a rooky and no vans in politics he had millions spent we knew we were
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taking on a big beast with a lot of money behind him. >> you with no political experience what were you doing we decideding to run for obvious office. >> i'm a physician, ob stret tricks and gynecologyist. >> the most clinical skill physician ability to listen. if you listen to a patient long enough, they will tell you what's wrong and they will tell you how to fix it as well. i have taken the same mind-set we have travelled 30,000 miles been to a hundred different communities, county visits. i believe the people most impactinged by the problem have the best solutions. so i have taken all the of the solutions, take health care for instance, i
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have license to people with health issues there's a hand full, people with preexisting conditions no there's hope for them so i know how to pay attention with them. >> what would you keep what do you plan -- what do you think should be kept from the affordable care act. >> we are comfortable keeping kids on plan until age 26. what we have to do is help people with prekprising conditions. we have to supply high risk pools to help keep their health care costs down. and not have a $12,000 deductible policy like they have now with the aca. >> what is your district like. you said you travelled 30,000 miles. tell our viewers what it's like.
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>> it's largest ad pro duzing of whaet, largest diary in the state as well. oil is very important to us. wind energy is a big issue. we're growing solar energy. there's more sunny days in kansas than florida it's hard to believe that. the wind energy is booming. >> those industries that -- >> i'll start with agriculture. all the other groups corn, whaet, all of these people helped us, the ethanol people.
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across the state supporting us. >> we're behind your bade. you talked about health care and what you like to do on the other aspects where -- what would -- what kind of -- >> it would help to get on the agriculture committee, we want a voice back on the ad committee. i help to influence it through the sbsh speaker ryan listens to the physician. dr. price is a good friend. i support him as hhs secretary. i think having his ear, listening to him, he has a great answer for every question i have. first of all, i want to reassure the american public rear not pushing anybody off of the cliff. you if like
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your policy and 12,000 deductible, keep it. we think when we let free market move ahead we'll have a better policy. there's a simple thing do, transparent prices, that's going to drive the cost of the health care down. expand health care savings account. let them look like ira, i talked a little about the high risk pool, to help those who need the help. those are simple examples baa but we're not pushing anybody off the cliff. >> talk your stance. >> as a ob city trigs i have delivered 5,000 babies. i decided to be pro-life. as i was talking a mom, she was pregnant,
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four or five month along i could hear the baby moving, there was a sister beside the mom, when sister talked the baby moved moore. i worked hard in our clinic to help pregnant woman who did not want to have an abortion, single moms, make sure they have quality care to the hospital, working with catholic social services which does a tremendous job in my community. >> talk about your family. >> we have been married for 33 years, the most beautiful woman inside and outside. she is the mother of our grandson, the apple of my wife's eyes. the
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girl victor, matt and collin, the three boys. victor finished mba, matt is university where i was president to be there and young kal is a 17-year-old senior at great bent high school taking kal you louse and being leader on the field and off the field. so proud of them. >> how will you balance life here and life off. >> that's that great question. he expects us to work all week long. i have a little apartment here. i will fly back and forth as often as i can. my wife will come visit once a month here. i
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will try to get back for kal's meet. i plan to go back for the games. i hope to have a another at penn state and look forward to seeing him. >> i appreciate your being here. >> happy to join you. >> among the speakers, c-span will have live coverage tomorrow morning starting at 10 eastern. while that's taking place, president donald trump and vice president mike pence will atebd here at washington, d.c. the morning after. it gets on the way at 10:00 eastern. alock with comcast cable partne partners explore harrisburg,
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pennsylvania. simon cameron, talks about the life of pennsylvania prominent members -- >> they should talk about the age of simon cameron is a man who built a political machine that lasted far beyond any of those constructed by his contemporary. >> on 1839 weight convention as he explains the trickery to willi william hair ris become presidential campaign. >> candidate put forward for the nomination of the presidency of the united states. pennsylvania jason wilson
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takes us on the house, senate, supreme court chambers of the state's capitol. >> there's a 15 to 20 year period where this built in commonwealth of 1890 to 1910. we call pennsylvania palace of art. everything was being made and done in pennsylvania at the turn of the last century. c-span tour. sunday afternoon earn history tv c-span 3. city across the country. we found that public officials the people who govern this country is not congress, it's not the president, it's bu
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cats. they don't think much of americans. >> political science at johns's hopkins talk about his book what washington gets wrong. the officials who run the government and misconceptions about the american people. what do we learn, we electric a congress that makes the law, the president executes the law, the court review the laws but that ain't exactly how the system works. much what we think of as the law, consists of rules and regulation written by bu cats who have


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