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tv   The President June 1967  CSPAN  June 3, 2017 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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is on c-span2 book tv. the white house naval photographic unit reduced monthly film reports on the activities of president lyndon johnson. up next american history tv's :eal america, the president june 1967. events include the six-day war in the middle east, the nomination of thurgood marshall to the supreme or any 3-d -- three day summit. lbje are archived at the presidential library and you can watch any of them on their youtube channel. ♪
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>> on the second of june, prime minister wilson rate britain was welcomed to the white house. the visit had been arranged to discuss the urgent problems common to both governments. withsis that developed suddenness would be given priority. the recent impasse in the historically explosive middle east situation. we come here today in another time of trouble with peace and justice are again in the balance. it is on occasions like this that the council of old and trusted friend is most welcome. >> israel facing yet another climactic point in her 19 year struggle for survival.
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not only the threat of maritime buck a -- blockade but the threat of extinction. with all attempts at private negotiations failing, solutions through diplomacy and united nations intervention seemed increasingly remote. the time for talk was over. great britain and the united states trapped a maritime declaration. its principles were simple. the gulf of aqaba was an international waterway. all nations have the right for free and innocent passage. they hope to challenge the egyptian blockade of the strait of tehran. it is a gamble against time. time is not on our side.
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the president received the first word of the fighting at 4:00 in the morning that it of june. in the situation room, the all-too-familiar maps of southeast asia have been replaced with those of the eastern mediterranean. now that diplomacy has given way to war, his one compelling task was to contain it, to tampa it out. the team has been assembled. man for whom foreign affairs have long since become a way of life and for whom foreign crises have become the coin of daily living. as the war progressed, false charges would be made renting the united states and great written as active participants. the unspoken parol behind each embassy report was the ever present threat of direct confrontation between the united states and the soviet union.
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with fighting in progress, it was imperative to avoid miscalculation. at 8:00, the soviet premier and the president of the united states exchanged direct teletype messages advising that their respective governments would not engage in military force. the world was apprised of the fact that the two powers could prevent conflict from's running. -- from spreading. following their initial conference, he asked secretary rusk and secretary mcnamara to bring both senate and house leaders. the president returned to the oval office to monitor the exchange of statements very. the council had been called to urgent session. it was through this forum that the united states would now concentrate all its energies to bring about an immediate cease-fire.
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the major obstacle to agreement lay in the question of troop withdrawal. under the leadership of the security council president, a draft resolution would be drawn up the following day. as in the agreements to contain and limit the conflict, the key to the unconditional cease-fire lay in the joint and parallel action of the united states and soviet union. soon became apparent the middle east power patterns of the decade were being changed in a matter of hours. military analysts called it a lightning. although the fighting would continue for six days, the verdict of the battlefield had been rendered during the opening round. the road to a permanent peace in the middle east would be a long one. more issues were raised by the fighting that were settled. problems,ate on president johnson established a special committee of national
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security council. he asked george bundy to serve as a executive secretary. the war involved far more than governmental concern. deep-seated sympathies made themselves felt virtually to the doorstep of the white house. [indiscernible] by the eighth of june, only
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the arab state of jordan had agreed to accept the cease-fire. as president johnson was drafting a resolution, word was passed to the white house that egypt had agreed to a cease-fire.
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>> on the 10th of june, syria agreed to a cease-fire. the fighting was now stopped. at his 102nd news conference, the president advised the best action was to let things clear up. the tensions that had built during the first 10 days in june were dissolved. returning to austin, texas, lyndon johnson was greeted by incumbent congressman jake pickle. it was a good time to meet a whole new generation of constituents, including one who seemed unsure have this literal
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convictions. persuasion from the number one party leader was all that was needed to bring him into the fold. the main event of the evening was a self rest democratic dinner. also sharing in the festivities be visitedy, soon to by the stork. plate. was $1000 per for the president, it was a chance to relax in a down-home atmosphere. after three weeks of wrestling with the middle east, it is a real pleasure to come home tonight to peace and quiet of texas politics. opinion, inces of want to make my position abundantly clear the beginning. i am from pierce -- for peace,
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territorial integrity, and the unrestricted navigation of the houston ship channel. >> the president returned to the white house for a round of duties. he had often remarked that one of the chief executive's most important jobs is attracting able and talented public servants to washington. the month of june would see two major appointments. first, the secretary of commerce. and thurgood marshall as associate justice of the supreme court. the present introduce mr. marshall to a group of 121 teenagers. each had demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. it was awarded a special medallion. lyndon johnson, perhaps more
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than any other president, is at his best when challenging the youth of the nation. he does it at every opportunity. >> if you're looking for energy and enthusiasm and courage, you can find it with our young people. i have sing it among the white house scholars. i have seen it in the peace score.nd the teacher >> to graduation class. >> for the world that you enter very much needs your help today. our nation is called upon not just maintain the blessings we now enjoy, but to multiply those blessings, to improve the world for all people and to prove it for generations it to come. lifetime, you will have
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to completely rebuild this country. to tear out to have slums. you will have to rebuild the city's. >> lyndon johnson was not the only national a gear stopping for youth on the south lawn. making an impromptu appearance was dr. billy graham. the well-known evangelist reminded the group that as they took inspiration from the president, he in turn needed their strength. billy graham asked everyone whatever their religious background to pray that god would give the president strength and wisdom at this hour in the history of the world. on june 14, the middle east was again the focal point of white house to liberation. the newly appointed crisis committee convened late in the evening. soviets --
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the russians in a surprise move called for an emergency session of the general assembly. the delegation due to arrive in three days would be headed by the soviet premier. the day the russian premier arrived in new york, president johnson in a short hop to dollars airport. the prime minister was en route from expo 67. be the presidents guest at camp david. with the informal atmosphere of a presidential retreat, a backdrop for unhurried discussion, they covered the whole spectrum of at least problems. the almost insoluble question of the refugees. the arab refusal to accept israel as an independent nation. as far as the press was concerned, there was only one question -- would there be a
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meeting between the big two? the president made it clear he would be happy to see the premier. the prime minister showed his house while australia has dominated the court. theowing a quiet service president reminded the daughter of the commandants that it was father's day and on down quickly -- ed momentary , thee following day president offered his formula for lasting in the middle east. >> the middle east is rich in history, rich in its people and resources. live ino need to
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permanent civil war. it has the power to build its own life as one of the prosperous regions of the world in which we live. if the nations of the middle east will turn toward the works of peace, they can count with confidence upon the friendship and help of all the people of the united states of america. we hear reiterate that commitment today. the piece that is a some five principles. first, the recognized right of national life. justice for the refugees. third, innocent maritime passage.
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fourth, limits on the wasteful and destructive arms race. fifth, political independence and territorial integrity for all. on june 22, the president invited for guests to the white house. the british foreign secretary, and the premier from italy and his foreign minister. all four have been attending the emergency session of the united nations. each in private conferences inform the president of the views held by the various organizations. they reviewed develop in the middle east since the cease-fire. they brought each up-to-date. that expressing the hope i'm shipments should be recorded and publicly disclosed. as the president conferred with
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wasguests, dean rusk finalizing arrangements. a modest stone house suddenly became a permanent part of the world's history books. the white house announced president johnson had invited someone to meet with him the next day at the home of the president of glassboro state college. was no yalta nor geneva, but a simple 19th-century home near and early american arming settlement. in its own way a uniquely appropriate setting for the two statesmen who would meet there. both possess unimaginable power. both were unpretentious, straightforward. both understood the language of the farmer and the factory work. in this simple arena they would
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talk to each other for 10 hours, both becoming the focal point of the trouble world hopes and prayers. ♪ >> i was glad to meet the chairman this morning. we talked throughout the day quietly and straightforwardly. i found that he came to our meeting in the same spirit. we talked about the problems of the middle east in detail and we
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shall continue to talk about them. we talked about the problems of southeast asia. we have talked about the arms race and the need for new agreements there. we talked about the need for common action for initiatives for peace. no new agreements. alwayseements are not reached in a single conversation. spendl eat lunch and sunday together again. >> the first day of summit talks was over. there was still much work to do. the thousands of enthusiastic onlookers the meeting had been a good and useful one, he bid a momentary goodbye to his historic guest. this was the 25 hour day. he had been on the go since 4:30 in the morning and had i've
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thousand miles and 12 more hours to burn before there would be any rest. it would be difficult to pinpoint any moment in lyndon johnson's political career as satisfying as this day. he had fired the imagination of the public with sudden bold moves that led to the face-to-face encounter at black bro. at a $500 a plate dinner for the presidents, los angeles, he was able to announce that financially, the democratic party was over the top. if that was not enough good news for one day, he could relish the report he had received only 18 hours earlier -- he was a grandfather. saturday june 3 fourth in a small room in austin texas. like to help make a world in every land that will be safer and more prosperous and more hopeful, and certainly more peaceful by far the world that i
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have inhabited. working together, planning together, being patient and understanding together, i believe we did achieve such a world. on sunday, june 25, the president returned to last borough. on hand to welcome the back were new jersey's governor and mrs. hughes, who had been instrumental in making holly bush available. ♪
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betweenund differences the two statesmen still remain. nothing could dampen the spirit or ardor of the day. the premier was accompanied by his daughter leah mela. ila.yudm as the second day of talks continued, heavy rain storms lashed the campus. the thousands who would come to witness history stood their ground.
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they had talked for more than four hours. delving even deeper into the many questions that separate their two countries. by 7:20 in the evening, they had finished. in anhave made progress effort to improve our understanding of each other other's thinking on a number of questions. i believe more strongly than ever that these had been very good and very useful. >> the premier had been visibly shaken -- visibly touched. he touched them and saluted friendship. not ended our troubles and dangers. i promise you that will not happen again. the world remains a very small and dangerous, and even the greatest of them have very hard and very painful choices.
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all,e no doubt about it at .t does have a lot particularly if he is trying to reason with you. to hollyhy we want bush this morning. [applause] the 27th of june, president johnson turned his energies towards his domestic programs. at the junior chamber of commerce annual convention, he pointed out the things that were right. he plays he -- he praised the doers, the builders. it is not to them absolutely essential, it is not
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a prerequisite, it is not required that you pair our country down and our flag down in order to lift them up. [applause] >> the month of june was virtually over. saw partial to ration of his ambition, the strengthening of his own people. philadelphia in the heart of an improper area, the president visited the opportunities industrialization center. he had heard about it for, a computer to be -- a community built school. there were paying themselves up by their bootstraps and learning a trade. had saw human beings that
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pride in their eyes and said of the year. government did not do this. the federal government did not of the center. this is the spirit that is in the breast of every american, the spirit that wants to say yes to life itself and wants to affirm the dignity of man whatever his origins, whatever his race, whatever his religion. ,f i had to sum up my feelings i would say to all of you i believe we are going to make it. ♪ interested in american history tv? website, you can view our tv schedule and
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watch college lectures, and more. american history tv at in case you missed it on c-span, veterans affairs secretary j mitchell can -- david shelton. by suicide.or die that should be acceptable to all of us. this is a national public health crisis and requires solutions that not only the the a will work on but other partnerships in the private sector organizations. >> for them university law professor on corruption in the u.s. got it. -- mark twain, you can go to for almost anything, writes about this in his novel the gilded age. two different light which is of corruption that happened in the late 19th century, where it
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leads start to say it isn't really corrupt, it is just the way we do things. and i would else as if it walks like a duck and talks like a dock -- speech andut free censorship on college campuses. >>: get a defective tax on -- calling it a de facto tax on free speech, they invite the speakers they want to speak because there will be violence. to greg's point, i think when you given to threats, when you have given a threat for violence, you're basically allowing the violent agitators to be successful before they land one punch. that is a dangerous precedent to set when you're going to prevent a speaker from's aching because of the threat of violence. >> and hillary clinton talks about the 2016 presidential election and her upcoming book. >> you may think you know what
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happened, and you may be right to a certain extent based on what you perceived and how you process it, but i'm going to tell you how i saw it and what i because what i thought, you cannot make up what happened. >> c-span programs are available at on her homepage and by searching the video library. ♪ announcer: c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> author thomas hazlett talks about his, book total -- "the political spectrum: the
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tumultuous liberation of wireless technology, from herbert hoover to the smartphone ." ad we will hear remarks from wireless specialist from verizon and one from facebook. this is brought to you by the heritage foundation. >> good afternoon, welcome. those joining us on our website and those who will be joining us via c-span television network. for those in house, we are the courtesy that mobile devices have been turned off or silenced. for those watching online and in the future, you are welcome to send questions or comments anytime by emailing speaker we will post this on our website.


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