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tv   Images of President Lincoln in the U.S. Capitol  CSPAN  March 5, 2017 12:55am-1:52am EST

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painful reversals, his life was a great success story for he mastered overwhelming odds some of the malice of his detractors and left a lasting legacy of peace. denied justice in his lifetime, he is been vindicated i history. what's the entire program sunday at 8:00 p.m. and midnight eastern. this is american history tv, only on c-span3. >> next on american history tv, author and we can scholar discusses the meaning behind the many paintings, sculptures and photographs of president lincoln now on public display in the u.s. capitol building. in this talk, he features the story of a large painting depicting lincoln and his cabinet in 1862 reading the luminary -- preliminary emancipation proclamation. this lecture was hosted by the u.s. capital historical society in washington, d.c.
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harold holzer. [applause] great to be i learned about these talks by watching c-span. can you hear me? i was watching chuck give a presentation and i saw my friend bruce taking pictures and i wrote him a fan letter. i got all the letters of his name right, he has a long name. he was nice enough with a little prodding to invite me to get one of these talks. it is a great pleasure to be here. it is always wonderful to be in washington and to remember another fraught period in our history when people were uncertain about a new president. i'm not making any comparisons that you need to think about for too long. but there was a period of
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divisiveness that was a lot greater than today and we should keep that in mind. in fact, this is not only in my comfortable, but the first books i wrote were about the lincoln image. what prompted me to want to look at the images of lincoln that reside in the u.s. capital collection. i have never put it together in quite this way and you will let me know afterward whether it works. why is it important? image that heroic presidents present in their lifetime and after inspire, motivate, caution future leaders in the days when before twitter and instantaneous photography, which i see going on over here, or c-span, these images which look primitive today have
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enormous power, impact and influence. this is lincoln, the first in 1846.h of lincoln when he arrived in washington and solve the u.s. capitol, this is how it looked in 1847 december 1847 when he arrived. he saw for the first time public statuary meant to inspire, meant to be daunting and move leaders to do great things. there was a statue of jefferson at the white house, there was a statue of george washington on l.e other side of the capito gone now, stored. but therefore lincoln to see. the images is saw admitted ago, this was the first portrait may
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defend in any medium. he was 37 years old and it would be another seven years before he would be photographed. when he was here, he gets the idea that there is something more to leadership than words, which is very good at. that he has an opportunity, ingenuity is ambitious at the beginning, to be immortalized himself. -- we'reoing to script going to skip very quickly to 1861. if you see the statue on the left, the new don't is being constructed and as lincoln stands under the wooden canopy to remind people about the better angels of our nature as he gets his first inaugural address. here is the bill under construction. i think you begin to see more of the public statuary taking shape outside.
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and the second inaugural, the scene from a distance on the left, lincoln on the podium. there is a close up on the right of lincoln leading the immortal words.
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